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Best Dog Toys for Pugs: Ratings, Reviews, & Top Picks


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The Pug is one of our favorite dog breeds. Known for his roly-poly body, he is charming and loving. He is also famous for his mischievous personality. And according to Pug parents, if you can’t see or hear your Pug, he’s definitely up to no good. But you can’t keep your eyes on him 24/7, so what are your options? The most effective option, and the most enjoyable too, are dog toys.

Here in this breed guide, we will take you on a journey through the world of dog toys. Not only will we teach you how to pick the best dog toy, but we’ve also chosen six of the best toys for Pugs. We showcase each one and show you why we love them. Picked for all play types, considering his flat face and other needs, you’re bound to find the perfect toy for your Pug pal.

Want to get started? Let’s go!

At a Glance: Our Favorite Toys for Pugs

Our Rating

Best For Chewers

Bones & Chews Cotton Rope

Dogwood Toy
Our Rating

Frisbee Pick

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

Bones & Chews Cotton Rope with Bones Dog Toy
Our Rating

Interactive Pick

JW Pet Hol-ee Roller

Buyers Guide

Pug With Green Toy
There’s more to buying a dog toy than just choosing any random toy and hoping your Pug will like it.

Although he might like it, he also might not, and your well-intentioned purchase could turn out to be a complete waste of money. Plus, it could be the wrong size, made from a dangerous material, and last no longer than one minute. This section will run you through all of the considerations you need to think about to find the right dog toy. And avoid the rubbish ones.

Type of Play

The Pug is an energetic lil’ guy who loves nothing more than to whizz around and play with his humans. But how do Pugs like to play? Well, like us humans, all Pugs are different. Some want to run and chase things, and others just like to chew everything in sight. Some Pugs like to play tug of war with other canine buddies or challenge their brain with treat-dispensing puzzles. Although the Pug is not one of the brightest of canines, you might have a uniquely clever cookie on your hands.

So, it would help if thought about how your Pug likes to play. If he is forever chasing balls, opt for something that you can toss. If he likes to chew, find a new hard-to-destroy chew toy for him. And if he goes mad for squeaky things, find a tough toy with a squeaker. Some toys combine different play types, which is great for Pugs who like to play in various ways. If you are lucky enough to welcome a puppy into your life, invest in many different toys. And have fun discovering how he likes to play.


The Pug is a small dog, but he is bursting with energy that needs satisfying. And once he is in the moment, he’ll happily throw down his favorite toy and destroy it in minutes. This is why you need to buy a good quality toy and made from strong materials. If your Pug is a heavy chewer, you will want to look for toys designed for power chewers. You need to remember that dog toys don’t last forever. It just means that toys for extreme chewers will last longer than traditional dog toys.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a whole month’s paycheck on his new toys. Our recommendations balance durability and cost. But by spending a fraction more on a good quality dog toy, it will be more durable. And as such, be better quality for money. A great way to find a durable toy is to stick to highly rated options made by well-known and trusted brands.


Following on from the plus toy safety warning, you need to take safety seriously. After all, a trip to the emergency vet isn’t fun for anyone! If he’s a tough chewer, only buy toys that can match his needs. And avoid cheap dog toys. They often aren’t produced very well or are made from dangerous materials that can be fatal for Fido.

Although toys need to be fun, they need to be safe first. Look at the toy you’re about to buy. Does it look well made? Does it look up to the job of lasting longer than five minutes? What about parts that could become a choking hazard? The overall rating from other customers often gives you a good idea about whether other dog owners deem it safe and suitable.

IMPORTANT: Always keep a watchful eye while your dog plays with any toy to ensure their safety. If your dog starts breaking it down or behaving strangely during play, take the toy away immediately to avoid potential health concerns.


The Pug is a small pooch, which means he will probably need a small-sized dog toy. But hold up because this is not always the case. Again, you need to look at your lil’ buddy and measure him according to the instructions. Some brands might suggest a toy by weight or height, others by breed. And not all toys are categorized into the same sizing brackets. So you need to check your Pug against the product description.

Size matters when it comes to dog toys. What is safe for one dog can be dangerous to another. If the toy is too big, your Pug will probably not want to play with it. And if it’s too small, he might accidentally (or purposefully knowing Pugs!) swallow it in one. And this will result in an emergency trip to the vet. If in doubt about the size to get, always go bigger than smaller.

Another consideration to make when finding the right size toy for your Pug is whether it suits his flat face. Brachycephalic breeds often struggle to pick up flat toys or ones with no ridges for their mouth to grab hold of. So you need to consider the design and whether it will make playtime easy for him.


Pug Puppy With Rope Toy
Looking at what material the toy is made of is another important consideration.

The material will determine its durability, as well as the overall safety. Sadly, some brands still use toxic materials because they are cheap to manufacture, meaning more profit—all at the cost of Fido’s wellbeing. Below we have listed the most commonly used materials that are safe for your Pug.

Rubber: Rubber is a top choice for dog toys. It is fun to play with and satisfying to chew, especially for anxious dogs, power chewers, and teething pups. Rubber is tough and lasts a long time in comparison with other materials. It’s also super easy for you to clean. Always look for 100% natural rubber that is latex-free. Thermoplastic elastomer is a type of rubber that is also safe for dogs.

Rope: Rope is another popular choice for dog toys. It is also tough and long-lasting, and the rope fibers help floss teeth for added dental care. It’s great for tossing in fetch games and for tug-of-war matches. It’s essential to buy a rope toy specially made for dogs rather than a piece of rope from a hardware store. General rope might have been treated with or exposed to chemicals, which could be toxic to your lil’ Pug. Promptly take the rope away from your dog if they start shredding it to avoid ingestion and possible blockage issues.

Nylon: Nylon is another common material used to make dog toys, and it comes in two forms. One form is hard, and often this is used to make chew toys. It is long-lasting and safe for your Pug to chew on. Nylon dog toys can be flavored and are often shaped for dental hygiene. If your dog swallows a few small pieces, it is not cause for concern. But, if your Pug is coughing while chewing on this or any toy, take it away immediately to prevent any potential issues.

The other form is soft nylon, which is common in softer toys. It is stronger than polyester and longer wearing. These toys can also be torn apart, so always keep an eye on your dog during play.

Polyester and Plush: Polyester and plush are the materials often used to make soft toys. Soft toys are cute, but they aren’t the best option for every Pug. If your Pug is a destroyer or a heavy chewer, polyester and plush toys are a no-go. If he is gentle in his play or likes to carry and cuddle, these types of toys are suitable. However, please be cautious with these toys. Once the material tears, the inner plush material and other objects such as squeakers become a choking hazard.

Best Toys for Pugs

Pug With Plush Toy in grass
We have considered the Pug’s gorgeous flat-faced needs.

Here we showcase the best dog toys for Pugs and share solutions for each play-type preferences. Each toy is safe and highly rated, so you can rest assured that these are the best toys for your Pug to choose from. Drumroll, please.

Nylabone DuraChew Axis Bacon Chew Bone

Frisco - Hide and Seek Plush Flying Saucer Puzzle Dog Toy
  • Fights boredom.
  • Helps clean teeth.
  • Handles to help pups get the perfect grip.
  • Bacon flavored.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Vet-recommended.
  • Made in the USA.

Nylabone is well-known and trusted in the chew toy arena. And as their name suggests, this toy is made from durable nylon. Hard nylon is often safer to chew on than natural bones and sticks that he might find in the forest because it doesn’t splinter. Plus, it is bacon flavored throughout, making it irresistible to most Pugs. Reviewers loved that it kept their pup entertained for hours.

We have chosen this axis-shaped bone because no matter what angle your Pug holds, he will find it easy to chew and grip. This toy is made for tough chewers, and it should last a long time. If he loves to chew, he’ll find a lot of satisfaction in this toy and will happily entertain himself for hours on end. The ridges will aid in dental cleaning and gum massaging, improving his dental health with daily play.

We love that this toy is the best option for Pugs who love to get their teeth stuck into everything. And it’ll offer a tastier distraction compared to your sneaker collection, creating healthier chewing habits.

JW Pet Hol-ee Roller

Small Kong Dog Toy
  • Interactive and multipurpose toy.
  • Double-molded for toughness.
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor play.
  • Made from natural, non-toxic rubber.
  • Great for bouncing.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Perfect for tougher chewers.

Most dogs love balls, and for the Pug who loves them, this is a great choice. The ball is hollow with a honeycomb design, so you can fill it with his favorite treats for a treat-dispensing solo toy. It also means that if he likes to chase and fetch it, he can run with it in his mouth and breathe easily. Which is super important for the Pug and his brachycephalic breathing difficulties. This ball is great for fun in the home or yard.

It is made from non-toxic natural rubber that is up to the challenge for constant chewing. Stretchy enough that it gives for chewing satisfaction and tugging. But also durable thanks to the innovative double-molded design. It ships in a variety of colors, and it also comes in a range of sizes to suit all Pugs. Reviewers loved the versatility of this toy.

We love that this toy is the top choice for Pugs who like multipurpose balls. Chuck it, fill it, tug it, pretty much do whatever you want with it!

Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Flying Saucer Puzzle

Busy Buddy - Barnacle Treat Dispenser Tough Dog Chew Toy
  • Plush puzzle toy with multiple pieces.
  • Fun for playing hide-and-seek.
  • Has built-in squeakers to excite pets.
  • Mentally stimulating.
  • Soft and gentle for chewing.

Here we have the best plush toy for the Pug. But not just one, not just two, but six Martians and a spaceship. The manufacturer states that it is suitable for all-sized dog breeds, meaning that your Pug will have lots of fun with these large soft toys. This toy is designed to hide the aliens inside the spaceship and challenge your dog to extract them all. You might have to show him how it’s done the first time, but he’ll soon get the hang of it. This interactive hide and seek game will make a great bonding session for you and your Pug.

This toy is great for solo play too. Each Martian is also squeaky, so it’ll cater to those Pugs who love anything squeaky. Plus, it’ll stimulate his mind thanks to the different sounds, textures, and shapes. The material is soft enough that he can also cuddle up to it at nighttime. This toy is out of this world, and with the aliens, it’ll be like he is back onset with the Men In Black cast. Many reviewers liked that their dog never left this toy alone.

We love that this toy is a great choice for Pugs who love plush squeaky toys. It’s also a great puzzle game because he’ll have to work out how to get the aliens out of their spaceship.

Busy Buddy Barnacle Treat Dispenser

JW Pet Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy
  • Rubber is bouncy and durable.
  • Three compartments for treats.
  • Holds variety of treats.
  • Fun and interactive releases treats while playing.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Comes in three sizes.

This toy is a great choice for those Pugs who are forever chewing or are only entertained when food is involved. This toy has three barnacle-shaped compartments where you can hide his favorite treats. Watch him spend hours working out how to get the goodies out. The uneven shape and rubber material also make this a great toy for throwing. Reviewers raved that it bounced erratically, making it fun every time.

It is made from non-toxic rubber that is both safe and durable. It also stands up to tough chewers and will help remove plaque and freshen breath when chewed daily. You can trim the toy to make it more challenging, which is great for keeping his mind stimulated. This toy is great at tackling boredom, and it also alleviates anxiety by keeping his mind occupied. You can also place it on the top rack of your dishwasher for an easy clean.

We love that this toy is a top choice for Pugs who are forever looking for snacks. Fill it up with your Pug’s favorite treats and watch the entertainment for hours on end.

Bones & Chews Cotton Rope

Chuckit! Ball Launcher
  • Chew and tug toy combination.
  • Great for dogs that love to tug.
  • Supports dental health.
  • No artificial colors or preservatives.
  • No chemical use.
  • Made in the United States.
  • Recommended only for supervised play.

This is another versatile dog toy that targets different play preferences. We have chosen this toy because it is a rope, making this ideal for Pugs who love to play tug of war. It is short enough that Pugs will happily play with it but long enough to put distance between you and your pup’s mouth for safety. It also makes it a great chewing alternative for those who do not like to play with rubber toys. Made from a cotton and polyester blend, it is tough.

There is a beef bone placed at each end of the rope, allowing the smell and taste to encourage him to play for hours. The bones are natural and roasted to ensure his safety. You can also use this toy for fetching games, but we wouldn’t recommend throwing it on your floors inside. The bones combined with the rope fibers make this a great toy for massaging gums and improving dental health.

We love that this toy is a strong rope with chewable ends. It is a great option for Pugs who love to play interactively with their humans or other dogs. And they can chew on the bones to their heart’s content.

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

Zippy Paws Squirrel Toy
  • Made of durable material for repeated use.
  • Glowing sections to allow for night play.
  • Can be used in the water.
  • Aerodynamic design is perfect for longer fetches.
  • Variety of different highly visible colors.
  • Raised sides, making it easy to grab.
  • Easy and fun to throw.

Chuckit! is well-known for toys that are designed to be chucked for chasing and fetching games. And this is our top choice for the Pug. It is made from polyester, which is lightweight for your Pug to pick up and carry. But it has multi-layers ensuring durability. It also has four raised feet in each corner, making it much easier for your Pug to pick up than flat frisbees. Throw it like a frisbee, and it flies like one too.

The feet also glow in the dark, making it a top pick for the Pug who likes to play in the dark or in low-visibility conditions. And if that wasn’t enough, it also floats on water too. This squirrel is the only one that you won’t mind your Pug getting hold of. This toy is great for getting the most out of your Pug’s exercise. And reviewers commented how their pups never seem to get bored with this toy.

We love that this toy is a fantastically fun toy for Pugs who love to chase objects. Fling this squirrel as far as you can, and after a few rounds, he’ll be pooped!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve seen our favorite toys for the Pug, you might still have a few questions left unanswered. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions.

 What types of toys are best for my Pug?

The Pug is a merry and curious little pooch who loves to play. But not all Pugs play in the same way. The only person who can answer this question is you. You know your Pug better than anyone else. Think about the toys he has loved in the past, and pick a toy that targets the same play type. If he likes to stretch his legs, choose a toy that you can throw. If he is a serial chewer, your best bet is something he can get his teeth stuck into. And if he’s a pup or you’ve just adopted him, it is wise to get him a selection of different types of toys from which to choose.

Is one toy enough for my Pug?

Definitely not. You need to keep your Pug entertained. And one toy alone will not be enough to engage and stimulate his mind over time. A Pug is a simple canine, but you need to invest in various toys to maintain his interest. A bored Pug is often a naughty and destructive one.

If your Pug only has one play-type preference, buy a few toys that target his needs. Even if he is only interested in chew toys, you can mix things up by giving different flavors and shaped toys throughout the week.

Are some materials dangerous for my Pug?

Yes, there are a few materials out there that are unsafe and toxic to your Pug. It’s vital to read through every product description and ensure that it is safe for your pooch. Brands will produce and sell toys for all kinds of dogs, but the only person who will make the right choice for your Pug is you (with a bit of help from us, of course)! Stick to materials such as 100% natural rubber, rope, cotton, nylon, and polyester (read the pros and cons of each above). And when materials begin to break down, take the toy away from your pup, dispose of the toy, and replace it with a new, safe one.

Final Thoughts

The Pug is an upbeat, cheeky chap who is curious and spunky. And your Pug needs a helping hand to burn off all that energy. What better way to help him on his way than to give him lots of toys to play with and enjoy?

It’s important to target the play type that your Pug prefers, whatever that may be. Remember, fun is important, but safety is more important. By picking from our recommendations above, you can be sure you are taking the best steps towards pure Pug pleasure.

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