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Dog Throwing Up From Eating Grass

My dog has been getting sick for the last couple weeks. Not constantly been off and on and she’ll eat grass and then feel, pattern for a couple days or maybe when I wake up tomorrow and then she’ll l end up going outside and eating grass again and then throws gets sick once again. -Dorthy Read More »

Shih Tzu Throwing Up

My dog is a shih tuz and some times throws up either in the morning or not a lot but in the afternoon when I get home and it is food but it seems to be when we are not home but then he wants to eat and drink and he seems to be ok what is wrong. -Penny Read More »

Is my dog anxious or does she get car sick?

We adopted a 3-year-old hound mix last week and her name is Sally Bellatrix, Sally B for short. She has been absolutely wonderful, but is not too fond of the car. We live about 40 minutes from the shelter and she made it home fine. We took her on a 30 minute drive to the park Sunday and on the ... Read More »

Jack Russell socializing with other dogs

I have a Jack Russell mix. I also have a Min. Pin. mix. They don’t have a lot of socializing with other animals or people. When someone comes to the door, they both go absolutely crazy barking, into a crazy frenzy. Then the Jack Russell attacks the other one fighting. Any time when the adrenaline is running crazy excitable over ... Read More »

Do dogs legs get cold?

Hi, Please let me know if a dogs legs get cold if they’re outside for about 30 minutes on a 40 degree day, and, or, when there’s snow on the ground. I always put a coat on my 16 pound Miniature Poodle, but her legs are exposed. Thanks so much! -Debbie Read More »