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Corgi Butts Drive Us Nuts! 26 Adorable Fluffy Rear Ends


Last Updated: April 10, 2024 | 7 min read | 4 Comments

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Some Corgis have tails, and some don’t (which confirms to breed standards), but no matter what their tails look like, their little behinds are hilarious.

Corgis happen to be the 15th most popular dog in the US, and with good reason! Labradors take the top spot, followed by German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Bulldogs and Beagles. Still, the Corgi can make for a great pet if you are looking for a smaller dog. Both the Cardigan and Pembroke variations are notorious for their cute behinds.

In fact, the only smaller dogs that rank ahead of the Corgi are the French Bulldog and the Dachshund in small dog popularity. You could argue that Beagles are in the same size class, but are they as furry and adorable? You be the judge with these adorable little fluffy butts.

Fluffy Guy Loves The Road

Adorable Corgi Behind

How can you not love a little Corgi from behind sitting on a dirt road? This little guy has classic Corgi coloring and doesn’t have a tail. It’s quite possible the tail was not there at birth, or it could have been docked when the Corgi was very young. Corgis come in 5 colors and usually have some white intermixed with their colored coat. This Corgi is considered a “red” Corgi, which has no obvious black hairs.

Shiny Coat On A Walk

Red Corgi

This is another red Corgi whose tail was likely docked (you can tell due to the adorable little stub). Short-tailed Corgis are genetic and actually represent a pretty small population of the breed standard. More fluffy butts to brighten your day.

Pair Playing With A Ball

Pair of Corgis

Hardly anything more adorable than a pair of Corgis playing together with a ball. This is a standard red Corgi paired with a black tricolored pup that still has his tail intact. We’d love to be in the room when these two get a little rowdy with that ball! How about you?

Mischief In The Snow

Playing in Snow

Mischief! Who wouldn’t love to be there when this little guy is out in the snow, going crazy and romping around? While there are many dogs that absolutely love the snow, it’s important to remember that you should never leave your dog out in the cold for too long. It’s becoming against the law in some states and your pup can suffer from frostbite or other cold-induced injuries. With that being said, a little snow play is a great way to get some energy out!

Fluffy And Dressed For Show

Corgi in a Dress

Okay, who seriously puts their pup in clothes? I’m sure that some dogs are sitting there thinking, “what the heck?” when they are dressed up, but this picture was so adorable that we couldn’t resist posting it! This cute little Red Corgi seems to be having an excellent time out for a stroll while wearing something to keep her warm during her outing.

Hanging With My Homies

Pup with Owners

This little guy looks to be having the time of his life with his owners! This is another standard red Corgi, and the coloring is absolutely adorable. Corgis’ personalities are hilarious, especially when they choose to lie with their legs sprawled apart like this! It makes them just that much more adorable!

Linoleum Flooring vs Cuteness

Corgi on 1970's Flooring

Here is an adorable red Corgi on old linoleum flooring. As if Corgis weren’t adorable enough, this one had to go and show their owner that they happened to be a better use of floor space than the current flooring their owner decided to use in their kitchen. We hear you pup.

Walking On Water

Corgi on Water

This little guy decided to try his hand at walking on water! Obviously, this little guy found some land to go run around on in the nearby lake, but this butt is almost cuter than the pup that decided to go cause some mischief in the snow.

Some Adorable Paws

Pup on Tile Floor

This Corgi has the same idea as his friend on the linoleum tile. Yes, your butt is cuter than the flooring you are currently laying on. And yes, it makes us want to walk up and give you a little lower back rub to let you know just how adorable we think you are. Plus, just look at how adorable those paws are! Keep on doing you Mr. Corgi, keep on doing you.

Red And Fluffy

Two Dogs

At least this same pup has a friend to share the shop floor with! We love the coloring on this pup! The red and white blend is very pronounced on this Corgi, with the head being full-on red. Corgis are a fascinating breed and have some of the most unique coloring combinations of just about any dog breed.

Fascinated By Beyond

Corgi on Walkway

This little guy is obviously interested in something going on off the side of this walkway. Another red Corgi with a beautiful coloring split down the head with the white fur blend. He’s an adorable little pup that we’d love to meet in person.

Puppies And Cowboy Boots

Corgi Puppy with Boots

Corgi puppy butts with cowboy boots! Who doesn’t love a puppy, seriously? This little guy is absolutely adorable and probably isn’t more than a couple of months old. I’m sure he’s pretty close to being able to fit entirely inside of one of those boots if he chooses to get himself into a little bit more trouble.

Just Plain Adorable

Puppy on Floor

More puppies! Seriously though, it’s hard enough not to love just any puppy, but it’s impossible for us to get too much of any Corgi puppy. They are just so tiny and full of life. They are also extremely intelligent dogs and can learn tricks very easily, especially if you start training them properly from an early age.

Just Plain Adorable Version 2

Corgi Laying on Wood Floor

From a certain angle, they almost look like bunny rabbit tails! This is a pretty popular way that a lot of Corgis lay. Do you lay around in this same position so it’s more comfortable? While we have mastiffs that lay in funny positions, laying out with legs completely sprawled across the floor is typically not one of their favorites.

Up to No Good

Mischief Dog

Do you like Corgis with their tail docked or with the longer tails? The longer tail almost makes this little red Corgi look like a fox! We can surely say that the look he’s giving us looks like he’s about to get into heaps of trouble and loves it when he’s doing it! Seriously though, that tail is pretty adorable, and it’s making us want to go out and adopt one with a full tail and start telling people it’s a fox.

Focused Intently

Corgi Focusing Intently

This little guy is intently focusing on something that I’m sure is going to keep him busy for hours on end! What does your Corgi love to do that keeps them busy and running around all the time? This little guy has great coloring, with the head and ears being fully colored in red and white through the neck. We’d love to see what keeps this guy so entertained.

Pretty Tri Color

Tri Color Corgi

This cute little tri-colored Corgi is out just doing his business. The tri-colored pups are all very unique looking. This little lady is extremely unique looking with the typical white and fluffy Corgi backside that we’ve all come to know and love.

Fluffy Snow Play

Snow Doggy

This little guy has a fully intact tail and is out playing with his owner. Snow play can be a ton of fun when it’s done in moderation. Corgis excel at fetching and catching and enjoy the activity. They are a shepherding breed, and activities like this will help wear out potentially mischievous energy that they may carry.

Tri-Colored Pup In The Grass

Tri Colored Pup in Grass

This adorable tri-colored pup is getting some much-needed rest and relaxation on some real summer grass. This pup is considered a tri-color because there are traces of black in the red fur that you can see across its back. It makes for a beautifully colored Corgi.

More Grass R&R

Welsh Pembroke Corgi on Grass

How stinking cute is this little furry backside? This is another red Corgi, and you can tell by the absence of any black fur anywhere through the coloring on his back. This is an extremely well-behaved pup to just sit in the park and hang out with her owner all afternoon after playing with other pups in the park.

Welshie In The Park

Welsh Pembroke in the Park

Once again, we have another little guy who looks like he is absolutely up to no good! He’s adorable nonetheless and is another fine example of a red Corgi showing off his backside. This little guy is all too happy to hang out and find lots of friends to cause trouble within the park!

Hanging With A Buddy

Corgi with a Friend

Who says that because you don’t look alike that you can’t be friends? These are best buddies and show it while out on a walk together. This cute little tri-colored pup still has his tail intact and looks like he’s about to go off and herd some sheep.

Digging For Something

Digging For Gold

This little lady is digging for who knows what out in the sand on the beach! It’s still a fantastically adorable little backside, and she can keep on digging while she shakes her rear end! Because of their intelligence level, Corgis love to play games like hide and seek.

Three Little Butts

Three Corgi Butts

How about not one or two, but THREE adorable backsides? These three red Corgis are out in the field, right where most of us probably wish we were hanging out right this very moment! These three cuties have some of the most adorable butts we’ve seen, and it proves that sometimes just one little pup isn’t enough.

More Adorable Puppy Butt

Corgi Puppy Butt

How could we not close this thread out with some more puppy butt? This little guy is absolutely adorable, and it’s no wonder so many people fall in love with these pint-size canines. The coloring on this pup is almost full-on red, with just a little white and black on the snout. It just goes to show that Corgis are absolutely adorable from the moment they are born.

Final Thoughts

Corgis are some of the most adorable little dogs on the planet, and these pictures just prove it! If you weren’t in the market for a Corgi, we are pretty confident you will be thinking about one now! I’ve been telling my husband that the Corgi is our “retirement dog” when we get too old and can’t have big dogs like mastiffs anymore. They are the perfect blend of sass and cuteness.

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