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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mixes: 25 Adorable Crossbreeds


Last Updated: May 1, 2023 | 15 min read | 4 Comments

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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, known as a Cavalier for short, is the best of two doggy worlds. They are small enough to find themselves in the toy dog group list but sporty enough to stand amongst the best sporting Spaniels too. Not only that, but they are also friendly, affectionate, graceful, gentle, and intelligent. Could they get any better?

Well, if you are looking for a Cavalier with a twist, you might think so. Considering how fabulous the Cavalier is, they are used repeatedly in the doggy designer world to make other Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixes. You have plenty of canine options to choose from, from the apparent matches to the unexpected blends – all fit for a King.

Whether you’re looking for a more substantial Cavalier concoction, or perhaps you’re looking for a Cava with a protective streak, we’ve got an alternative option here for you to consider. So, let’s see how many there are and which one might be the best pick for you.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mixes

The practice of designing new dog breeds has been around for a very long time. But it has become prevalent in the last few decades. When it comes to dog mixes, you need to be aware that the outcome could vary, depending on which parent they take after. They might be a 50/50 split, or they might take after one parent more than the other. But you won’t know until they mature.

For this reason, it’s important to research both dog breeds that go into making your new mixed pup. Some Cavalier mixed breeds, such as the Cavapoo, are so popular that they have been bred for two or three generations, which means their characteristics are much more stable. If you’d prefer this consistency, you need to work with a breeder who can prove several generations of your chosen mixed breed.

Other Cavalier mixes, such as the Cava-Mo, are much newer and rarer. Meaning you need to prepare for any combination of genes. The Cavalier is a sweet pup who craves companionship, and they only weigh 13 to 18 pounds. So while you need to expect the unexpected to some degree, they shouldn’t be too different from their Cava parent. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.


Cockalier sitting on blanket in grass
If you’re looking for double Spaniel trouble, you can’t go too wrong with the Cockalier.

Breeds: Cavalier & Cocker Spaniel

The Cockalier is likely to be much more energetic than the Cavalier, so expect a fitness buddy for sure. But thanks to their Cava influence, they are bound to be a little more relaxed than a Cocker Spaniel. Cockaliers are gentle, affectionate, and love nothing more than to be with their favorite humans.

They are a small mixed pup who measures between 13 and 15 inches tall and weigh between 15 and 25 pounds. Their coat usually takes on the traditional tan and white colors of the Cavalier, with the occasional appearance of other colors known to both parents. The hair on their ears remains curly, and their round button eyes make them just as irresistible.


Breeds: Cavalier & American Eskimo

The American Eskimo usually selected for this mix is a Toy or a Miniature sized pup rather than a Standard. But stranger things have happened. Weighing up to 19 pounds and measuring up to 14 inches, they are a small breed that can join you on almost any adventure. They are relatively unknown outside of the US. Still, their fluffier coat combination and curly tail are proving to be popular. Their coat is usually primarily white with an occasional mixture of tan.

Cava-Mos are loyal and versatile dogs who are less sensitive than purebred Cavaliers. Still, they love to be around their favorite humans for most of the day. Thanks to their eagerness to please, they are bright and relatively simple to train. Cava-Mos are spunky and full of cheeky energy, sure to keep you on your toes. 


Cavapoo looking up
Also known as the Cavadoodle or Poodlier, this pup is bound to become your best friend.

Breeds: Cavalier Spaniel & Poodle

The Cavapoo is possibly one of the most popular Cavalier mixes on this list, just like most Poodle mixes out there. They are slightly more energetic than a pure Cavalier, meaning you can count on this canine mixture to play games and have lots of fun. They have a high prey drive and usually love the water.

The Cavapoo is likely to be easier on allergy sufferers thanks to their Poodle genes. Just don’t count on them being hypoallergenic because the Cavalier isn’t. Their coat is usually wavy and can inherit any color combination from both parents. Cavapoos do not usually top the scales over 20 pounds. They are prone to separation anxiety because both parents are super sensitive. So they need a family who can stay at home for most of the day. 


Chilier on leash on gravel path
The Chilier is an adorable, sassy, diva doggo.

Breeds: King Charles Spaniel & Chihuahua

Thanks to the teeny weeny Chihuahua influence, the Chilier is one of the smaller mixes on this list. So, if you’re looking for a pocket-sized pup not exceeding more than 12 pounds, this could be the best option for you. Whether they have a deer or an apple Chihuahua head, they have soft, silky hair that doesn’t take too long to groom.

Be sure not to give in to their forever puppy dog eyes. They are fun and lively pups who want to have a good time, but they also relish cuddles on the sofa. They are likely to be vocal pups who take their role of family guardian seriously, no matter how unthreatening they look.

Golden Cavvy

Golden Cavalier outside
The Golden Cavvy is a golden pooch for sure.

Breeds: Cavalier Spaniel & Golden Retriever

Both of their parents are sweet, making this mixed breed double the sweetness. Everyone knows the Golden Retriever and the Cavalier for their family-friendly nature, meaning you can almost be guaranteed an excellent option for most families. Plus, they are intelligent, gentle, eager to please, and have an outstanding balance of energy and calmness.

Golden Cavvy’s are usually light to golden in color, typically one shade, but sometimes with splashes of a second color. Their hair is generally medium length and needs a bit more grooming than a standard Cavalier, especially if they like to roll around in the mud and swim in the local lake. They are slightly smaller than the stockier Cavador but still a large option weighing up to 45 pounds.

King Charles Yorkie

2 King Charles Yorkies in grass
Similar breed mixes play nicely together like this Cavapoo playing with a King Charles Yorkie.

Breeds: Cavalier & Yorkshire Terrier

The King Charles Yorkie is just as vibrant as their name sounds. They are full of feisty terrier characters packed into a small fluffy package. Be sure not to spoil this pooch too much. Otherwise, you might find an overprotective pup on your hands. They have a high prey drive and a tomboyish streak while still being elegant. They also hate to be left alone and insist on accompanying you everywhere you go.

The King Charles Yorkie is another small mixed breed that weighs in under 10 pounds. But don’t let their tininess fool you. They have a loud bark making them ideal alarm systems for any home. King Charles Yorkies are likely to be a mixture of white, tan, and black, and they often sport a scruffy appearance.


Cavachon sitting on floor
Weighing up to 20 pounds, Cavachons make for a light travel companion. 

Breeds: King Charles Spaniel & Bichon Frise

The Cavachon is a friendly pup who makes an ideal canine candidate for a young family with children. They are also relatively adaptable to different living conditions, making them versatile additions to most families. They are fun, intelligent, and eager to please, so they are also ideal for novice dog owners looking for a simple introduction to the world of doggy ownership.

They have a wavy coat that is soft and fluffy, thanks to the Bichon Frise family. It’s common for them to be light-colored, sometimes with splashes of tan from the Cavalier family. They are low shedders than others on this list, allowing you to keep your home as tidy as possible.


Breeds: Cavalier & Pomeranian

The Cavapom might be the fluffiest on this list. So if you’re a fluff-seeking Cavalier enthusiast, look no further than this pooch. Their coat sports an array of their parent’s colors, and their coats need thorough grooming to keep them looking their best. Like the Chilier mix, this pup is one of the most miniature designer dogs in our Cavalier list. Weighing no more than 12 pounds, you need to train your kiddos to handle them correctly to avoid injury.

The Cavapom is a bold and lively pooch who usually has more gusto than the average Cavalier. Combining their curiosity with their relatively high prey drive, they are sure to disappear into the bushes when on walkies. So you need to keep a close eye on these spunky canines. This toy pooch is a happy-go-lucky mix that is sure to brighten any family’s day.


Cavajack Mix
The Cavajack makes for a feisty and intelligent companion.

Breeds: Cav & Jack Russell Terrier

The Cavajack is more elegant than a pure Jack Russell Terrier but more feisty than a Cavalier Spaniel. They are a well-balanced mixed-breed whom families and singletons alike adore. They have a high prey drive and chase most things that enter their yard. Cavajacks are mischievous and often find themselves in sticky situations. But thankfully, their calmer Cavalier side makes for a less intense pup.

Cavajacks typically weigh up to 18 pounds and commonly white and tan. Their coats are relatively short, with a kinky wave, especially around their long-ish ears. Their stocky body provides the power needed to chase things while still managing to be graceful at the same time. Charming with a hint of stubbornness describes this pup best.


Cavador puppy face
The Cavador sounds tough and noble. That’s because they are.

Breeds: Cavalier & Labrador Retriever

What do you get if you mix the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with America’s number one dog? A Cavador, of course. They are one of the largest mixed breeds on this list, making them a top choice for large dog lovers. They are medium-sized depending on the size of their Lab parent but rarely exceed 50 pounds in weight. Their coat is usually a shade of gold, but thankfully they require less grooming than a Labrador.

They are energetic, like to chase smaller creatures, and are almost always water babies. They need much more exercise than your standard Cavalier, making these ideal picks for more active families. Cavadors are pretty simple to teach when giving early insight into training, meaning they are obedient companions. 


Breeds: Cavalier & Corgi

As the most popular Corgi breed, the Pembroke Corgi is most likely the parent (not the Cardigan Corgi). This is a headstrong pup with natural intuition to herd people and other pets. The Cava Corgi is always on the go looking for their next adventure, so you need to make training short and fun to keep them interested. They might be small, but they’ve got tons of energy that needs an outlet. The Cava Corgi is usually affectionate without being overly needy.

The Cava Corgi is a short and long dog, but thankfully they are less likely to suffer from IVDD than purebred Corgis. Their coat is usually white with a splash of tan or dark coloring. Depending on which parent they look like, they might inherit the erect foxy ears of the Corgi or the floppy ears of the Cavalier. Or perhaps one of each for a quirky look. Cheeky and cute describes this pup best. 


Pugalier sitting on ground
Pugaliers tend to inherit the flatter face of the Pug, adding cuteness but also leading to snoring.

Breeds: Cavalier & Pug

With the Pug influence, you can be sure to find a dog that loves sleeping just as much as playing. Pugaliers are simple creatures who tend to wear out compared to a pure Cavalier. But they also know how to have a good time and have energetic, comical outbursts to entertain the family. They probably feel anxious when left alone too long and are sure to stick to you like glue when you’re home.

Be wary of the brachycephalic syndrome and the associated health problems that sometimes come from the flatter face. They typically inherit a hint of skin rolls and a possible curly tail. Depending on the parents’ color, Pugaliers can be light or dark-colored. 


Breeds: King Charles Spaniel & Australian Shepherd

If you’re looking for a Cavalier with an appearance twist, the Aussalier might offer you the perfect option. Aussaliers typically look like Cavalier Spaniels, with the Australian Shepherd merle coat and extra fluffiness. They usually weigh up to 40 pounds, making them a substantial canine choice. They are adorable, but their coat needs extra grooming to keep them looking healthy.

The Aussalier is likely to be a work-orientated breed, meaning that they need an active family. They are not lapdogs by any stretch of the imagination. Still, they work hard with elegance and gracefulness. The Cavalier influence means that they are not as intense as purebred Aussies, making them suited to more families.


Cava Shih Tzu
The Cava-Tzu is a graceful dog who loves to nap in their owner’s lap.

Breeds: Cavalier & Shih Tzu

Unlike many mixed breeds on this list, the Cava-Tzu usually looks more like their Shih Tzu parent, with a hint of Cavalier. There’s something to be said about the Tzu genes here. But you should instantly recognize the longer, wavy ears of the Cavalier to add an extra layer of cuteness. This pup might be short, measuring up to 12 inches, but they are full of charming attitude.

With a history of living in impressive Chinese palaces and grand English estates, nothing is too good for the noble Cava-Tzu. They are renowned for their cheeky ways, leading to entertainment for the whole family. They are relatively sturdy despite being small and have a fondness for children. 

King Schnauzer

Breeds: Cavalier & Schnauzer

The King Schnauzer is a regal pup who knows that they deserve the best. So you best have the time and energy to shower them in love, fun, and everything else they crave. They are likely to be a little bit bossy but don’t let that put you off them. With regular training, you should find an amenable pup on your hands. They are vocal but friendly and affectionate dogs.

They are likely to be the product of a Miniature Schnauzer rather than a Standard or Giant-sized Schnauzer, which means they only weigh 20 pounds or less. If the size is an essential factor for you, be sure to double-check with the breeder what size Schnauzer parent they have. Suppose you’re looking for a Cavalier with a bushy beard and exuberant eyebrows. In that case, the King Schnauzer might be your idea of canine heaven.


Beaglier puppy sitting
The Beaglier is an excellent option for those looking for a less intense version of a prey-driven dog.

Breeds: Cavalier & Beagle

Beagliers need regular exercise to burn their higher-than-average energy. But both parents love to nap throughout the day, meaning you are in for an awesome boxset buddy with the Beaglier. Be sure to keep snacks under lock and key with this greedy pup around. Sweet and adorably needy describes this pooch well.

Beagliers usually weigh no more than 25 pounds. But you need to watch their weight as they are more likely to become overweight than most, thanks to the Beagle’s gluttonous genes. Their coat is usually an equal blend of both parents. It is short but slightly wavey and sports traditional white, tan, and sometimes black hunting colors. Their gorgeous large eyes are sure to make you melt.

Cava Inu

Breeds: Cavalier & Shiba Inu

The Cava Inu is one of the rarer options on this list. Shiba Inus are renowned for their protective and alert streak, meaning you can expect a hint of this from the Cava Inu. Perfect if you’re looking for a Cavalier with a bold guard dog twist. They also have a high prey drive and are likely to terrorize the neighbor’s cat. The Cava Inu is a more trainable and affectionate version of the Shiba Inu, making them an ideal option for those with less doggy experience.

Cava Inu puppies are wildly different in appearance, even within the same litter. They may look more like Spaniels or have a foxier look about them, and their ear shape is anyone’s guess. Their coats tend to be fluffy, and their colors are usually light or tan. This mix usually weighs around 20 pounds and is sturdy and relatively muscular. 


Breeds: Cavalier & Papillon

The Cavalon is a delightful doggy mixture of two happy-go-lucky breeds. If you’re looking for a pup that never runs out of cheer, look no further than the Cavalon. They are friendly and sociable, meaning that you can take them anywhere without worrying about their manners. They are energetic, fun, and bouncy mixed breeds that enjoy cuddly naptime. A well-balanced pup for sure.

The Cavalon might inherit the wonderful butterfly-shaped ears. Still, they could also inherit the floppier, curly-haired ears of the Cavalier. Either way, they are sweet-looking pups. They typically weigh no more than 14 pounds, and despite their delicate appearance, they are energetic and athletic. 

French Cavalier

Breeds: Cavalier & French Bulldog

The French Cavalier is a small dog who usually weighs less than 23 pounds. Still, they are relatively stocky and pack power in their body. They are a surprisingly rare mixed breed despite both parents being popular purebreds. Again, like the Cavalon, there is no guarantee as to whether they inherit the bat ears of the Frenchie or the low-hanging Spaniel ears.

The French Cavalier’s personality is the show-stealer here. They are insanely sweet and hilariously funny. They are laidback dogs who have regular outbursts of zoomie energy. They are happy to accompany you on walks or sunbathing in the yard. As long as they are with you, they are content canines.


Breeds: Cavalier & Maltese

The Cava-Malt is an affectionate hybrid that is always ready to put a smile on your face. They are bright and charming, making friends with all who they meet. They are fearless and vocal roommates thanks to the Maltese influence. And they quickly let you know that someone is approaching the family home. They respond well to positive training methods and thrive when spoiled with a life of luxury.

Cava-Malts typically weigh between 10 and 15 pounds, sometimes smaller. Despite their long flowing coats, they are also low shedders compared to a purebred Cavalier. They are usually light in color, with cute button eyes poking through their glamorous hair. When in motion, they are elegant-looking mixed breeds.


Breeds: Cavalier & Dachshund

The Dashalier is one of those mixed breeds that usually inherit a set look. They typically look like long sausage dogs with elegant Spaniel ears, coats, and sweet faces. Their jacket generally is darker in color with brown and black hues. Because there are two Dachshund sizes, you need to ask your breeder which size parent they have, which determines their size.

The Dashalier typically inherits the prey drive for animals above and under the ground, leading to double the trouble. Consider keeping these spunky pups on a leash if you don’t want them to disappear regularly, but you can be sure they make great walkie partners. Thankfully, their Cavalier influence means they are easier to train and less sassy than purebred Dachshunds. 


Breeds: Cavalier & Pekingese

If you’re seeking a Cavalier mixed with a footstool (metaphorically speaking, not literally), look no further. The Pekalier is a delightfully unique-looking Cavalier mixed breed that is sure to turn heads in the street. They typically look like Spaniels with a broader and flatter frame. Their bushy coat, especially if they inherit the “lion’s mane,” takes a level of grooming dedication.

Pekaliers are less energetic than their Spaniel parent, and they are indeed built for the regal lapdog life. If you cannot offer this breed companionship for most of the day, this is not the breed for you. Sure they are fun dogs, but they don’t have much time for roughhouse playtime. Affection and loyalty are prominent qualities in this mixed breed. 

King Pin

Breeds: Cavalier & Miniature Pinscher

The King Pin is a proud and fearless version of the Cavalier, making them excellent watchdogs who think they can scare off the meanest of intruders. They are cuter than scary, but they’ll give it a good try with their big dog personality. They are surprisingly affectionate and love to spend time with their human pack. They bring lots of fun to the family table with their infectiously happy personality.

Weighing no more than 14 pounds, this is a tiny mixed pup. They are likely to have shorter coats, sometimes with the Spaniel kink. Darker colors are more common, and their faces are more alert-looking than the softer Spaniel face. Most noticeable about these pups is their larger-than-life ears that frame their little heads. 


Breeds: Cavalier & Japanese Chin

The Cavachin is undoubtedly the rarest Cavalier mixed breed on this list, considering that the Japanese Chin does not feature in the top 100 most popular dog breeds. The Cavachin usually looks a lot like the Spaniel but has the flatter, wider face of the Chin. This pup has more hair than body, meaning extra grooming requirements. They typically weigh less than 15 pounds.

The Cavachin is another noble dog breed used to the high life of being a palace pooch. Expect nobleness and grace. They are amusing and full of character but are sometimes described as quiet and feline-like. They clean their silky hair to perfection, and you might find them jumping up to high shelves for the perfect lookout spot.


Breeds: Cavalier & Scottish Terrier

The Cavottish is usually an equal blend of the Spaniel and the Terrier. They often look much like the Cavalier with the scruffier, more wiry appearance. They typically sport the darker colors of the Scottish parent, sometimes with splashes of white and tan. Their facial hair gives them a quirky look, much like the King Schnauzer. They usually weigh around 20 pounds.

The Cavottish is an independent Cavalier mix thanks to their sweet Spaniel influence, but thankfully not as headstrong. They have vivid personalities that command attention in any room but are not so bold that they take over. They enjoy a cuddle session in the evening after spending their day patrolling their yard for unwelcome creatures and playing interactive games with their favorite humans.

Final Thoughts

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on Owner Lap
If you are a Cavalier enthusiast, you are bound to love these concoctions.

We hope you have found the perfect Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixed pup after reviewing 25 of our favorite blends. If you are serious about welcoming one of these pups into your life, be sure to research both parents so that you know you’ll be happy, whatever the outcome. But knowing how sweet, content, and well-balanced the Cavalier is, you are sure to find a new best friend.

Cavalier King Charles with Harness in Mouth

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