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6 Best Dog Toys Made Right Here, In The USA

Last Updated: September 28, 2023 | 9 min read | 10 Comments

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Border Collie carrying United States of America flag in mouth in dog park

At Canine Journal, we have tested and reviewed over 1,000 different dog toys (seriously!). After testing a wide range of top-rated dog toys, we noticed many of the winners had one thing in common:

They are made right here, in the USA.

Now, being a patriotic American, this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise – we are pretty great.

And, it turns out I’m not alone in these thoughts. In fact, many dog owners only buy dog toys that are manufactured in America.

If that’s you, then you are in for a treat…

In this review, I share the best American-made dog toys on the market.

Why should you buy an American-made dog toy?

Let’s face it:

The USA is an amazing country. So, it’s no surprise that we are home to some of the best dog toy manufacturers in the world.

Manufactured to American guidelines

Dog in lab coat testing dog toy to American standards

Unlike children’s toys, there are no guidelines regarding which chemicals can be used in dog toys. There have been many reports of dog toys testing for excessive levels of lead and other toxins.

However, many American dog toy companies voluntarily follow the FDA guidelines for children’s toys to ensure their products are as safe as possible. West Paw and SodaPup are two USA manufacturers that are FDA-compliant – they are so safe you can eat your dinner off them!

Going further, you can buy these dog toys knowing that they were lovingly made by USA citizens who are paid at least a minimum wage – not in overseas sweatshops. Buying American means you keep your fellow countrymen employed!

American quality

Pug dog sitting at office desk presenting how to make a quality dog toy

It doesn’t matter the product, when you see something stamped with Made in USA, you know it’s going to be high-quality. And, dog toys are no exception.

This is a major selling point for those with dogs who play rough. I am proud to say that American-made dog toys are some of the most durable around.

In fact, when we reviewed the toughest dog toys, 6 of the 7 winners were made right here, in America.

And if things go wrong? Well, you’ll be glad you have…

American-based customer service

Pug dog with phone headset next to American flag

Let’s face it, sometimes things go wrong. Perhaps you bought a faulty toy, or it just didn’t work as well as you thought it would…

I don’t know about you, but when I buy from a brand, I want to be supported for that choice. If something goes wrong, I expect the manufacturer to stand by their product.

My worst experience came from one international dog toy brand that would only communicate by email and took 3 days between email replies. After weeks of back and forth, they offered a “generous” 10% discount on my next purchase with them. Pathetic.

Part of the review process at Canine Journal includes “testing customer service” where we submit a complaint that a toy didn’t meet our expectations and observe how the company responds and resolves the issue.

I can proudly say that nothing comes close to the customer service offered by American companies. Not only do they provide generous satisfaction guarantees, but whether you call or email, your query is promptly resolved.

Best of all, because the manufacturer is local, replacements take only a few days to be mailed out, not weeks.

The downside…

Now, I must add that there is a downside to toys that are made in America. They are a little more expensive than those manufactured overseas.

But the small additional cost is worth it. As I touched on earlier, we have reviewed 1,000+ different dog toys. Time after time, it was the toys made here in the USA that beat the competition.

Buying a quality dog toy and supporting America? That’s patriotism I can get behind!

The best American-made dog toys

It might surprise you to learn just how many different dog toys are manufactured in America. While they are all pretty great, some stand in a league of their own.

Below are the best of the best, the American-made dog toys that outclassed all others. It was a tough choice, but we narrowed down a single winner for each category.

Let’s kick things off with…

Best Indestructible Chew Toy

Goughnuts MaXX Ring Best Husky Chew Toy

Goughnuts MaXX

A thick, rubber ring that survives even the strongest power chewer.

If you have a power chewer in your home, then the average chew toy will be destroyed in minutes. Rough dogs need a tough toy, and as far as rubber chew toys go, they don’t get any tougher than the American-made Goughnuts ring.

Originally designed in 2006 by mechanical and polymer engineers, the Goughnuts ring was born out of a need for a more durable, safer chew toy. Here we are 13 years later, and it’s still one of the best chew toys on the market.

Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Ring on grass

The Goughnuts ring is available in three sizes:

  • Regular – Suitable for dogs up to an adult Corgi and weaker chewers
  • MaXX – Suitable for dogs up to a Labrador
  • Buster – Suitable for giant breeds and strong chewers

The thick, firm rubber has enough give to keep dogs interested but is durable enough to keep even the most hardcore chewer entertained for weeks. In fact, during testing, our Boxer and Doberman barely made a dent during the first few weeks. As time progressed, scratches and puncture marks began to appear, but the ring still maintained its integrity – no chunks of rubber were pulled off.

And if your dog does manage to tear shreds off the Goughnuts Ring, exposing the red inner core, you can mail it back (along with a check for return postage), and they will send you a brand new one! That’s service that only a company based here in the USA can offer!

German Shepherd biting down on Goughnuts indestructible rubber ring dog toy

Now, it is worth mentioning that these rings are a little too heavy for tiny breeds to carry around, such as a Chihuahua or Dachshund. They also have a strong rubber odor initially, like a car tire. However, with continued use, it quickly faded to where it was no longer noticeable until I held it up to my nose.

But if you want the toughest, most durable chew toy on the market, then these minor flaws are a small price to pay. There is no tougher chew toy than the Goughnuts ring.

Best American-Made Dog Fetch Ball

West Paw Jive Best Husky Tennis Ball Toy

West Paw Jive

A heavy-duty ball that holds up to even the most powerful jaws.

Forget tennis balls! The West Paw Jive is the last ball you will ever need. Made in Montana, USA, this ball can be thrown farther, bounces higher and is basically uncrushable when compared to your average tennis ball. Trust me when I say… There is no going back.

Made from an FDA-compliant heavy-duty rubber, it’s free from nasties like BPA and latex. But the main reason you want to buy this ball is for its durability. After hundreds of games of fetch, the surface only showed light signs of scuffs and scratches – and our dogs were not gentle.

The West Paw Jive is available in 3 sizes…

X-Small2 inches
Small2⅖ inches
Large3¼ inches

The x-small is perfectly suitable for tiny breeds like Chihuahuas while the large should be considered if your dog could swallow a tennis ball in one gulp. But if you are simply looking for a tennis ball replacement, then stick to the smaller size – it fits perfectly into your standard ball thrower…

American-made West Paw Jive dog ball sitting in scoop of ball thrower

As you expect from American manufacturers, West Paw offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love this product, they will either offer a refund or let you choose another product in their range.

The only downside to this ball is that it’s heavier than your average tennis ball. This makes it unsuitable for indoor play. But in a yard or wide open field, it really shines. Highly recommended!

Check out our review on dog tennis balls for more options!

Best American-Made Dog Soccer Ball

Jolly Soccer Ball Best Soccer Ball Husky Toy

Jolly Soccer Ball

A heavy, sturdy soccer ball with give.

If you need a larger ball for games of fetch, then check out the American-made Jolly soccer ball. After all, why pick up a slobber-coated tennis ball when you could simply kick the ball instead?

Unlike a regular soccer ball, this one is dog-proof. It doesn’t matter how many times your dog’s teeth puncture the Jolly Soccer Ball, it won’t deflate or pop.

Yep, even with hundreds of punctures, this ball keeps its shape…

Jolly Jumper Soccer Ball showing teeth marks from German Shepherd carrying it in mouth

How’s that for American quality?

The Jolly ball is available in two sizes:

Size Ball Size Dog Weight
Small6 inches0-40 pounds
Large8 inches40+ pounds

The larger Jolly ball has the same dimensions as a size 4 soccer ball. Be mindful that smaller breeds, such a Boston Terrier, won’t be able to wrap his jaws around it.

While it may feel firmer than a regulation soccer ball, it still travels a great distance when kicked, with your pup galloping along behind it.

Not sure if the Jolly ball is the right soccer ball for your dog? Check out our review on dog soccer balls for more options!

Best American-Made Dog Squeak Toy

Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Squeak Best Squeak Toy For Huskies

Orbee-Tuff Squeak

A sturdy, rubber squeak toy that lasts longer than any other.

When it comes to a durable squeak toy, there is no beating the American-made Orbee-Tuff Squeak. The durable rubber both softens the amount of pressure placed on the squeaker but also made it significantly more difficult for sharp dog teeth to penetrate – the result? One long-lasting squeak toy.

At 3-inches wide, the Orbee-Tuff Squeak is slightly larger than a standard tennis ball. Admittedly, this makes the ball too large for smaller breeds, who are unable to get their jaws around the ball and make it squeak. But dogs that are the size of Jack Russell Terriers and larger will have no difficulty getting the ball to squeak.

Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Squeak Ball

Speaking of the squeaker, we noticed that the squeaking sound was a little softer than other squeak toys we tested. However, this isn’t a bad thing because your dog’s sensitive ears have no problem detecting the squeak.

Planet Dog infuses all their toys with mint oil. I noticed out of a lineup of unscented toys that many dogs chose this ball as their play toy. Given your dog’s keen sense of smell, the mint scent will make it easier to find this ball in long grass or behind your couch.

German Shepherd chasing Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Indestructible Squeak Toy

When thrown, the ball is surprisingly bouncy and floats if it lands in water. The ball is a little too large to fit in a standard-sized ball thrower, but it slides perfectly into the scoop of a large, 3-inch ball thrower. If the ball gets too dirty from all that outdoor play, throw it in your dishwasher (top-rack only!).

If the toy fails, Planet Dog offers a one-time replacement.

Best American-Made Dog Tug Toy

West Paw Bumi Best Tug Toy For Huskies

West Paw Bumi

A tough, stretchy tug-of-war toy that is perfect for pulling.

At first glance, the Bumi looks like any other tug toy. It has two obvious handles, one for you to grip and the other for your dog to bite.

But once your pup starts pulling, you’ll notice something unusual…

The Bumi stretches to over twice its length!

Dog pulling on orange West Paw Zogoflex Bumi while owner holds other end

This unique flexing makes it stand out. Our doggy testers could shake their heads left and right without yanking our arms around too much.

Made from Zogoflex, a patented rubber made right here in the USA, the Bumi is one of the toughest tug toys on the market. Oh, and it’s available in two different sizes…

West Paw Bumi Small and Large American-made dog tug toys in grass

Just like the West Paw Jive I recommended earlier, the Bumi has a lifetime guarantee. If the toy breaks or isn’t suitable for your dog, West Paw will replace it with a more suitable toy from their product range. It’s like getting two toys for the price of one, so hold onto your receipt.

Out of all the categories, it was hardest to single out the best tug toy made here in the USA. Including the West Paw Bumi, there were three strong contenders. Each was suitable for different sized dogs and American-made. Want to see the others? Check out our dog tug toys guide.

Best American-Made Dog Frisbee

Kong Flyer Top Pick - Best Indestructible Dog Frisbee

Kong Flyer

Made of soft, durable rubber, it held up well to dog’s teeth while being flexible enough for dogs to easily pick up.

Kong’s Flyer Frisbee hits the sweet spot between performance and durability. Made here in the USA, this rubber Frisbee flies a great distance while resisting sharp dog teeth.

The soft, durable rubber held up to our dog’s teeth while its ability to flex made it easy for our dogs to pick up off the ground.

Whippet dog returning Kong Flyer Frisbee to owner's hand

We love it mostly because as a Frisbee, it works. Other American-made brands just didn’t glide as far. And that’s what Frisbee throwing is all about, long-arcing throws that your dog can catch in mid-air.

The Kong Frisbee is available in two sizes:

Small7½ inches
Large9½ inches

For anything but the smallest of pups, we recommend choosing the larger size – it flies farther!

Kong rubber Frisbee on grass in park

Kong also offers a black Frisbee designed for extreme chewers, which is also made in the USA. However, during testing, we noticed that this Frisbee wore significantly faster than the basic red Frisbee.

The only drawback we found was that the Kong Flyer doesn’t float. If it lands in a pool or lake, it will sink like a stone.

Not sure if this is the right Frisbee for your dog? Check out our guide on the best dog Frisbees for more recommendations.


If you made it this far, congratulations! You now know which American-made dog toys we recommend the most.

A recap of our results…

The best dog toys that are made in the USA that we tested:

  1. Goughnuts MaXX – Best for chewing
  2. West Paw Jive Ball – Best for fetch
  3. Jolly Soccer Ball – Best for kicking
  4. Orbee-Tuff Squeak – Best for squeaking
  5. West Paw Bumi – Best for tugging
  6. Kong Flyer – Best Frisbee

One more tip for those of you shopping for a good USA-made dog toy:

Just because a company makes a product here in America, doesn’t mean their entire range is. Take Kong for example. While many of their rubber toys are made in America, others such as their plastic tennis balls are sourced from overseas.

If it doesn’t say Made in USA on the box or product, then it probably wasn’t.

What is your favorite American-made dog toy? Let me know in the comments below!

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