Welcome Love Your Dog Readers!

Dog with glasses on sitting at a laptop.

Canine Journal®, one of the top dog resources on the internet for dog breed information, canine care, nutrition, product reviews, and training tips, is now a part of Canine Journal®.

LoveYourDog.com quickly became a large resource for all different types of dog expertise. Initially rooted in training, the site quickly grew to cover all aspects of dog knowledge. Founded with a large pool of some of the most talented pet and vet writers on the internet, Canine Journal® produced some of the highest quality dog information in the following categories:

Most dog writers who wrote for Canine Journal® continue to write for Canine Journal® today. Canine Journal® merging into Canine Journal® allows us to expand our reach further. It’s our mission to support vet-approved information to pet parents of all ages and experience levels.

You can learn a bit more about each and their specialties on our Meet The Team page.

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