Nylabone Warning: Are Nylabone Chew Toys Safe For Dogs?

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Nylabone with warning messageI was rushing my dog to the emergency veterinarian. All I knew is that she had ingested part of her Nylabone chew toy. I just wanted her to feel better. Was it as simple as letting it pass through her? Did she need medication? Surgery? I had no idea what was in store for us.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? This has not actually happened to me but many pet owners have. These accidents are creating concern about these treats and toys, prompting pet owners to ask a lot more questions.: Are Nylabones safe for dogs? When should you throw them away? What happens if they chew some of it off? We’ll answer these questions and tell you about some of the Nylabone warnings that you should be aware of.

Nylabone Non-Edible Chew Disclaimer

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Before diving in too deep on this subject we want you to read a disclaimer that Nylabone has on their non-edible chews. It is important to read the warnings for any toy or chew that you purchase for your dog so that you are aware of the potential hazards.

“NON-EDIBLE CHEW PRODUCTS are made with plastic, rubber, or nylon. They are NOT intended for consumption. During normal chewing, tiny bristle-like projections are raised that help clean teeth. If these tiny pieces (no larger than a small grain of rice) are ingested, they should pass through. A dog should not be able to break off larger pieces of any Nylabone® Non-Edible Chew. If you think that your dog swallowed a large piece of a Non-Edible Chew, take the chew away and contact your veterinarian for advice. No dog toy or chew is totally indestructible. Frequently inspect any chew before giving it to your dog to make sure it’s whole and intact, with no missing pieces. Replace a Non-Edible Chew when knuckle ends are worn down, or if it becomes too small to chew safely. Nylabone Chews and Toys should not be boiled, placed in a dishwasher, washing machine, or convection or microwave oven.”

Help! My Dog Ate Part of a Nylabone! What Do I Do?

If your dog has eaten part of a Nylabone, you need to go to the vet immediately! The components of a these bones are very difficult for your dog to digest and can cause many problems, not only to your pup’s health but also to your bank account. It’s important to watch your dog and check his toys each time before giving them to him to make sure the toys are still in good condition and that there aren’t any pieces missing. If your dog swallows a large piece of Nylabone or other chew toy you may have to get an x-ray, have him stay overnight at the vet’s, have him undergo expensive emergency surgery or worse.

In the extreme case, where play time turns into an accident, you may want to be prepared with pet insurance to avoid paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in vet bills. This way you can focus your attention on helping your dog instead of worrying about how you are going to pay for everything.

Are Nylabones Safe For Dogs?

There are many things you’ll want to know about Nylabone safety before purchasing a treat or toy. If you keep in mind these simple safety checks, then your dog should be able to enjoy these chew toys safely.

What Size of Nylabone Should I Get?

Nylabones come in different sizes so make sure you are purchasing the correct size for your pup. You don’t want to get a Nyla Bone made for a puppy and give it to your 90 pound Labrador Retriever. She’ll have that thing torn up so fast that you’ll be on your way to the vet immediately!

When Should I Replace My Dog’s Nylabone?

You should replace your dog’s non-edible Nylabone chew when the knuckle ends are worn down or if it becomes too small to chew safely (if it is so small if could be swallowed by your pup, throw it out).

Can Puppies Have Nylabone Edible Chews?

Nylabone edible chews are best for dogs with permanent teeth. We recommend you talk to your veterinarian before giving a new type of chew toy or treat.

What is Your Dog’s Chewing Strength and Style?

There are also different types of Nylabones available for different chewing strengths and styles. So make sure you know your pup and know what style you should get. You can always address your concerns with your vet, and see what they think would be best.

Choosing the Right Nylabone

This video can help you learn more about Nyla Bone and which type is best for your pup.

What has your experience been with Nylabone chew toys?

The information contained in this article and website is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional safety advice; it is provided for educational purposes only.

Growing up, Kimberly used to get the sniffles when she was around dogs. Thankfully, she grew out of her allergy and is now able to play and snuggle with dogs as much as she wants! She and her husband adopted Sally, a four-year-old hound mix, in early 2017, and she has brought so much joy into their lives. Life as pet parents has been very rewarding.

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NYLABONE Puppy Bone Flexible Dog Chews are UNSAFE for Dogs!
While Nylabone Products states they are “INEDIBLE” these are sold
as “Dog Chews.” Even a ten month old puppy can readily chew them
to small pieces and easily swallow them, potentially causing intestinal
blockage, and in lieu of emergency surgery, potential death of your dog.
Jim & Karen
Our Yorkies love nylabones we do too as they help save the furniture. Last night I found several small clear plastic balls on the carpet. When I checked the nylabone I found several of the nubbies missing and wondering if there’s a connection. Any similar experiences?



My golden retriever is 15 Year’s old and has been given nylon bones from day 1 and have we have increased bone size as he grew. He is a hard chewer and we replace it often due to that fact he chews it down to almost nothing and to this day there has been no problems
BEWARE! NOT SAFE! Just gave him the largest size last night. After 10 min, I took it away from him. My poor dog had the lining of his stomach puntured by the tiny fragments that get chewed off. And i do mean tiny. He was vomiting up blood 10hrs later. I thought that he had gotten poisoned. Fortunately i took it away from him when i did!
Had to have emergency intestinal surgery because my puppy swallowed half of a puppy nylabone chew toy that he had broken off, it got lodged into the small intestine. It took 3 days to determine that emergency surgery was needed due to the fact that it did not show up on the X-ray that we had taken on Wed., the vet had thought that he had pancreatitis because his pancreatic levels were too high. We came home with medication and watched him, by Friday morning it was very frightening because this bouncy energetic strong little guy was getting worse by them minute. Returning to the vet and after an ultrasound this time they could see that the intestine was impacted, but could not determine what it was. The X-ray did not show the impact due to the fact that an xray cannot pickup a matter that has no minerals in it such as a stone, wood, bone etc., the ultrasound showed that the intestine was not letting anything pass it too could not pickup what it was, surgery was needed immediately, if we waited any longer, even hours he surely would not make it. During the surgery the piece of nylabone was removed in tact and after a $1600.00 innvoice Smokey is on the way to recovery. Thank God he didn’t have to any of intestine removed, but it will be some time before he can eat and play as before. Smokey is an aggressive chewer, he is a boxer, lab mix, but I assumed that since the chew toy was labeled for puppie that it would fine. Know what kind of a chewer you have before you determine what he can and cannot have, I have certainly learned that, as we have never had an issue with this product with our other 4 boxers.
Bought nylabone for my pit/terrier mix dog who is an aggressive chewer. Nylabone is the only thing that stood up to his chewing. A month ago he started losing his appetite and vomiting, today he had to be rushed to the vet because he vomited blood and had to have emergency surgery. My husband and I didn’t take the the product away until 3 days ago, not connecting his symptoms to a toy. Nylabone may have stood up to his chewing but I will never buy another product, nothing is worth putting my dog’s life in danger!
Larry Bill
I’m certainly no expert on this subject. But I will never give my dog another nylabone.She being a strong dog brok the end off one and it lodged in her throat. I’ve had her 8 yrs n love her to pcs.Seriously flavored plastic. YOUR DOG DESERVES BETTER. SHE WAS ABLE TO HACK IT UP.GOT LUCKY THIS TIME. NO MORE. BEST TO YOU ALL
We give our year old Frechie Elk antler pieces and after he gets all of the bone marrow out, we then put peanut butter in the grooves so he has a treat when we are gone.
I don’t know if he eat it but what should I do
If you’re lucky the little rice sized bits will pass through. But what then? Do we really need more bits of plastic (which never degrade) in our soil and water? Have you seen the huge rafts of plastic in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans? If you’re unlucky you’re out thousands of dollars and/or your dog’s dead. It’s a NO BRAINER
Tee El
I truly don’t understand some of the posts I see on here. I’m constantly trimming loose bits off of whatever my dogs chew, and if the piece gets small enough that it’s a danger they will swallow it whole, I take it from them. How the hell are some of your dogs eating string or pieces of carpeting? Are you kidding me? What’s wrong with you people? Do you just throw a chew toy at your dog and tell them to leave you alone? Try being attentive, it’s not that damn difficult.
She must just sit and stare at her dog all day. Aside from those moments when she’s trimming bits off her dogs poisonous chew toys. Good move.
Too judgemental. I watch my dog like a hawk and spend time with him ALWAYS. HE is my heart. I would die for him. Unfortunately, It only takes a seconds for him to injest something ANYTHING. He just likes to mouth and chew stuff. And before you rant again, He is a professionally trained service dog….but Still a dog never the less. Most people love and care for their dog. Accidents happen.
Pam Jordan
Do NOT give your Dog Nylabone! Period! They should be taken off the market! I bought a puppy pack for my new puppy. We have just resturned from the Vet, Many $ later but thank The Lord she will now be fine after finding a knuckle of a Nylabone! This is just wrong that they are still allowed to sell them!
I absolutely do not recommend this bone for chewing at all, hello dogs chew things up and obviously we have to control of the pieces they bite off. The packaging should have a huge warning sign for this product,
Tanya Sisk
My little 11 pound King Charles puppy ate the whole blue bone with the ridges! He must have snuck it into his bed area and when we weren’t home he ate the whole thing and got the two end pieces stuck in his stomach, and not only that, but the end pieces were attached by a string, so they were not going to pass through nor could he throw them up. So after emergency surgery and $2,000 later, he’s doing better, but thought I needed to warn people.
Mine chewed a corner off of the blue one and I took it away. Scared me! Yesterday I made a trip to the vet because he was sick. He had chewed a corner off of the Nylabone key teether!
Oh my goodness. Glad that he is better. What a scary ordeal.
I gave my lab mix 2 of the different edible Nylabone and both made her very sick. She was vomiting for at least 6 to 8 hours afterwards and wouldn’t eat the entire next day. I have 2 in the pantry but I can’t return them because I don’t have the receipt, but I’m not giving them to mine or anyone else’s animal either!
They should make the “no larger than a grain of rice” part clear on the packaging. I read on the label that if you dog ingests it you should see a vet. This was going to be her 3rd set of bones. She always chews and eats the small bits so i pulled all of them out of my cart. No nylabones for my dog that day.
Good 4 you. And your dog! Keep ’em safe
Checked the chew toys I have bought for puppy we are getting. Nylabone was among them. Taking it back to store tomorrow..not taking any chances. One dog having problems is one too many.
I understand your hesitance, but any dog toy is going to have ‘warnings’ and such. My dogs have been chewing Nylabones for years, you just have to be attentive when they are chewing on them.

I only give the bones to them when I’m going to be in the same room and I can monitor their chewing. One dog will pull little pieces of the worn material off the bone. She now places them on the rug as she pulls them off.

No dog should be left unattended with any toy, so just be attentive.

That doesn’t always work. Lucky for you that your dog didnt injest the little pieces that come off. My service dog had a nylabone for 10 min and 10 hrs later was puking up blood from the nearly microscopic shards that shear off. Thank goodness i was watching and took it away from him when i did.
My dog had a $300 dental surgery to remove a tooth broken from playing with Nyla Bone toys. Not sure why retailers sell dangerous toys.
I just domt know what treat s to buy for my dog he weighs60 pounds
My 18 lbs papillon/Norwich terrier he’s 13 years old and has been chewing Nylabones all that time. I give him the biggest size and hardest one they make. It is the soup bone for Dobermans and large dogs. He chewed the smaller size ones until they became a choking hazard so I got the biggest they had. He drags it because it’s so large and he has short terrier legs but there’s has not been any medical problems related to his Nylabone. My Aunt gave them to her shitz-tsu and he live to be around 18 yrs old. You have to supervise your pet. If they are able to chew off a piece or sit and chew for hours take it away. If your afraid to take something away from your dog you shouldn’t have a dog. Use your common sense people read labels, they are on products for a reason! You wouldn’t give your child medication without reading aboutit, same goes for dog toys. Our previous dog had more digestive problems with pigs ears and rawhides. She had no problem with Nylabones.
Why manufacture these at all?? Better still, why are people buying them??
People assume that if they are still on the market, they are safe chews. That’s why. We need better laws to protect our beloved animals.
Nevs Crosby
It sound like people are talking about the inedible Nylabones. Are the supposedly “edible” ones OK?
Charmaine Boughner
We have 2 large Labs, we have given them Nylabones for years , without any problems at all. We buy them according to the size of our dogs and there chewing strenth. ( as suggested by the company) and common sense. Blaze and Annabelle love them and chew on them everyday. Just check the bones periodically to make sure large pieces cannot break off , and replace them if they get small enough to be safe.
I asked my vet about Nylabones, and he said they are fine as long as I keep an eye on it. In other words, use common sense. We have three dogs (a terrier mix, a chihuahua mix, and a Yorkie) and they love them. The bones don’t last forever, though. No toy does. When the bones start to wear we toss them, like we do all dog toys that aren’t in good condition.
Susan Bizier Rainbow Pugs
I have used Nylabones for my dogs for many years. I find the dogs love then and have not had any issues. The bones can get ends chewd , and at that point, I replace them. I have a couple who are very strong chewers, and most that just soft chew there bones. I just suggest when the ends get worn out, replace them! Thanks for making a chew my dogs love, all shapes and sizes have been used her!