What are the chances of dog dying during spay surgery?

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I don’t want my dog to die during the surgery to get her spayed. But what are the chances of that happening? Her surgery is next week, and I don’t know how I could increase her life chance.

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Kay Bee
My 7.5-lb mini Doxie just died after spay. No clue as to why. Doc will do an autopsy at their expense because they want answers too. Heartbreaking. Regret the spay. I went back & forth, canceled & rescheduled, finally went forward because of the supposed health risks of not spaying. I wish I’d listened to my gut.
Is neutering a male puppy very safe %
Mary Onebene
We took our 7 month old puppy to be fixed Thursday and than Friday we took her back for a shot. Today she died can anyone help in why this happened. I have some pretty upset kids that I don’t know what to tell them why.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss. Have you spoken to the vet about why your dog died?
My Great Dane was in heat. Decided to get her fixed since she kept ripping off diaper and decided not to breed her. They told me to wait 2 weeks after heat. She died. Autopsy. She bled to death. I called other vets later and was told vet should have waited longer than 2 weeks after heat especially large dog. Vet was negligent.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I am so sorry for your loss, Sheryl.
Sara Orton
Same just happened to my 4 lb yorkie. She just died last night after being spayed. She was only 4. We do not know what went wrong, but the vet at the ER things she was internally bleeding. We are no longer spaying our dogs
Amanda A
My 8 week old 2lb Shih Tzu had to get operated on for a large hernia and I opted to have her spayed at the same time to avoid her undergoing two surgeries. She is so tiny and I didn’t know if she would make it but we had no other option. I opted out of the pre-blood work because if she didn’t get operated on then the hernia would be life threatening anyway. Anywho! I dropped the baby off at 8AM and she was ready by 9AM. For the first few hours she was crying and didn’t wanna eat. Then later she ate drank ate and even pooped a few times. Honestly the next day she seems healthier than she was before the surgery. I am so happy I went ahead and did it. The stitches look amazing. It costed $90 and the clinic I went to does a lot of spays and neuteres on babies. I know that their were major risks but my baby is strong and a fighter!
Oh no.. I’m soooo sorry for your loss. I’m extremely worried now, I have a 5lb Yorkie & she’s only 2. She is scheduled to be spayed next week.. she was hypoglycemia (constant low blood sugar) Ive been unsure about the whole situation. Now I really don’t know
Destiny Pronto
Did u end up going through with the surgery just woundering a update
So sorry for your loss our dog is going thru the same and same age and she’s doing real bad after being spades aplenty she’s bleeding to death and they can do anything.
I’m so sorry. My dog is being neutered today. My last dog died from poor vet care
Cecelia Pryce
Sorry for your loss my cat died today he was getting castrated they have no answer for me he was well no problems .was your last cat castrated when he pass away
Kelli brown
Omg we are going thru this right now our dog (77lbs Pitt) was going into heat and we took her to get fixed and now she’s on her death bed and they can’t stop the bleeding. Man I had nightmares about this and now I wish we would of waited. I’m so sorry for your loss
My cousin baby died today at the vet getting fixed. She would have been a year old on the 21st of this month. She was my puppy. My cousin adopted her from me. Why would this happen ?
Jamie Smith
I just got my 7 month old German shorthair/golden retriever spayed because I didn’t want her happy puppies since we have an intact heeler. Long story short, they called later that day and said they wanted to watch her overnight and give her some fluids…..we’ll i called the the next day to see how she was doing and found out that she was already dead and they wanted to do an autopsy on her…..said she just wouldn’t wake up…..never had the decency to tell me how bad it was or that she died. Not a single phone call and now are beloved puppy is dead and I have 3 girls just heartbroken.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss Jamie. Please know your family is in my thoughts.
My dog just got spayed, she won’t move or eat or even drink her water. She is a little old, and I need too know. PLEASE HELP.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Have you called your vet?
Before you have you pet spayed or neutered ask the vet if he/she has been neutered/spayed? If they say “NO” then ask why if there are so many health benefits. It is a complete falsehood that it makes pets or people more “healthy”. I have a 16 year old GSD intact that most people think is around 8 or 9 years old. I also have an intact yorkie that will be 17 this year. It is simply a money grab for the vet.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I think a common reason people get their pets spayed/neutered is to prevent unintentional breeding. There are already so many homeless dogs and if someone’s dog who is not fixed got lost and bred puppies there would be more and more dogs without homes.

I know this happened to my sister’s dog. Her dog, Rambo, got loose and impregnated another person’s dog and she had a litter of pups. Fortunately, all the dogs found good homes and Rambo found his way back to my sister, but had he been fixed there wouldn’t have been a chance for him to create offspring. And had the mother not had a good home, she may have been on her own with the pups and they’d scrounge for food, perhaps be more aggressive and many may have lost their lives.

I’m glad to hear this is not the case for your dogs and that they are in such great health!

This is not true. Neither of my dogs were spayed and we thought they were fine. Then, within the span of one afternoon, the older one became incredibly sick. We took her to the vet and found out that it was pyometra (an infection of the uterus) which is common in older dogs who haven’t been fixed. Our precious baby almost died because she wasn’t spayed. Just because you haven’t had any issues doesn’t mean others won’t either.
My long haired chihuahua got pyrometra. We thought it was just the start of her period (she hadn’t been spayed yet) but by the next day her abdomen was very very enlarged and we panicked! A few calls later and we were able to take her to a vet hospital about 40
Minutes away on a Saturday. Anyway so they immediately did blood work and a bunch of other tests but pretty quickly they discovered the issue and operated her. She was spayed and thank heavens after three long days we were able to take her home.

I’m worried about my rescue dog we took from the streets. She’s been with us for about 2 years and is a sweet dog. Anyway my mom opted to spay her yesterday (Friday) and we are worried because she still hasn’t wanted to eat. I’m sure some dogs take longer than others to eat. But her last small meal was Thursday at 5 pm by orders of the vet clinic. It was a small meal of chicken because that’s all she wanted at the time.
But i just hate that she hasn’t eaten since. After she got back from the vet we didn’t notice her drink water but maybe during the night she has some because she did go potty a lot. But she hasn’t done her poo. I’m calling the vet right after this post. Crossing my fingers because today is Saturday and I don’t know if they are even open but I think so. If not unfortunately we will be obligated to wait till Monday. Where we live there’s only one pet clinic. And our closest vet hospital is 40 minutes away and we have no car so I’m hoping she eats and drinks and poos and stuff. Her operation site looks good though. But internally it scares that something could go wrong or is going wrong and we don’t know.

Sadie Cornelius (Admin)
Salma, the chances are very slim but it depends on the age and health condition. Have your vet run blood work to check for any pre-existing conditions first. Also the age of your dog can be a factor too, but with your puppy being only 8 months it shouldn’t be a problem. As with any surgery that requires anesthesia there’s a risk, but it’s pretty uncommon and vets wouldn’t do the procedure as often as they do if it was. Hope that helps!
Thank you! I feel much better about my puppies surgery.
Ben Foster
Please make sure you pick the right vet. We took our gorgeous 6 months old Sproodle Betsy in to be spayed yesterday morning and had a call to say she’d died during the surgery she was so fit strong and healthy, it’s ripped a hole through us and her sister (cockapoo) is running round the house looking for her
I’m so sorry. My dog died suddenly 6 months ago and the vet messed up. I’m so sorry, my tears are back
I had my dog spayed four days ago she wasn’t eating the 3rd day out but drinking water then suddenly collapsed on the floor and couldn’t get up I rushed her to the vet they wanted to do x-rays and bloodwork and said they would call me to update me She ended up having a heart attack on the table Myself and my two young girls are heartbroken Please do your research where are you take your dog
Was it a regular spay or did your dog have pyometra?