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Old English Sheepdog Mixes: 11 Crossbreeds You’ll Absolutely Love


Last Updated: April 10, 2024 | 13 min read | 2 Comments

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Old English Sheepdogs, also known as the Bobtail, are one of the oldest breeds. They have been around for hundreds of years. While they aren’t the most popular dogs nowadays, they are certainly an iconic breed that many will be able to recognize thanks to their size and shaggy coats. These dogs were bred to be efficient herding dogs that can withstand rough terrain and harsh weather conditions.

Presumably, they were first bred in England, but there are conflicting stories. What is sure is that these dogs are wonderful and adorable; their gentle, loving personalities make them a favorite among everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing the breed.

The striking appearance, pleasant demeanor, and herding talent of the Sheepdog make it an excellent candidate for mixing with other breeds. Mixes that have one Old English Sheepdog parent will often possess many of the traits that make their parent so special. They often have long and fluffy coats, with warm and tender personalities. This also extends to their herding instincts, so you may find that your OES mix will want to herd everyone everywhere! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Old English Sheepdog mixes you’ll find!

Springer Spaniel Sheepdog

Brown and White Long Haired Dog in Field
The Springer Spaniel Sheepdog are very loyal dogs and make very good guard dogs.
Breeds: English Springer Spaniel and Old English Sheepdog

This mix combines the English Springer Spaniel and the Sheepdog. They are beautiful dogs who’s unique appearance will easily turn the heads of everyone they pass on the street! To preserve their elegant image, they will usually need a lot of grooming to maintain their luxurious coat. This dog will likely be very loyal to you; while this may seem like a positive– and it usually is– owners should still be careful. Both parent breeds tend to be quite protective of their families, and they may end up barking or becoming aggressive when faced with a person they don’t know!

They are trusting of their owners, and will calm down when they see that their pet parents are at ease around the guests. To prevent bad behavior, they must be socialized from a very young age in order to be able to play nice around guests, as well as children and other pets. Their intelligence makes them very trainable dogs, so it’s a good idea to get on top of their training straight away.

Seeing as both parents come from active breeds who spend a large amount of time outdoors, your Springer Spaniel Sheepdog will most likely be just as active. Try to go for around 1.5 hours of exercise every day to give your dog a good workout that will stimulate both their body and their mind. As this dog tends to be very smart, they need exercise and playtime to prevent boredom and frustration– you wouldn’t want your pooch turning your favorite pair of shoes into their chew toy!


Grey and White Curly Haired Dog Running on Beach
The Sheepadoodle are playful and gentle and make great therapy dogs.
Breeds: Poodle and Old English Sheepdog

Most breeds mixed with the Poodle tend to be very smart dogs with playful and bright personalities. Your Sheepadoodle will likely be the same, with the added benefit of the OES’s gentleness; this makes them a great choice for an emotional support or therapy dog. This also helps make them great family pets.

Your Sheepadoodle is happy spending time with both children and adults, though you should always supervise new interactions with your dog. They also take well to other pets in the household; as they are always clamoring for engaging playtime, they will do well with a fur sibling. Just make sure to introduce them to new animals gradually and as soon as possible, and you’ll never need to worry about discord in your household!

Since these dogs come from very smart parents, you will need to do your part as their owner to give them activities to keep them busy. They have a tendency for destruction when they get too bored, and as such they should be entertained as often as possible. Take them out for regular walks and try to train them from an early age. This can keep precocious pups from becoming smart alecks! It’s best if this mix has a big, fenced-in yard they can run around in, so they can play and explore to their heart’s content.

Old Deerhound Sheepdog

Grey and White Dog Running with Toy
The Old Deerhound Sheepdog is a very high-energy dog who are great with kids and other pets.
Breeds: Scottish Deerhound and Old English Sheepdog

Combining a Sheepdog and a Scottish Deerhound makes for an interesting mix of dog with a personality just as unique as their looks. This breed will tend to be very active, given their parentage, and will require an owner who can keep up with their high-energy needs. While this can prove to be challenging to many pet parents, the Old Deerhound Sheepdog’s loving, gentle personality more than makes up for the effort.

They are absolutely devoted to their families and are extremely versatile as pets. Old Deerhound Sheepdogs have a natural talent for being great guard dogs, but they also love nothing more than snuggling up with their family after a long day. They are great with kids and other pets and are an ideal family dog.

Since both the Old Deerhound Sheepdog’s parents were bred to perform difficult jobs, it’s only natural that they themselves are highly active with much need for daily exercise. Expect that this dog will need multiple play sessions throughout the day. Taking the time to walk your dog more than once a day is a good way to manage their need for exercise. A combined total of around 180 minutes per day may sound like a lot, and it is!

Therefore, this mix is best suited to owners who have a lot of time on their hands and have also had previous dog ownership experience. These dogs tend to be quite large and will need a spacious home with a large, fenced-in yard for them to be comfortable. This way, they can play and have fun when they like and help stave off those dreaded pangs of boredom.

Golden Sheepdog

Reddish Brown Long Haired Dog Laying in Grass
The Golden Sheepdog have great personalities and make great companions.
Breeds: Golden Retriever and Old English Sheepdog

Both parents of the Golden Sheepdog are awfully charming dogs everyone just loves to love! Most dog breeds mixed with the Golden Retriever end up with the Golden’s fun-loving personality. This makes them a great choice for companionship, as their bubbly personalities are great for keeping the mood up.

These dogs tend to be big, shaggy, and absolutely lovable. While they take wonderfully to their family, their OES heritage can make them wary of strangers. This is nothing that good socialization early on in their lives can’t prevent; good behavior training means that they play nice with other people and animals, so it’s a must for all dogs. Given their love of the great outdoors, you will need to provide them with a securely fenced, large yard where they can frolic and play.

Giving your Golden Sheepdog ample exercise is one of the best ways to keep them happy. They are quite active dogs who will need upwards of an hour of exercise every day. You can easily meet their high-energy needs by scheduling daily walks, as well as special playtimes where you can engage them in games that will keep their minds entertained.

Keeping a dog away from boredom is always a good idea, especially for the Golden Sheepdog! You certainly wouldn’t want them tearing up your prized rose bushes in the garden, so you’d better make sure these pups are properly stimulated.

Old Border Sheepdog

Black and White Fluffy Mixed Dog Running
The Old Border Sheepdog come from herding backgrounds and are well-suited for a working lifestyle.
Breeds: Border Collie and Old English Sheepdog

Your Old Border Sheepdog comes from parents who were bred to herd sheep and other animals, so you can expect a strong herding instinct in them as well. Most dogs mixed with the Border Collie are incredibly intelligent and very well-suited to a working lifestyle. They can also be content simply being at the center of everyone’s affection, provided their exercise needs are met!

These dogs might do better in a household with older children as opposed to younger ones. However, proper exposure and socialization to the family’s smaller children while your dog is young can work wonders in helping them develop better patience. The same goes for other animals; your Old Border Sheepdog may want to be the only pet in the household, but good training early on can help them get along with other pets swimmingly.

This dog has very high-energy needs, meaning they will need daily walks of at least one hour each, with lots of playtime and other, shorter walks sprinkled into the mix. This can make them very demanding dogs, but their charming, bright personalities certainly make the extra effort worth it.

As they are very intelligent, see to it that you give them games and tasks every day so they can keep their minds busy and stay away from frustration and boredom. These dogs can do well in even smaller households, provided they have ample time for exercise. A good-sized, fenced-in yard outside is also best for this mix.

Old German Sheepdog

Brown and Tan Fluffy Dog Laying in Grass With Sheep
The Old German Sheepdog is a herding dog with a very smart, keen personality.
Breeds: German Shepherd and Old English Sheepdog

Another mix that comes from herding dog parentage is the Old German Sheepdog. This breed grows up to be roughly as big as their parents, with big personalities and brainpower to match! As with most German Shepherd mixes, they are very smart dogs who will need vigilant owners. Otherwise,  they may get bored and begin wreaking havoc. Don’t get us wrong, these dogs are still absolute sweethearts who just want to be given lots of pets and cuddles.

They love being around their families, and also do great with kids. You will quickly find that they do not enjoy being left alone, so try not to be gone for lengthy periods lest they develop separation anxiety. The German Shepherd’s tendency to howl may come out and disturb the neighbors if you leave your Old German Sheepdog alone for too long!

As both the Old German Sheepdog’s parents are herding dogs, they will do nicely living on a farm or ranch where they can work by guarding and herding sheep and other animals. Barring this, you can definitely still enjoy urban living with your Old German Sheepdog. Just be sure that you are able to get them outside for exercise as much as you can. Daily walks of around an hour are good, but you should also supplement this with playtime and other activities. While they do best in larger homes with yards to match, you can keep these dogs as long as you attend to their need for exercise.

Siberian-English Sheepdog

White Fluffy Dog in Hillside
The Siberian-English Sheepdog is very outgoing and will need lots of tasks and exercise to feel fulfilled.
Breeds: Siberian Husky and Old English Sheepdog

Another highly active dog on this list is the Siberian-English Sheepdog, where both parents are working dogs. While the Sheepdog’s task of herding is challenging, the Siberian Husky has an ultra-demanding job: pulling sleds across the rugged terrain of Russia, amid extreme weather conditions. As such, most Husky mixes need a lot of food to stay energized, and high amounts of exercise to stay satisfied.

Your Siberian-English Sheepdog will likely be very similar! These dogs are very outgoing creatures who will need a lot of love and attention from their families to be content. They can be very needy in this sense, but their devotion and loyalty make them dogs who are truly one in a million. Their alertness makes them good choices for watch dogs, too!

Take extra care to give your Siberian-English Sheepdog a lot of exercise every day. They will need roughly 180 minutes of playtime and exercise, with a good 60 of those minutes dedicated to a long walk each and every day. These dogs thrive best in large homes with fenced-in yards where they can freely run and play. They simply need the space in order to burn off all their extra energy. Being unable to do this can lead to frustration, which then leads to destructive behavior. Try to do your best to keep your dog entertained and occupied, so they don’t start digging up holes in the yard!

Great Danish Sheepdog

Grey and White Dog In Water
The Great Danish Sheepdog can become quite large and will make an excellent family watchdog.
Breeds: Great Dane and Old English Sheepdog Mix

While Sheepdogs are fairly large dogs in their own right, adding a Great Dane to the mix will surely make a Great Dane hybrid of epic proportions! This mix will likely grow up to be a bit smaller than their Great Dane parent, with a shaggier coat from their Sheepdog side.

Their intimidating size will make them a good choice for a family watchdog, and both parent breeds are fairly protective of their territory. However, these big babies are happiest when they spend time with their families. They don’t like to be left alone for too long and will easily start crying when they feel lonely! Your Great Danish Sheepdog gets along perfectly well with kids and other pets, so they are a great choice for a family companion.

Given their huge size, the Great Danish Sheepdog would actually be happiest in a large home with a spacious, fenced-in yard. They have high energy needs that require them to exercise every day, or else they get bored and potentially destructive. It may be difficult to keep up with the pace of such a large dog, but training them well from early in their puppyhood is a great way to get them to behave. These gentle giants are dogs who are very eager to please, so it’s not too difficult to train them effectively.

Old English Labrador

Light Tan Long Haired Dog Running in the Rain
The Old English Labrador is a very playful, tenderhearted dog who will love and protect its family.
Breeds: Labrador Retriever and Old English Sheepdog

It’s no surprise that the most popular dog in America makes very beautiful hybrid dogs when mixed with other breeds! The Labrador Retriever is a wonderful dog beloved for their gentle, fun-loving nature. When paired with the Sheepdog, the result is the Old English Labrador: a Labrador crossbreed who is playful and happy-go-lucky, but tenderhearted and protective of their family.

They will be fairly large dogs, as both their parents are, but will more likely have a longer, fluffier coat than their Labrador parent. They will be well suited to working outdoors, but will also make a great family pet, as they are patient dogs with an even temperament who love showering their owners with affection (and slobber!).

Keeping this dog happy won’t be too difficult, as they are very easy-going. Still, try to stay on top of your Old English Labrador’s high energy needs. They will do best on homesteads in the country where there is plenty of room to run and play, but will also be fine in a more modern setting, provided they get their daily exercise. Take them out for walks and make sure to engage in plenty of playtime.

Retriever dogs love playing fetch and normally they love spending time in the water. However, the Sheepdog side of your pet may not appreciate swimming, so it’s best to stay on land. Ultimately, these dogs love having fun and their greatest desire is to enjoy every day with their beloved owners.

Saint Bernard Sheepdog

Big Brown and White Fluffy Dog
The Saint Bernard Sheepdog will be very nurturing and loving and are very devoted to their family.
Breeds: Saint Bernard and Old English Sheepdog

Another gigantic mix on this list is the Saint Bernard Sheepdog. The Saint Bernard parent is a giant dog, so you should expect this mix to be similarly large! Both the Saint Bernard Sheepdog’s parents are working dogs, with the Sheepdog famous for their herding skills, and the Saint Bernard as a classic picture of a rescue dog. You’ll find that this gentle Saint Bernard hybrid will have incredible patience and the softest heart.

They will tend to be a very nurturing mix that absolutely adores children and smaller animals, so you can count on them being a great family pet. This makes them easy to socialize especially if done when they are still young. Still, because of their devotion to their family and intimidating size, they can also be good guard dogs if trained well.

Your Saint Bernard Sheepdog is a big pooch, so they will need a lot of room to stretch their legs. They will absolutely need to be walked every day, as it helps to keep joints healthy. Despite this, they actually do not have high energy needs unlike many other mixes on this list! The more laid-back personality of the Saint Bernard mellows out the Sheepdog’s desire for time spent exercising outdoors. They should still be getting ample amounts of playtime though, and they are also best for homes that have large, fenced-in yards where they can take a blissful nap in the afternoon sunshine.

Old Newfoundland Sheepdog

Big Borwn and White Fluffy Dog in Snow
The Old Newfoundland Sheepdog is a hard-working dog who loves to be around their families.
Breeds: Newfoundland and Old English Sheepdog

The final mix on this list is the Old Newfoundland Sheepdog, another hybrid coming from working dog parents. The Newfoundland is a type of water retriever, and is very diligent when it comes to their work. The Sheepdog is the same, though their work is done on land. Bringing these two breeds together creates a great choice for a working dog. Beyond their work, Old Newfoundland Sheepdogs are incredibly gentle and loving, which makes them ideal companions in the household.

They will still need socialization from a young age to help them form relationships built on trust, but that’s true of pretty much every dog. These dogs hate being left alone for long periods of time, so take care to always have someone watching over them whether at work or in the home. This helps keep separation anxiety at bay and preserves your dog’s mental well-being.

The Old Newfoundland Sheepdog has high-energy needs and will require regular amounts of exercise each day. You can aim for around 90 minutes of exercise for this mix. You can take them out for walks for roughly an hour per day, and spend the rest of their exercise time doing more intense activities like running or playing fetch. They will need a big house with a big yard so they can be free to roam around without feeling too cramped. Taking care of your Old Newfoundland Sheepdog’s need for play and exercise is a sure way to keep them happy furever.

Final Thoughts

An Old English Sheepdog parent is certain to make some very cute and exciting mixes. Those lucky enough to have one of their own will understand that these dogs are completely unique, but are still as bright, affectionate, and lovable like any OES. The other breed in the mix serves to give you a dog that is completely one-of-a-kind. These once-in-a-lifetime dogs take up a good amount of space at home and in the yard, but you’ll find the space they take up in your heart is even greater. Their unconditional devotion to you is well worth the effort to keep them.

With this information we’ve provided on Old English Sheepdog mixes, we hope that we are able to convey just how special hybrid OESes are. No matter what mix they end up being, your beloved pooch deserves to be protected and loved for all their years. They’ll always be sure to reward that love with everything they have to offer… just be prepared for a little nudging in the right direction– they are Sheepdogs after all!

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