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Beagle Boston Terrier (Boglen Terrier) Breed Information & Facts


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The spunky and well-mannered Boston Terrier and the hard-working Beagle make the Boglen Terrier a small excitable breed with a lot of heart. The Boglen Terrier doesn’t require a lot of exercise despite their quick run. The Beagle is a hound dog. They are awesome trackers and are used frequently when it comes to hunting. The Boston Terrier is sensitive to the moods of the family and will be playful or saucy depending on what their family prefers at that moment.

The Beagle Boston Terrier mix is excellent for both new and experienced dog owners. The Beagle is often compared to the Boston Terrier, so it was only a matter of time before breeders decided to combine the breeds to create a designer dog. Both the Beagle and Boston Terrier are easy to train and require little patience to teach them. They also love families, including children and other pets.

Boglen Terriers will be small and don’t need a lot of room. If you live in a bachelor’s apartment, that’s more than enough room. They are also one of lazier dog breeds, so even though daily exercise is required (like all dogs), they need minimal exercise.

Is the Boglen Terrier the perfect companion for your family? This post will walk you through the ins and outs of the breed so you can make your decision.

Parent Breeds

A “designer dog” is any mix between two purebred breeds.  The Bolgen Terrier is no different, and this breed is a cross between the Beagle and the Boston Terrier.  This breed has many different positive attributes.

The Boglen Terrier is a match made in heaven when it comes to mixed breeds because the Beagle is, for the most part, healthy, while the Boston Terrier suffers from respiratory issues from their compressed snout. Mixed breeds are usually less prone to health issues on average, so this can come as a significant positive.

Boglen Terriers are going to be small, but they have the potential to be medium-sized like the Beagle. Still, it’s more likely they’ll take after the small size of the Boston Terrier.


The Beagle has a long lineage and is considered one of the older hound breeds.  They have been used for hunting different kinds of prey since the mid-1400s.  The name “Beagle” was used to describe a line of tracking dogs with exceptional abilities. This breed is rarely outmatched regarding tracking, and the breed standard as we know it was standardized in the 1800s.

Beagles are small or medium-sized pups that are working dogs, and they have an amazing ability to track and smell.  They are often used as tracking dogs to find drugs and weapons at airports.  They are prone to follow their nose, and this instinct is bred into them.  They are intelligent pups but can be uncooperative during training sessions because of their headstrong nature.  They are fantastic with children and tolerate kids of every age.

This breed is kind and hardworking, and they love to be praised for a job well done.  These pups can live for up to 16 years and will weigh anywhere from 20 to 35 pounds when fully grown.  They are popular dogs to combine with other breeds, and some other popular mixes include the beagle pug mix, the beagle pitbull mix, and the Beagle Dachshund Mix.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is one of the rare, modern mixed breeds that are well documented. In the mid-1860s, a few wealthy coachmen decided to interbreed the English Terrier and the Bulldog in the city of Boston. They intended to make a breed fit for fighting, but once the Boston Terrier was conceived, it was concluded they weren’t well fit for that purpose.

Around 1890, this new breed of terrier went through multiple names before settling on “Boston” after their birthplace. The Boston Terriers’ popularity skyrocketed, and after only 20 years after its inception, it was recognized by the AKC, which was considered unheard of by modern standards. The interesting colors and markings remain the cornerstones of the dogs’ features and are often ranked high in popularity throughout the world.

Boston Terriers are well-built, short-backed, and muscular. They look to be light when in actuality, they are stocky. Their coat is short, requires little maintenance, and is unique with its black and white tuxedo pattern. They don’t need much exercise, are friendly with other dogs, and love to play.

Unique and durable, this modern mixed breed is prone to a few health problems that are usually attributed to their pressed-in snout. They are considered small, at only 10-25 pounds and 15-17 inches tall. They are also long-lived at 12-14 years.  They are popular parent dogs to many different Boston Terrier mixes.

Boglen Terrier

The Boglen Terrier was likely bred around the time most designer breeds came to be, the ’90s and early ‘2000s. The Boglen Terrier was probably bred to have more sensitive and kind rather than a hunter. Despite Boston Terriers being bred for fighting, the breed ended up being sweet and kind.

All designer breeds, unfortunately, don’t have a standard. However, since the Boston Terrier is a mixed breed that developed their standard about 100 years ago, the Boglen Terrier will likely have one as well. The Boglen Terrier will be small to medium-sized but likely small. If you’re lucky, your pup will have the tuxedo coat.

Both the Beagle and the Boston Terrier love children, so much so that once they are bred together, they will protect them from strangers. Their temperament is, for the most part, kind, but mess with their family, and you’ll see a side of them that can be intimidating.

They aren’t difficult to train because of their laid-back nature, and they love to be praised for a job well done. As long as your Boglen Terrier has something to do, they won’t wreck your furniture. They also need minimal exercise and supervision around other animals.

Appearance & Grooming

Your Boglen Terrier appearance will depend on the parent, but even knowing the parent won’t determine what they’ll look or feel like. The Boglen Terrier could be flat-faced or have a long snout. They may have a nubbed tail or a short tail. They will likely have brown eyes.

The coat of the Boglen Terrier will be short and unlikely to shed. The color of their coat could be a tuxedo or the traditional brown and white color of the Beagle parent. Either way, both breeds don’t have multiple coat colors; it will be one or the other. Their coat also won’t be thick or double-coated.

Boglen Terriers won’t have too much variety in regards to size or height, with them being 15-17 inches and 7-30 pounds. Believe it or not, that range is quite low, as some breeds have over a 60-pound difference. This also means you won’t need to prepare for a potentially large dog.


The Boglen Terrier is really easy to train and doesn’t need much correction as long as you’re consistent. Even if you fall off training for a few days to even weeks, they are smart enough to be consistent themselves. They should be kept on a leash, though, because their Beagle side may take over when they smell something they can’t resist.

When it comes to training, positive reinforcement is the best method for any dog.  You should never slap or scold a dog when training, as your pup grows to resent you and become difficult to train.  Always reward with high-value treats during training sessions.

Obedience and crate training should be done at an early age.  If you plan to crate train, make sure you get a crate that’s the right size.  If you plan to harness train your Beagle Boston Terrier mix, get a smaller harness that’s sure to cover their body type.

House training won’t be difficult for the Boglen Terrier because they’ll be vocal if they need to go to the bathroom. Not only that, but they won’t have any accidents because of their size. Only toy breeds tend to have accidents, but if they do start to have accidents, it’s best to take them out more often. Put puppy pads around the house to they feel more confident in using the bathroom.

Exercise & Living Conditions

The Boglen Terrier doesn’t need that much exercise, and that’s mostly because of the Boston Terrier part of the mix. The Boston Terrier prefers to lay around on the couch and feel the energy of their family rather than walk the block. Still, the Beagle is a part of them so take them out for walks or a few games of fetch to keep them occupied.

40 minutes of exercise is needed, and it’s recommended to take them out twice daily. An hour per day is preferred but not required. They are unlikely to be still wired after that, but if they are, try taking them to a dog park. The Boglen Terrier is very social and likes to be around different animals and people.

Don’t keep the Boglen Terrier outside for an extended period of time. They won’t do well being chained outside or neglected for a few hours at a time. They like to be around people and given a lot of attention. The Boglen Terrier will also prefer to be cuddled and generally be around their family, as both breeds are prone to separation anxiety.


As with most designer breeds, the Boglen Terrier is less likely to have health problems.  This is because of the genes that vary between the two parent breeds. This does not mean that these pups will never have problems as they age, so you’ll want to watch their weight and feed them a healthy balanced diet.

Boston Terriers’ major health problem is from their compressed snout. If your Boglen Terrier has this snout, this could set them up for Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome. Keeping exercise light if they have a pushed-in nose will be the best thing for them. Watch their breathing throughout the day. If you hear them snorting a lot, or if they sound short of breath, try to make them calm down.

Besides that, they have shallow eye sockets that can bulge out. They could go blind if this isn’t looked after. Most of their other issues do arise from their eyes, so make sure to get frequent check-ups.

Beagles are at risk for hypothyroidism, eye conditions, obesity, glaucoma, corneal dystrophy, and factor VII deficiency. These issues can come with other dogs in old age, so it’s something to consider.


Boglen Terriers need a proper diet of mostly protein and fat with low carbs. A Boglen Terrier mixed puppy should have a diet of 22% protein, while the adult should have 18%, according to the American Feed Control Officials. ‘It’s also recommended to feed your Boglen Terrier whole meats like fish, beef, and chicken.

It’s challenging to recommend food in cups because the size of the mixed breed varies. It’s best to go to a vet to ask what your Boglen Terrier needs depending on their weight and individual needs. Boglen Terriers can become obese if not monitored.  These pups love to eat, so that’s something you’ll need to make sure you monitor as your puppy grows in size.

As Family Pets

Bolgen Terriers are adorable and sweet nanny dogs, but are they the perfect pup for your family?

  • The Boglen Terrier is protective, sweet, and talented.
  • They want to be loved and like to be around the family most of the time.
  • Grooming requirements are low with only weekly brushing needed.
  • Boglen Terriers aren’t known shedders, but they are if they take after the Beagle.
  • You’ll only need around 40 minutes of exercise per day.
  • They are energetic and like to please their masters.
  • This breed has a great and lovable personality.
  • There aren’t many health problems.  But watch for obesity issues.
  • Always look for a breeder that has breed papers for the parents.

Do you think the Boglen Terrier is the perfect companion for you? Let’s look into your options for finding your next pup!

Breeders & Puppy Prices

Finding a breeder that specializes in Boston Terriers and Beagles isn’t an issue.  They are a common designer dog breed, and there are many reputable breeders that produce them. A well-bred Boglen Terrier could cost you $600-$800, which is expensive for a small dog.

You’ll want to make sure you research breeders as you don’t want to buy a puppy that ends up having multiple health issues down the line.  This mix is unlikely to have major health issues due to their resilience.  Rescues are often a great place to start because they are more cost-effective. Contact your local Beagle and Boston Terrier clubs for local breeders and rescues.

Boston Terrier Rescues

Boston Terriers are surrendered often because of their health issues. They are often born with health issues like blindness or deafness because of poor breeding. Besides this, they are very kind and sweet. Basically, they aren’t given up because of their temperament. Beagles aren’t often surrendered because of their intelligence, but they can be found sometimes.

Rescues are always cheaper, but you won’t know the temperaments of the parents.  These pups still need a good home otherwise they risk going without a permanent forever home long term. Some great rescue resources include the American Boston Terrier Rescue, and the National Beagle Rescue website.

Final Thoughts

Boglen Terriers will be your best friend, even without proper training. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t train them, but they are more likely to be kind to you and enjoy being around you. They are also one of the rarest breeds that will adapt to your personality. This is why Boglen Terriers are great for first-time owners. Boglen Terriers also don’t require too much exercise and make great lap dogs.

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