Best Dog Subscription Box 2018: Pet Treater vs Barkbox vs Pawpack vs PupBox vs Pupjoy vs Bullymake & More!

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Struggling to find time in your schedule to run basic errands, let alone keep your dog’s goodie stash stocked?

Dog subscription box services are a growing trend and may be the solution to having enough toys, treats and health items on hand for your pup delivered to your door each month.

Yes, similar to monthly subscription clubs for humans you can get a doggie boxes delivered to your home every month too.

Why Get Dog Subscription Boxes?

Here are just some of the reasons why dog subscriptions are a great idea:

  • The best, high-quality, all-natural products hand-picked by experts
  • Items aren’t always available at the local grocery or pet store
  • Skip the hassle of trying to purchase one-of-kind items from specialty shops
  • Saves you money as items usually cost a fraction of what you’d pay at retail
  • Fun for you both to unveil what’s inside
  • Many boxes help dogs in need and benefit a cause
  • Support local businesses as many products are made in the USA by small companies
  • Most include organic and healthy treat options and satisfaction guarantees

Which Is The Best Monthly Dog Box?

All of the “best of” services we reviewed send you expertly curated toys, treats, dental health and grooming products every month — much more than just a simple toy in a box.

Surprisingly, there are a number of companies to choose from, each providing a variety of goodies for your canine companion. So read our reviews to help you choose the best dog subscription box for you and get ready to spoil your pooch.

BarkBox Review

BarkBox and dog


Visit Website

BarkBox is the leader of the monthly dog box pack in both sales and name recognition. This company lives up to the hype with high-quality, reliable products that deliver canine satisfaction. They’ve had over 2 million pups subscribe and best of all, they’re one of the least expensive services you’ll find.

BarkBox has fun themed boxes. Previous themes include The Knights of the Round Table, Chewrassic Bark, The Good The Bad And The Pugly, Throwback Thursday and more.Each box includes 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats and a chew centered around a theme. And if your pup doesn’t love an item, they’ll send a free replacement.



  • Easy to navigate website with good FAQ, blog and customer service features
  • Discount for committing to more months
  • Shipping included
  • Reliable delivery with tracking information sent to you
  • 10% of proceeds donated to rescue organizations
  • Online and text ordering available
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android
  • Multi-dog discount
  • Treats are made in the USA or Canada
  • Subscriptions automatically renew, making canceling necessary
  • No cat boxes available


Box Includes: 5-6 full-sized products

  • $29 for 1 box
  • $25 per box for 6-month subscription
  • $23 per box for 6-month subscription billed once
  • $21 per box for 12-month subscription
  • View all options

Free shipping for all boxes.

Coupon Code

Limited Time: Get 1 free extra toy in every box (that is up to a $150 value)! Ongoing: Our readers can get $5 off any new Barkbox subscription. Click here to take advantage of this offer.

A Personal Experience With BarkBox

Walter with Toy from Barkbox
Walter enjoying his Mardi Gras-themed Barkbox.

As part of our in-depth analysis of all things canine, we employed two furry friends in the field, Lily, 10, and Walter, 1.5 years of age, to put BarkBox to the test with a Mardi Gras themed box that arrived in the month of February.

As owner Seton observed, Walter goes straight for the Mardi Gras rope toy and Lily for the Catfish Po’ Boy treats. “It’s a fun surprise for me and the pups,” says Seton. “I swear Walter knows what the box looks like now and goes crazy when it arrives.”

Seton says there’s always something for both her dogs. “Walter goes through a toy a week, so the new toys that come every month are always a big hit. And Lily gets to enjoy the treats. It keeps my treat supply well stocked; I think I’m out of treats and then remember I have some in the pantry squirreled away from last month’s box.”

Any BarkBox Negatives?

“The cost is a little more than I should be spending on something like this,” Seton chimes in. “And it would be nice to get something else besides toys and treats…maybe a pet friendly car accessory or dog sweater.” But as far as Walter and Lily are concerned, it’s two paws up.

Read Our In-Depth BarkBox Review

Pet Treater Review

Pet Treater box
Photo Credit: My Subscription Addiction


Visit Website

Pet Treater has three different box sizes to choose from based off your pet’s weight. Your dog or cat is shipped a box monthly that may include treats, toys, poop bags, grooming supplies, outfits and other accessories. Items are sent to you without you having to pay the full retail price.

The first box your pet receives will be a little different than the rest because it’s a combination of highly loved items from previous boxes. We like the low prices for PetTreater’s pet boxes, which is why it’s our second pick for best pet box subscription.



  • Easy to navigate website with good FAQ
  • All treats are made in the United States or Canada
  • For every box shipped, an item is donated to an animal shelter in need
  • You can specify diet restrictions and special requests (but it’s not quite clear on the website, enter the info in the notes at checkout)
  • Cat boxes available
  • Subscriptions automatically renew, making canceling necessary
  • No multi-dog discount (or for pre-paid multiple months)


Box Includes: 6-8 products for dogs 3-4 items for cats

Free shipping for all boxes.

Coupon Code

Get your first month of Dog Box-Mini for $4 at Pet Treater with code CANINEMINI. Click here to take advantage of this offer.

Surprise My Pet Review

Surprise My Pet box#3

Visit Website

Surprise My Pet rounds out our top three best monthly dog box subscription boxes as a newcomer that’s already making a paw print among its competition.

Launched in early 2015, Surprise My Pet stands out for its unique features, namely its paw for paw guaranteeif your dog is totally uninterested in one of the products, you can email them, and they’ll send you a replacement item for free.

Surprise My Pet is more expensive than most but the sheer number of goodies was vast and so was the quality of the food products. This subscription box company is still a little too new to make it to the top of our list, but we’re keeping an eye on this impressive start-up.

A Personal Experience With SurpriseMyPet

At our request, provided us with one free box of goodies for testing with two not-so-picky rescue pups, Bella and Lily. We tested this service to help us conduct a thorough review. Bella and Lily enjoyed the variety of treats and toys inside their box and were surprised by how much came in the box. In our experience, the box was 100% full of treats and toys — there is no filler in this package.



  • Extra-small dog box option
  • Free replacement item guarantee
  • A fraction of proceeds donated to animal charities
  • Save 3% on your order if you “like” them on Facebook
  • Cat box option (and multi-cats)
  • Discount for multi-month subscriptions
  • No phone customer support
  • Plans automatically renew, so canceling is necessary
  • No allergy customizations
  • No multi-pet discount for dogs


Box Includes: 5-7 full-sized products

  • $30/box for 1 month for both dogs and cats ($37 for multi-cats)
  • $28/box for 3-month subscription for both dogs and cats ($35 for multi-cats)
  • $26/box for 12-month subscription for dogs or $24/month for cats ($31 for multi-cats)

Free shipping for all boxes.

Coupon Code

Use the coupon code LOVE via this link to get 10% off a month to month plan!

Other Dog Subscription Boxes

Below are some reviews of subscription boxes that didn’t make our top three but still have great delivery services. Be sure to check them out!

Bullymake | Dapper Dog | PawPack | PetBox | PetGiftBox |Pooch Perks | PupBox | PupJoy | ShaggySwag | SurprisePawty

Bullymake Review

Bullymake Box with dog

Visit Website

Bullymake’s monthly dog subscription box is designed for power chewers. Your dog won’t get any plush toys in this box because those are easily destroyed.

The box is sent based on your dog’s weight. Toys and treats are then catered to your dog’s size, which we like, because some toys and treats may be too big or small for your dog.

Bullymake doesn’t offer a multi-pet discount, but if you have two dogs you can add another toy to the monthly box for an extra $9 per month. If your dog is picky with his treats you can opt for a toys only box.



  • Will replace any destroyed toys within 14 days
  • Caters to beef, chicken and grain allergies
  • You can customize the frequency you receive boxes, just contact
  • Option for toys only
  • Toys are made in the U.S.
  • 14-day guarantee
  • Heavy duty toys
  • More expensive than others
  • Subscriptions automatically renew, making canceling necessary
  • No cat boxes available
  • No multi-pet discount


Box Includes: 5-6 super premium, durable toys and treats.

  • $39/box for 1 month
  • $36/box if you pre-pay for 3 months
  • $34/box if you pre-pay for 6 months
  • $31/box if you pre-pay for 12 months
  • View all options

Free shipping for all boxes within the U.S.

Dapper Dog Review

Dapper Dog Box

Visit Website

Dapper Dog customizes your dog’s box to fit his needs according to his size, allergies and chewing style. Each box includes a combination of toys, treats made in the USA, bowties, bandanas and other dog accessories valued at over $60. On average, your dog will receive 2 treats, 2 toys and 1 chew or accessory.

All of the treats sent to your dog are 100% natural and sometimes organic too, which we think is awesome. You can select a standard or heavy chewer box and you have the option to skip a month or cancel whenever you like.



  • Customizations available for allergies
  • No wheat, soy or corn
  • All products made in the U.S.
  • 100% natural (and often organic) treats
  • If you don’t love something Dapper Dog will replace it for free
  • Every purchase feeds 12 rescue dogs
  • Subscriptions automatically renew, making canceling necessary
  • No cat boxes available
  • Must pay an extra $5/month for power chewers and only a ten day guarantee
  • No multi-pet discount


Box Includes: 5 full-size treats, toys and accessories

  • $30/box for 1 month
  • $26/box for 3 months
  • $24/box for 6 months
  • $22/box for 12 months
  • View all options

Free shipping for all boxes within the U.S.

PawPack Review

PawPack box

Visit Website

PawPack was previously our number two pick for best dog subscription box because it placed a major focus on all-natural, eco-friendly products. However, it is now owned by The Gift Box and it seems to have lost some of the features that made it a top three pick.

For example, there is no customization for allergies, which could prove to be a big problem. There are options for small, medium and large dogs, but if you go straight to purchasing the box it doesn’t give you an option for dog size, which is odd to us.

In the past, PawPack has had excellent customer support, however, we’re not sure of this now that The Gift Box owns PawPack. Overall, we just don’t feel comfortable recommending this pet box in our top picks at this time.



  • Portion of proceeds go to animal rescue charities
  • 100% guarantee
  • Organic and all natural products
  • No allergy options
  • Slightly less variety of treat products
  • The website isn’t the easiest to navigate, it automatically scrolls up after a period of time and isn’t user friendly
  • $31.50 sign-up fee


Box Includes: 4-6 full-size, organic/natural treats, toys and accessories

  • $29.99 for 1 box
  • $27.99 per box for 3-month subscription
  • $24.99 per box for 12-month subscription
  • View all options

Free shipping for all boxes within the U.S.

Coupon Code

Use coupon code welcome50 to get 50% off your first order with PawPack via this link!

How Can Your Subscription Make A Difference?

Watch this video to see how your pup and other animals can benefit from PawPack’s monthly dog box.

PetBox Review

Our article previously included PetBox but they have since gone out of business. We cannot find any information regarding the reason for PetBox going out of business but their website and social media sites have not been active since Fall 2015.

PetGiftBox Review

PetGiftBox contentsVisit Website

PetGiftBox is also now owned by The Gift Box, which means we have similar complaints for it including a clunky website. The website made it almost impossible to learn anything new about PetGiftBox.The information below is what we were able to obtain during our frustrating experience with The Gift Box.

The boxes are themed around the relevant holidays and the packaging itself is made to look like a gift with a bow and to/from tag on the design so it is a nice option for those looking to give as a present to other pups. The box we tested (prior to The Gift Box owning it) had two types of treats (that were both American made) two toys and a scented candle for masking pet smells.

Similar to what we said for PawPack, we don’t feel comfortable recommending this company.

A Personal Experience With PetGiftBox

PetGiftBox provided us with one free box of goodies for review. We tested this box subscription service to help us conduct a thorough review. Rescue pups Bella and Lily enjoyed their toys (although not one for liking toys) and Lucy the Cavalier thought the treats were delicious.



  • Dog or cat boxes and large, medium or small breed options
  • A portion of each purchase goes toward a charity
  • Gifts are relevant to season
  • 100% guarantee
  • Treats are USA made
  • No phone support or app
  • No refund policy if you cancel, must pay for full subscription
  • The website isn’t the easiest to navigate, it automatically scrolls up after a period of time and isn’t user friendly


Box Includes: 4-6 full-size treats, toys and accessories

  • $29.99 for 1 box
  • $27.99 per box for 3-month subscription
  • $24.99 per box for 12-month subscription
  • View all options

Free shipping for all boxes within the U.S.


Get 50% off your first month of The Pet Gift Box just by using this link!

Pooch Perks Review

Pooch Perks boxVisit Website

Named ‘Best in America’ by Fox Business, Pooch Perks prides itself on customization and customer satisfaction. You can select the dog’s size, food allergies, plush or durable premium toys, and delivery frequency. They offer the option for a “booster”, an extra toy for $7.99 more. There is also a smaller, sample box, if you want to give it a try first.

Pooch Perks also offers gifts with custom messages and single items. So if your pooch is particular about a perk, you can get more. The company stands by its Pet Parent Promise and, like many of the other boxes we reviewed, their products are all-natural and made in the U.S.

The major downside vs. competitors is that shipping charges are extra. 



  • Treats are made in the USA (tested by  human bakers and their favorite pooches)
  • Predominantly natural, organic, non-GMO, and gluten and grain free with no added artificial preservatives
  • Toys are tested by team’s dogs for durability, safety and fun and held to the same standards as children’s toys
  • Most of their Premium Plush toys are 2-ply tough and double stitched as well as guaranteed by manufacturers
  • Save 8% by buying a year’s worth of boxes in advance
  • No cat box
  • Shipping extra cots


Box Includes: 2-6 items (with option of adding more)

  • Sample Pooch (2 items) starting at $11.95
  • Custom Pooch (3-4 items) starting at $19.95
  • Popular Pooch (5-6 items) starting at $27.95
  • View all options

Shipping varies by location.

PupBox Review

PupBox photoVisit Website

As seen on Shark Tank, PupBox is a pet subscription service geared towards pups, although you can sign up your adult dog too. Each box from PupBox contains 5-7 products, one of which is a bag of training treats.

Depending on what stage of life your dog is going through, you may be sent specific life products. For example, if your dog is teething you may get extra chew toys, or if your dog is potty training you may get pee spray.



  • Boxes include a new training guide by Andrea Arden
  • All treats are made in the United States and Canada
  • Items are chosen based on the dog’s stage in life
  • Ability to specify allergies in the notes section
  • More expensive than other boxes
  • Subscriptions automatically renew, making canceling necessary
  • No cat box option


Box Includes: 5-7 products (with a value of more than $40)

  • $39/box for 1-month subscription
  • $34/box for 3-month subscription
  • $32/box for 6-month subscription
  • $29/box for 12-month subscription
  • View all options

Free shipping for all boxes within the U.S.

PupJoy Review

PupJoy boxVisit Website

PupJoy lets you customize your dog’s subscription. Choose Uno or Grande (small or large) box sizes, as well as the types of items you want shipped in the box (treats and toys). If your dog has allergies you can specify them as well as choosing all natural, organic, grain-free or protein sensitive options.

Is your dog a toy destroyer? Choose more durable toys as an option, too. PupJoy has the potential of breaking into our top three, the only thing holding them back is the price.



  • Specify diet restrictions
  • Product from small US businesses
  • Easy to navigate website with good FAQ
  • Get boxes monthly, bimonthly or quarterly
  • Excellent customer service
  • $2 of your purchase is donated to charity
  • More expensive
  • No cat box option


Prices vary depending on the dietary restrictions, dog size and delivery frequency you choose for your dog. From what we could calculate, prices start around $26 per month and can be around $44 per month, depending on your preferences.

Coupon Code

Our readers can get $10 off any new Pupbox subscription. Click here to take advantage of this offer.

ShaggySwag Review

ShaggySwag boxVisit Website

Shaggy S.W.A.G. (Something We All Get) boxes include 2 toys, 2 bags of treats, fashion accessories and poop bags all for a fraction of the cost you’d pay at the store for each item.

Their three “C’s” give you convenience, comfort and connection, meaning items are focused on these categories. Each box is built in Brooklyn, NY, and a portion of proceeds benefits the Badass Brooklyn Animal Shelter. All items are made in the U.S.

To get started you select the delivery frequency and dog weight, create a pup profile and check out. Every box has an $80+ value (that’s more than most boxes) and you can pause your subscription at any time.

A Personal Experience With ShaggySwag

We had the opportunity to try a box with a New York theme out for free in exchange for an honest review.

We loved the handmade, Etsy-ish quality of the products; each item was something I’d pick out for my pooch, including a bag of dried fruit treats and churros (NY street food?). Toby loved the squeaky dog toy, and the apparel is a unique touch.



  • Smaller company offering more unique products made in the U.S.
  • Free replacements if dog isn’t satisfied
  • Poop bags included in every box
  • No catering to dogs with sensitivities
  • No cat boxes
  • Limited customer service


Box Includes: 6+ items valued at $80

  • $32/box for 1 month
  • $30/box if you pre-pay for 3 months
  • $28/box if you pre-pay for 6 months
  • $25/box if you pre-pay for 12 months
  • View all options

Free shipping for all boxes within the U.S.

Surprise Pawty Review

SurprisePawty boxVisit Website

Surprise Pawty brings the party to you and gives you a reason to celebrate every month. Each box is themed around a seasonal trend and includes natural, organic treats and durable, safe toys.

They don’t offer full-year subscriptions which is unusual compared to other companies, and the savings from adding more months to your plan are not enough to incentivize most to commit.

We like that they personally customize the box if you make notes about your dog’s preferences and even send a special treat and message for your dog’s birthday month.



  • Special treat and custom design on dog’s birthday month
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Phone and email support
  • Customized for your dog
  • A portion of proceeds is donated to shelters, rescues, & other non-profit organizations that provide a better life for dogs in need
  • No annual plan
  • Shipping not included
  • No cat box


Box Includes: 5-6 premium-grade items

  • $35/box for 1 month
  • $33/box if you pre-pay for 3 months
  • $32/box if you pre-pay for 6 months
  • View all options

Shipping is $4.99 per box in the U.S. and $9.99 to Canada.

Which Dog Subscription Service Will You Go With?

Dogs get bored with the “same old, same old” just as we humans do. Dogs are most interested in anything new and perceive new toys and treats as if they’re prey. Spice up your pet’s life (just as you would your own) with a box full of different treats and toys each month. After all, a content canine makes for a much happier owner.

If you’re not into purchasing a subscription box, you can purchase treats and toys individually. And if you like getting dog-related things delivered on a regular basis, you should check out fresh dog food delivery as a way to never run low on grub for your pup.

Does your pup get a monthly dog box? Is it worth the money?

Disclaimer: The information provided through this website should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or a disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your health care provider.
Sally grew up in a feline-only home, but cat allergies in her early 20’s made it an easy transition to dog ownership. And she couldn’t be happier with her canine shadow, who’s been at her side (literally) for years. No longer a cat person for obvious reasons, Sally is now a true bone-ified dog lover.

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Samantha Peddie
What would be the best box for a 3 and 5 pound chihuahua who only eat all natural? I was looking at Surprise my pet. Any suggestions?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
You have a lot of options, Samantha!
Barkbox includes all-natural treats
Dapper Dog is 100% natural and sometimes organic treats
PawPack has a focus on all-natural treats
Pooch Perks has natural, organic, non-GMO, and gluten and grain free with no added artificial preservatives
PupJoy has all natural, organic, grain-free or protein sensitive options.
Surprise Pawty has natural, organic treats

Surprise My Pet doesn’t have anything listed on its website (that we found) about all natural treats.

Mr. Tong
thanks for the reviews, I was thinking to get some box subscription for my Bichon Frise. our dog is not happy since our baby was born, I want to do something to make him happy. this saves me lots of time to do the research myself. I want to try BarkBox, but could not find the coupon code, is it still available?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Go here and scroll down to the heading that says Coupon Code 🙂
I just canceled my pupjoy and went back to Barkbox,and Pupbox. 1. When I came back it was the same toys and same treats. 2. I was disappointed to see this since it’s been a year and paying more money. The new local treats I did not see but the same exact treats. 3 I live close by them and it takes forever.
Barkbox being number one meeting all my dogs allergies so he can enjoy the toys and treats. 2.I love Pupbox for 21 keeping my puppies allergies considered, and top knotch toys that are very durable!
I just dont know what happened to PupJoy, am sadden.
Are these subscriptions really worth it when you can go to the dollar tree and other places and get brand name stuff way cheaper? What makes these subscription boxes better than going to a dollar store?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
The perk is that this is shipped straight to your doorstep. If you’re bad at remembering to buy Fido new toys and treats, this takes care of it for you. These are probably higher quality than items from the dollar store too.
Pauline Aquilina
Any suggestions for Canadian dog owners??
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Our number one pick, BarkBox ships to Canada!
Amber Abbott
But it costs a lot! Like $37.75/Month…. I went on the website, was going to sign up. Then I realized everything was in USD.:(
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
When I look at prices for Canada they are the same as the United States. I think the $37.75 is the Canadian dollar equivalent.
$29 USD for one month ($37.78 CAD)
$25 USD per month for 6-month subscription ($32.57 CAD)
$23 USD per month for 6-month subscription billed once ($29.96 CAD)
$21 USD per month for 12-month subscription ($27.36 CAD)
I called and they told me they did not ship to Canada,
I can’t seem to put my order in.
Is there a different website for Canada, would you know?
Thank you
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Laurie, here’s how you can get Barkbox in Canada.
1) Visit the Barkbox Website
2) Click “Get Started” in the top right corner
3) Select your dog’s size
4) Select the plan you want
5) Choose if you want a premium toy or not
6) Insert your address and select Canada as the country instead of the United States

Voila! You’ll get your dog boxes shipped to your Canadian doorstep! 🙂 Let me know if you have any further questions!

Great review. I started with barkbox years ago and switched to pet treater about 8 months ago when a friend told me they did the same. Very, very glad I did. Barkbox seems to appeal more to the pet owner rather than my actual dog. adopted a cat a few months back and signed up for pet treater’s cat pack and love it. I can’t compare it to any others, as I haven’t tried any other cat box, but I did notice all the other’s ive found are double the price, so I’ll stick with this one unless something changes.
Pet treaers customer service is aweful. Plus you may get more toys but not quality toys or consideration of a dog with severe allergies. I am unsure how you can say Barbox is geared towards the dog owner where as the pettreaters give more items to the furbaby owners.
Dr. M
We’d love to have you review VetPet Box! We’re veterinarian owned and operated and specialize in custom boxes for cats and dogs. We focus on wellness and include veterinary-grade wellness products in our shipments.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
We will consider reviewing the box in our next audit. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
Yes. I’d love to read a review of this.
I would be interested in a comparison between the companies that donate to shelters/rescues about the cost compared to donation rate. That has a big impact on my decision of which company to use. Currently we subscribe to Rescue Box. My border collie/aussie/whoknowswhat mix destroys most of the toys in minutes, but she has such fun doing it we don’t mind. We just make sure we are watching so she doesn’t swallow anything she shouldn’t. I have 7 dogs and they all find something they want in the Rescue Box. It’s a great day when a box arrives each month no matter what.
Paul Dempsey
Rescuebox is a scam and refuses to cancel our subscription and keeps charging us for something we no longer want. We tried appealing to the credit card company, but since we started the subscription, they can’t help us cancel it.
Hello I have 2 dogs a 6 month frenchie boy and 5 year old yorkie. None play with toys, the treats the yorkie is nit picky the bulldog sort of. I want more dog groomjing and little clothes or stuff I can use for dog but do not want to pay arm and leg who should I go with? That has multi dog discount.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
The boxes can be a mixed bag of items. So, you could get more grooming stuff one month and more toys another month. It can depend on the box. I suggest going to the company websites and viewing previous boxes and decide which one looks more appealing to what you want in your box. Best of luck!
Hello, Does someone know if there are providers of dogs toy box in Europe/doing deliveries to Europe?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Sorry, we have not done research on dog boxes in Europe. We focus on products and services within the United States. Best of luck!
I think the company DapperDog deserves a review as well. The owner personally emails you inquiring about the interests, personality, size etc of your dogs. They also choose treats that support small, local businesses. Disappointed that it wasn’t reviewed, they’re better than a few of the companies listed.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
We will consider reviewing it in our next audit. Thanks Bethany!
Rhonda S
Used to review dog boxes, paied for them so I could say what I wanted. The DapperDog I was so excited to order,however subpar for the price when I recieved it. Both my dogs either the toy fell apart, the list goes on. It’s a more expensive box that I found did not match what was in the box. I like to change up every year, this box half I could not use. I am honestly shocked they have are still around. Just my 2 cents.
Julie Ed Fitz
Hey Rhonda, The dapper dog boxes are the best out there, and its not more expensive than others at all. They have super fun and trendy toys and adorable bandanas. If your dog destroys a toy they send a replacement. They also offer a heavy chewer option for dogs that destroy toys quickly, so you should have chosen that option. I think you have your boxes mixed up hun
Barkbox has allergy options and you can customize all toys or all treats or any combination you just need to call or chat with them. Also, if a dog doesn’t like a toy or treat they will send you a replacement. If you get the super chewer option (more expensive) you get more durable toys made from kong like material and the guarantee if your dog destroys it they will send a new one at no charge! Their customer service is amazing and I must say I am a very happy customer!
Sadie Cornelius (Admin)
Tori so glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed Barkbox, thanks for sharing!
Funny, I just canceled Barkbox. I repeatedly asked them to upgrade me to the heavy chewers box. The toys sent were WAY undersized for my dog and were destroyed in minutes, a few I would have actually considered choke hazards for my 90 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback (the stuffed raindrops in the ‘cloud’ toy a couple months ago). I’m trying Dapper Dog since they have an EASY to find option for Extra Large dogs and it’s easy to specify a heavy chewer right from the get go.
They have 3 options. Regular, heavy chewer, which they upgrade you for free, but I recommend super chewer box. You pay an extra $9 or so per box, but they come backed with a 14 day guarantee. My two large GSDs have not chewed through a single toy from the first box we tried, in December. Worth looking into! They were also very responsive to me on the online chat, during their business hours. One chew they went through in minutes, not a toy, but a chew, and because I pay extra I was frustrated. I got an immediate reply from their online chat option, and they offered to send TWO replacement chews. Such great options! I also recommend you trying bullymake, and my favorite is DapperDog, which I was disappointed that it wasn’t even mentioned in this article. Worth looking into!
We would love to see about getting a review on our new SquirrelCrate! We are a monthly subscription for the particular pups and their people. We customize each box based on a dog’s diet sensitivities. (wheat-free, vegan…) We never include cheap plastic toys, or rawhide choking hazards. Most of out gifts are from small business, made in small, high quality batches. Thanks, I would love to hear from you!
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
We will consider adding it to an update of this article.
I subscribed to the Prized Pet Box and my dogs love it. It is just treats but everything is all natural and super healthy. They love it, plus it’s pretty affordable compared to other boxes and my dogs don’t need the toys anyways… they already have way too many.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Glad you like it Sarah. We’ll look into adding Prized Pet Box in our next audit.
Bark box made #1… I’m surprised, I just canceled with them.. The toys are so cheaply made. And this month both my dogs toys were faulty.. I contacted them and only got an apology.. What a shame..
Really shocked. I used to do box reviews, at one time I would agree. I bought mine to give my honest thoughts without being nice.
Since then, their new tough toy lines, my dogs have been happy pups.
I’ve had issues. They always give you a box next month, or compensate. I am not doubting you, maybe you got a new customer service person.
They sent me a gift for both of my dogs last month. My baby GSD is in training to be my service dog. They even had a bag of yummy treats for my English.
I do not work for them, but can say, please call them back, they will fix the issue. Their toy line has 3 levels. They have changed to all USA, and toys tested.
They are the best for the price. I don’t think that you would find it cheaper anywhere else!
Arjun Chakraborty
Why hasnt anyone mentioned The Dapper Dog Box. They customize for allergies, grain free, give uber durable toys for heavy chewers ( like rubber, antlers, nylon chews) and they include amazing $30 bandanas from coco and pistachio and adorable bowties. They rock, the owner is super sweet and the treats are the healthiest ive seen. We’ve been a loyal customer for over a year and weve tried like 3 other boxes that were pretty awful. Dapper dog box rocks.
You should do a review on Surprise Pawty! I’ve been subscribed to them for several months now and absolutely love how they always include a special something for us “hoomans” as well! Makes me get as excited as my dog when we get our box very month. The quality of the toys and treats they include are great as well!
Annie at BarkBox
Howloooo Sally! We are pupsolutely thrilled to have made it to #1 onto your Best Dog Subscription Box list! Thank you furry much for the kind woofs! We absolutely love spoiling all the pups in our pack, and are so yappy Walter and Lily ruved their goodies! 🙂 Each box has a retail value of over $40, so our subscription prices are a pawesome deal! We also have a FREE heavy chewer option and allergy friendly option to accommodate our pack’s needs.

If we can ever lend a paw, paw-lease don’t hesitate to give us a howl at!

All our ruv, Annie at BarkBox

Thank you so much! I have 4 yorkies. My babies who range in size. 3 lb to 8lbs with this review and due to your reply I’ll be buying at least boxes next month. Can’t wait! One box I’m excited now to say will be for my lady Xena who has allergies to certain foods. And I’m allergic to latex. So I can’t have any rubber toys delivered. Your reply put me at ease. Thank you!! Please.let me know if I can make sure to say to rubber only nylon?
Bought a box from her, wasn’t impressed. Cheap toys that were broken within hours . The treats were good, but wouldn’t recommend
Im glad to have come across this article of reviews of the different pet boxes I am getting a gift for someone and a box for my little girl she just lost her grand father misses him and would have got another for my male Samoyed but he just passed away due to my vets mistreatment he was a National Specialty Show dog of the country and top number 2 Sammie in the country several times.
I was going to buy Bark Box but after reading what all the customers here wrote about your companies treatment and poor quality no way..I work hard for my money and don’t have time to fix company problems that have my money that don’t do the right thing by their customers, so I wouldn’t even give it one chance after reading the unjustly unfair problems everyone has dealt with buying BarkBox I just read here so sorry customer service is a rare thing these days it seems if you don’t have good reviews I will spend my money where the company treats you with value.
Mary-Margaret Miller
Seriously? I just spoke to someone at Bark Box today about a late delivery for Scout Finch’s box. They not only are making sure the box ships on time now, they’re sending the next box free AND including an extra toy. I was so impressed with their customer service and their determination to make things right that I signed up for a 2nd box each month for my grandson’s dog, Gatsby. We are now loyal Bark Box customers.
You may want to take away ‘reliable shipping’ from BarkBox – if a package is lost in delivery or delivered to the wrong address they reimburse you with ONE of the toys from the box, even as a customer opting for the extra toy option.
Annie at BarkBox
Hi there Onyx! We’re so sorry to hear if you had anything less than an exceptional experience with us! Our shipping partners guarantee delivery within 8 business days from shipment. If the box isn’t in-paws within that time-frame, we do everything we can to make it right for you and your pack. Whether that means adding a month onto your subscription to make the next month’s box free or reshipping a box (when quantities allow), we’re always trying to keep your pup’s tail wagging! We’re totally committed to keeping our pupstomers happy, so please reach out to so we can make this right for you and your pack!
Never had that issue. If not happy ask for a manager. Trust me, read my review . I yell, I work hard for my money. They will fix besides just sending you one toy. Took off the charges for next month, and sent 2 items.
Apparently from the time of this article the Cratejoy or surprise my pet box went up to $30/ month. I was interested at $25/mo, but not now
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will be sure to update our article!
Have you considered doing a review on Cuddle Crate? They do boxes for dogs, cats, and small animals. Have had a subscription with them for a few months and have really liked them!
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
We will consider reviewing them in our next audit for this article. Thanks!
I was hoping for a bullymake review. We spent $60 on toys only to have them destroyed 90 minutes later. I am not exaggerating. We are looking at this box because the toys are intended for heavy chewers and have a 14 day guarantee. Has anyone used them?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
We haven’t reviewed Bullymake but will consider adding it to this article in the future. Thanks!
Haven’t used them but I think the 14 day return is awesome. I’m also interested in seeing the review.
I got the $25/month subscription and I opted for the big dog because I thought the toys would be more durable for my bully breed but all I got so far were 2 boxes intended for smaller dog breeds. I’m hoping I can get a hold of customer service. Hope this helps…
I did when reviewing boxes. They are sky high, expensive as heck, and think their toys are no better than the rest out there. One of my dogs ate parts of a can, looks like a coke can to put treats in. They make some of their treats and toys. I dumped them. I had canceled and they still charged me the following month.
Wanted to try out PawPack for the first time. Attempted to use “coupon code welcome50 to get 50% off your first order with PawPack via this link!”. The coupon code doesn’t work. Do you have an updated one?
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Hi Sherry, we just tested the coupon code on our end and it worked. Mind trying again and see if it works? Thanks!
Thank you. Will attempt again
Thank you!
It worked this time. Not sure what happened previously. Thank you for checking.
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Yay! Glad it worked this time for you!
the first time I tried code, I put a space between welcome 50, and didn’t work, when I did it correct way, welcome50, it worked
Thank you. Will attempt again.