Amy Robinson

Amy Robinson grew up watching Lassie movies and parlayed her passion for dog smarts into a twenty-two year dog training career. She is the creator of the award-winning Drool School DVD and lives with her husband and certified Therapy dog, Mac. You can read more about her on her personal blog at:

Beagle sleeping in crate (caption: Crate Training Tips)

4 Tips For Crate Training Dogs, Made Easy

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, dog crates provide a special doggie den in your home while saving your best sofa from a hairy existence. The ability to spend a bit of time in a crate or behind a gate should be a skill every dog should have, just like Sit or Stay, so he can hang out stress-free at the groomer’s, veterinarian’s office, or while traveling. The old rusting metal variety you banished to the garage has gone way upscale with sleek wood and wicker models designed to fit into our living areas, right where the dog wants to be. Try these tips to get your dog to hop in without a fuss…

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pregnant woman with dog on belly sitting on the sofa

Why Do Women And Dogs Share Such A Tight Bond?

Women and dogs share a very tight bond. This is not news to husbands or boyfriends who are banished to the sofa because the dog has sprawled on his side of the bed while he was brushing his teeth. It was not always this way. A couple of hundred years ago, when prairie skirts were not just a fleeting fashion trend, dogs rose before dawn and trotted off with the man to hunt, herd, or do draft work all day. The dog would return home on tired legs to sleep and eat in the barn or, if he was really lucky, grab a snooze near the fire. In more modern times, dogs are revered members of the family, forming close bonds with us. Today’s pampered pets spend most of their time as companions rather than working pups. Dogs act as exercise motivators, stress relievers, non-judgmental listeners, and support systems. Women, in particular, form close connections with their fur babies. Let’s look a little further into the special relationship between women and dogs.

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