Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets (Dogs And Cats): Comparison, Plans, Discounts, And More

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Did you know you can get pet insurance for more than one pet? It doesn’t matter if it’s dogs, cats, or a combination of the two. Many pet insurance companies offer policies for multiple pets and even give you a discount. But which company offers the best deal? Our experts dig in to find out.

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Best Pet Insurance Plans For Multiple Pets

We chose the best pet insurance plans for multiple dogs or cats based on coverage, price, and multi-pet discounts available.

Keep in mind that price isn’t everything, though. Read our pet insurance reviews if you want to see our picks for the best pet insurance based on coverage, price, customer service and reputation, plan customization, and claims processing.

Embrace Review


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Embrace offers one of the largest multi-pet discounts at a maximum of 10%, making it our top pick for the best pet insurance for two dogs or cats. Other pet insurance companies may offer multi-pet discounts, but Embrace offers the best coverage with this significant discount.

However, even with Embrace’s multi-pet discount, there’s a chance it could be more expensive than other pet insurance companies. As always, we recommend you obtain quotes from multiple companies to evaluate your options thoroughly. Although Embrace has excellent coverage, our other top picks do as well, and they may be more affordable for you.

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Pets Best Review


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Pets Best has some of the best pet insurance coverage, often at a reasonable price. It offers a 5% discount for multiple pets, which can drop the price tag even lower for you. We recommend adding Pets Best to your list of pet insurance companies to get a quote from.

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Figo Review


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Figo has some of the most affordable pet insurance. On top of its 5% discount for multiple pets, many customers can get similar coverage from Figo at a competitive price. This combo might make it your cheapest pet insurance for multiple dogs. It’s also one of the only companies to offer a 100% reimbursement option. We’ve found in our research that Figo can be tough to beat price-wise while still offering thorough coverage for your pets.

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Multi-Pet Insurance Comparison Table

The table below lists all of the companies we include in our pet insurance reviews, so you can see which companies offer pet insurance multi-pet discounts.

Company Multi-Pet Discount
Embrace logo 10% (5% NY)
Pets Best logo 5%
FIGO logo 5%
Healthy Paws logo X
Lemonade logo X
Fetch by the Dodo logo X
Trupanion logo X
ASPCA logo 10%
Spot logo 10%
Nationwide logo 5% For 2-3 Pets
10% For 4+ Pets

Which Other Companies Offer Multi-Pet Discounts?

Below you’ll find an alphabetical listing of other companies we’ve reviewed that offer multi-pet discounts.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Review

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ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has a 10% multi-pet discount, the same as our #1 pick. So why didn’t it make our top picks? ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has longer waiting periods and more coverage restrictions than the competition.

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Spot Review

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Spot also has a 10% multi-pet discount, but it didn’t make our top picks because of its newness to pet insurance. It was founded in 2019, so we’re hesitant to recommend it because it’s likely to experience many changes as it grows. After about five years in business, companies typically find their groove, offering more stable coervage and pricing.

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Nationwide Review

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Nationwide offers a 5% discount for up to three pets and a 10% discount for four or more pets. Unfortunately, finding customer complaints about Nationwide’s pet insurance policy isn’t too tricky, which is one reason it’s not among our top picks.

Additionally, Nationwide has age restrictions, annual limits per condition for some of its policies, and fewer policy customization options to fit it into your budget.

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Multi-Pet Insurance: Compare The Market

You can start comparing multi-pet insurance policies by completing our pet insurance quote form for your first pet. Then your quote from each respective company will prompt you to add in any additional pets. Our quote form includes multiple well-respected pet insurance companies, so you can compare apples to apples.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Watch the video below for a quick rundown of how pet insurance operates and why you may need it.

Can You Have Two Pet Insurance Policies For One Pet?

Two dogs with two vets (caption: Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets)Yes, you can have multiple pet insurance plans for one pet. However, the way this works is truly a case-by-case situation depending on the two companies you purchase plans through. For example, some companies may split the costs 50/50 between one another. Others may have the primary insurance company pay, and then the secondary insurer may request an explanation of benefits from the primary insurer before processing any claims.

Because of this, we can’t give you a clear answer on how multi-pet insurance for dogs works. Instead, we suggest you read through each contract’s verbiage and speak with representatives from each company before you purchase a policy. Discuss which company would be considered the primary insurance and which would be classified as the secondary, and get their responses in writing before signing up.

Learn More About Pet Insurance

To find a pet insurance policy for your pet based on coverage, value, age, health needs, or species, read our best pet insurance article. You can also compare the top pet insurance companies in our pet insurance comparison, including multiple tables analyzing coverage, plan customization, waiting periods, and more.