Best Dog DNA Tests 2024: Embark vs Wisdom Panel vs Ancestry vs DNA My Dog vs Orivet vs EasyDNA & More


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Have you been dying to know what breeds make up your one-of-a-kind pup? Are you concerned about certain hereditary diseases your dog might develop one day? DNA dog tests are a fun and informative way to understand who your pooch is and help you develop a better health plan for their future. According to a survey by Wisdom Panel, the primary reason pet owners decide to do a dog DNA test is out of curiosity (56%), followed by a desire to determine and gain a deeper understanding of possible health outcomes.

WinnerRunner-UpThird Place
Wisdom Panel DNA test kitsAncestry dog dna test
EmbarkWisdom PanelAncestry
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How Does Dog DNA Testing Work?

scientist looking at dog dna under a microscope

A dog DNA test is easier than you might think. All you have to do with at-home dog DNA tests is order the test online. Then, you take a simple cheek swab from your dog, place the swab in the provided container, and mail it back in a prepaid envelope.

In a few weeks, you’ll receive a report that includes your dog’s DNA results. Depending on the company and the type of test, you’ll see the percentage breakdown of your dog’s breeds and risks for developing certain hereditary diseases (or being a carrier). Some companies also offer parentage testing and purebred and designer dog testing.

How Can A DNA Test Benefit My Dog’s Health?

Knowing your dog’s breed makeup can inform you about each breed’s health concerns. And if you get genetic mutation testing, you’ll know your dog has a predisposition for certain genetic diseases he could develop in the future. This invaluable knowledge allows you and your vet to develop a better health plan for your pup. It also informs you about early warning signs to look out for so you can take preventive measures.

Also, some kits, like the Embark Dog DNA Breed + Health test, can identify if your dog has a genetic mutation that makes him sensitive to many commonly used medications (a condition called  Multidrug Resistance 1, or MDR1). With these drug sensitivities, dogs can experience symptoms ranging from diarrhea and lethargy to seizures and even a coma. But thanks to a dog DNA test, you’ll know to avoid potentially dangerous medications.

Which breeds are most at risk for MDR1? It’s estimated that three out of four Collies have the mutation. Other breeds with a higher risk include German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties), Old English Sheepdogs, English Shepherds, Long-Haired Whippets, Silken Windhounds, and a variety of mixed-breed dogs.

What’s The Best Dog DNA Test?

We’ve reviewed several dog DNA tests and give you detailed information about what you can learn from each one. All of these are at-home cheek-swab tests, but the type and depth of results you’ll receive can vary.

Winner: Embark Dog DNA Test Review

embark breed and health tests

View on Amazon | View on EmbarkVet

Our choice for the best dog DNA test kit, Embark Dog DNA Breed + Health test, is a comprehensive dog DNA test that screens for breed identification, 35+ physical traits, ancestry, geographic origin, and the health risks of developing certain genetic diseases (for 250 known canine genetic health problems). It also includes an adult weight predictor and a relative finder that lists dogs in their database related to yours. Your test results include a detailed vet report to help you and your veterinarian plan the best care for your dog. Embark stands out from the pack because it identifies twice as many genetic markers as most other companies and has a research-grade DNA genotyping platform.

Embark also offers tests for purebred dogs and breeders that provide breed-relevant disease screening, insights into health, traits (e.g., coat color, body size), and more. Every kit includes the genetic inbreeding coefficient and results for nearly all genetic mutation tests recommended by national breed clubs. Providing this extra layer of certification may help to differentiate your breeding service from the competition.

One other unique feature of all Embark tests is that they measure how closely your pet is related genetically to wolves with its “wolfiness score.” You might be especially curious if you have one of these wolf-like breeds.

We also like that Embark contributes funding and genetic testing to animal shelters in the U.S. and Nepal. It is also the official dog DNA test of the Westminster Kennel Club. eGift cards are available in $25 increments, from $50-200, allowing your loved ones to choose the Embark kit that best fits their needs and budget. The downside? The Embark dog DNA breed + health test cost is higher than competitors. However, we believe that the accurate results outweigh the higher price. You also have the option of purchasing a less-expensive breed ID test, but it doesn’t identify genetic health markers.

Personal Experience

I tested my rescue dog, Sally, with an Embark dog DNA test. Her results said she was 47.5% Coonhound, 24.5% Mastiff, 14.2% Labrador Retriever, and 13.8% German Shepherd. I loved being able to read more about her breed makeup, including breed descriptions and behaviors. Embark goes above and beyond with the detail it provides in its reports, giving information about related breeds to Sally’s breed makeup.

Kimberly Alt, Parent Of A Coonhound Mix & Writer For Canine Journal
Tests for 350 breeds, types, and varietiesBreed + Health test is relatively expensive
Identifies 230,000 genetic markers, twice as much genetic information as most other companies
Genetic mutation testing for 250 canine health conditions
Results back in 2-4 weeks
Free replacement swab if yours gets damaged
Includes a relative finder, matching your dog’s DNA to possible family members
Charitable work with animal shelters
Live chat or email is available if you need help interpreting test results
Positive customer feedback that Embark is the most accurate dog DNA test
Developed in partnership with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
Ability to get raw DNA data


Embark offers discounts if you purchase multiple kits (see coupon below) and also has free shipping.

Looking for the latest Embark promo code? Click here and use code: DNASALE for up $60 off plus free shipping.

Full Embark DNA Review

Runner-Up: Wisdom Panel DNA Test Review

wisdom panel health tests

View on Amazon | View on Chewy

Our second-place winner for the best dog DNA test, Wisdom Panel offers three main dog DNA tests: Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery, Wisdom Panel Essential, and Wisdom Panel Premium.

  • Breed Discovery: tests for 365+ breeds, drug sensitivities (MDR1 test), and your dog’s lineage and includes a relative finder.
  • Essential: tests for everything in the Breed Discovery kit plus 50+ physical traits and 25+ genetic health risks.
  • Premium: tests for everything the Essential tests for plus 240+ additional genetic conditions and a veterinarian consult for notable health findings.

You get a detailed report back within three weeks that you can share with your vet. Results are easy to understand but not quite as detailed as Embark. Wisdom Panel has tested more than four million dogs, and they say over 99.9% of dogs in their database have a relative. 

Wisdom Panel also offers a cat DNA test, which screens for 70+ breeds and populations, 45+ genetic health conditions, and 25+ traits. It detects more breeds than any other cat DNA test. They also have tests for breeders of dogs and cats. These include genetic health tests, traits, and genetic diversity. While Wisdom Panel’s dog DNA tests are an affordable option compared to Embark’s kits, we and many customers have found Embark to be more accurate.

Personal Experience With Wisdom Panel

I’ve used three Wisdom Panel tests on my dog, Sally, over the years. The most recent one, Wisdom Panel Premium, is more detailed than the previous ones. The tests took the expected 2-3 weeks to deliver results, with one arriving in less than two weeks.

While the ancestry results in Premium have advanced, there was a significant difference between the results of the 3.0 test (now discontinued) and Premium. The 3.0 test showed Sally was 25% Beagle, but Premium showed no trace of Beagle in her genetic makeup. However, all the tests shared the same non-threatening health results for Sally, which was reassuring.

Overall, Sally is a nearly perfect dog, and it’s fun to speculate which breed is responsible for her quirks. Wisdom Panel provides detailed results of her genetic makeup in an easy-to-read format.

– Kimberly Alt, Parent Of A Coonhound Mix & Writer For Canine Journal
Screens for 365+ breedsComplaints of inaccurate results
Genetic mutation testing for over 260+ health conditions (Premium test)
Tests for 50+ physical traits (Premium & Essential tests)
Comes with two swabs, and they’ll replace for free if damaged
Veterinarian phone consultation available to discuss ‘at risk’ health findings (Premium test)
Includes a relative finder
Results within 2-3 weeks
Charitable partnerships with animal rights groups
Good website resources about canine DNA testing
Phone or email customer service for any questions
Tests for dog and cat breeders


Wisdom Panel is often offered at a discount from the MSRP price at Chewy.

Full Wisdom Panel Breed Detection Test Review

Third Place: Ancestry Know Your Pet DNA

Ancestry dog dna test

View on Amazon

Ancestry, the leading commercial human DNA testing and genealogy company, now brings its DNA scientific expertise to our four-legged friends. The Know Your Pet DNA dog test kit breaks down your dog’s precise breed makeup from its database of over 400 global breeds. It also screens for 30+ physical and behavioral traits to give you even more insight into your unique pup.

Your results will also let you know of any close genetic matches to the thousands of dogs in their database. Ancestry can even connect you with nearby owners whose dogs have compatible breed mixes. This test is so new that we can’t gauge customers’ experiences yet, but given Ancestry’s stellar scientific reputation, we feel confident in recommending this exciting new dog DNA test.

My Personal Experience With Know Your Pet DNA By Ancestry

I tested out Ancestry’s dog DNA kit on my mixed breed pup, Tiny, to find out his breed makeup. Ancestry confirmed what I’d been told when I adopted him from the ASPCA that he is part Cocker Spaniel (66%). But they also identified several other breeds, including English Bulldog, Boston Terrier, and more.

I find these other results pretty accurate based on his appearance and the fact that he has a mild form of brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome (BAOS), which affects English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and other flat-faced breeds. I also loved that I received results within three weeks!

Tests for 400 breeds, types, and varieties (more than any other company)No genetic health testing available
Screens 30+ physical and behavioral traitsWe couldn’t find customer feedback because the test is so new
Includes a relative finder
Uses a research-grade canine genotyping array
Get results in 2-4 weeks
Collaborates with University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine


Full Ancestry Know Your Pet DNA Review

Comparison Table

1st: Embark2nd: Wisdom Panel3rd: AncestryBasepawsDNA My DogDognomicsEasyDNA Breed IDOrivetPaw Print Genetics
Price $98.10  to  $127.00 $84.99  to  $99.00 ($99.00 / Count) $149 to $88.99 $147$104 Check Amazon for availability to $129.95 $19 to $55
Free ShippingCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
# Of Breeds Tested350365+400200350130350350N/A
# Of Health Conditions Tested250260+N/A200+N/A237N/A200200
Results Timeline2-4 Weeks2-3 Weeks2-4 Weeks4-6 Weeks2-3 Weeks2 Weeks3 Weeks2-3 Weeks2 Weeks
Genetic Markers230,000100,000UnknownUnknownUnknown200,0001,800UnknownUnknown
Research-Grade DNA Genotyping PlatformCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Relative FinderCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Family TreeCheckmarkCheckmark
Free Replacement Swab If Damaged Or Bad SampleCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkUnknownCheckmarkCheckmark
Donates Portion Of Proceeds To CharityCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Customer ServiceEmail, phone, chatbotEmail, phone, chatbotEmail, phoneEmail, phoneEmail, phoneEmailEmail, phone, live chatEmail, phone, live chatEmail, phone
Cat DNA Test OptionCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark

Are There Other Dog DNA Kits To Consider?

Although the following tests didn’t make our top three this time around, you may want to consider other noteworthy and popular options.

Basepaws Breed + Health Dog DNA Test Review

Basepaws Breed + Health Dog DNA Test

Visit Website

Basepaws, the industry’s leader in cat DNA testing and research, recently unveiled its Breed + Health Dog DNA Test. We think this test is worth considering if you’re looking for genetic health testing. It screens for over 200 hereditary diseases and conditions, which is more than Embark and Wisdom Panel. However, this test isn’t your best option if you primarily want breed identification because their breed database isn’t as large as other companies. Still, with over 200 breeds in their database, it’s not a major dealbreaker.

In 2022, Basepaws was acquired by Zoetis Inc., the world’s leading animal health company. This acquisition speaks to the sound scientific integrity behind Basepaws. However, we should note that Basepaws is a leader in feline rather than canine genetics. It’s also important to note that, unlike our top three winners, Basepaws doesn’t break down your dog’s breed into percentages. Instead, they use a 0-10 point genetic similarity scoring system that reflects how similar your dog’s genome is to the genomes of dogs belonging to certain breeds.

My Personal Experience With Basepaws Dog DNA Test

I tested my mixed breed dog, Tiny, with the Basepaws Breed + Health Dog DNA Test. In terms of the genetic health risks, the results were very similar to other dog DNA tests I’ve done. However, I was seriously underwhelmed with the breed analysis. The only breed they identified in my pup is Cocker Spaniel, whereas Ancestry’s Know Your Pet DNA dog test kit found that he is 66% Cocker, 13% English Bulldog, and several other breeds. Also, it took a long time for me to get my results back with Basepaws.

Genetic mutation testing for 200+ canine health risksFar fewer breeds in their database than top companies (200 vs 350)
Screens 30+ physical and behavioral traitsIt took over 7 weeks to get my results (far longer than similar tests)
Uses advanced Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologyWebsite doesn’t list breeds, diseases, or traits it screens for (but says it’s coming soon)
Pioneering company in feline genetic researchNo sample report on the website
Portion of sales are donated to animal sheltersDoesn’t include a relative finder or ancestry
We couldn’t find customer feedback because the test is so new


Full Basepaws Dog DNA Test Review

DNA My Dog Review

DNA My Dog Test kits

View on Amazon | View on Chewy

DNA My Dog’s Essential Breed ID Test is an affordable option for an at-home canine DNA assessment. Although you get a report on your dog’s dominant breeds and any breed-related health concerns and personality traits, DNA My Dog is mediocre compared to the breed and trait information you get with our top picks.

DNA My Dog also offers a Premium Breed ID Test, which covers everything in its essential test plus a couple of interesting features. This dog DNA test determines the biological age of your pup by measuring the length of your dog’s telomeres, the protective caps at the end of each chromosome that tend to shorten with age. This can provide insight into the predicted longevity and health of a dog. It also determines the extent of your dog’s wolf and coyote DNA.

Affordably pricedResults aren’t as thorough as our top 2 picks
Tests for 350 breeds, types, and varietiesSeveral customer complaints about accuracy
Free replacement swab if damaged or lost
Discover your dog’s biological age (premium test)
Get results in 2-3 weeks
Charitable shelter program donates funds to U.S. and Canadian shelters


  • Essential Breed ID Test –
  • Premium Breed ID Test – $88.99

Full DNA My Dog Test Review

Dognomics Dog DNA Test

Dognomics Dog DNA Test

Visit Website

Update (September 2023)

Dognomics reports on its website that the company is moving and cannot accept new dog DNA test orders at this time. However, existing customers can still log in to access their reports. We’ll check back regularly to see when they’re back up for new business.

Clinomics USA Inc. launched the Dognomics Dog DNA Test in June 2022, and based on the parent company’s strong scientific reputation, we anticipate that this at-home kit will become one of the leading dog DNA tests in the U.S. market. Looking at 200,000 genetic health markers, this test screens for 237 health conditions, more than any other test, and 130 breeds.

We didn’t include Dognomics in our top three picks because it’s so new we can’t get a good enough gauge from customers about their turnaround times, customer service, etc. Also, the breed database isn’t nearly as large as our top picks. So, you’re not going to get accurate results about your dog’s breed makeup with this test. However, this could be an excellent option if you’re primarily looking for health-related results.

The Dognomics test was developed by the South Korean company Clinomics Inc., which developed and sells human DNA tests in Asia. All testing will be conducted in their laboratory in San Diego, CA.

Genetic mutation testing for 237 canine health conditionsOnly 130 breeds in their database
Identifies 200,000 genetic markers, twice as much genetic information as most other companiesCustomer service only via email
Get results in 2 weeksWe couldn’t find customer feedback because the test is so new
Clinomics scientific team performed the world’s first whole genome sequencing on many mammals
Environmentally friendly packaging


EasyDNA Dog Breed Identification Test

EasyDNA dog test
Allergy test shown (not breed ID)

View on Easy-DNA

EasyDNA’s Dog Breed Identification Test checks for 1,800 genetic markers with access to a database of more than 350 breeds, types, and varieties of dogs. It also traces your pup’s canine ancestry back three generations. Results give you a percentage breakdown of each breed that makes up your pup.

You get a full analysis of the dominant and secondary breeds found in your furry friend, including each breed’s traits, behavior, and history. Also, your results include a predicted weight profile and proof of breed paper, which may be useful for breeders.

EasyDNA also offers an Inherited Disease and Trait Test (priced per condition they test for) and a Parentage Test to determine if your dog is purebred. Newer test offerings include the PetGen Canine DNA Test for breed ID (unknown breed database) and 130+ mutation screenings and the DogCheck 4.0 Genetic Disease Test. DogCheck 4.0 screens for 350 genetic diseases and physical traits.

Screens for 350 breeds, types, and varietiesMore expensive than Ancestry’s test and Wisdom Panel’s basic 350 breed test (but cheaper than Embark’s)
Traces canine ancestry back 3 generations
Get results in 3 weeks
Discounts for multiple tests
Company supports many charitable organizations


  • EasyDNA’s Breed Identification Test (350 breeds): $104
  • DogCheck 4.0 Genetic Disease Test (350 diseases & traits):1 $169
  • PetGen Canine DNA Test (unknown breed database & 130+ diseases): $159
  • EasyDNA’s Dog Inherited Disease & Trait Test: $69 per condition
  • EasyDNA’s Premium Dog Testing Package (includes three tests: Breed ID, Genetic Age, and Dog Allergy Test): $195
  • EasyDNA’s Dog Parentage Test: $169
  • EasyDNA’s Dog Parentage Test without Mother: $269
  • EasyDNA’s CatCheck (Feline) Genetic Disease Test: $150
  • EasyDNA’s Human Ancestry Tests: $169-$229

Looking for an EasyDNA promo code? Click here for the best deal we could find.

Full EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Review

Orivet Dog DNA Tests Review

Orivet Dog DNA Test

View on Amazon | View on Chewy

Orivet offers the Geno Pet DNA test for mixed-breed identification and the Geno Pet+ test for genetic health screening, traits, and breed identification. Each dog DNA test has a helpful, personalized life plan you can share with your vet. While the Geno Pet+ test is a bit less expensive than Wisdom Panel’s breed+health test and much less than Embark’s similar test, Orivet’s genetic testing isn’t nearly as broad or advanced as the top two companies. Orivet also doesn’t include ancestry screening or a relative finder.

Orivet has also introduced Purebred Dog DNA tests for 10 different breeds. Currently, Orivet screens for 250 health and trait tests in their Geno Pet+ test, but these purebred kits only test for genetic conditions and traits that are specific to your dog’s breed. However, breeders can use this test to provide proof of a dog’s lineage.

You can see a list of the health conditions and traits in each purebred test on their website and the Amazon product page. Breeds include Australian Shepherds, Miniature Australian Shepherds, Beagles, Border Collies, French Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles, Labrador Retrievers, and Labradoodles.

Breed Test: 350 recognized and developing breeds in their databaseResults don’t contain as much information as our top 2 picks
Health Test: Genetic mutation testing for over 200 canine health risks and over 40 physical traitsSome customers said it took a long time to get results
Health risks are classified based on likelihood and impact
Gives you adult weight prediction
Results are emailed within 2-3 weeks
100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Geno Pet+ (breed, health & trait screening) –
  • Geno Pet (breed ID) – $94.94
  • Purebred Dog Full Breed Profile (health) – $129.95

Orivet is often sold for less than MSRP on Amazon.

Full Orivet Dog DNA Review

Paw Print Genetics Review

Paw Print Genetics logo

Visit Website

Paw Print Genetics is an excellent choice for breeders or people with purebred dogs who want to test for breed-specific diseases. You can order a single dog DNA test or a panel of tests to assess your dog’s risk of developing or passing on the disease(s). Their website allows you to search by breed, disease/trait, or symptom.

They also offer parentage tests and a DNA profiling test you can use to ID your dog if he gets lost or stolen. Paw Print Genetics has a very limited number of mixed-breed tests, and they don’t provide breed identification. Still, breeders give this service two enthusiastic thumbs up for accurate and speedy results as well as fantastic customer service.

Analyzes each mutation with two independent methods to provide you with the highest accuracyCan get expensive if testing for multiple diseases (but they offer discounts)
Offers over 255 genetic mutation tests for health conditionsNo breed identification tests
Genetic counseling available, and excellent customer supportVery limited mixed breed tests
Includes Pedigree Report and Genetic Health Certificate
Partners with many dog clubs and associations
Results available in two weeks


  • Starts at $55 for one disease test with discounts for each additional test disease ordered
  • Starts at $55 for one coat color/trait test with discounts for each additional coat color/trait test ordered
  • DNA Profiling Test: $49
  • Parentage Test (puppy, dam, or sire): $30
  • Clear by Parentage Test: $19
  • View all options

Full Paw Print Genetics Review

Alternative: Get A Dog DNA Test At Your Veterinarian’s Office

If you’d rather have your veterinarian conduct a dog DNA test, you can check with your vet’s office to see if they offer the Royal Canin DNA test. With this test, your vet draws a small amount of blood and mails the sample to the lab, where they analyze your dog’s DNA. They determine your dog’s breed (out of 250 breeds) and do a health screening for more than 130 genetic mutations, including MDR1, for drug sensitivity. Once your vet receives the results in two to three weeks, you can meet to discuss a health and wellness plan for your pup.

We don’t have any information about whether this test is better than what you can do at home. We’ve read several comparisons that suggest that you will get a higher level of detail from our top at-home DNA pick than you will from the Royal Canin DNA test. Plus, it will likely require you to pay for a vet office visit and whatever the cost is for the test.

DNA Health Testing & Vet Care: A Word Of Caution

Do not make any healthcare decisions based on dog DNA test results. Always consult with your vet about any DNA test results.

We want to advise you that whatever health results you receive in your dog’s DNA test, you should take them with a grain of salt. Some pet parents make life-and-death decisions based on what could be overstated or misleading health indicators. Keep in mind that the science behind these tests is still in very early stages.

Just because your dog has a genetic mutation doesn’t mean your dog will develop a disease. Many factors influence whether a genetic mutation will be expressed (or turned on) during a dog’s lifetime. That’s why it’s extremely important to speak with your veterinarian about your dog’s DNA results. The vet who has examined your dog in person knows more about your pet’s health than a DNA test taken by mail.

We also encourage you to discuss any health concerns raised by test results with the DNA company for clarification. The top companies have geneticists and vets on staff who can help and likely set your mind at ease about the actual risks for your pet.

Are There Any Reasons Not To Test My Dog’s DNA?

Finding out your dog’s breed can lead to you learning about any disease predispositions, potentially causing some anxiety. You know what you’re capable of handling better than we do, but this is something you’ll want to consider.

In some areas or housing situations, you may have restrictions on certain breed ownership. If you conduct a DNA test on your dog and that breed is in your dog, you may be in a difficult situation if you opt to share your dog’s breed mix with a landlord. This could lead to you being unable to buy or rent a home in the area or needing to relocate. Honest sharing of DNA details could even increase your homeowner’s insurance in some situations.

There’s also a slight chance of false information. Whether the DNA sample wasn’t the best or there was a mix-up in the lab, it’s unlikely but possible to obtain inaccurate information that could lead you to adjust your dog’s lifestyle unnecessarily.

Pet Insurance Can Help Cover Health Conditions

If your dog’s DNA results show that your furry friend is at a higher risk of developing one or more health conditions, you may want to be proactive and purchase pet insurance to help you manage your finances in case of illness. Pet insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, so it’s important to get a policy before significant health issues arise. Our pet insurance comparison article tells you which plans and policies offer the most extensive coverage, which options are the best value, and much more.

Why Trust Canine Journal?

Sally has over 20 years of experience in human health sciences communications, including 10 years as an expert on pet health conditions and treatment. She’s part of a team of dedicated canine professionals and long-time dog owners at Canine Journal. We test and research the best pet products, not only for our own pups but for all of our readers.

The information provided through this website should not be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease; it is not intended to offer any legal opinion or advice or a substitute for professional safety advice or professional care. Please consult your health care provider, attorney, or product manual for professional advice. Products and services reviewed are provided by third parties; we are not responsible in any way for them, nor do we guarantee their functionality, utility, safety, or reliability. Our content is for educational purposes only.

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