7 Best Dog Raincoats: Hooded, Waterproof, Reversible & More

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Have you ever seen a dog wearing a raincoat? It’s an undeniably cute sight. For those of you pet owners who live in areas with wet, sloshy weather, dog rain jackets are more than just a fashion choice. Dogs need to go outside rain or shine, which sometimes means getting wet from the elements.

Raincoats for dogs are quite helpful to keep our pups warm and dry when outside in cool or damp weather. Waterproof coats are an excellent choice, and there are plenty of options to consider when picking out a raincoat for your pup.

At A Glance: Best Dog Raincoat

OverallWarm WeatherWaterproofReversibleHooded
Hurtta Rain Blocker ECOHDE Hooded SlickerPetridge Dog Rain Coat Waterproof Windproof Kimee Side Slicker PonchoEzierfy Hooded Poncho
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Why Would A Dog Need A Raincoat?

A big and small dog sitting in rain jackets with owner in rain boots holding their leashes.

A dog raincoat is an excellent way to protect your pup from getting too cold or wet when going out for a walk or potty break. Dogs have fur coats, but they often need more protection from the elements. Prolonged exposure to cold, wet conditions can cause hypothermia and respiratory inflammation, putting them at risk for developing pneumonia.

Canines can even develop rainwater poisoning from exposure to biological and chemical hazards. These include Giardia and Leptospira bacteria, which are very dangerous, and chemicals like oil, antifreeze, pesticides, and poisons. These hazards can get on a dog’s fur. When dogs lick themselves after a walk, they ingest these hazards. The bacteria can also enter the body through open wounds or cuts. For this reason, it’s best not to allow your pup to drink rainwater and to rinse or wipe their paws and legs down after a walk in the rain.

3 Features To Consider In Dog Rain Jackets

You’ll want to consider the climate where you live and your pet’s specific needs when selecting any type of coat or jacket. There are a few things to look for when choosing raincoats for dogs.

1. Materials

The materials are a significant consideration. Some interior and external materials work better to keep pets warm and dry than others. Some jackets have liners, while others have just mesh or no liner. While many dogs wear sweaters or coats, knit and fleece materials are unsuitable for keeping them dry in rain and snow. Jackets and coats with an exterior, water-resistant, or waterproof shell are best. Materials include:

  1. Canvas is water-resistant, durable, and breathable but is not fully waterproof.
  2. Plastic and vinyl are waterproof but have no breathability, which can lead to overheating.
  3. Nylon is breathable and water-resistant. However, nylon is relatively fragile and tears easily.
  4. PVC and PU-coated rubberized jackets repel water and are suitable for heavy raindrops and very wet weather but are not breathable.
  5. Gore-Tex is a fabric that’s durable, breathable, waterproof, and windproof. It’s used extensively in outerwear, sportswear, outdoor apparel, and footwear. Invented in 1969, it’s a common material for jackets.
  6. Interior materials can include fleece, mesh, polyester, cotton, lambswool, and other filler materials.

2. Fit & Style

Doggie rain jackets come in different styles. Some offer more coverage than others. Look for the coverage and style that will suit your pet’s body best. Fit is important, as you don’t want the jacket to be too big or too small. A proper fit will ensure the jacket is working the way it was intended to.

Jackets that are too tight restrict movement and can prevent air from circulating throughout, leading to your pup overheating. Those that fit too loosely or are too big may not work as well. They can become obstacles when walking if they are too large or fit oddly. Make sure to measure your pup and look at the size charts and recommendations of any apparel you’re considering. Also, consider if your pup needs to wear a harness and how leashes will attach through the jacket.

3. Ventilation

Pets need ventilation when they wear garments so they don’t overheat. If your pup has a thicker, fuller coat, he doesn’t need a heavy raincoat. Pups with lighter coats may need a thicker jacket. Make sure that there’s room for airflow in whatever raincoat you pick. Outdoor jackets and coats come in several fits, with coverage for front and back legs, as well as a poncho style, which offers more ventilation.

7 Best Dog Raincoats

Below, we share our top selections based on different factors. We consider functionality, performance, durability, and comfort. We have broken our winners down by category to help you find the best dog raincoat for your needs.

Best Dog Raincoat Overall: Hurtta Rain Blocker ECO Review

Hurtta Rain Blocker ECO

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Hurtta’s Rain Blocker suit offers more coverage than many other options. With full front leg coverage and extended back, it keeps pups nice and dry on a rainy walk. The raincoat is made from 100% recycled polyester. It’s waterproof and breathable. All seams are taped to ensure waterproofing and prevent any leaks. It also has a rain trap on the collar to keep the inside of the coat dry. The coat also has 3M reflective trim and accents to keep dogs visible in drizzle, dim light, and dark conditions.

Hurrta’s Rain Blocker is adjustable in multiple places: the neck, waist, and back, making it easy to get a good fit. There are multiple sizes available. It will fit pups with a neck size of 10 to 24 inches. Additionally, the raincoat has an opening on the back seam to hook up a harness.

WaterproofSome pups do not like the fit
Highly durableIt takes practice to get the adjustments right
Made from recycled plastic bottles (approximately 15 bottles per jacket)Some owners do not like the zipper placement
Polyester fabric
Covers the front legs
Taped seams to ensure waterproofing
Multiple points of adjustment
Fits over a fleece or sweater for snow protection


  • Starting at $89.00

Best Dog Raincoat For Warm Weather: HDE Hooded Slicker Review

HDE Hooded Slicker

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The HDE Hooded Slicker is a top pick for folks who want a light raincoat for their pup. A trendy slicker, it comes with plenty of color and pattern choices. This one is effective and stylish. It’s made from polyester fabric with a waterproof coating. The material is reflective and highly visible, perfect for keeping pets safe in stormy weather.

The slicker is easy to put on and has an adjustable belly strap. HDE’s design is convenient and easy for owners to maneuver, especially for squirmy pets.

The small size fits pets 12.5 inches in length, and medium fits pets 15.5 inches in length. The large size fits pets 22.5 inches in length. X-large fits pets 25.5 inches in length. If your pup is in between sizes, opt for the larger one. Always read measurements, as larger sizes tend to be bigger than expected. It’s also available in a reversible option.

Easy to put on Not 100% waterproof
LightweightRuns large
Adjustable belly strapSome customers have trouble with sizing
Waterproof coating
Easy to walk in
Reflective strip
Multiple sizes, colors, and patterns


Best Waterproof Dog Rain Jacket: Petridge Dog Rain Coat Review

Petridge Dog Rain Coat Waterproof Windproof

View on Amazon

Our top pick for a waterproof dog raincoat goes to Petridge. It was developed with a close-fitting design. The jacket is both waterproof and windproof. You can use this coat on rainy, moist, snowy, cold, and windy days. It’s also a perfect pick for outdoor adventures like walking, hiking, camping, and exploring. It has a two-legged design, including a transparent hood allowing dogs to see while staying dry.

We like that this is easy to put on, and it has Velcro fasteners for the belly, a belly belt, and elastic bands on the hind legs. These help the jacket cling to your pup’s body, keeping the water away.

Petridge’s jacket also has reflective strips on the back, which help make pets more visible in rain, fog and the dark. It is crafted with a wider under-zipper shield to prevent hair from catching in the fur, which is great for longer-haired pooches.

Available in a wide range of sizes, the Petridge raincoat fits both large and small breeds. Additionally, there is a four-legged option available if you want ultimate coverage for your pup.

Wide coverageIt may not work for very large dogs like German Shepherds
Waterproof and windproofFabric is not very flexible
Reflective stripsThe hood is reported to be large
Belly belt and Velcro belly fastenersIf not fitted properly, it will not perform as well
Close-fit design
Four-legged option available


Best Reversible Dog Raincoat: Kimee Side Slicker Poncho Review

Kimee Side Slicker Poncho

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The Kimee Reversible Slicker Poncho has a solid-colored side and a patterned side, offering two different looks. It’s a lightweight design and easy to slip on or off your pup. All edges of the jacket are covered with reflective material, ensuring high visibility in stormy and dark weather. It has a built-in leash hole in the collar and an easy-to-use adjustable belly strap.

The design also includes an elastic tail and leg loops to keep the jacket close to the body. The loops prevent the jacket from lifting when the wind blows and stop water from getting inside. The reversible jacket is made to be worn with a leash and harness. Kimee’s jacket is perfect for use in the rain and snow. It’s made from polyester fabric with a double layer of waterproof coating.

Additionally, the jacket comes in sizes from small to three XL, meaning it can fit about any breed or size of dog. There are four color options to pick from. Customer reviews report that the sizing chart runs small, so opt for a bigger size.

ReversibleNo leg coverage
Two layers of waterproof coatingNo leash loop on jacket
Waterproof and snowproofThe sizing chart runs small
The leash hole is on the collarIt may not fit giant breeds
Tail and leg elastic loops
Can wear with a harness
For pups sizes S to 3XL


Our Experience With Reversible Dog Raincoats

Two cavalier dogs in yellow rain jackets walking in rain.

A traditional yellow jacket like this is a classic way to protect your pup from the rain while looking stylish. Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have worn them for years. This reversible style is durable and keeps their fabulous furry coats from getting wet. It provides optimal coverage over their long “feathers” on their legs while allowing them to trot comfortably and keep their tails wagging. It is just as functional as it is fashionable. Reflection details make dogs visible in dark and foggy weather and easy to put on and off. The bright colors help your dog stand out and bring a little sunshine to a stormy day. Plus, since it’s two-sided, you get two looks for the price of one!

Sadie Cornelius, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent

Best Dog Raincoat With Hood: Ezierfy Hooded Poncho Review

Ezierfy Hooded Poncho

View on Amazon

Made from 100% waterproof polyester fabric, the Ezierfy hooded poncho is a great fit for small and large breeds alike. Reflective strips and bright colors make pups easy to see, even in low visibility. It also has adjustable belly and chest straps.

The hood has a unique adjustable buckle feature, allowing dogs to see and stay dry. It’s easy to clean and takes up very little room in your bag or purse. There is plenty of ventilation to keep pets cool and dry. This hooded poncho is perfect for a light shower but will also work in a downpour.

LightweightFit can run large
Secures easilyMaterial is noisy
Four sizesHood runs small
Good ventilation
Adjustable hood buckle
Wrap-around design
Easy to put on


Best Raincoat For Small Breeds: ODSSDAPU Waterproof Dog Coat Review

ODSSDAPU Waterproof Dog Coat

View on Amazon

This double-layer coat is made from waterproof coated fabric with a soft velvet inner lining. Designed for cold weather, this is a top pick for small breeds but can also work for larger breeds and is available in sizes up to triple extra-large. Reflective strips are incorporated into the design for high visibility.

The ODSSDPU rain jacket is made for chilly weather and works in rain and snow. It will keep your pup nice and warm and is also windproof. It features a high neckline to keep moisture out. The longer coat covers more of the body, ensuring the back end is protected from the elements. Wear and tear-resistant material allows pets to engage in high levels of exercise and play even outside in the cold and wet weather.

High collar designNo hood
Warm interior liningNot all dogs tolerate the leg straps
Multiple adjustment pointsVelcro straps may be tricky with longer-haired pups
Available in various sizes and colors
Longer length
Good fall or spring jacket


Best Large Dog Raincoat: WOOFO Dog Rain Poncho Review

WOOFO Dog Rain Poncho

View on Amazon

The WOOFO Dog rain poncho is a great option for larger dogs. The roomy design offers plenty of coverage, including the rear end. Coverage also extends over the hips and thighs. The poncho-style design makes it easy to get dogs into and out of. Made with lightweight material and HydroRepel technology, all seams are taped for maximum waterproofing. The raincoat is adjustable at the neck, waist, back, and legs and has five fasteners, making it easy to get onto and off pets.

The neckline pulls out quite far to cover dogs’ faces and even has a rain guard cap to protect their faces. The leash hole works well with any kind of harness. We like this for large pups due to the soft fabric, lightweight design, and extensive coverage. So, we recommend this for larger breeds, but it is available in all sizes.

Extensive coverageIt may not work well for broad-chested breeds who walk close to the ground
Waterproof and windproofMust size properly or will be too long
Lightweight, breathable material
Easy to get on
4 adjustment points
Expandable neck and rain cap
Reflective material


Looking For Cold Weather Dog Jackets?

The top picks in this article are selected for wet weather. For pet owners looking for winter dog coats and boots, see our reviews of the best winter coats and boots for dogs.

If you’re wondering if your pooch needs a coat, learn more about how cold is too cold for a dog. We also cover if a dog’s paws freeze in the cold and recommend ways to keep them warm. If your pup has gotten too wet and caught a cold, learn about symptoms, treatment, and more. With all these tools and information, your pup will stay nice and warm, even in the wettest weather.

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