Figo vs Healthy Paws: Which Has Better Coverage?

Two puppies in field (caption: Figo vs Healthy Paws logos)Figo and Healthy Paws are two of the most commonly discussed pet insurance providers, and we put them head to head and choose a clear winner.

While both companies offer thorough coverage, there’s a difference in their reputation, plan customization options, and often price. We explain why we rank one better than the other below.

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Policy Coverage

Dog under covers (caption: Policy Coverage Winner)The table below shows specifically what Figo and Healthy Paws cover. Note: Both companies cover X-rays, blood tests, ultrasounds, cat scans, MRIs, rehabilitation, specialized exams, surgery, hospitalization, emergency care, specialty care, chronic conditions, cancer, euthanasia, hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, and prescription medication.

 FigoHealthy Paws
Overall Ranking in our Pet Insurance Reviews1st2nd
Pre-Existing ConditionsXX
Illnesses Waiting Period14 Days15 Days
Accidents Waiting Period1 Day15 Days
Hip Dysplasia Waiting Period6 Months12 Months*
ACL Waiting Period6 Months15 Days
Behavioral TherapyCheckmarkX
Alternative/Holistic TherapyCheckmarkX
Wellness Care Available For An Extra FeeCheckmarkX
Exam FeesExtra FeeX
Enrollment Fee$15$25
30-Day Money-Back GuaranteeCheckmarkCheckmark
Annual Payout Options$5,000, $10,000, $20,000, or UnlimitedUnlimited
BBB RatingBA+
UnderwriterIndependence American Insurance CompanyWestchester Fire Insurance Company/Chubb
A.M. Best RatingA- A++

*Healthy Paws only offers hip dysplasia coverage to dogs enrolled before the age of six.

We like that Figo has a much shorter waiting period for hip dysplasia at only six months. However, its ACL waiting period is 6 months versus Healthy Paws’ 15-day waiting period. Figo also has a shorter accident waiting period at only 1 day (vs 15 days for Healthy Paws). Additionally, Healthy Paws doesn’t accept dogs older than 14 for coverage. Figo wins in this category because it offers thorough coverage with shorter waiting periods on average and accepts pets of all ages.

Figo logo small

Policy Coverage Winner: Figo

Customer Service & Reputation

Person holding phone next to dog: Customer Service & Reputation Winner

Healthy Paws has one of the best reputations in the pet insurance industry. The majority of Healthy Paws customer complaints are from customers who, unfortunately, didn’t read or understand their policy.

Complaints include the company not paying a claim during a waiting period, not paying as much of a claim due to the deductible and reimbursement level selected, not covering pre-existing conditions, etc. We can’t fault Healthy Paws for these complaints because there are similar complaints about all pet insurance providers.

To avoid this disconnect, we aim to educate pet parents on all the ins and outs of pet insurance before they purchase. Then, should an emergency arise, they fully understand what is and is not covered by their policy.

Similar to Healthy Paws, Figo has negative reviews regarding not paying claims. However, these are often claims for pre-existing conditions or wellness-related claims that pet insurance companies don’t cover, to begin with (e.g., spaying/neutering, vaccines, etc.).

Figo still has great customer service and is responsive to its customers’ questions and needs. However, Healthy Paws has a better, longer-standing reputation.

Healthy Paws logoCustomer Service & Reputation Winner: Healthy Paws

Doctor's office papers, pen and stethoscope (text in image: claim repayment winner)

Claim Repayment

Figo typically pays claims within four days, while Healthy Paws pays 99% of its claims within two days — both of which are shorter than most other competitors.

Both companies have a history of repaying claims in a timely fashion, with Healthy Paws having a slightly better reputation. So we declare Healthy Paws the winner of this category.

Healthy Paws logoClaim Repayment Winner: Healthy Paws

Plan Customization

Several types of dogs sitting together (Caption: Plan Customization)Figo gives you a lot of flexibility when building your plan and has no age restrictions. They offer a variety of annual payout options: $5,000, $10,000, $20,000, or unlimited. You can also choose from many deductible options ($100, $200, $250, $500, $750, $1,000, and $1,500) as well as reimbursement selections (60%, 65%, 70%, 80%, 90%, and 100%). With more customization options comes a greater range of premium prices to fit most every budget. 

Figo is one of the only providers we’ve reviewed to offer a 100% reimbursement option. But please know that not all of these deductible and reimbursement options are available in every state.

While Healthy Paws has unlimited claims for all plans, they do have some restrictions on reimbursement and annual deductible amounts, depending on your pet’s age at enrollment.

  • Dogs and cats 5 years and under:
    • 90%, 80%, and 70% reimbursement
    • $100, $250, and $500 deductible
  • Dogs and cats 6 and 7 years old:
    • 80%, 70%, or 60% reimbursement
    • $250, $500, or $750 deductible
  • Dogs 8 years and older: 
    • 50% or 60% reimbursement
    • $750 or $1,000 deductible

Healthy Paws also doesn’t allow enrollment for pets older than 14. Figo ultimately comes out on top because of greater flexibility to build your plan for your budget, no matter your pet’s age. They also offer a unique 100% reimbursement option.

Figo logo smallPlan Customization Winner: Figo

Price Of Policy

Below are some quotes from January 2, 2021. All information is for pets without a microchip, no multi-pet discount, and no pre-existing conditions.

 BreedBirthdayGenderLocationDeductibleReimbursement %Annual PayoutPrice Per Month
Healthy PawsYorkshire TerrierDecember 2018MaleOhio (43205)$10080%Unlimited$33.52
FigoYorkshire TerrierDecember 2018MaleOhio (43205)$10080%Unlimited$32.52
Healthy PawsYorkshire TerrierDecember 2018MaleOhio (43205)$10090%Unlimited$41.88
FigoYorkshire TerrierDecember 2018MaleOhio (43205)$10090%Unlimited$42.77
Healthy PawsLabrador RetrieverApril 2017FemaleCalifornia (90024)$25080%Unlimited$89.58
FigoLabrador RetrieverApril 2017FemaleCalifornia (90024)$25080%Unlimited$63.96
Healthy PawsMedium Mixed BreedDecember 2015FemaleIllinois (60604)$50070%Unlimited$45.58
FigoMedium Mixed BreedDecember 2015FemaleIllinois (60604)$50070%Unlimited$31.14
Healthy PawsAmerican Pit Bull TerrierSeptember 2018MaleNew York (10012)$50070%Unlimited$74.32
FigoAmerican Pit Bull TerrierSeptember 2018MaleNew York (10012)$50070%Unlimited$51.80

Dog laying next to money: (text in image: pricing winner)When we ran additional price quotes, Figo’s pricing leaned toward the less expensive side, while Healthy Paws was more sporadic. Depending on your pet and location, the quotes can be very similar or very different between these two companies.

Additionally, Healthy Paws requires a one-time fee of $25 with no transaction fee, while Figo has a $15 one-time fee and a $2 transaction fee per month, but this can be waived if you pay annually.

Figo wins this category by a hair because the monthly fee can be waived, and they average low to mid-level pricing compared to Healthy Paws and other companies. We encourage you to run your own quotes to understand how the pricing stacks up for you and your pet.

Figo logo smallPrice Of Policy Winner: Figo



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What’s The Verdict?

We think Figo and Healthy Paws are both excellent pet insurance providers. Ultimately, it comes down to Figo’s exceptional coverage with shorter-than-average waiting periods, highly competitive pricing, and a greater variety of plan customization options for pets of all ages. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, our experts have gone in-depth with individual reviews of Figo and Healthy Paws so you can expand your comparison.

Figo logo smallOverall Winner: Figo

Our experts have spent hundreds of hours researching to bring you our comprehensive pet insurance reviews, including our top picks as well as details on each of the most popular pet insurance companies.

If you prefer to see winners by category, we award the best price, multiple pets, 100% reimbursement, unlimited payouts, and “best for” categories, including puppies, older dogs, dental, wellness coverage, bilateral conditions, behavioral therapy, and more in our best pet insurance comparison. You’ll even see winners for exotic pets and cats.

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