BarkBox’s Super Chewer Review: Can It Increase Your Dog’s Playtime?

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Dog laying next to BarkBox's Super Chewer box (image in text BarkBox's Super Chewer Review)Are you tired of spending money on new toys for your dog only to have her tear them apart within 10 seconds? BarkBox offers a Super Chewer dog subscription box for pups who need tougher and more durable toys. Find out if the Super Chewer box can help your dog’s playtime last longer.

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Article Overview

BarkBox Super Chewer

4.5 / 5
BarkBox Super Chewer
Product Quality 5.0
Size Appropriate 4.5
Reliable Delivery 5.0
Cost 4.0
Customer Support 4.0


  • Free shipping inside the contiguous 48 United States
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Allergy-friendly boxes can exclude beef, chicken and turkey
  • No wheat, corn or soy
  • Easy to navigate website with good FAQ, blog and customer service features
  • 6 full-sized products in every box


  • Subscriptions automatically renew, making canceling necessary

Key Features

Dog with SuperChewer BarkBox

  • Each box includes:
    • Two tough and fluff-free toys
    • Two full-size bags of treats made in the USA or Canada
    • Two all-natural meaty chews
  • Every box has more than $45 worth of toys and treats
  • First box ships immediately; following boxes ship on the 15th of every month
  • Boxes have themes (e.g., The Knights of the Hound Table, Paradise Unleashed, and Age of the Furaoh)


  • $45 per box for month-to-month plan
  • $34 per box for six-month subscription
  • $29 per box for 12-month subscription
  • Extra Toy Club can be added on to get a third toy in every box for $9/month

Plans automatically renew.


  • BarkBox: Our readers can order their first box for only $10. Click here to take advantage of this offer.
  • Super Chewer: Subscribe to Super Chewer today and receive $9 off your first box. Click here to take advantage of this offer.
Offers are subject to change.

What Do People Think?

Positive Reviews

Molly was chewing the toys in the beginning, the customer service team gets an amazing review from me moving her to a super chewer and fixing the problem! She got replacement toys, and now she gets only toys in her box monthly! Molly looks forward to the mailman to bring her bark box monthly??? They get 5 stars from us!! – Gayle, Consumer Affairs 6/14/2019

We rescued our 50lb pittie, Hershey from a city shelter. She’s in the prime of her life, maybe 3-4 years. She can go through a toy in seconds, minutes if it’s a little tougher than normal. But with Super Chewer, she gets spoiled monthly! She always loves everything in her package, and for the price I feel it is definitely a bargain on my wallet. She gets 2 decent sized bags of awesomely flavored treats, including flavors like pork, lamb, all kinds of vegetables and she gobbles them up pretty quick. The ingredients are superb! No fillers or fake junk in these! – Brittney, Consumer Affairs 3/22/2019

Negative Reviews

Okay, I made a mistake not reading everything through when I subscribed, including that there was no trial period. I subscribed for a box a month for 6 months. First box cost $8 and the other 5 cost $35 each. I thought I could cancel at any time but I can’t. But my big problem is that every toy they sent me so far is way too big for my little 14 pound terrier. He can’t even get them into his mouth to chew and is not even interested in them. He is an avid chewer, a super chewer if you will. I have to buy small and x-small toys for him for Petco and online stores. – Susan, Consumer Affairs 3/21/2019

The treat ball was not super chewer quality. My dogs were able to open it up in less than 5 minutes and ended up destroying the top black rubbery portion of the ball quite easily. Typically your super chewer toys can be damaged and marred but are still usable. We still have the original toys from the first super chewer box that came in October. Was very disappointed with this treat ball. – Jodene, Consumer Affairs 1/26/2019

How BarkBox Makes Its Toys

BarkBox makes all of its toys in-house; see the process below. It’s actually pretty cool!

Super Chewer vs The Competition

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BarkBox offers other dog subscription boxes that you might consider if your dogs is not a “super chewer.” If you’re curious about other power chewer boxes or just dog subscription boxes in general, read our dog subscription box comparison. Bullymake also offers a similar box for heavy chewers, but do the toys hold up like they say they do? We cover this in our comparison.

What types of toys work best for your dog’s chewing habits?

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