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Dog eating grass seed making dog sick?

My 2yo Red nose Pit bull has vomitted and had diarrhea on and off for a couple of days. He has eaten and kept dinner down and drinks water but one minute he’s romping around and the next he’s throwing up and will have diarrhea. He’s had his needles, he’s a week late for his …

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Puppy not recovering from surgery

I have a yorkie terrier puppy. he did not eat and drink for 3 days. I took him to vet they did all tests(blood test, stool test, viruses, X-rays), they saw somethings on his xray in his small intestine. the vet diagnose blood blockage or an object. she sent us for ultrasound. the vet who …

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Why is Shih Tzu Vomitting?

Hi, my puppy named raffa, his a shih tzu. And i noticed when i woke up he vomit some of his dog food. And he did it again today this evening. What caused him to vomit? But aside from vomitting he looks normal and still eats. -Athena

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Training Border Collie with shock collar

OK, I have a serious situation with our rescue border collie of 3 months. Sydney (she) is 8 years old and very sweet, except she has some aggression toward our 3 other dogs (female Yorkie, male border collie, and male Rhodesian Ridgeback). The aggression toward the two males seems more pack-dominance related and we can …

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How to crate train a puppy?

i have an 8 weeks old puppy and i started crate training her a week ago everything worked out just fine except she wont stop crying at night i tried putting toys and treats but nothing worked she seem to like her crate but when i leave her alone at night she wont stop crying …

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Excessive drooling in dogs

My 1 1/2 year old shihtuz has been drooling really bad, thick drool from both sides of her mouth, she keeps her tail down and her eyes are wet. I took her to the emergency vet Sunday and they said she was fine. This has been going on a week tomorrow and I am really …

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Dog leaking urine

I have a 13 year old standard poodle. For the last 6 months or so she has been urinating in her bed at night. I have tried diapers but they can’t hold the volume of urine she produces. I have an appointment to see the Vet but want to do some research first. Thank you. …

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