BarkBox Review: Delivering A Howling Good Time

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Dog with BarkBox (caption: BarkBox Review)Does your household suffer from bored dog syndrome? Feel like you can’t keep your pooch satisfied? Let BarkBox come to the rescue. A BarkBox subscription gives your pup a surprise gift box every month, full of new toys, healthy treats and grooming products.

BarkBox saves you time shopping around for a variety of quality toys and all-natural treats your dog will love. Winner of our Best Dog Subscription Box comparison, BarkBox delivers compared to the dozens of other dog subscription boxes on the market. Read our BarkBox review to see why.

Visit BarkBox’s Website


4.5 / 5
Product Quality 5.0
Size Appropriate 4.5
Reliable Delivery 5.0
Cost 4.0
Customer Support 4.0


  • Easy to navigate website with good FAQ, blog and customer service features
  • 4-6 full-sized products in every box
  • 10% of proceeds donated to rescue organizations
  • Online and text ordering available
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android
  • Multi-dog discount


  • Subscriptions automatically renew, making canceling necessary
  • No cat boxes available

Key Features

What's inside a BarkBoxAfter launching in 2011, BarkBox saw more than $1 million in revenues per month after only 2 years in business. By February 2014, they reached $25 million in revenue per year. It’s no wonder so many other monthly dog box companies popped up after BarkBox’s initial (and continuing) success. Here are the features that make BarkBox a winner for you and your pooch:

  • All toys are from high-quality vendors.
  • Every treat is all-natural.
  • Information card in every box includes details about each item.
  • Dog size choice for monthly boxes includes extra-small, small, medium or large.
  • Scout’s Honor Guarantee: if your dog sticks his snout up at a product, they’ll replace it with a new one.
  • Reliable delivery every month with tracking information sent to you.
  • Super Chewer box option that’s backed by a 100% guarantee if the toys aren’t tough enough.
  • Online store has variety of quality products that your dog will love.


Regular Box: includes 5-6 full-sized products (2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats and a chew or 2)

  • $29 for one month
  • $25 per month for 6-month subscription
  • $22 per month for 12-month subscription
  • View all options

Super Chewer Box: includes 6 full-sized products (2 tough and fluff-free toys, 2 full-size treat bags and 2 all-natural meaty chews)

  • $39 for 1 box (month-to-month plan)
  • $34 per box for 6-month subscription
  • $29 per box for 12-month subscription
  • View all options

Free shipping for all boxes.

Read Our Super Chewer Review

BarkBox Coupon Code

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  • Super Chewer: Subscribe to Super Chewer today and receive $9 off your first box. Click here to take advantage of this offer.
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Walter with Toy from Barkbox
Walter enjoying his Mardi Gras-themed BarkBox toy.

Our BarkBox Challenge Results

We put BarkBox to the test with our resident volunteers, Lily, 10, and Walter 1-1/2. This challenge was not their first encounter with BarkBox, as was apparent when both pups immediately recognized the special delivery box.

After lots of barking, jumping and sniffing, the grand opening presented a super cute Mardi Gras theme with the toys and treats inside. Walter quickly claimed the Mardi Gras rope toy, and Lily went straight for the Catfish Po’ Boy treats.

“It’s a fun surprise for me and the pups,” said owner Seton. “There’s always something for both my dogs. Walter goes through a toy a week, so the new toys that come every month are always a big hit. And Lily gets to enjoy the treats. It keeps my treat supply well stocked; I think I’m out of treats and then remember I have some in the pantry squirreled away from last month’s box.”

Seton says the price is a bit more than she should be spending in her budget, but she likes to spoil her dogs. Walter and Lily certainly have no objections!

Dog Lovers Sound Off About BarkBox

As with many products and services, consumer BarkBox reviews are across the board. Here’s a sample of real consumer feedback we found around the web.

Positive Reviews

I love BarkBox ! We switch [sic] from petbox to here because we heard they offered much more variety ! Which they definitely did ! Amazing way of trying new products out for your pup big or small . It’s like Christmas every month for my Lhasa apso when the mailman delivers his barkbox ! Again worth it for the money! — Maddie R.,, 6/17/2015

We’ve received our 2nd month of BarkBox… Our boxes both months have been completely different. We got great boxes, I’m just surprised at the variation. This month our theme was movie night. Pizza & popcorn items. — Bets,, 4/26/2015

Negative Reviews

We received 3 months as a gift. However since our pup has food allergies I contacted Bark Box to change the food and snacks provided. Response time is horrible. I had to email several times… When they did reply they confirmed that they would put us on their list of dogs with special dietary restrictions. But the boxes never changed. — Gerry B.,, 6/12/2015

Unfortunately I had to cancel my bark box subscription. I have huge dogs, aggressive chewers. Each month they send a toy, a stuffed toy. Which lasts all of 15 minutes with my dogs… I contacted Bark box month after month requesting non stuffed toys. Each month they stated OK we will fix this, each month a stuffed toy. — Kathleen K.,, 2/23/2015

What’s Inside BarkBox? Unboxing Video

See our first-hand experience with BarkBox in this unboxing video.

How Can BarkBox Better Your Pup’s Life?

BarkBox isn’t the be-all, end-all for solving boredom or behavior problems that stem from lack of stimulation. As most dog owners know, dogs want your attention and interaction more than anything else. But when you can’t spend time with him, new toys and treats are a great alternative. Dogs are almost always interested in anything new, according to results from a study published in the journal Animal Cognition.

The study also found that toys that dogs can chew and manipulate are best to keep your pooch occupied on his own. BarkBox does its research when choosing the best toys and treats to include in each month’s box to make sure you get the best products available.

Love getting treats and toys on a regular basis? Check out our full review of the best pet boxes.

Are you a BarkBox subscriber? How do your dogs react to their special delivery?

About The Author:

Sally holds a BA in English from James Madison University and began her 25-year writing career as a grad student at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism & Mass Communications. She’s been a pet parent since college years (and spent her whole childhood with pets).

Now as a parent of two teenagers, she’s made sure to raise her daughters to learn how to love and care for pets (and other animals) in the most responsible and loving ways. As a result, she and her daughters now have 5 rescued dogs and cats who essentially rule their home! Sally has also volunteered over the years to help raise funds for various animal nonprofit organizations.

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September 2, 2019 1:02 am

Hi! I just adopted a shelter puppy that looks identical to Walter in this article. Is there any way to find out what kind of mix Walter is?

Kimberly Alt
September 3, 2019 1:58 pm
Reply to  Kaylee

Walter is mostly American foxhound and Weimaraner based on his DNA results. You can do a DNA test on your dog to find out what your dog’s breed makeup is.

Kevin McMurdo
May 28, 2019 10:11 am

Completely agree with Danielle Suarez. The company plays it fast and loose with subscriptions. Cancellations only apply to “auto-renewal” of subscriptions. If the company explained, up front, what the total amount of a multiple-month subscription would cost, many would decide not to subscribe. Unless and until Barkbox allows customers to cancel subscriptions, it is destined to fail. Cuteness works for only so long. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN ONE MONTH.

Danielle Suarez
May 10, 2019 1:59 pm

After ordering a one month subscription I decided it was over priced for what you got so I emailed to cancel and manually canceled my order. This month I received an email charging me again. I shared my email canceling the order and the company is now saying that they did not receive my request. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD. You will never get out of the subscription even if it’s just a one time month subscription.

April 23, 2019 11:52 am

I’m very disappointed with Barkbox. I have had it over a year, and they charge on the 3rd of the month and do not ship until the 15th. The delivery time has gone from five days to over 10 days. They need to rethink delivery options. Don’t sign up for a year subscription because you cannot cancel if you dog doesn’t like treats or toys last 20 mins.

Joellen Barker
April 11, 2019 6:54 pm

My girls love their Bark Box! They love the treats, the toys are high quality. I highly recommend Bark Box if you have a dog. Each month is a different theme, highly creative!

December 12, 2018 10:50 pm

Is there no longer a discount code for BarkBox? I don’t see it. I just graduated from college this week and start my new job on Monday, so I’d like to start treating my dogs to something special. But I’m not making the money, yet, so any kind of discount would be great!

Kimberly Alt
December 13, 2018 8:17 am
Reply to  Diana

If you use our Barkbox link you get $5 off your subscription and a free toy in every box.

Eileen Johnston
November 13, 2016 1:21 pm

I have a yellow lab named Lola. I signed up for bark box and have never been disappointed with anything that the service has to offer. In the three boxes that we have gotten thus far, there have been some toys that Lola won’t play with. When I called bark box, they sent replacement toys for Lola, and asked that I donate the other toys to a shelter. I have nothing but praise for this company. Anyone thinking about signing up for this service, remember this, you just can’t go wrong with bark box.

October 5, 2016 4:42 pm

What does BarkBox do if your dog does not enjoy the toys and treats that were sent?

Kevin McMurdo
May 28, 2019 10:13 am
Reply to  Jonathan

But they will NOT let you out of your subscription. Disappointed in their product? Too bad. You’re stuck for the length of your subscription.

Kimberly Alt
October 6, 2016 8:49 am
Reply to  Jonathan

They’ll replace it with a new one.

March 7, 2016 11:34 am

I signed up for barkbox, but I just didn’t see the value in it at all. I ended up canceling and trying PupJoy (which was a little better) and finally landing and keeping PetTreater. I haven’t tried any others but those 3, but from them, for me, PetTreater is by far the best dog box I have tried. Open to try others if anyone wants to recommend.