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Catahoula Leopard Dog Mixes: 17 Different Mixed Breed Pups You’ll Love


Last Updated: April 10, 2024 | 18 min read | 37 Comments

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The Catahoula Leopard Dog,  simply known as the Catahoula, is known to be one of the first breeds developed in North America. They were likely descended from Native American breeds and dogs brought by Spanish settlers. Most believe that this unusual, speckle-coated breed was discovered in Northern Louisiana, where they were used to fend off wild hogs.


Catahoulas are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, with an obedient personality that makes them easy to train. Their wonderful balance of work ethic and affection makes them a perfect all-rounder pet that suits many different families. The Catahoula is also a gorgeous dog, with striking leopard pattern fur and a tendency for beautiful heterochromia. All these amazing traits make the Catahoula a perfect candidate to mix with other breeds.

Catahoulas are already unique enough on their own, but mixing them with other breeds creates truly special, one-in-a-lifetime kinds of dogs. You often get a dog who is visually stunning, with an unassuming but vibrant personality, and an industriousness you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Plus, there are all the other extra variables that other breeds bring into the mix! Given the endless possibilities for awesome Catahoula mixes, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. Let’s jump in!


Gray and Brown Spotted Dog
The Labahoula is the perfect mix for any family and makes for a loyal, loving companion.

Breeds: Labrador Retriever and Catahoula

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in America. This makes Labradors one of the most hybridized breeds, both naturally and purposely. The Labahoula is the result of crossing them with the Catahoula, which usually makes for a family dog with no shortage of warmth.

Catahoulas by themselves are already loyal and loving dogs, so adding the Labrador’s unmistakable charm makes them a great fit for families even with other pets. Labahoulas take well to other animals in the home better than most Catahoulas do, especially with early socialization. This dog is obedient and bright, making training them an absolute dream!

While the Labahoula is an excellent candidate for a watchdog, the Labrador’s playfulness inevitably comes through their serious work demeanor. Expect that this dog to beg you for playtime when they know their duties are over! They are best entertained with games and toys that help keep the cogs in their head turning.

Labahoulas have a high amount of energy, so they will also need plenty of exercise each day. Try to give them a 60-minute walk every day in addition to games in their downtime. Labhoulas do not like being left in cramped spaces, so they will need a lot of space in the home to be happy. A larger dwelling with a fenced-in yard to match is the best choice for these dogs.



Brown and White Mixed Dog
The Beagahoula is full of personality and is well suited for families with children.

Breeds: Beagle and Catahoula

The Beagahoula is a less popular Beagle mix, and will generally be smaller than their Catahoula parent. But, they have no shortage of personality! Beagahoulas will not be efficient at guarding their home, thanks to their famously friendly personality. However, this makes them a fabulous candidate for a family dog. All the loyalty and appreciation Catahoulas have for their owners is present in the Beagahoula, too.

However, there’s a marked presence of playfulness in this mix that makes them suitable for families, even those with young children. Just take care to socialize them around other pets as soon as you can; the Beagle’s high prey drive may come out in this mix and that would cause a lot of chaos!

Beagahoulas will absolutely hate apartment living. Both parent breeds require wide, open spaces, albeit for different reasons. Beagles have the innate need for adventure and exploring the world around them, while Catahoulas are happy being outdoors because that’s where they’re most useful.

As such, only take in one of these dogs if you can provide them with a spacious home with a fenced-in yard. As the Beagahoula is a playful creature, they will need enough exercise and stimulation each day to stay happy. Around 1 hour of activity will be enough to satisfy them.

Catahoula Bulldog

White Dog with Brindle Patch Over Eye
The Catahoula Bulldog is an affectionate, loyal dog with a very stable personality.

Breeds: Catahoula and American Bulldog

The Catahoula Bulldog has a unique look, often producing a heavy set dog that is a good bit smaller than the average Catahoula. They often have wrinklier faces, but will more than likely keep the speckled patterning of their Catahoula parent’s fur. Besides this, though, Catahoula Bulldogs have pretty stable personalities. Their parents have similar temperaments that bring out the best in this mix.

You will perhaps have a dog who is a bit more playful in the Catahoula Bulldog, but they will have all the reliability and affection you’d expect from their Leopard Dog parentage. They make fantastic watchdogs and are adept protectors of their homes. The American Bulldog and Catahoula share a love of children, so this mix will likely be happy to join a family of little tykes, too.

These dogs aren’t the best choice for an urban lifestyle, as they prefer wide, open spaces they can be free to play in. They enjoy spending time outdoors, taking in their surroundings and stretching their legs. The Catahoula Bulldog has a high energy level, so you can expect them to need around 45 minutes each day for a walk around the neighborhood, plus even more time to play with toys. This keeps them both physically and mentally satisfied and away from any potential destructive behaviors.


Small Brown and White Spotted Dog in Grass
The Chiahuahoula are very social and have big personalities!

Breeds: Chihuahua and Catahoula

The Chiahuahoula is a unique mix of the Chihuahua and Catahoula. Expect that your Chihuahoula will be much smaller than their Catahoula parent. They’re also not going to be as bright as the Catahoula, and will likely have a stubborn streak. However, it’s still possible to train and socialize this mix with efficiency; the key is to start their training young and give them lots of positive reinforcement.

You’ll find that they will respond wonderfully to attention and affection. These dogs are very sociable and will enjoy a home where they can interact with their family and show off their personality. However, they aren’t always the most kid-friendly dogs, so ensure your children treat this mix with the respect they deserve.

These dogs will have lower energy needs than the average Catahoula. They don’t have the same drive for exercise that their more active parents do, though. Therefore, you can get away with giving these dogs walks of around 30 minutes each day. In planning out their activities, see to it that you can give them games to play with your Chihuahoula. A super fun activity they will enjoy is running around on the lawn chasing bubbles, but they’re up for all sorts of fun, too!


Spotted Dog Walking Along Beach
The Cataheeler is very hardworking and is up for any task.

Breeds: Catahoula and Blue Heeler

The Cataheeler may be the most diligent dog on this list. They come from extremely hardworking parents who both need jobs and tasks in order to feel fulfilled. Cataheelers are smart, obedient dogs who have a special reverence for their owners. It won’t take much to train this dog to be on their best behavior, as well as to complete their tasks, because they are always determined to do a good job. This makes them a perfect fit for a farm or ranch that will need a canine all-rounder.

Cataheelers are excellent herding dogs, but they also work perfectly as guard dogs or watch dogs. As a caveat though, they won’t be as affectionate as typical Catahoulas are. However, their respect for you runs deep, with a devotion that you will hardly be able to find elsewhere.

Expect this mix to have an incredible amount of energy! It’s truly hard to keep up with the seemingly endless stamina of the Cataheeler. They will need a lot of time outdoors; that’s where they prefer to be as it’s where they can work. Huge amounts of space for them to run around in will benefit them the most, as well as some time on a leash for more controlled walks daily.

Don’t think you can get away with caging this dog in a small home! Their high need for activity dictates that they live a life of adventure. You can be better prepared for that life by giving them tasks, toys, and games to fill their free time.

German Shepahoula

Brown Spotted Dog with Pointy Ears
The Shepahoula is a very focused, hardworking dog with a very loving gentleness about him.

Breeds: Catahoula and German Shepherd

Another working dog on this list is the German Shepahoula. A less popular German Shepherd mix, these pups are both beautiful and unique. Both their parents are hardworking dogs who were bred to handle tasks that other dogs would not be able to complete. They are focused, hardworking, and competent at what they do. This, plus a razor-sharp wit makes them very easy to have around; their obedience ensures that they are a joy to train. That’s not to say that the German Shepahoula is all business, though!

These dogs are full of affection for their owners and are happiest when they are able to express that love when their shifts are over. Socialization is easy, as they enjoy spending time with children from the get-go. Other pets are also easily introduced to this mix; just be sure that everyone behaves when they’re around each other!

The German Shepahoula is very highly active and will need around 120 minutes of activity each day. This is a lot of time to spend on their exercise, so it’s best if you have a household that can attend to your dog’s needs using a rotating schedule.

You can divide their exercise hours into two 45-minute walks to be done in the morning and evening. The rest of the time can be spent doing agility courses, training exercises, or playing games. There’s a whole lot you can do with your German Shepoula, so make sure that they have the freedom necessary to do it!

Australian Shepahoula

Spotted Mixed Cattle Dog Standing in Forest
The Australian Shepahoula are very happy, energetic dogs. who love spending time with their family.

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Catahoula

Another great herding dog on this list is the Australian Shepahoula, which mixes the Aussie and the Catahoula. Interesting fact: both the Australian Shepherd and Catahoula are breeds that originated in the United States! Australian Shepherd Dogs were bred to be ideal herders for Australian cattle, thus their name. This prowess at herding allows the Australian Shepahoula to be a useful dog on the ranch.

They are protective, acting as good guardians of their flocks and herds. This can sometimes translate to them nipping the heels of their humans, as well as circling around them in an attempt to herd them, too! You’ll be happy to know that training these dogs to behave appropriately is an easy task, provided you start them young. They are affectionate dogs who are happiest spending time with their family after a long day of work.

Since your Australian Shepahoula will likely be spending plenty of time outdoors, you should make sure that the perimeter of your property is secured with a well-made fence. These dogs need a lot of exercise, and are happiest when they are able to run around to their heart’s content. As their huge need for exercise is almost never quenched, you’ll need to give them toys and games in their downtime, too. This is a lot of work, but their health and happiness is always worth the extra effort!

Great Dahoula

Large Dog With Black and White Spots at Lake
The Great Dahoula are huge dogs with a huge heart to match. They also make wonderful watchdogs.

Breeds: Great Dane and Catahoula

The Great Dahoula is one of the most affectionate dogs on this list. This Catahoula and Great Dane mix is a total family companion, and finds their happiness when they feel safe and loved among the members of their pack. While these dogs are absolute sweethearts, there is a word of caution. If you plan to take this dog in, you should ensure that you have the space for them!

Both the Great Dahoula’s parents are huge dogs, so you can expect them to grow to a similar size. They can grow to be upwards of 130 lbs in weight! Despite this, they are often forgetful of how big they actually are and will attempt to snuggle with you as a lap dog would. They are big babies who hate being left alone, so be sure not to leave them to their own devices for too long.

Great Dahoulas are suited to guarding their homes, though you will likely have to train them very well in order to improve this skill. They aren’t as active as other dogs on this list either; many Great Dahoulas would be happy to live in a small apartment provided they get to relax with their owners as often as possible. They need exercise to keep their bodies healthy, though they don’t particularly like it. You can make their activities fun by giving them toys to play with, as well as games to play.

Greater Swissahoula

Greater Swissahoula Dog
Greater Swissahoulas love having a job to do and are quite active.

Breeds: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and Catahoula

Bernerhoulas are well-suited to work because both their parents were bred with a job in mind. They are well-suited to life on the farm where they can guard a flock of sheep, or pull a cart for their owners. They have a strong sense of duty and love when they are able to complete a job to the best of their ability. This is further honed with good training with plenty of positive reinforcement.

It’s important to treat these dogs gently when you are teaching them how to do their tasks; a well-treated dog is more confident in their actions. These dogs are also very good family pets when they’re not at work, as they have a lot of patience for children and other animals who share the home. As with all dogs, early socialization is important.

Greater Swissahoula will need a larger home, as neither of their parent breeds enjoy being cooped up in a condo unit. They will prefer the countryside to the city, and as such will be happiest if they have a wide open space to play in when they’re not working. Their energy needs dictate that they spend 60 minutes of the day on a brisk walk, with more time set aside for playtime and other activities. This helps keep them in peak physical and mental condition for their work.


Close up of Spotted Dogs Face
The Greyhoulas are very laid back dogs and will adapt well in any home.

Breeds: Greyhound and Catahoula

Greyhoulas are one of the more unique mixes on this list, in that Greyhounds don’t really have a high need for exercise, despite them being natural runners. The Greyhoula will likely be slender like their Greyhound parent, but will also have extra meat on their bones, for a more sturdy body similar to their Catahoula parent.

These dogs are very laid-back, and any inclination for the Catahoula to be a working dog is pretty much lost on the Greyhoula! Instead, expect them to be the perfect companion for those who live a more relaxed lifestyle. They are super happy to meet strangers, children, and other dogs. This makes them a good candidate for a wide variety of families. However, they don’t really like cats or other small animals– chalk it up to the prey drive they inherit from their Greyhound parentage!

As we’ve said, this dog doesn’t really like exercise. You can easily get away with taking them out for short walks only a few times a week instead of daily. They may be more inclined to play games, as this offers more excitement than ordinary walks. If your Greyhoula is interested, you may be able to get them excited enough to play fetch at the park. Throwing a ball or frisbee can show you just how fast these lazy little dudes can run– something both amusing and amazing!


Brown and White Spotted Dog with Blue Eyes
The Catahusky is a very high-energy dog who will do well in an active loving home.

Breeds: Siberian Husky and Catahoula

In contrast to the Greyhoula, the Catahusky is one of the most high-energy dogs on this list. Mixing the Siberian Husky with the Catahoula, both parents were bred to answer a need for strenuous labor to be done where humans needed the help. As such, they are super diligent, responsible, and always eager to help out when required. They are smart dogs, but the Siberian Husky’s more independent nature can cause them to be stubborn at times. It’s important, then, that their training be done with a firm but kind hand, with lots of positive reinforcement.

Catahuskies are happy to be around children, as they can tolerate their shenanigans pretty well. However, they may not extend that same patience towards smaller, more unruly pets, like cats. Catahuskies will also dislike small living spaces.

These dogs are used to wide, open fields and will need a similar setup in their daily life. They have an intense need for exercise, requiring upwards of 90 minutes each day. As they have so much energy they need to burn off, they have seemingly unlimited stamina. It can prove to keep up with your Catahusky; you will have an easier time exercising them in shorter sessions, as opposed to one long one.


White Dog with Gray Spots in Field
The Pitahoula is very smart, loves to explore and loves being around his family.

Breeds: American Pit Bull Terrier and Catahoula

Pitbull mixes have an awfully unfair reputation of being aggressive and dangerous dogs. This is largely prejudice; As most Pitbull mixes can be fantastic family companions. The Pitahoula is one such wonderful mix, with a bright mind and keen senses. These dogs know when it’s good to be happy, as well as when it is time to work.

They are easy to train, with little room for stubbornness thanks to the Catahoula’s obedient personality. Pitahoulas are also massively affectionate, wanting to receive pets and cuddles from their loved ones at all hours of the day. They tend to be jealous dogs who can develop anxiety, so it’s best if they are the only pets in the home.

The Pitahoula does not like living in urban areas, as they love being able to explore. They have a prey drive that can get them into trouble, though, so be sure to keep a watchful eye on them for all the time they are outdoors. Give them a walk lasting around 45 minutes every day, with some more time for playing games. They enjoy intense activities like playing fetch and using a flirt pole. This is a good way to ensure that they stay healthy both in mind and in body.

Saint Berhoula

Fluffy Dog With Spots Laying Down
The Saint Berhoula has a very sweet nurturing temperament who will do well in homes with small children.

Breeds: Saint Bernard and Catahoula

Looking for a dog who is a hard-worker with a heart of gold? Catahoulas are certainly already like this, but the giant Saint Bernard also shares these characteristics with them. While these dogs were bred for different jobs, you’ll find a very competent canine in their offspring, the Saint Berhoula. They are capable of doing their jobs well when they are trained correctly. Luckily, training the Saint Berhoula is easy, with their submissive temperament and quick thinking.

Outside of work, this dog makes for the ultimate, perfect home companion. They are happy to hang out with pretty much everyone, including unruly kids and pets. They have a nurturing quality about them that comes with near-unlimited patience. Your home will be a lot more harmonious with these guys around!

Saint Berhoulas aren’t particularly active dogs, as the Saint Bernard prefers relaxation to running around. They are prone to becoming overweight without enough exercise, though, so you should still walk them daily. Around 30 minutes at a leisurely pace will suit them just fine. They will likely need a larger home that can accommodate their huge frame, as well as enough space outside to walk around and do their work.


Brown and White Spotted Dog Laying in the Grass
The Boxahoula make excellent guard dogs, and loving family companions.

Breeds: Boxer Dog and Catahoula

Boxahoulas may look imposing at first glance, but this is part of their appeal! They make excellent guard dogs and will do a great job at protecting you and your family from danger. They are easy to train; any stubbornness from the Boxer side of the family is tempered nicely by the submissive nature of the Catahoula.

Despite appearances, though, the Boxahoula makes a lovely family companion, with no aggression shown towards the trusted members of their pack. Socializing them from early on can open them up to great relationships with your other pets.

Boxahoulas are high-energy dogs, so you will need to devise a way to get them their recommended 90 minutes of exercise. You could split that into 3 sessions of 30 minutes each, to be spread throughout the day. They enjoy a good bit of variety and would also enjoy training sessions and agility trials in addition to their daily walks. These dogs don’t need a large space to be happy, though they will still need something larger than an apartment given how big they can grow up to be!

English Mastahoula

Light Gray Spotted Puppy with Blue Eyes
The Mastahoulas are gentle giants that also have a silly playful side to them.

Breeds: Catahoula and English Mastiff

Large but not necessarily in charge, English Mastahoulas are gentle giants who are equal parts protective guard dogs and absolute cuddle bugs. While they do not have the intelligence you’d expect from the Catahoula, they still possess an average amount of smarts that couple nicely with their strong obedience. They are happiest in expressing their love and loyalty to their owners.

These lumbering giants are rather silly, but brave. This results in a dog that is both a funny, if socially awkward companion, as well as a competent watchdog. It is not clear if these huge doggos understand exactly how massive they are. They might think they are of average size, resulting in a bit of chaos when they move about.

Despite not being sure about how big they are, an English Mastahoula will absolutely need a massive space for their massive being. While their exercise needs and energy levels are average, they are a little needy when it comes to their emotional needs. Expect to give this big baby lots of attention and affection. Since they are not very vocal, expect them to communicate with you physically by almost always being in your space– hence the need for a spacious dwelling. They do not like to wander, and will often seek out their owner’s company.


Goldenhoulas are an extremely active mix, that loves to be around their family.

Breeds: Golden Retriever & Catahoula

The Catahoula Golden Retriever mix is a friendly hound, named the Goldenhoula. They excel as both a family companion and hunting dog. Combining the happy-go-lucky nature of the Golden Retriever, with the eagerness to please and scent skills of the Catahoula, you end up with a medium-sized mix that loves to be active as much as they love to be around family.

You can expect your Goldenhoula to be a bit mischievous in their younger years, as both parent breeds like to cause a little trouble during their puppy stages. These pups will likely be chewers and need plenty of dog toys to keep them busy and out of trouble. But if you can manage to get through their puppy stages in one piece, you’ll have a loyal companion for life.


Black Dog With Spotting on Face
The Rottahoula are very social dogs and love being the only pet with all the love and attention.

Breeds: Rottweiler and Catahoula

The final mix on this list is the large Rottahoula. It’s true that these dogs make a capable guardian for their home, with their large frame and menacing appearance. However, this is just a job they have to fulfill. At the end of the day, these diligent dogs are still happy to come home to the comfort of their loved ones. They are highly sociable dogs who will need a lot of attention to be happy. They easily develop separation anxiety when left alone for even short periods of time.

The Rottahoula is happiest when they are the only pet in the home. But, they can get along well with other pets when socialized properly. They have little tolerance for mischief, though, so ensure that any children interacting with them know how to treat them with respect.

Rottahoulas have high energy needs, though they’re not really ones to need huge, open spaces to be content. That’s not to say that they like living in smaller homes, but they’re certainly not as picky as other mixes on this list. Take them out for a walk each day for around 45 minutes. This is enough to tire them out, though they will still need extra time later in the day for other activities, including playtime.

Final Thoughts

Catahoulas are some of the most underrated dogs, and they truly deserve more love. Combining their winning characteristics with those of other incredible breeds creates dogs who are as charming as they are valiant. Their surplus of intelligence and determination for a job well done make for a very versatile dog who will suit a wide array of households.

Given that they’re pretty high-energy dogs though, Catahoula mixes will need families who can take care of their need for exercise and play. Some mixes will be more relaxed than others, but enough exercise is key to keeping your Catahoula mix healthy and happy!

It’s important to understand that no matter their ancestry, dogs are individuals unlike anyone else in the world. However, many breeds and mixes will have similar characteristics among themselves. It’s therefore always a good idea to get a clearer picture of how a dog is going to behave. This knowledge is essential to taking proper care of your Catahoula mix, and giving them the best life possible.


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