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Best Dog Magazines: The 25 Best Print & Digital Content About Dogs


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Every dog lover enjoys picking up a dog magazine and flipping through the pages to get up-to-date with the very latest canine news and veterinary advice. And there are certainly plenty of traditional glossy paper magazines to check out. If you prefer your information to be in digital format, there are also lots of great online magazines and blogs that fit the bill.

In this article, we take a look at 25 of our favorite dog-related magazines that we’re sure you’ll love just as much as we do. And if you enjoy a good dog story, check out the fabulous books we’ve listed in this article.

Dog’s Life (Australia)

Dog’s Life Magazine is a long-running publication that’s compiled and edited in Australia. The magazine also runs an e-zine that has sections on breed news, dog stories, dog facts, and dog-related products. There’s also a directory where you can find a list of recommended breeders, retailers, and there’s also a section featuring contact information for resorts that offer dog-friendly holidays.

And if all that wasn’t enough, there’s a great blog that’s packed with useful articles for you to read.

You can interact with other readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too.


Dogster Magazine is a U.S. publication that’s devoted to all things dog-related.

Dogster is a fun and informative source of information for dog lovers and those who share their lives with a canine companion.

The magazine features advice on caring for your dog, health issues, and reviews of the latest products too. You can read articles about feeding your dog, different breed profiles, caring for and educating puppies, and training your furry friend.


Bark Magazine covers the die-hard dog lover niche. The publication has quickly become one of the internet’s leading authorities on everything related to the care and health of man’s best friend.

Within Bark’s pages, you’ll find lots of features on recreation, doggy health, and general care of your dog. There are also some fascinating, insightful pieces that explore the relationship between dog owners and their pets.

Whole Dog Journal

Whole Dog Journal is designed to provide dog owners with a wealth of well-researched, in-depth articles that relate to every aspect of natural dog training and care.

The U.S.-based magazine includes lots of features and unbiased, independent test reports about dog foods, toys, training aids, and treats.

Modern Dog

Modern Dog is a young-minded, trendy magazine that provides interesting and helpful information for dog owners and dog lovers.

In this U.S.-produced magazine, you’ll find articles about the hottest dog trends, the best dog accessories, dog-centric art, exclusive interviews with celebrity dog owners, dog psychology, breed profiles, dog-friendly holiday destinations, top dog trainers, and puppy care troubleshooting. There’s even a home-entertaining how-to guide for those who enjoy hosting dog parties!

Modern Dog is definitely the most chill dog magazine on the block. Dude!

Animal Wellness Magazine

As its name suggests, U.S. publication, Animal Wellness Magazine provides its readers with invaluable information on how to keep your canine companion healthy and happy.

Animal Wellness Magazine gives you all the information you’ll need to feed, train, and care for your pet correctly.

Your Dog Magazine

The U.K.-produced magazine, Your Dog describes itself as “the ultimate newsletter for dog lovers.” Your Dog offers its readers a wealth of in-depth advice on the feeding and care of pet dogs.

The online edition of the magazine features a dog blog where you can ask questions and share your knowledge with other dog lovers. You’ll find information on dog-friendly holidays, and there’s a store, a gallery of readers’ photos, and even a competition page if you fancy winning some doggy goodies.

Gun Dog Magazine

Gun Dog Magazine is aimed squarely at gun dog enthusiasts and hunters who want a resource that provides helpful information on gun dog breeds, training techniques, and more.

Plus, hunters will find all the latest information and reviews of hunting gear and useful accessories that you and your four-legged working companion need to be successful in the field.

Just Labs Magazine

The title of Just Labs Magazine is a bit of a giveaway. This publication is unashamedly dedicated to Labrador owners.

The magazine celebrates black, yellow, and chocolate Labrador retrievers six times every year. This glossy publication contains in-depth articles on how to care for and have fun with this most special sporting dog breed.

There’s an online marketplace bulletin board where you can interact with other Lab fans, and you receive a try-before-you-buy edition of the magazine, too.

And if you have a Labrador and you enjoy writing, you can send your submissions to the magazine’s editors for possible publication!

The Pointing Dog Journal

The Pointing Dog Journal is a specialist magazine that’s aimed at bird hunting enthusiasts who pursue feathered prey with this particular breed of dog.

The magazine celebrates the special relationship between pointer and master as they work together in the hunting field. Subscribers can share views and news with other breed fans, exchange tips, check out what’s available for sale in the online marketplace, and trawl through a comprehensive list of informative, well-written articles.

Dog Magazine

Dog magazine is a smart, glossy modern lifestyle magazine that’s produced in London, U.K.

Dog explores the influence and the presence of dogs and their owners in modern society. Every issue concentrates on a specific breed or theme and takes a closer look at the most meaningful interactions between individuals and their dogs through interviews, personal essays, and photographs.

Dog readers enjoy original content that presents a brand new perspective on what it means to be a dog owner and dog lover in the modern world. The magazine is aimed at adults who enjoy viewing content from emerging talented designers, photographers, writers, illustrators, and artists.

You can also follow Dog on Instagram.

Family Dog Magazine

The American Kennel Club publishes family Dog Magazine.

The magazine is aimed at people who consider their furry friend to be a special member of their family and make their pet’s happiness, health, and well-being their priority.

Readers can enjoy tips on solving common behavioral problems, entertaining and inspiring stories about dogs, and plenty of how-tos and feature articles that ensure you give your best friend the very finest care that you can.

You’ll also find regular columns on nutrition, therapies, and health care.

Dog Watch Magazine

Dog Watch Magazine is a monthly publication that’s run by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dog Watch features science-focused articles on all aspects of dog health, including vaccinations, diseases, nutrition, behavior, and socialization. Although Dog Watch is not one of the more popular mainstream dog magazines, it’s the go-to place for sound veterinary advice on dog health and other related issues.

Best Friends Magazine

Best Friends Magazine is a publication that’s brought to you from the Best Friends Animal Society, the U.S.’ largest no-kill animal shelter.

Best Friends is a general interest animal publication that comes out bi-monthly and is packed with useful advice, tips, and information that all dog owners must know. You’ll also enjoy some gorgeous photographs and heart-warming stories all about dogs and their adventures.

The magazine is subscription-based, and you’ll receive a free subscription when you make a nominal donation to Best Friends. All of the proceeds from the magazine are used to support the animals that are residents of Best Friends Sanctuary.

Dog Fancy Magazine

If you have a pedigree dog and you’re into dog showing, you’ll love a subscription to Dog Fancy magazine.

Dog Fancy magazine is aimed at owners of pedigree dogs and contains in-depth articles offering advice on dog show issues. The magazine also contains reliable, in-depth breed profiles, a section on training, and behavioral how-tos. There’s also a popular “Check-up” section where readers submit dog health-related questions, which are answered by renowned veterinarians.

Every issue has a lovely centerfold poster of a featured breed. Dog Fancy is an upmarket publication that’s packed with stunning photographs, too.

Woof Mag

Woof Mag is an Australian publication whose mission is to “Nourish & Enrich the life of your Dog” through the use of herbs, natural therapies, and organic products.

The magazine contains lots of very interesting articles on diet and nutrition, herbal remedies, veterinary care, alternative therapies for dogs, and training. There’s a helpful directory where you can find holistic therapists, pet minders, dog boarders, and the like. Woof also an online blog where you can find lots of helpful tips and useful information.

You can connect with other readers through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

K9 Magazine

K9 Magazine is a glossy publication that’s also available as an e-zine for subscribers.

The magazine is chockfull of well-researched, insightful articles about training, health, nutrition, product reviews, and travel, and there are also some fascinating interviews with celebrity dog owners.

There’s an online blog packed with useful tips and dog-related gossip, a directory of services, and lots of dog videos for you to enjoy.

Dogs Today Magazine

Dogs Today magazine is a U.K. publication that features true-life stories and in-depth news pieces all about dogs in the modern world today.

Inside the magazine’s glossy pages, you’ll also find subscriber essays, competitions, and surveys, and you can sign up to receive offers and news flashes too. Keep in touch with what’s going on in dog-land by following Dogs Today on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Dogs Monthly Magazine

Dogs Monthly is a U.K. publication that’s packed with helpful advice for dog owners.

You can subscribe to the digital or hardcopy version of the magazine, and you will receive all the latest news, advice, dog stories, and pet care tips via email. You can also get hold of back copies of Dogs Monthly so that you won’t miss anything!

If you subscribe to the digital version of the magazine, you’ll be the first to receive details of the many exciting competitions run by Dogs Monthly, and you’ll be in pole position when it comes to taking advantage of magazine subscription offers!

Fido Friendly Magazine

Fido Friendly Magazine is a quarterly magazine that’s devoted to finding you the hottest deals and dog-friendliest accommodations right across the U.S. and Canada.

There’s also information about canine health and wellness, current trends, products, training, advice on traveling with your dog, and more.

Dogs In Review Magazine

Dogs in Review Magazine is the ultimate source of information for those dog owners who love to show their pets in competitions.

The monthly magazine contains real news for real dog show folk, and it’s packed with stunning photographs too. Inside, you’ll find a comprehensive, worldwide update on all matters that are important to those who compete on the dog show circuit.

You’ll be able to read international dog show results, complete with critiques from the judges and regular contributions from the very best expert correspondents from around the world, including Simon Parsons, Richard G. Beauchamp, and Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen. Also, the magazine includes interviews with top exhibitors and breeders of champions.

There’s lots of helpful information and tips on handling, agility, obedience, grooming, and breeding. And you’ll learn about the latest research and developments in dog health and genetics.

Shooting Times

The U.K. publication, Shooting Times, covers all shooting disciplines, including rough shooting, pigeon shooting, game shooting, deer stalking, and wild-fowling.

Their gundogs always accompany keen shooters, and the Shooting Times has weekly gundog features that are sure to be of interest to enthusiasts. Experienced, passionate shooting enthusiasts write all the articles, reviews, and guides published in the magazine.

Horse & Hound Magazine

A weekly publication, Horse and Hound Magazine, is the go-to resource for many horsey people around the world. And where there are horses, you’ll always find dogs too!

Horse and Hound magazine contains reviews of horse sports, including hunting with hounds. Together with reports on each featured hunt’s weekly activities, you’ll enjoy in-depth articles about hound training, breeding, showing, and health.

Horse and Hound has a large classified section where you can often find advertisements for gundog, Labrador, terrier, and other popular breed puppies that are produced by reputable breeders.

Clean Run Magazine

Clean Run Magazine is a publication and website that’s devoted to people who are serious about the sport of dog agility.

In the digital magazine, you’ll find hundreds of articles on all aspects of dog agility training. There’s also a comprehensive online store where you can purchase agility equipment, food, clothing, books, and DVDs.

Final Thoughts

So, you can see that whether you’re a regular dog owner who wants to learn how to give your beloved canine companion the very best care or a keen competitor in dog shows, there’s a magazine out there for you!

If you’re an experienced hunter who wants to learn more about training your working dog or a young person who’s just starting in the agility or obedience disciplines, we’ve found a plethora of high-quality publications that will help to get you and your dog to the top of your class.

As a dog owner, you never stop learning, even if you’ve always had a pet dog in your family. Why not check out some of the magazines we’ve featured in this guide? You might learn something new that your faithful furry friend will thank you for!

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