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I’m Interested in the Rover Dog Sitting Service

I don’t travel very often, but I am during the holidays this year and I’m really worried about finding someone to watch my dog! I really don’t want to take him to a kennel. A friend told me about Rover. I realize everyone probably has a different experience, but I’m looking for any positive or negative experiences with this service. ... Read More »

Thoughts on LabraDoodles and GoldenDoodles?

LabraDoodle’s and GoldenDoodle’s are some of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen. The fact that they don’t shed and great for people with allergies are also big plusses in my mind. However, I can’t get over the fact that there are some serious moral and ethical hurdles to get over. These are not natural breeds and essentially muts. Yet breeders ... Read More »

My Dog is Peeing Accidentally

My dog keeps having accidents and is peeing all over the place. Sometimes it is just a trickle while he’s walking around, other times he’s having larger accidents in the house and all over the place. He was potty trained for years so I don’t know why this is happening all the sudden. Been going on for a few weeks ... Read More »