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Star Wars Dog Names: 200+ Force-Inspired Dog Names


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Star Wars is one of those entertainment empires that has fascinated generation after generation. This fascination and love for this universe far, far away is felt worldwide and is a lifelong captivation for many. Along with offering us countless hours and avenues of entertainment, this is a fantastic world to find ideas for pet names. Finding the best Star Wars dog names might be a large task, but we are up for the challenge.

The story that captivated millions started in 1977 with Episode IV – A New Hope. That movie has spanned multiple decades of entertainment, not just films, but books, comic books, video games, and television shows, as well as a vast universe of fan fiction, lore, and dedication. While many remember the story and the adventures, the characters are some of the most incredible gems of this space-based universe. Of course, there are unforgettable classics like Luke, Leia, Vader, and Yoda, but many overlooked gems can make excellent dog monikers.

Picking a name for a new puppy is a significant and critical task. This name will be a key communication tool between owners and pets, but it also shares with the world a little bit about an owner. Whether you are a diehard fan of the Force, have dreams of being a Jedi, or are new to the universe, we are here to help find a fantastic galaxy-inspired dog name that perfectly fits your pup.

Classic Star Wars Names

dog in a yoda costume with green ears
These ideas represent the unforgettable characters that drive the story forward and captivate our attention and hearts.

Before we break down our list and its specific categories, let’s take a minute to discuss a few classic names that come from the saga. Not all these characters represent the good guy, but as we learn from this great universe, there must be balance.

  1. Luke Skywalker is perhaps the most known Jedi of them all, and the saga revolves around the Skywalker clan. Luke is a pivotal character in the classic story.
  2. Princess Leia is another central character who plays a significant role in the story. The secret twin sister of Luke, and the hidden daughter of Anakin, Lei herself is a force to be reckoned with and a hero to the Rebellion.
  3. Anakin Skywalker, the eager lad turned Dark Lord, is a Force baby, believed to be the Chosen One. His role of bringing balance to the force is a long, harrowed path.
  4. Darth Vader is the Dark Force lord Anakin becomes once he succumbs to the power and temptation of the Dark Side.
  5. Obi-Wan Kenobi is a pivotal character and talented Jedi master who helps Luke learn the ways of the Force. ‘Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope,” a plea by Princess Leia, is one of the films’ most recognized and iconic lines.
  6. Han Solo is a smuggler, who helps Luke, falls in love with Leia, and is a pivotal event in the story. He becomes a pivotal member of the Rebel Alliance and the Rebellion.
  7. Chewbacca (Chewy) may be one of the most famous characters from the story, known for his shaggy appearance and unique Wookie growl.
  8. Padme Amidala, Queen of Naboo, is the love of Anakin and mother to Luke and Lei. A philanthropist and senator, she lived a tragic and beautiful life that ended when she brought her secret children, Luke, and Leia, into the world.
  9. Yoda was a legendary Jedi master and warrior. Yoda is a major character in the saga and is around 800 years old.

Star Wars Dog Names

There are plenty of naming ideas throughout the Star Wars universe. These are all fantastic choices for your furry padawan. The great news is that there is a little bit of everything, so there is bound to be a name on our list that appeals.

Jar JarMeena

Droid-Inspired Dog Names

Where would the many characters of this space world be without their trusty droids? There are far too many droids for us to list here. However, these can be entertaining ideas for a dog title. You can use an already-named droid from the franchise or come up with one of your own that represents you and your dog.

AT-ATMister Bones
C1-10P (Chopper)R4-D4

Star Wars Creature Names

Part of the draw and lure of these stories are the amazing creatures and animals that are sprinkled throughout. Some of these are imaginative and have very intriguing titles. Some creatures are cute and cuddly, while others are ferocious and intimidating. These are unique creatures that provide some inspiring ideas to call your next pup. These ideas can be for male or female dogs.


Jedi Dog Names

The Jedi were an order of noble warriors who could sense and use the Force power. In their prime, they were known as guardians of peace who protected and brought justice to the universe. Jedis were dedicated to a life of selflessness and devotion to the light side. Jedi Knights worked on keeping a sense of internal peace and calm to use the light side’s power for good. Of course, Jedi itself is a perfect name for a four-legged companion. Luke, Yoda, and Obi-Wan Kenobi were all Jedi Knights. While some of these suggestions are longer, using a first, last, or shortened version can make for a unique and intriguing pet moniker. One of our favorites on the list is Yaddle. She was the same species as Yoda, who used her connection with the force for healing.

Ben SoloAayla Secura
ColAdi Gallia
Eno CordovaAhsoka Tano
Jolee BindoAtris
Kanan JarrusJocasta Nu
KavarMara Jaaina Solo
Kit FistoNomi Sunrider
Mace WinduJade Skywalker
Nento MarekSatele Shan
Plo KloonShaak Ti
Qui-Gon JinnStass Allie
Vandar TokareYaddle

Sith Dog Names

For dog owners that identify more with the dark side or who are simply looking for a less common, unique, or intriguing name, some of these monikers inspired by the dark side are worth consideration. While the most famous is Darth Vader, many more characters make up the Force’s malicious side.

BaneKylo Wren
Darth MaulRampage
Darth SidiousSnoke
Darth TyranusTavion

Star Wars Place-Inspired Names

While these places may only exist in a mythical galaxy, some very intriguing locations are used. These ideas can be great for male or female pets. They will surely be unique and a surefire conversation starter if you encounter another pup with the same moniker.


Mandalorian-Inspired Names

The Mandalorian is a highly popular, notably recent addition to the long-running story. This series follows a Mandalorian warrior as he takes on an unexpected charge. The show has become a hit, with people all over falling in love with the character Grogu, also deemed Baby Yoda. Several naming ideas come to mind.

Din DjarinDuchess

Funny Star Wars Names

Humor is always a great place to start brainstorming. Several unusual and hilarious monikers are sprinkled throughout the vast universe. One of these ideas might fit just right if you want something funny. Of course, you should come up with a few nicknames, as many are long and hard to say.

Aks MoeGreedo
Baron PapanoidaKing Katuunko
Beezer FortunaLoatha Sommover
Biggs DarklighterLobot
Canto BightMon Calamari
Dexter JettsterSalacious B. Crumb
Droopy McCoolSavage Opress
Dud BoltSio Bibble
Elan SleazebagganoSlowen Lo
Ello AstySy Snootles
Gafferky LenzwinTherm Scissorpunch
General Whorm LoathsomURoRRuR’R’R

Dog Naming Tips

dog dressed as star wars character
Naming a new puppy is a huge decision that owners spend a lot of time considering.

Even if you have something already picked out, it may not fit after your puppy settles in at home. Sometimes pet parents wait to meet their pub before deciding on a moniker. The good news is there is no right or wrong way to decide on an idea. There are a few things owners should keep in mind when picking out a dog’s name.

  1. Along with researching the story and different characters, owners should also consider their dog’s breed, size, color, and personality when selecting that perfect moniker. Remember, this name represents you but primarily represents your dog.
  2. Start by avoiding commonly used ideas. This is a very popular entertainment franchise. There are bound to be a lot of Lukes, Leias, and Vaders running around the dog park. Try to pick something a little less ordinary. This will make it easier for your pup to learn their name, avoid confusion, and make you stand out for your originality at the park.
  3. Stick with names that are appropriate and are not going to embarrass your pup or you. You also need to consider that other people, like veterinarians, nurses, groomers, trainers, and pet sitters, will also use this term. You do not want to make anyone uncomfortable or give the impression that you or your pup is a little on the wild side.
  4. When you make a final selection, make sure to try out some nicknames as well. We often shorten our pets’ names, so trying a few nicknames as you brainstorm is advisable.
  5. Avoid words that sound like common commands or terms you will use to direct your pup. You do not want to confuse them and think you are saying no when calling Bo or want them to sit when their name is Fit. Avoiding terms that sound like other pets or human family members is also essential. Make sure there are no similarities, or you will set yourself up for a chaotic situation.
  6. Dogs respond better to one or two-syllable words. These are easier for them to hear and understand. It is okay to take your time and try out a few different terms if you find yourself stuck between a few. Sometimes owners even change their dog’s name after a few weeks, realizing their original choice does not fit.
  7. Keep in mind that canines will not understand the specific meaning of words. While a name may mean something deeper to owners, canines will not pick up on that.
  8. Remember to be patient, both with yourself and your pets. The naming process will take time, and that is okay. Once your decision is final, you must teach your puppy their name. This is a challenging process, so owners need to remain patient, stay consistent, and provide lots of positive reinforcement.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of pressure when picking out a perfect title for a new puppy. Thankfully for some pet parents, there are entertainment universes like Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter, Marvel, and more to turn to. Picking a name with inspiration from this deeply interwoven and vast universe is a beautiful way to pay homage to favorite characters. It can also help make your pup stand out at the groomers, vet’s office, and around the neighborhood.

Just remember that some dogs will fit into their name right away, while this will take some time for others. If you cannot decide, it is perfectly fine to call your pup Doggy, Puppy, Baby, Sweetie, or any other endearment term until you can make a final choice.

Have some fun when it comes to picking out a new name for your dog. Hopefully, our list of over 200 Star Wars dog names will help you find that perfect call sign for your little Jedi.

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