Best Pet Insurance In Massachusetts: Companies Reviewed In Boston, Worcester, And More

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Despite the cold, snowy winters in Massachusetts, the state is relatively pet-friendly. With Boston’s cobblestone streets, seaside beaches in Cape Cod and mountainous hikes in the Berkshires, there is a great diversity of options in this New England state. But what should you expect when you insure your dog in Massachusetts to secure peace of mind should an accident or illness occur.

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Most Popular Breeds In Massachusetts

One of the most significant factors determining the cost of a pet insurance policy is your dog’s breed. Like the rest of the country, Boston’s favorite dog is the Labrador Retriever. Below is a list of the most popular dog breeds in Boston, MA.1 Surprisingly, the Boston Terrier, named after the state’s capital and its place of origin, did not make the top five.Lab Smiling

Boston’s Most Popular Dog Breeds

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. Golden Retriever
  3. German Shepherd
  4. French Bulldog
  5. Yorkshire Terrier

How Much Could Pet Insurance Cost In Massachusetts?

We ran quotes for pet insurance plans in Massachusetts with our best-rated pet insurance providers (see below), using a hypothetical list of dogs based on the popular dog breeds above. All example pets we quoted did not have pre-existing conditions.

All quotes are from February 2021.

CompanyBreedGenderAgeZip CodeDeductibleReimbursementPayout OptionMonthly Price
FIGO logoLabrador RetrieverMale1 Year Old02139 (Cambridge)$25080%Unlimited$63.82
Healthy Paws logoLabrador RetrieverMale1 Year Old02139 (Cambridge)$25080%Unlimited$66.18
Pets Best logoLabrador RetrieverMale1 Year Old02139 (Cambridge)$25080%Unlimited$71.64
FIGO logoGolden RetrieverFemale3 Months Old01915 (Salem)$25080%Unlimited$76.72
Healthy Paws logoGolden RetrieverFemale3 Months Old01915 (Salem)$25080%Unlimited$48.36
Pets Best logoGolden RetrieverFemale3 Months Old01915 (Salem)$25080%Unlimited$41.73
FIGO logoGerman ShepherdFemale4 Years Old01608 (Worcester)$50070%$20,000$63.02
Healthy Paws logoGerman ShepherdFemale4 Years Old01608 (Worcester)$50070%Unlimited$43.00
Pets Best logoGerman ShepherdFemale4 Years Old01608 (Worcester)$50070%Unlimited$30.57

As you can see, prices vary significantly based on the dog’s age and location, in addition to breed. Read our pet insurance comparison to learn more about the differences in deductibles, reimbursement levels, and payout options. When shopping for pet insurance, you should always consider what coverage you need in addition to the cost. Some have exclusions or waiting periods that may be problems for you. Wellness plans are also available from some companies if you are seeking help budgeting for your annual preventative care costs. So be sure to read the fine print and consider calling with any specific questions. No two policies are alike.

We recommend getting quotes from at least three different companies to know your range of coverage, options, and prices. Also, play around with the deductible and reimbursement percentage, as that can make a big difference in your monthly premium. You can obtain free quotes from multiple top-rated insurance companies here.

Note: Expect incremental annual increases from any pet insurance provider. As vet costs rise over time, there could be more claim submissions at higher rates in the location where you reside. So if your quote is $35 per month now, it is likely to go up gradually.

Pet-Friendly Destinations in Massachusetts

Boston was ranked 70th in the top 100 most pet-friendly cities in the country.2 In addition, Boston is one of the country’s highest vet care cities with the lowest vets per capita. Popular places to take pooches include:

  • Black dog in jacket on road (caption: Best Pet Insurance In Massachusetts)Berkshires
  • Cape Cod
  • Martha’s Vineyard
  • Nantucket
  • Provincetown
  • Cambridge (Home of Harvard University & MIT)
  • Plymouth
  • Salem
  • Gloucester

Massachusetts Dog Laws And Statistics

  • There is a statewide law in Massachusetts that requires dogs to be on a leash in public.
  • During off-season, dogs are allowed on beaches in Massachusetts if they are on a leash. Rules vary by the beach, so check local regulations for dates, hours and other restrictions.
  • Live animals are not allowed indoors at food establishments in Massachusetts. However, some restaurants allow pets outdoors on patios as long as they are leashed.
  • Massachusetts was ranked 36th for overall pet-friendliness.3
  • There are 81 pets with Twitter accounts in Massachusetts.3
  • 49% of Bay Staters are pet owners.3

Pet Insurance Story In Massachusetts

Oodles the Doodle in the grassBelow is a real-life pet insurance story from a Healthy Paws customer in a community 45 minutes north of Boston.

  • Dog: Oddles, Golden Doodle
  • Location: Tyngsborough, MA
  • Illness: Vomiting
  • Total Vet Cost: $2,800
  • Reimbursement: $2,520
  • Amount Customer Paid: $280

When Oddles couldn’t stop vomiting, his pet parent rushed him to the Emergency Vet. X-rays showed that he ate something he shouldn’t have. So, he was given IV fluids and stayed overnight at the clinic to ensure the obstruction cleared. Luckily, everything except the deductible was covered by Healthy Paws, since he had pet insurance with them. This allowed his parent to focus on Oddles’ recovery without stressing over the vet bill.

Should I Get Pet Insurance?

Sadly, a pet’s health can change unexpectedly. Your dog can go from jumping and kissing your face to limping and throwing up in an instant. That’s why pet parents buy pet insurance — so it is there for you when emergencies arise. This allows you to focus on treatment and giving love instead of worrying about the cost. Learn more about why pet insurance may be worth it for your family.

What’s most important to you when considering a pet insurance policy?

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