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Disney Dog Names: 170+ Female & Male Character Ideas


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Are you a huge Disney fan and looking to add a daily reminder to your life? Or maybe you want to name your adorable new puppy after one of your favorite Disney characters, but you are struggling to pick. In this quick doggy naming guide, we help you designate the perfect Disney dog name for your pup.

There are many Disney characters to name your dog after, be that a princess, prince, sidekick, villain, and more. Some are perfect for small dogs, cheeky dogs, a particular gender, or gender-neutral. But it’s essential to choose a name that suits your pet’s personality and that you are happy to shout out for the next ten-plus years.

We have something here for every Disney fanatic and dog, from classic to contemporary. So, please sit back, relax, and peruse through 170 of our favorite Disney dog names.

Male Disney Dog Names

If you are looking for a male-inspired name for your dog, you can’t go far wrong with this simple Disney list of princes, heroes, and other male characters. Just remember that you will find other male character names in the doggy, villain, and sidekick lists too, so this is not a comprehensive list of all male Disney characters.

BasilLi Shang
BeastLittle John
OliverPeter Pan
PrinceRobin Hood

Female Disney Dog Names

If you are searching for a feminine name for your princess pooch, why not look at our list of female Disney character names. Below you will find some of the most famous princesses, heroines, and other delightful female characters that have graced our screens. There are also other female names sprinkled throughout the doggy, villain, and sidekick lists, so be sure to check those out as well.

Small Pomeranian sitting and yawning in tiger costume
Is your little pup a Lion King?
RapunzelSnow White

Disney Dog Character Names

For many of us, our love of dogs began from watching Disney films, packed to the brim with gorgeous bright-eyed doggos. Whether you are looking for four-legged name inspiration or your pooch looks like a particular character, here is a list of famous Disney dogs.

MaxOld Yeller

Villain Dog Names

French Bulldog dog dressed up in pirate costume with hat and hook arm standing at harbour with boats in background
Argh, it’s a rough life as a canine Captain Hook!

Suppose your dog is a bit of a villain, packed with a cheeky character that a common doggy name wouldn’t do justice. We’ll help you find the perfect villainous Disney name for your feisty or mischievous pup. The question is, will they live up to their name?

HadesKing Candy
Madam MimProfessor Z
Mor’duOogie Boogie
Prince HansRandall
Shere KhanScud

Sidekick Dog Names

Are you looking for a perfect name for your sassy sidekick? Disney films are usually never without a comical sidekick to complete the storyline. Here are some of the most famous Disney sidekicks that may inspire a great doggy name.

TimonTinker Bell
Cri-KeeSgt. Tibbs
Hei HeiPiglet

Dog Name Trends

Trends are fickle. They come and go. But many favorite Disney movies are just as popular now as they were when they were first released. But if you are looking for a name that is trending right now, use a website that provides up-to-date dog naming trends. There are likely to be a few Disney-themed names sprinkled in the list. But remember, what is hot this year might not be the next.

Naming your dog after a famous Disney doggo might be the perfect and most obvious choice. You might want to name them after a character that reminds you of them, such as Fidget, if they are forever on the go. Or perhaps you want to call them a character they look like, such as Pongo if you have a Dalmatian, or Tramp if they are a scruffy and marvelous mutt.

Alternatively, if you have a French dog breed, you might want to name them after a French Disney character like Gaston, Remi, Belle, Duchess, or Esmeralda. Or if you have a giant dog, why not name them after a character that they are definitely not, such as Slinky. On the flip side, it could be clever to name a pint-sized pup Beast. This upside-down idea adds a little humor without being offensive.

Another idea is to name them after a Disney theme or film locale. For example, suppose you have a cold-weather dog such as a cool Siberian Husky or a fluffy Samoyed. In that case, you should consider naming them after a character from a cold-weather Disney film, such as Elsa or Olaf. Or if you have an Afghan Hound with long luscious locks, why not name them Rapunzel?

Dog Naming Tips

Although we don’t suggest that you rush into naming your pooch, it’s essential to pick one rather quickly to help your pup settle into its new life with you. Here is a selection of dog naming tips that might help you choose the best Disney dog name.

Tip 1: Choose Simple Sounds

The best dog names are composed of simple sounds which are easier for your dog to understand. For example, choosing a name that starts with the letters B, D, K, or T makes a snappy choice that alerts your dog’s ears every time. Picking a name starting with softer-sounding consonants, such as F or S, can make it more difficult for your dog to hear, especially if they are hard of hearing.

Tip 2: Short & Sweet

Although long names make your pooch sound posh and elegant, it’s not always the best choice. For example, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” might be your favorite Disney character. Still, it is not short enough to call your dog or get their attention. Plus, you might get a few odd looks at the local doggy park. Pick a name with one or two syllables to keep it short, sweet, and effective.

Tip 3: Steer Clear of Commands

To avoid confusing your dog, avoid names that sound similar to common commands such as “sit,” “stay,” or “no.” Dogs do not understand language itself. Instead, they focus on sounds. Remember this when picking a Disney name.

Tip 4: Public Appropriateness

Although a comical, funny, or rude name might initially sound like a good idea, you might regret it down the road. The name will be used on the beach, in front of your partner’s family, and in the vet’s waiting room, so it must be public-appropriate. If there’s any chance it might offend someone, or you might be embarrassed to use it in certain situations, you should avoid it. Plus, if it’s offensive, you could get yourself in trouble with law enforcement should someone make a complaint.

Tip 5: Renaming Your Dog

If you are renaming your already resident dog for whatever reason or renaming a rescue dog, you need to consider the new name cautiously. If possible, pick a name that sounds similar to the one they already have. Choosing a name that sounds completely different from what they already have might confuse and potentially unsettle them. If that means settling with your second or third favorite Disney name, so be it.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our Disney dog name list has inspired you to come up with a name for your pooch. Or perhaps it confirmed that you have already chosen the best. Whether you name them after your favorite character or after someone they resemble, with 170+ Disney dog names to choose from, there is something here for every owner and dog. We also have an article dedicated to Star Wars dog names, now a part of the Disney universe.

Be sure to read through each list before making your final decision because even though you might be set on a standard male or female name, there might be something much better in the villain or sidekick list that you haven’t considered.

Inviting a doggy into your life and home is an exciting time for everyone, and choosing their name is a crucial part of that process. Be sure it is something that you are going to be happy with for their lifetime, and comfortable calling out in public too. Hopefully, after careful consideration, you and your new pup might just do as Disney does and live happily ever after.


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