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Greek Dog Names: 200+ Dog Names Inspired By Greece


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Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new puppy? Congratulations, the fun is about to begin. Along with puppy-proofing your home, it is time to start thinking about a name. Pet owners often turn to places and cultures they admire or value for naming ideas. One culture and place revered by millions around the globe is the country and culture of Greece, a beautiful, mythical, history-laden place. The language flows, the beaches are breathtaking, and history and lore go back to ancient times. Greek dog names are strong, beautiful, unique, and unforgettable.

Naming a new puppy is an exciting time, and finding that perfect moniker for your new four-legged family member is one of the most unforgettable parts of canine ownership. A name is more than a simple identifier. It represents an owner’s personality, ideas, likes, and passions but is also a representation of the animal. Owners should be happy to say their name but must pick something their pup will respond to easily.

The Greek language is beautiful and vast. Those lucky enough to see the culture, history, art, and beauty in person will never forget. Around the world, over many generations, people have been fascinated with Greek culture. Turning to this beautiful place for pet name ideas is a fantastic way to pay tribute to somewhere extraordinary and pick a name that will make your pup stand out from the pack. Come along with us as we explore these 200 + splendid Greek dog names.

Greek Canine Breeds

Several canine breeds hail from Greece but are not well known to people elsewhere.

  1. Alopekis
  2. Cretan Hound
  3. Grecian Greyhound
  4. Greek Harehound
  5. Greek Shepherd
  6. Kokoni
  7. Molossus
  8. Molossus of Epirus
  9. Suliot Dog
  10. White Shepherd

Dogs In Greek Mythology

Dog in Greece sitting on ledge with man behind him
Dogs are loyal, loving, protective, and always ready to play wherever they live, including the Greek Islands.

Dogs In Greek Mythology

In Greek culture and mythology, dogs have been highly revered for ages.

  • Hecate, a goddess, is said to be the guardian of crossroads, entryways, and dogs, among other things. She is often featured near dogs and, in some places, has three canine heads.
  • Another three-headed dog, Cerberus, stands guard to Hades, carefully watching who gains access to the Underworld.
  • In Grecian culture, the goddess of animals is Artemis, the daughter of Zeus. Dogs were sacred to her.
  • Ares, the god of war, held dogs in high regard. Graegus, the Dog of War, was his favored pet and one of his sacred animals.
  • Anubis, the god of burial rights, protector of graves, and underworld guide is often depicted with a canine head.
  • The mighty Zeus himself was guarded as an infant by a Golden Dog, the Kuon Khryseos.
  • The Greek language has several ways of referring to dogs, including the terms skylos and cyno.

Greek Dog Names Inspired By Gods & Goddesses

The lore of Greek mythology captivates many. Full of tangled stories, heroes, heroines, and layers of lore, Greek mythology was borne in ancient times. Those Ancient Greeks believed the gods and goddesses played an intricate role in their lives and fates. Dogs are a huge part of our lives, so naming them after Grecian gods and goddesses is fitting.


Mythical Greek Dog Names

old green statue with dog next to Grecian
Mythical monikers make for some incredibly fun and unique names for our canine family members.

Greek mythology is full of other characters, places, and items, along with the gods and goddesses. These names may be some you have heard before or are completely new. There are far too many names to list here, but we’ve got just a taste of the beautiful naming ideas inspired by the world of Grecian myths and stories.


Greek Food-Inspired Dog Names

dog with kabob in mouth in a Greek resturant
Greek food is delicious and packed full of fresh Mediterranean flavors and flair.

Favorite foods and dishes are often places pet owners can find naming ideas. Grecian food is quite delicious, from the delightful bite of a stuffed grape leaf to sweet pastries and plenty of savory, meaty dishes. Naming your new puppy after your favorite food is a fun way to pay tribute to those colorful flavors and make everyone at the park hungry for an afternoon snack. Food names can be for boy and girl dogs, though some are long and may need to be shortened a bit for your pup to understand them.


Place-Inspired Greek Dog Names

Dog in Greek islands looking out onto the water
From ancient times to today, Greece is famous for its natural beauty.

Sparkling blue seas, gorgeous beaches, colorful wildflowers, graceful architecture, ancient temples, and modern touches make it one of the most beautiful places in the world. Some say there is nothing like seeing a sunset sitting on a beach in Greece. Those lucky enough to have seen this land’s natural beauty firsthand will never forget. Naming your puppy after Greece’s natural, gorgeous beauty is a way to keep that place close to your heart.


Greek Philosopher-Inspired Dog Names

Greece is known for its beauty, ancient culture, and mythology, but it is also renowned for its ancient philosophers. The world might be vastly different if not for the ideas and thoughts that came out of ancient Greece. If you want to give your dog an identifier that makes people think they, or you, are full of deep musings about the world, the universe, and life itself, one of these Grecian philosopher-inspired names might work for your new pup. Some of these are long, though, and may need a bit of shortening or a nickname to be practical.


Dog Naming Trends

Dog naming trends are a popular way to find ideas for pet monikers. Trends are tricky. Some stay popular for a long time, and others come and go very quickly. Trends are helpful for many reasons, as they give us a starting place when brainstorming. If you want to name your pup something unique, trends can be a way to get ideas or see what other people are calling their pets so you know what to avoid.

Trends follow things happening in the world and culture. Trends can follow popular entertainment franchises like Harry Potter, Marvel, Disney, or popular kid’s cartoons. Fashion, music, other cultures, and different people who are making headlines at certain times inspire owners to brainstorm naming ideas.

Paying attention to what is happening in the world can give us fantastic ideas for naming our pets. Trends are helpful because they help get creative ideas flowing and let us know what other people are picking. Knowing what other names are popular is helpful, especially because owners can avoid calling their dogs something quite common. No one wants to call out” Here! Champ” at the dog park and have 15 dogs respond. So, naming trends are a helpful tool, both to inspire us and to help us know what to avoid.

Dog Naming Tips

Picking out that perfect word that will identify your new puppy for the rest of their life is an exciting process for owners, but it is also a very important time. Whether simple or fancy, this term will represent your pup and is the most crucial communication tool you will have in the relationship.

Dogs do not speak our language but can learn to understand certain words and phrases. It all starts with picking out that perfect name. Whether your inspiration comes from an amazing culture and country like Greece or is inspired by entertainment, personal interests, or has sentimental meaning, this name starts a lifelong connection between you and your canine companion.

We have a few naming tips to help make finding the perfect dog’s name a little smoother.

  1. If you pick a term from a specific place in Italy or Japanese culture, like Greece, it is wise to educate yourself on that place. Research the culture, and look into the meaning and history of any title you consider seriously. You do not want to pick something that is inappropriate or might be offensive to that culture.
  2. Regardless of where you find your inspiration, always be respectful when picking pet monikers. Remember, you are not the only person who will use this word. Veterinarians, vet techs, groomers, pet walkers, pet sitters, and friends and family will use this word. You do not want to embarrass your pet, yourself, or anyone else, so try to keep things classy.
  3. Canines respond better to shorter words. Try to stick to those that are one or two syllables. If you pick a word that is longer than that, it is a good idea to shorten it or come up with an abbreviated version. You want to find something your pup will easily hear and respond to. Exceptionally long words tend to get lost in background noise. So, if you do christen your new puppy Aristotle Xeno Cyclops Puppy Prince the Third, you will need to shorten that to something your dog can understand easily.
  4. Try to avoid words and terms that sound like common commands or the names of other pets and people in the home., This will simply cause confusion and chaos.
  5. Names represent the owner’s interests and personality, but they should also represent the animal. Consider your dog’s large size for a name, color, breed, personality, and appearance when discussing naming ideas. Some colors like black, brown, red, or white lend themselves to some fun and unique naming ideas.
  6. Owners must remember that even though an idea may have deep, significant meaning and connection for them, their pup will never understand it. To dogs, names are a signal, a message that it is time to eat, time to go outside, time for cuddles, or simply that their owner needs their attention. But they will not understand that visiting the island of Crete for your honeymoon inspired their moniker. So, while that name can mean a lot more to you, do not expect your pet to understand that.
  7. Nicknames are important. No matter how much time, energy, and consideration owners put into picking that perfect title, inevitably, pets end up getting called nicknames a good portion of the time. For every idea you are considering, try out a few different nicknames, and make sure they are appropriate, easy to understand, and are something you like.
  8. Lastly, remember that learning a new name is the process for both the puppy and the owner. Changing an older dog’s moniker is challenging, though not impossible, and that is a much different process. With new puppies, they are exploring a great big world and seeing new, exciting things every day. Owners must have patience and persistence. Keep going even if your dog does not immediately respond to this new title. Take steps to teach and reward them with treats and cuddles when they respond appropriately. With proper socialization and practice, your pup will eventually understand that this is their name, and it will help solidify the bond you have with your furry family member.

It is also a good idea to take some time to get to know your puppy before selecting a final choice. While there may be pressure to have something picked out right away, no rule says a puppy needs to be named the minute they get home. In fact, there are times when owners have a name picked out already, and it simply does not work.

For this reason, it is a smart idea to have a few alternative ideas ready in case your original selection does not stick. And yes, changing your puppy’s name is okay if the first idea isn’t working out. Have patience with yourself and your puppy, and enjoy this special time. The perfect moniker will eventually work out.

Final Thoughts

Bringing home a new puppy is a joyous time. A considerable part of that excitement is picking out a name. This marks the start of a lifelong bond, and it is a very memorable time. Owners should not stress if they do not have a perfect name ready or if the process takes a while. This is all normal, and you want whatever your final selection is to be something you and your pup are happy with.

The history-rich, gorgeous land of Greece is an amazing place to find inspiration for your pup’s new title and a fun way to learn more about the country. Greece-inspired dog names are beautiful, alluring, and less familiar than many other ideas. We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Greek dog names and perhaps have even found the perfect idea to call your new little skylos.

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