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Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular toy breeds in America. They are intelligent, loving, and full of cheery terrier character. They also have a fabulously long and silky coat that requires a fair bit of maintenance to keep their coat healthy and looking their best. Even if you take your Yorkie to the groomers for a regular groom, it’s always helpful to have the right tools at home to keep their coat tangle-free in between.

Picking the best brush for your Yorkie’s coat can make all the difference. And there are plenty of dog brushes, but not all are suitable for Yorkie coats. It can be daunting if you aren’t sure about which brush to choose. We have made this process easier for you by recommending our favorite Yorkie brushes. We also supply helpful guidance along the way.

This Yorkie brush guide covers the essentials of Yorkie grooming, covering the different types of dog grooming brushes and which ones are the best option for your Yorkie. We also offer tips for grooming your short or long-haired Yorkie. The best brushes for Yorkies are slicker brushes, bristle brushes, and a comb. And together, they can make a Yorkie coat glisten. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know.

At A Glance: Best Brushes For Yorkie

Pet Portal Slicker
Our Rating

Best Overall

Hartz Combo

Our Rating

Best Slicker

Hertzko Self-Cleaning

Frisco Metal Dog Comb
Our Rating

Best Comb

Frisco Metal Comb

Yorkie Coat

The Yorkie has a single-layered coat with glossy, fine, and silky hair. This single-layer means they have much less dander than double-layered dog coats. This is why Yorkies are known as hypoallergenic dogs, and they are easier for mild dog allergy sufferers to cohabit with them. Still, you need to keep their coat clean and tangle-free. Regular brushing not only assists with coat maintenance but also helps to stimulate blood circulation in the skin to maintain good health.

One of the Yorkie’s best characteristics is their long, sweeping coat that falls gracefully to the floor. But many Yorkie owners opt to cut their long hair much shorter and manageable, usually known as a teddy bear cut. Depending on which style of jacket you pick for your pup determines how long and often you need to groom them during each session.

Are Yorkies Hypoallergenic?

Yes, Yorkies are often known as hypoallergenic dogs because of their low shedding. But it is a misconception that they do not shed at all. Every dog sheds, but a Yorkie’s shedding is much lower than other dogs, so some people with mild dog allergies can live with them. However, they still produce an allergy-inducing protein that can trigger people with dog allergies.

Different Types of Dog Brushes

There are a few different types of brushes available for all dogs and their different types of coats. Finding the right grooming tool is essential when it comes to grooming your Yorkie. Let’s look at what types of brushes are available and what type of coats they suit best.

Slicker Brush

A slicker brush contains small, slender bristles that sit closely together and are usually made of wire. The brush is wide and useful for removing tangles, mats, and dirt. These are great for Yorkies because they work well with most coats, particularly smooth and fine ones. As the Yorke has a single coat and sensitive skin, look for a slicker brush with tipped ends to protect their skin. Don’t try to detangle a tight or large knot with a slicker brush, as this can worsen it. Use a comb for this instead.

Pin Brush

Pin brushes are easy to confuse for slicker brushes. The main difference is that the bristles are thicker and longer, with a broader space between each pin. Usually, each pin has rubber ends to protect the skin from irritation. Pin brushes are ideal for wavy coats, as well as thick coats, as they help to detangle the hair more efficiently. You can use a pin brush for a Yorkie, but a slicker brush is more effective.

Bristle Brush

People often think of a bristle brush when looking for a dog brush. The bristles are thick and moderately spaced. They can be handy for quick brushing but are not ideal for high-shedding breeds. Thankfully, the Yorkie is not a high-shedder, and the bristles’ flexibility can make for a softer brushing experience. Bristle brushes are great for Yorkies as regular brushes, just as slicker brushes are.

Rake Brush

Rake brushes are shaped like a “T” with tightly packed pins or bristles along the top, much like a garden rake. They are ideal for double-coated high-shedders as they remove built-up dead hair. The rake brush is unsuitable for a Yorkie as their coat doesn’t have excess fur.

Grooming Comb

A comb is similar to combs that we use and are often plastic, metal, or wood. They help detangle and gently remove mats without causing the dog too much distress. They help start a brushing session by tackling large or tight knots and finish by keeping the coat neat. Use a comb alongside another brush, such as a slicker or a bristle brush. Never yank the comb through tangles or move it in the opposite way to hair growth.

Best Brushes For Yorkie

Hartz Groomer's Best Combo Dog Brush Review

Andi’s Large Pin Brush green
  • Dual-action brush.
  • Combines slicker and bristles for the ultimate groom.
  • Made with stainless steel and nylon bristles.
  • Rounded tips provide a comfortable experience.
  • Has breather holes for smooth brushing.
  • Features an ergonomic handle for your comfort.

This dual-action brush provides multiple benefits to promote a healthy Yorkie coat, featuring a slicker and bristle brush. This brush is for dogs with long, curly, or wiry hair but also for shorter teddy bear cuts. With every stroke, the slicker side uses fine stainless steel pins that remove tangles, dead hair, and dirt. Each pin has a safety tip to protect your Yorkie’s sensitive skin, avoiding irritation and damage that other poor-quality brushes cause.

Once you have removed any tangles and debris, it’s time to use the bristle side. This side is full of nylon bristles that help to redistribute the natural oils in your Yorkie’s coat. This keeps your dog’s coat naturally healthy, bringing out the silky soft shine. Use both sides regardless of whether your Yorkie has a naturally long coat or teddy bear cut. This brush has an ergonomic handle to make it much easier for you, preventing strain and fatigue.

We love that this is the best overall brush for your Yorkie because it offers a slicker and bristle brush in one. And both of these brushes are great at tackling the Yorkie coat.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush Review

  • Removes loose hair and dirt.
  • Keeps hair looking shiny and healthy.
  • Uniquely curved and durable metal bristles.
  • Each bristle is rounded for protection.
  • The bristle retraction button makes cleanup easy.
  • Comfortable, anti-slip handle.

All Yorkies, regardless of their hairstyle, need a slicker brush in their grooming kit. And this slicker brush has many handy features for both you and Fido. Slicker brushes are great for brushing out all the tangles and knots. This brush has unique curved bristles that penetrate the hair without irritating the skin. The durable stainless steel bristle tips are round to protect your Yorkie’s skin.

The bristle retraction button pulls in the bristles, allowing you to wipe away the dead hair and dirt, ready for their next grooming session. No more tugging or cutting away the fur to keep it clean. The handle is ergonomic and features an anti-slip grip, making brush time more comfortable for you.

We love that this slicker brush is super easy to clean, thanks to the bristle retraction button. Press the button and wipe away all the furry mess.

Frisco Metal Dog Comb Review

  • Tackles tough tangles.
  • Great for keeping long hair neat.
  • Two sides for versatile grooming.
  • Each tooth is rounded to protect the skin.
  • Ideal for all coat types.
  • Made with durable stainless steel.

A comb is a handy grooming tool for Yorkies, especially those with longer hair who experience more matting and tangling. The metal comb is sturdy and durable and is ideal for daily use. One half of the comb features widely spaced teeth, and the teeth on the other side have much narrower spaces in between. Use the wide side to remove excess hair, dirt, and tangling. Then, use the thinner side to promote a shiny, neat-looking coat.

This is a great tool to help break down tough mats or tangles that can’t be tackled with a slicker brush. Sometimes, careful detangling with a comb is the only way to break down a tough knot. It’s essential not to use excessive force to tackle tangles. Each tooth is round at the tip, so it won’t scrape your Yorkie’s skin.

We love that this durable metal comb is simple and easy to use. It has dual options depending on whether you need wide or narrow teeth.

PetBrush By WetBrush Smooth & Shine Detangler Dog Brush Review

  • Uses two kinds of bristles for a thorough groom.
  • IntelliFlex bristles detangle hair.
  • Rounded and soft plastic tips for sensitive skin.
  • Natural boar bristles remove hair and promote shine.
  • Can be used wet or dry.
  • Made with durable plastic.

This detangling dog brush combines their signature IntelliFlex detangling bristles and natural boar bristles. Together, they penetrate dog hair, gliding through tangles without pulling them. There are many long plastic bristles with a round tip on each to prevent skin irritation. The natural boar bristles surround each plastic bristle and remove dirt and hair.

This brush works on all types of coats, so it’s excellent for every Yorkie and every haircut. The bristles distribute your Yorkie’s natural oils for a shimmering shine. It can be used on dry and wet hair, so it’s a great tool after every wash. It is made from durable plastic and comes in a beautiful unisex teal color.

We love that this detangling dog brush uses two kinds of bristles to tackle tough tangles and matted fur.

Mr. Peanut's Hand Gloves Dog Grooming & Shedding Aid Review

  • Collects loose hair and fur.
  • Provides an easy grooming experience.
  • Great if your dog doesn’t like traditional brushes.
  • Can be used wet or dry.
  • Adjustable glove size to fit most.
  • Machine washable.

Although these gloves don’t offer a thorough groom compared to the other brushes on our list, they are great for Yorkies who are scared of being brushed. Trick them into being groomed by stroking them with these gloves, making it a more pleasurable and calmer experience for you and your Yorkie. These gloves remove excess hair sitting on their coat by sticking to the silicone bristles.

The glove is made from durable and comfortable mesh, allowing your skin to breathe. There are two gloves catering to both right and left-handed groomers or for a double grooming experience. Each glove has an adjustable velcro strap to secure it to your hand, and one size fits all. Not only do these gloves collect fur, but they also provide a relaxing massage and bonding activity. They’re straightforward to wash. Wipe the hair away from the brush, machine wash them, and let them air dry.

We love that these grooming gloves are ideal for Yorkies who don’t like to be brushed with traditional brushes.

Tips For Grooming Yorkies

Grooming isn’t as straightforward as it looks, especially if your Yorkie doesn’t like being groomed. There are a few simple steps to make their regime much more effortless.

Start Grooming Your Yorkie Puppy As Early As Possible

This is crucial if you want them to become accustomed to their important grooming regime. Although they aren’t large or powerful, you can bet your strong-willed Yorkie to put up a fight every time you get the brush out if they aren’t exposed to their grooming regime from a young age. Make it a positive experience every time.

Selecting The Right Brush For Your Yorkie

Getting the best from your grooming regime requires the right tools, and it can also keep your Yorkies skin in the best condition. There’s no point buying a rake-style brush for your Yorkie as they don’t shed, which could irritate their sensitive skin too.

Use The Right Amount Of Pressure

When brushing your Yorkie, using the right amount of force is imperative. Too little, and you won’t pick up any dead hair or dirt, and you won’t spread their natural oils around. Too much, and you risk hurting your Yorkie’s skin or even scaring them. Use gentle, sweeping motions, and you should feel a slight resistance without scraping the skin.

Inspect Your Yorkie’s Hair And Skin

As you brush their hair, look for signs of irritation or infections such as rashes, lumps, and bumps. If you notice anything unusual, stop grooming them and contact your vet immediately. Although Yorkies are relatively healthy dogs, considering pet insurance can help offset the costs associated with emergency or unexpected long-term health care.

Rinse And Dry Your Yorkie Thoroughly

After washing and brushing them through, it’s essential to remove as much moisture as you can. Towel-dry their hair and use a blow dryer if they allow you to. Using a blow dryer helps to keep their hair soft, smooth, and tangle-free. Use the lowest heat setting and don’t hold it too close to them to avoid scalding or scaring them.

Remember Everything Else Grooming Related

Brushing your Yorkie’s coat is very important, as is everything else in their grooming regime. And often, pup parents forget to do everything else to keep them healthy. Remember to bathe them, clean their teeth, and clip their nails. If there’s anything you’re unsure about, get advice from a professional groomer.

Make Grooming Time Enjoyable

Lastly, remember to make grooming a pleasurable experience so they are more likely to let you do it again. Even if they’ve been exposed to grooming from a young age, putting them off only takes one unpleasant experience. Praise them, stroke them, and give them treats too.

Managing Yorkie Shedding

Yorkies are not heavy shedders. They have a single-layered coat, unlike most other dogs with a double-layered one. Instead of shedding heavily during the shedding seasons, they shed lightly throughout the year. Brushing is crucial for their health and helps remove loose and excess hair, which keeps your home looking tidy. It’s also a great way to bond with your beloved pup.

Final Thoughts

Keeping their coat dirt and tangle-free is imperative to their skin and coat health. And brushing your Yorkie is integral to maintaining their health and happiness. Finding the right tool for your Yorkie’s coat can make a massive difference in an efficient grooming session. The Yorkie has a silky and naturally long coat unless you trim it shorter to keep it more manageable. The best brush for the Yorkie is a slicker brush, and a grooming comb and bristle brush can be handy, too.

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