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Pug Dog Mixes: 34 Different Pug Crossbreeds That You’ve Likely Never Heard Of


Last Updated: April 10, 2024 | 24 min read | 3 Comments

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There are few breeds as wonderfully dopey, comical, and adorable as the Pug. These dogs are beloved all over the world for their iconic wrinkles and smushed faces. They may be small in stature, but their personalities are larger than life and totally lovable. They are the perfect family companion, known to be very affectionate and devoted to their humans, always wanting attention and cuddles. Their easy-going nature and sweet temperament win the attention of just about anyone they come across. This is the primary reason that many Pug mixes were created.

Given their petite size, most of these dogs don’t get very large, though they can vary widely in physical attributes. Dogs born with one Pug parent tend to inherit many of the traits that make the Pug so charming. Really interesting breed names also come up from mixing Pugs with other dog breeds, as you will soon discover.

Since there are so many dog breeds out there, this is by no means a complete list, but it’s certainly one that can give you a good insight as to how awesome these little mixes can be. Of course, each dog on this planet is an individual, unique in both appearance and personality. However, we feel that most Pug mixes are absolutely delightful, and we know you will too. Here are 34 amazing hybrids that are sure to melt your heart.

Note: We couldn’t resist listing the ones with the cutest names first, but other than that, these aren’t in any particular order.

Pug Mixed Breeds

There are dozens of Pug-types available, and some are more common than others. Our overview of 33 different Pug hybrids explores the most beloved to the rarest, most unexpected combinations. In this comprehensive guide, we look at the best pug mixes to consider for your family, as well as what to expect when you bring one home.

Hug (Siberian Husky and Pug)

Small Tan Fluffy Dog with Curled Tail
Putting the Pug and Husky together results in a hybrid that’s cheerful and devoted, just like their parents.

The Hug couldn’t have a more perfect name even if they tried, though the mix comes from unlikely parents. The Pug is a pretty laid-back creature who much prefers lazing around on their owner’s lap. In contrast, the Siberian Husky is all about playtime and exercise. They live a very high-intensity lifestyle that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

You can expect to see some stubbornness that comes from the Hug’s Husky parentage, though it is usually balanced out well by the Pug’s sweetness. Be sure to keep a good eye on your Hug to determine how much exercise they will need. They usually won’t be shy about telling you when it’s time to play. Training and socializing them from early on will ensure good behavior so their bright and happy personalities shine through even more beautifully.

Chug (Chihuahua and Pug)

Small Tan and Black Dog
These dogs love to be the center of attention, but their neediness is balanced with a tender heart and a surprising capacity for love.

The Chug comes from parents who are very prominent among the small breeds in the dog world: the Chihuahua and the Pug. Despite their small size, you can expect your Chug to be lively, vocal, and super spunky. They often like to think they’re large dogs.

The Chug keeps a whole lot of loyalty and protectiveness in their tiny little body. They may not do very well with new people and animals, so see to it that you socialize them properly from an early age. Their alertness and propensity for yapping also make them a good choice for a watchdog.

Bugg (Boston Terrier and Pug)

Small Black and White Dog Looking in Camera
These dogs make wonderful companion animals as both parents were bred to have even, sweet temperaments.

The Bugg is a hybrid of dogs from small breed parents, the Boston Terrier and Pug. They both have short snouts, wrinkly faces, and expressive eyes. The color of this mix may vary, given their parents have different colored coats, but they will often have a fairly unified look among other mixes.

They are very devoted to their pet parents and love nothing more than spending time by their side, so you can count on your furry friend to be a lovebug indeed. They are intelligent dogs who take well to training, and you’ll find it very easy to socialize them around children and other animals. In fact, since they are a small mix, you should make sure that the children don’t hurt your Bugg, instead of the other way around.

Box-A-Pug (Boxer and Pug)

Tan and White Dog Looking up at Camera
Despite their name, please do not do anything to harm this precious creature.

Box-A-Pugs are a funny mix, usually ending up a fair bit larger than regular Pugs due to their Boxer parentage but with the familiar pushed-in snout from both parents. The Pug’s happy-go-lucky nature tempers the Boxer’s stern personality very well. Box-A-Pugs are usually very intelligent dogs who are eager to please their family. Training them well in socialization, obedience, and commands often proves quite easy.

They are excellent playmates as they have a curiosity and love of life. This works perfectly with children, making them wonderful family companions. You will find your Box-A-Pug to be very playful and more active than their Pug parent, as their Boxer parent is a very high-energy dog. Like all dogs, they will require an exercise routine to keep them in optimal health, so do your best to cater to their needs.

Pugland (West Highland White Terrier and Pug)

We don’t really have witty puns for this one, other than Pugland sounds like a lovely place to be. Your Pugland is a mix of a Pug and a Westie, which is a relatively uncommon mix. We’ve included this hybrid on this list because they make for a wonderful partner-in-crime, as Puglands will always love to tag along on all your adventures. They don’t tend to grow very large, but they have a good amount of energy that will need to be burned off with lots of playtime and exercise.

Puglands are good with families, though they prefer to be around less-rowdy children. This might make them a better choice for families with older kids as opposed to little rambunctious tykes. While they don’t exactly have the patience of a saint, it’s fairly easy to teach them to play nice with others, so you should look into socializing with them as soon as possible.

Puggit (Italian Greyhound and Pug)

Medium Tan Dog With Round Eyes and Curled Tail Wearing a Red Harness
This mix will bring a lot of energy into your household.

Not to be confused with the Puggat, the Puggit is a well-rounded mix from the odd partnership of the graceful Italian Greyhound and the rotund Pug. You will find that they are very playful creatures who crave a lot of excitement. This is largely due to their Italian Greyhound heritage, though they also appreciate a good hangout session in the living room when they are tired.

These dogs are kind-hearted and do nicely in family settings, even with smaller children, though you should always take care to supervise interactions between pets with your kids. While they are fine around children, be careful around very small animals. The Italian Greyhound side of your Puggit may have a prey drive that is difficult to control. Socialize your Puggit well with any pets that will be sharing the home with them, and be sure to give them at least 45 minutes of moderate exercise every day.

Puggat (Rat Terrier and Pug)

Not to be confused with the Puggit, the Puggat comes from small and lively parents: the Rat Terrier and the Pug. You will find your Puggat to be a lithe and lively creature with lots of super bright energy to go around. The Rat Terrier side of your Puggat may be tempted to sniff around in search of prey, but their Pug side effectively mellows them out.

These outgoing dogs are very friendly and charming enough to befriend most anyone– animals and humans alike. Just make sure to supervise them around small children and pets. They will need proper socialization as puppies to keep everyone out of harm’s way. While these dogs are very energetic, they actually do not have a terrible need for exercise. Just be sure to engage them with enough activity and games each day to prevent them from getting bored and unleashing unanticipated destructive behaviors.

Bassugg (Basset Hound and Pug)

brown and tan mixed dog walking on grass
Bassuggs are loving dogs who don’t hesitate to let you know how much they care about you.

In yet another unlikely match, the Bassugg is the result of the union of the ever-curious Basset Hound and the sleepy, relaxed Pug. This makes for a strange combination of personalities, though if you’d ask us, they’re pretty chill dogs overall. Their temperament evens out nicely, making them a very versatile dog that can do well in many different family setups.

Their intelligence takes after their Basset Hound parent, so you should also be prepared to nurture their inquisitive mind to sufficiency. Giving them enough activities and exercise each day will keep boredom and frustration at bay. Since Basset Hounds love to sniff around, you can expect them to wander off to investigate interesting scents. It’s good to indulge in this from time to time, as it keeps them happy, but it’s not impossible to train them to limit this behavior.

Pug Pit (American Pitbull Terrier and Pug)

Small Black and Tan Dog Smiling with Tongue Out
The Pug Pit is a wonderfully affectionate sweetheart who loves nothing more than playtime.

It’s a crying shame that Pitbulls get such a bad reputation. A huge amount of dogs sent to the pound are usually some form of Pitbull or Pitbull mix. The Pug Pit is one such mix, but getting to know one of these darling dogs will show you that the world at large knows nothing about how lovely Pitbulls and their mixes can be.

Their Pug lineage makes them a lot more relaxed, so they’re not too demanding, but they can be protective of their family and territory. This is easily managed with obedience training and socialization, especially from an early age. Their high intelligence makes training an easy task. The sooner you start with their education, the less likely you’ll see any stubbornness. Overall, these dogs are big (or decently-sized) babies whose soft hearts make them most comfortable snuggling up to you on your lap– a far cry from the viciousness many presume.

Pugador (Labrador Retriever and Pug)

Small Tan Dog With Stalky Build in Grass
The Pugador’s friendliness makes it a great match for families of all kinds.

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in America, so while the Pugador may come from a strange pairing, the resulting hybrid is super easy to love no matter which way you look at it. In the Pugador, you will find loyalty that is nearly unmatched, as both their parents are dogs who are highly devoted to their humans. They will tend to be very relaxed, mellow dogs whose auras simply radiate gentle sunshine.

Bear in mind that having such an amiable dog will mean that they are also quite needy. Try not to leave your Pugador alone for too long lest you trigger a bout of separation anxiety. These dogs will need a fair amount of exercise and will likely enjoy swimming, especially if done as a family. Since they grow up to be a good deal larger than the average Pug, you should ensure they have a place to stretch their legs. A good fenced-in yard will do.

Sheltie Pug (Shetland Sheepdog and Pug)

Both parents of the Sheltie Pug are considered small breeds, so you can expect this dog not to grow very large. The union of the Sheltie Pug’s parents makes for a very interesting dog. While both parents are very loyal dogs who love spending time with their owners, Shetland Sheepdogs tend to be more aloof than the very needy Pug. This can make for a mix with a very dignified air about them.

The Sheltie parentage may come up in your Sheltie Pug in the form of nipping as part of a herding instinct. This is bad behavior that you should train out of them as soon as possible. Given the Pug’s propensity for a quieter lifestyle, the Sheltie Pug will not be as suited to working as much as their other parent. Despite this, these dogs are fun-loving enough to make for a fairly adventurous companion. Just be sure to shower them with lots of love and affection to appease their spoiled Pug side.

Pomapug (Pomeranian and Pug)

Small Tan and Black Dog with Fluffy Fur
The Pomapug is a special dog, coming from small breed parents who both enjoy the limelight.

You’ll find that this hybrid always yearns to be the center of attention. They are often most content to relax on their owner’s lap instead of doing things all by themselves. True enough, the Pomapug is susceptible to separation anxiety, so you should do your best not to leave them alone for too long. When they are happy, Pomapugs do a good job of being bright spirits who can liven up any living space.

Their alertness makes them good watchdogs, though they probably won’t be too convincing at guarding the home, given their size. When it’s a good day to play, these little rascals will love running around in the sun, so you should be prepared to match their energy. They don’t require a lot of exercise but do revel in regular playtime. Be sure to keep on top of their demands.

Cocker Pug (Cocker Spaniel and Pug)

Small Tan Dog Standing on Railroad Tracks
Cocker Pugs make a wonderful family pet since they are kind, loving, and patient.

The very pretty Cocker Pug has all the signature cuteness of the Pug, with the  elegance of the Cocker Spaniel. These dogs tend to be very playful but will be evened out by the obedient nature of the Cocker Spaniel. This, plus their intelligence, makes them very easy to train, so you shouldn’t have trouble getting them to learn their obedience and commands, plus tricks too, where you can.

Cocker Pugs will be fine around small children, though you should still supervise interactions. They are fair and sociable dogs who will enjoy the company of other pets, provided they are socialized well. The Cocker Pug’s pleasant personality makes them a joy to be around. Be sure to keep them happy with a lot of playtime, activities, exercise, and all the affection they’ll allow. (Spoilers: it’s a lot!)

Japug (Japanese Chin and Pug)

Small White Dog with Red Ears and a Squished Face
Japugs are one of the most even-tempered dogs you will ever meet.

The Japug comes out to be a very well-behaved lapdog, with the discipline of the Japanese Chin, the affection of the Pug, and the loyalty of both. They are very agreeable sorts with lots of flexibility. They are patient enough to work well in many family settings, with their mild personalities and exceptional patience. Don’t take this to mean they are aloof though. Japugs have a good sense of when to behave a certain way.

When tensions are high, you can expect them to be alert. Still, they don’t really bark all that much. While you cannot expect them to be good guard dogs, they are perfectly suited for apartment life. They don’t require a lot of exercise, so as long as you can bring them outside from time to time to play in a bigger space, they can be very happy in a small residence, provided they are by your side. Or on your lap.

Pugairn (Cairn Terrier and Pug)

Small Gray Scruffy Dog Looking in Camera
The Pugairn is a very good-natured dog, primarily due to its Pug heritage.

The Cairn Terrier tends to be a very bold and imposing dog, so having the ever-relaxed Pug in the mix simply smooths out the strength of their personality. This makes them easier for inexperienced owners to handle, though don’t take this to mean that they lack in character. They are very spirited, social dogs who have a healthy curiosity for the world around them.

Pugairns like getting to know other people and animals, though you should teach them to behave around others to prevent any mishaps. They love pleasing their owners, so training them should be a breeze. This love of people means that they make very good family pets, even in households with small children. They are gentle where they need to be, and they are great at discerning when to behave in which way.

Puganese (Havanese and Pug)

The Puganese is an adorable mix, coming from small parents who are both perfectly suited for the laps of their pet parents. The result is a wonderfully teeny-tiny dog weighing roughly 10 pounds, always ready for the praise and affection of their owner. These dogs are very smart, often inheriting the curiosity of their Havanese parents. This can make them a bit panicky when things seem like they are going awry, so you will need to be able to reassure them of their safety. This can make them very needy dogs. Be patient with them, and you’ll find that their personalities truly shine when they feel secure.

The Puagnese loves hanging out with their family, though they prefer older children over younger ones. It makes sense, as this sensitive mix does not like sudden movements. Keeping them in a stable environment is key to their happiness, so ensure you can accommodate this need before you welcome a Puganese into your home.

Pugese (Chinese Crested and Pug)

Small Gray Hairless Dog with Round Eyes and Flat Face
The Pugese takes two very unique-looking dogs and creates one that is adorably one-of-a-kind.

The Chinese Crested and Pug were bred for different purposes, with the former bred to hunt vermin on ships and the latter serving as royal companion animals. While their original purposes are dissimilar, the mix of the two makes for a very loyal and lovable, albeit dopey, dog.

Pugeses simply love seeing smiles on their pet parents’ faces, so they often get into hilarious antics to brighten up the mood. Despite this, they can be wary of strangers and protective of their home and the territory around it. You are able to train this out of them with enough patience. It’s easiest to do this when they are younger. They are truly most comfortable around humans they know and trust. Being away from their loved ones can cause them to develop some serious separation anxiety. Do your best to have someone with them at all times lest they become too sad.

Pug-Coton (Coton de Tulear and Pug)

The Pug-Coton is a small hybrid that you won’t see all too often. However, getting to know one is a delightful experience. They have wonderfully vibrant personalities, never afraid to make their presence known when they enter a room. They love socializing and do well with other dogs, and even cats, and other animals. Their loyalty and friendliness make them a pleasure to be around.

Pug-Cotons may prove to be energetic dogs, though this will depend on each individual dog. You can satisfy their need for playtime by taking them out on regular walks, though they need not be too intense unless your dog demands it. The real challenge is keeping this highly intelligent dog entertained. Leaving them to their devices can bring about some real awful spells of boredom and thus trigger episodes of destructive behavior. Do your best to keep them occupied, though, and you will be able to save your prized flower beds. More importantly, your Pug-Coton stays happy and content.

Pugalier (Cavalier King Charles and Pug)

Senior pugalier standing in front of a tree
The Pugalier is a tenderhearted, fun-loving mix, being the offspring of two good-natured dogs.

Puglaiers are alert, energetic dogs who love playtime. Their sparkling personalities make them very charming. You will hardly be able to resist their pleas for more time in the dog park. It’s good to indulge them, as they are often well-behaved. Their intelligence makes them easy to train, even past the puppy life stage. This means that introducing them to other, smaller members of your family (kids and animals alike) will likely be very easy.

They are agreeable dogs who are always ready for cuddles with their pet parents or other household members. Just note that your Pugalier’s keen senses make them very alert. Be sure to calm them down if they’re ever wrong about things being amiss. Their devotion to you makes caring for them an absolute dream, so be sure to cherish each moment spent with your Pugalier.

Toy Poxer (Toy Fox Terrier and Pug)

Small Tan mixed Dog With Big Round Eyes
These dogs can be a fair bit energetic, so make sure to provide regular play and daily exercise.

Toy Poxers are lively, interesting dogs. You might know Pugs to be more timid and lax, but the Toy Fox Terrier simply brings more feistiness into the mix. This hybrid is sure to be a good bit more mischievous than other dogs on this list. They have big personalities and will need an owner who can keep up with their antics. As such, they might not be the best choice for first-time dog owners.

If not properly socialized, these dogs may display a tendency of impatience around smaller children. It’s imperative that they are taught to play nice from a young age and that all interactions with children are supervised. While they aren’t suited for every family, the Toy Poxer still has an incredible amount of love to give to people who can show them respect. Older children work fabulously with the Toy Poxer.

Pug Zhu (Shih Tzu and Pug)

Small Cream Colored Mixed Dog
Pug Zhus have lovely court jester-type personalities that shine when they are in a loving home.

You may know that both the Pug and the Shih Tzu are Chinese breeds. Both these dogs were intended to be companions of royal families. They love nothing more than being front-and-center in their household. You can expect your Pug Zhu to be the same. The problem with Pug Zhus is that they are quite smart and therefore know they are adorable. This can lead to stubbornness issues when you are training them, so be sure to keep your patience and reward good behavior handsomely.

These dogs absolutely live for attention and affection. If you provide them with enough, they will certainly be more willing to behave. Try your best not to leave your Pug Zhu alone for too long, as they are most certainly going to get very lonely very quickly. They do best in homes where someone can be with them at all times.

Tibetan Pug (Tibetan Spaniel and Pug)

Small Brown Fluffy Dog in Snow
The Tibetan Pug comes from Pug and Tibetan Spaniel parents.

You might be alarmed by thinking that this mix comes from the Pug and the enormous Tibetan Mastiff. While we’re not entirely sure what that mix would look like, you can relax a little bit. Both the Tibetan Pug’s parents are fairly petite, making this mix a good choice for a lapdog. You will find one-of-a-kind devotion in your Tibetan Pug, as they will always want to be where you are, doing what you’re doing. If you’re inclined to live a more relaxed lifestyle, they can follow suit perfectly fine. Just be sure to bring them out for regular exercise, as they will still need it.

Beyond this, your Tibetan Pug makes a wonderful companion because they are gentle and compassionate. They seem to have a good grasp of human emotions, and their high emotional intelligence only increases their capacity to love. If you have a family with kids, this hybrid will be a great family dog who will love each member of their newfound pack without reservations.

Puginese (Pekingese and Pug)

Small Tan Mixed Dog With Fluffy Curled Tail
While it may not be good at listening to commands, the Puginese socializes easily.

Another mix of two beloved Chinese breeds is the Puginese, who comes from Pug and Pekingese parents. This is another natural lapdog who will love receiving tons and tons of attention from everyone. These dogs are pretty regal and dignified, though, and their strong personalities may make them a challenge to train– they simply want to do things their way. You can avoid stubbornness by starting their training very early on.

They are very friendly and love to spend time with both humans and animals alike. This makes them a good choice for a family pet, whether the kids are younger or older. It’s difficult not to be endeared to a Puginese, as they are extremely charming. Their vibrant personalities make them delightful to be around. Your home will certainly be much brighter with a Puginese around.

Pugshire (Yorkshire Terrier and Pug)

Small White Long Hair Dog
The Pugshire marries the Pug and the Yorkie for an adorable lap dog who also loves to play.

Pugshires come from Pug and Yorkshire Terrier parents, both of whom are small dogs who love being doted on by their owners. This makes them fantastic, loving companions— though they may not be too pleased around younger, more rambunctious children. Still, they are smart dogs who are easy to socialize with and train. It’s important that they learn their obedience early, as this mix loves to be active and play.

While they aren’t large by any stretch of the imagination, you will want to be able to control them properly when you’re out on walks. This can keep them away from danger. Their inquisitive nature can get the best of them if pet parents aren’t careful. If you can manage to keep their needs for stimulation and attention met, then you’ll find that your bond with your Pugshire will be absolutely extraordinary.

Malti-Pug (Maltese and Pug)

If you’re looking for a dog who is a positively radiant ball of sunshine, eager to please, and super affectionate, then look no further than the Maltipug. You will find that these dogs want to make friends with just about everyone and will love hanging out with their favorite people (and animals) as much as possible. This means they’re another hybrid that is very prone to separation anxiety, so take extra care that they’re not left alone for long periods of time.

Luckily, they are an ideal pet for large families and will take well to pretty much all the members of their new pack. If you can keep their need for affection sated, then you will see that your Malti-Pug is always willing to do what you require of them. They are very smart dogs who are easy to train. They take their studies seriously and have a healthy sense of pride in their accomplishments. Be sure to supplement their training with lots of positive reinforcement and treats.

Pughasa (Lhasa Apso and Pug)

Small Black Fluffy Dog Laying in Grass
This mix is one of the most affectionate and obedient on our list.

The Pughasa has parentage in two very sweet, dutiful dogs: the Lhasa Apso and Pug. You’ll find your Pughasa to be a people-pleaser, loving to spend time with all the members of your family. This makes them very easy to socialize. When trained properly, they do very well as a watchdog for your children and household. Just be sure to teach them how to appropriately respond to situations, so they don’t become unnecessarily aggressive towards strangers.

Attending to your Pughasa’s needs means a lot of playtime and healthy treats to reinforce good behavior. Your Pughasa will be fairly active, so be sure that they get their exercise daily. Since they tend to be on the smaller side, take special care not to tire them out too quickly. A regular brisk pace for you could be running for your little dog.

Pug Shiba (Shiba Inu and Pug)

Medium Tan Dog with Pointy Ears
Their Shiba Inu parentage may lend to a fairly active dog.

You will find yourself with a very unusual mix in the Pug Shiba. The Shiba Inu breed is known to not be particularly needy dogs, often quite serious and preferring independence. Pugs, on the other hand, are very sociable animals who function best with lots of attention and affection. The Pug Shiba is a result of their union and will often be more well-adjusted than both parents. They are still friendly but are fine when left by themselves (as long as it isn’t too long, no one likes that!).

Be prepared to keep up with their energy needs and try to observe them to see when they’re up for playtime. You will need to give them obedience training and socialization from an early age in order to help them to be more agreeable around other people and pets, as well as to curb their innate prey drive.

Pushon (Bichon Frise and Pug)

One of the fluffier mixes on this list is the Pushon, coming from Bichon Frise and Pug parents. The Bichon Frise’s fur is iconic, and it’s likely that your Pushon will inherit some of those luscious curls. And even if they don’t, it is almost guaranteed that this mix is a fantastic companion dog. Both their parents are wonderfully sociable and friendly, making this hybrid a charming one indeed. They will need you to bring them out to meet new friends whenever possible, as well as give them all your attention when you’re not out and about.

Don’t leave these dogs alone for extended periods of time, as they will definitely develop separation anxiety. While your Pushon is bound to be extroverted, they will still need socialization early on, especially around younger children. Place special emphasis on obedience training too, as the Bichon’s inquisitive nature may cause your Pushon to be wary around sudden noises and unfamiliar people.

Golden Pug (Golden Retriever and Pug)

Small Fluffy Golden Dog Playing with a Stick
Expect this dog to be much smaller than a typical Golden Retriever.

The Golden Pug is a delightfully weird dog that comes from strange parents, the Pug and the Golden Retriever. Both parents are certainly very popular and practically ooze of charm, so your Golden Pug will be a super likable dog. Since everyone gets along well with them, and they are deeply devoted to their pack, these dogs make an excellent choice for a family companion.

They are calm dogs who are more than content to do what you’re doing and go with life’s easy flow. Good obedience training from early on can really instill good manners in your Golden Pug, so you’ll be happy to know that their unassuming disposition and intelligence make this mix easy to train. These dogs are not going to be as active as regular Golden Retrievers but will still require regular walks and playtime, much like any other dog.

Pug-A-Mo (American Eskimo Dog and Pug)

Small White Fluffy Dog
You can find a very special friend in your Pug-A-Mo, whose parents are American Eskimo Dog and Pug.

This dog will definitely be friendly and kind, but they also have an aptitude for protecting the home. Their loyalty to their family makes them good watchdogs, as they have keen senses that know when something is amiss. You can better hone these senses by training them as early as you can.

These dogs are very sweet when they are around those they trust, so be sure to introduce them properly to every member of your family and socialize them well the soonest chance you have. Thanks to their Eskimo Dog lineage, the Pug-A-Mo will likely be an active, energetic dog. While this will differ from dog to dog, especially since this one is a hybrid, you will still need to bring them out for moderately intense exercise every day. Just be sure to monitor when they want to go out and adjust their exercise as required.

Corgi Pug (Welsh Corgi and Pug)

Small Tan Dog with Curled Fluffy Tail
It’s important to avoid boredom with this mix as it could lead to destructive behaviors.

The Corgi Pug mix combines two very iconic dogs into one teeny lovable bundle of fur. While both their parents are loving and sweet around their families, they have differences that can make the outcome of your Corgi Pug a little less predictable. The energetic, excitable personality of the Corgi can really amp up the relaxed nature of the Pug. As such, you can expect these dogs to have greater energy needs than a regular Pug would.

Still, Pug parentage means that this dog will not require very intense exercise, making them a good fit for people who might be too busy for regular, rigorous playtime. Socializing this mix is fairly easy, as it is a naturally friendly dog. If you are considering a family pet, the Corgi Pug will be a delightful addition to your home.

Ori Pei (Shar-Pei and Pug)

Small Tan Wrinkle Dog on Grass
Most Ori Peis are friendly and gentle dogs that are less needy than a full-bred Pug.

The Ori Pei comes from Shar-Pei and Pug parents, both of which are Chinese breeds with adorable, wrinkled skin. Beyond that, there aren’t many similarities between these breeds. Your Ori Pei may take on the dominant traits of either parent. Still, this cross has produced around six generations of hybrid canines ever since its developer, Aaron Silver, created the mix in the 1970s. Therefore, the outcome in both appearance and personality is a bit more predictable.

They get along well with other family members, especially if socialized early. However, they may display a prey drive that you will need to train out of them as soon as possible if you’re not going to bring them hunting. Your Ori Pei is fairly active, though they don’t require a lot of exercise. Just be sure to bring them out for an easy, daily walk and give them lots of time to play at home.

Pugapoo (Poodle and Pug)

Small Gray Curly Dog Sitting in Grass
The Pugapoo takes on plenty of the qualities that make their parents so darn lovable.

The last mix on our list comes from bright, fun-loving, adorable parentsthe Poodle and the Pug.  Your Pugapoo will almost always be very smart as both parents are intelligent breeds. They love showing off, making them very funny dogs who are sure to delight every member of your family.

Make sure to give your Pugapoo a lot of mental stimulation with toys, games, and exercise. Leaving this super-smart dog alone without anything to do will most certainly guarantee that they get bored and display destructive behaviors. A brisk walk every day helps with keeping them satisfied and is also good for their body. If you can commit to dealing with their strong personalities and high need for fun, you’ll find yourself with a fabulous companion who is always willing to make you smile.

Frug (French Bulldog and Pug)

French Bulldog Pug Mix
While small in size, the Frug makes a great watchdog.

The Frug is a charming mix between the French Bulldog and the Pug. They are sometimes referred to as the Frenchie Pug. These fun-loving pups make wonderful companions. Frugs love to be the center of attention and are loyal watchdogs. They get along wonderfully with children and other pets.

Due to their smashed-in faces these mixed pups do have a higher risk for breathing issues. They are not the most active breed but enjoy a nice brisk walk. Your Frug will be unmistakable with big eyes, a pouty face, and wrinkly skin. Frugs need extra care taken to be sure those wrinkly folds are kept clean and tidy.

Final Thoughts

Pug mixes make wonderful dogs for anyone who wants to experience the joys of keeping a Pug, paired with all the uniqueness of a mixed breed. Every dog on the planet is undoubtedly its own animal, but there is something extraordinary about getting to know a cross-breed. There’s something suitable for pretty much everyone, whether they’re by themselves or have a family. Pug mixes are among the sweetest, goofiest ones out there, and we’re certain that you will find great joy in your new hybrid dog.

We hope that you were able to learn something about these funny little dogs. Every canine has specific needs that owners should strive to meet, and your Pug mix is no different. Be sure to shower them with affection, as nearly every dog on this list thrives best when in the spotlight of their owner’s adoration. Developing a strong, loving bond between you and your dog is crucial to enjoying your lives together, so always show your buddy just how much you care.

Jug Mix

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