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White Dog Names: 150+ Male & Female Names For White Puppies


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Struggling to come up with the right name for your white-coated pup? White dog names can be tough to think of. Naming a new dog is fun and exciting. But for some canine parents, it can be a confusing decision! A dog’s name needs to have some significance to its owner, but it also needs to roll off the tongue. You can’t call your dog Cabernet Sauvignon just because it’s your favorite wine.

The name needs to be simple enough for the dog to learn. It also should be something that isn’t commonly used, or confused with a similar-sounding word. You don’t want to name your dog “Kit” or you may confuse them when teaching them how to “sit.”

In this quick guide, we prepared a selection of the best white dog names. We’ve also included a few quick tips to help you find the perfect name for your canine pal. Let’s dive in and help you find the perfect name for your new family addition.

Naming Your White Dog

Some of the cutest dog breeds typically come with an all-white coat, from the White German Shepherd to the Pomeranian or the Spitz. It might seem obvious, but one of the best ways to come up with the perfect name is to base it on their fluffy white color. If you’re having trouble thinking of the right name for your cute white dog, we’re here to help give you some ideas.

Weather Inspired Names

Picking a name for a white dog doesn’t have to be difficult if you know where to look for ideas. One excellent source of inspiration is the weather. It has plenty of elements that can be associated with your dog’s fluffy white color. Here are some meteorologically inspired names you can choose from.




Film Inspired Names

Some dog names are meant to honor your pup’s parent’s special interest or hobby. Naming your dog after a character in a movie is a nice way to celebrate your love of film. It’s also a great way for other dog owners to recognize their favorite actor, actress, or film character. Here are a few famous white dogs.




Food-Inspired Names

If you’re out of ideas, think about raiding the pantry for a bit. You might find some great name ideas from your stock of food and beverages. These food-inspired names can be short and snappy, while still paying homage to their white coat color. Some of those are actually perfect names for a dog. Consider the following suggestions:




Greek Mythology Inspired Names

If you are Greek mythology buff, then you probably already know that it’s made up of some of the most interesting and colorful characters in literature. You can actually use them as inspiration for the name of your white puppy. Check out some of them below:




Celtic Inspired Names

Small White Fluffy Dog
Whether you’re of Scottish descent or have an Irish dog breed, a Celtic name could be an excellent idea.

These names are typically very regal, and will definitely be unique. Your dog can both inherit your Celtic roots and have a name that means more than just a name. Here are some suggestions for Celtic-inspired white dog names that you might want to consider.




Foreign Language Inspired Names

If you want a relatively unique name for your white dog, then you might want to consider a foreign name. It won’t just make your pup stand out, it will also keep other dogs at the park or in the vet’s clinic from responding to your call. This is more popular with breeds that come from different Here are some names that you can try:




Celebrity Inspired Names

According to a survey, there’s a significant number of dog owners who choose to name their white dogs after celebrities. Hop on the trend and think about naming your fur baby after a famous personality. Each of these also ties into their beautiful white coats, which makes them doubly unique. Here are some great name suggestions.




Other White Dog Names

White Spitz Dog Being Checked by a Vet
Naming a dog by breed can be a great idea because you can name them after physical traits.

If you haven’t found the best dog names yet for your white dog in what we’ve provided so far, here’s another list of ideas. If none of these ideas work, we have additional lists by breed, and a master dog name database of over 500 different names you can see here. You can also name them after a language if the breed originates in a different country. Perfect examples of breed-based naming are naming a German Shepherd, or naming your Siberian Husky.




Naming Tips For a White Dog

Regardless of your source of inspiration, keep in mind that names for dogs should be easy to pronounce. And since you will be calling it out thousands of times, it has to be something that you won’t be embarrassed to yell in the park or other public places. For some more tips on how to choose a great name for your dog, read on.

Keep It Snappy

Length is an important consideration when it comes to choosing a name for a white dog. Ideally, the perfect dog name should have two syllables. It will be easier for you to pronounce and short enough to grab your dog’s attention.

A dog’s name is also crucial to their training and socialization. It serves more like a “cue” word instead of a personal identifier. That means a short name will be easier for them to learn and recognize. So, if you still want to call your dog Cabernet Sauvignon, set a nickname that’s easy to remember, like Caber or Cabby.

Pick a Name With Hard Consonants

According to pet experts, dogs respond more effectively to words with hard consonants, such as C, K, T or B. That’s because they have a relatively sharp sound that stimulates more acoustic receptor neurons in a canine brain. In short, they can capture the attention of a dog better than other consonants.

Avoid Dog Names That Sound Like Commands

It’s best to choose a name that doesn’t sound like a command to your dog. They might find it confusing and think you mean “No” when you say, “Joe.”

Don’t Use Family Member Names

Teaching your dog to respond to their moniker is crucial to establishing communication lines with them. If their name sounds like that of another family member, they may have a hard time differentiating the words. It may cause them to respond inappropriately or even ignore you altogether.

Test It Out

If you have a list of cute white dog names, it’s best that you test them out. Call each one out loud to see how you can say them in a variety of tones. The perfect dog name should roll off your tongue easily. Don’t hesitate to rule out awkward and hard to pronounce names.

Once you have chosen a name, see if your dog will approve of it. Call the name to your dog and observe the reaction it elicits. Did it perk your dog’s ears? Did it get a tail wag? These signs could mean that the chosen name is perfect!

Don’t Get Stressed

Ultimately, while we may get caught up in giving the perfect name to dogs, the truth is that they don’t think about their monikers the way we do. That’s because canines interpret what we tell them in terms of sound, not meaning.

If you’re adopting an older dog, it’s best to keep the current name to avoid confusing them. If you wish to change it for some reason, think about a new name that sounds similar to the old one.

Final Thoughts

A dog’s name is an essential tool you can use to communicate with them. It’s your way of giving a verbal cue to your dog to pay attention to you. So, whatever dog name you are considering, be sure to give it a lot of thought. Remember that the name you settle on is the single most important word that your dog will repeatedly hear and respond to throughout their life – but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. Inspiration for the best name for a white dog can come from anywhere. Our selection of white dog names would be a perfect place to start to brainstorming some ideas. And whatever name you decide on, just be sure that it suits your dog!

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