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Best Brush For French Bulldog


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French Bulldogs are an adorable breed and quite popular. Part of their appeal is their charming look and soft glossy coats. These little pups have smooth, single short coats that come in a variety of colors. Even though they are a shorter-haired breed, the Frenchie still needs regular grooming. Finding the best brush for the French Bulldog can be a challenge.

While professional grooming is not always necessary with this breed, they do require regular maintenance. Weekly brushing is best, with an occasional bath every couple of months. Of course, going to the salon is always an option, but owners should be ready to take care of most of their Frenchie’s brushing needs at home.

There are many different grooming products to choose from, and only some brushes are suitable for the French Bulldog. Because they have such short, velvety single coats, avoiding very hard or sharp grooming tools is best. Finding the brush for your Frenchie might be tricky, and we have some guidance and tips to help make that process easier.

At a Glance: Our Favorite French Bulldog Brushes

Paws & Pals 6-in-1 Dog Shampoo

Best Rubber

KONG Dog Zoom Groom

Pet Portal Slicker

Best Double Sided

Groomer’s Best Small Combo

Best Grooming Mitts

HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

French Bulldog Coat

The Frenchie coat is short, smooth, and silky. Most of the breed will have a single-layer coat, though a few Brindle breeds have a double-layered coat. These thin coats mean that Frenchies fare better in warmer weather than colder temperatures and need sweaters when they go outside when it is chilly. Even though they are a shorter-haired breed, they shed regularly and need at least a weekly brushing for their coats to stay lush, supple, and shiny.

French Bulldog Grooming Needs

Frenchies need brushing at least once a week. They do not need brushing every day, and owners should be careful not to overbrush this breed, which can contribute to skin irritation and hair loss. This brushing removes dead skin, hair, dirt, and debris and stimulates hair follicles. French Bulldog grooming needs include weekly brushing and regular nail clipping. A once-a-month bath should be plenty to keep your Bully’s coat looking and feeling magnificent.

Types Of Brushes

Not just any brush will do for this fetching breed. Fortunately for owners, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, that does not mean that every dog brush will work for this breed. They do better with a softer to medium brush, as well as grooming mitts and gloves.


Rubber dog brushes are a fantastic tool for canines with short coats like the Frenchie. They help remove loose and dead hair and do not irritate a dog’s skin. These brushes are also very helpful for keeping your bark baby’s coat looking nice and shiny. Rubber brushes are often made entirely of softer material, sometimes flexible rubber, and have wide bristles. Sometimes you will see a combination brush with a rubber base and short yet soft metal pins.


A pin brush can have a wooden, plastic, rubber, or other base and handle and will have wire pins topped with soft material like plastic or rubber. There are a few varieties of these. Some Frenchies can benefit from the gentle touch of one of these brushes.


Bristle brushes have soft, flexible bristles that sit closely together. These are wonderful tools for canines like the Frenchie and gently remove dirt, dander, loose hair, and more. Additionally, the stimulation from the bristle brush helps your dog’s skin oil production increase. This helps to keep coats luxurious and shiny.

Grooming Mitts/Gloves

Grooming gloves or mitts are essentially silicone gloves with brushes built into the hands. Owners can pet their dogs while gently combing their hair and keeping them clean. Grooming gloves are a fantastic tool for dogs who are hyper and will not sit still for grooming or those who do not cooperate. Some pups go crazy as soon as they see the grooming tools, so these gloves are a far more discreet way to get the job done.

Top Brushes For The French Bulldog

KONG Dog Zoom Groom

Pets & Goods Rubber Grooming Brush
  • Rubber brush with thick bristles.
  • Multi-use.
  • Can be used wet and dry.
  • Gentle and effective.
  • Easy to use.
  • Very durable.

KONG Dog Zoom Groom Multi-Use Brush is a top choice among groomers and pet parents alike. Made by a well-known dog company, KONG, you can be sure this is sturdy and can hold up to a much larger dog than the petite Frenchie.

This option removes hair and gives your pup a gentle and soothing massage. It is easy to use and not painful. This is a suitable tool to use in the bath and out. Customer review reports it works better on dogs with shorter coats, like the Frenchie. This is a simple, reliable choice and extremely gentle on the skin and hair.

We love that this is a multi-use tool. It is very useful when your dog is wet and dry. It is also very easy to clean. The softer rubber is perfect for very sensitive dogs and those who do not like grooming. It does not look like a brush, so it may not cause as much anxiety for those high-strung pups.

Pets & Goods Rubber

Alcott Bamboo Groom Palm Brush
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Secure handle.
  • Soft rubber nubs.
  • Brush and massager.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • No poking or scratching.

Pets & Goods is another wonderful and highly effective rubber brush. It is soft, flexible, small, and has a loop handle to make it more secure and easier to use. This one can be used on both wet and dry hair. It is specially designed to work as a sudser during bath time.

Pet owners love this one for short-haired breeds. It can even be used on cats. This one works best on smooth-coated breeds, perfect for most Frenchies. Works well to remove loose hair and keep coats free of debris. It also works as a soft massager. The gentle rubber nubs offer a soothing massage with no poking or scratching.

We love that this has an easy-to-use handle and is very flexible. This makes it easy to use, and owners do not have to worry about dropping it or having it fly out of their hands.

ZOOPOLR Pet Silicone

  • Massaging and cleaning.
  • Designed to use in the bath.
  • Deep scrubbing stimulates capillaries.
  • Can use wet and dry.
  • Comfort grip tips on the back for owners.

ZOOPOLR Pet Silicone Shampoo Brush is highly suitable for bathing and keeping your Frenchie’s coat in tip-top shape. Longer rubber bristles provide a soft yet effective cleanse. They are designed for dogs with both long and short hair.

The rubber bristles both clean and massage, stimulating capillaries. Works for wet bathing and dry de-shedding. The product is effortless to use and has comfortable grip tips on the back so that it is easy to grip.

We love that this design is intended to help get deep cleaning on pups. The design to both clean and massage is a considerable benefit and keeps coats healthy and shiny. This one aims to make bath time an experience your pup looks forward to, not wants to run away from.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Soft, round bristles.
  • No poking or breaking,
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Retractable pins.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is an extremely highly rated and widely liked tool. This one features retracting bristles, making it easy to remove hair and clean. The ergonomic, soft handle and design make it comfortable to hold and use.

This product reduces shedding and removes tangles, dirt, and debris. It is designed for short or long hair and can be used with dogs of any size. Bristles are fine and soft, so they will not irritate the Frenchie’s skin.

We love that the bristles on this pin brush are uniquely shaped for pain-free grooming. They are round and will not bend or break, nor will they poke. This is a very effective tool to have on hand for your Frenchie.

Groomer's Best Small Combo

Andi’s Large Pin Brush green
  • Double-sided.
  • Pin brush with soft tips.
  • Soft bristle brush.
  • Massaging feel.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Cleans and helps distribute oils throughout the coat.

Groomer’s Best Small Combo Brush is a double-sided brush. It has both a pin and a soft bristle brush. Pins are topped with soft plastic tips. Pin brush removes dirt, hair, and debris. The bristle brush is a gentle massager that helps distribute natural oils throughout the coat.

This is a great tool to have because it is a two-in-one. It can handle all of your Frenchie’s grooming needs. This is best to use on dry hair. An ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold and use. Owners will not go wrong with this one.

We love the fact that this is a two-in-one product. It makes grooming easy, and owners can keep coats clean and shiny with just this one tool. Just right for de-shedding and detangling.

Alcott Bamboo Groom Palm

Kennels & Cats Pet Grooming Gloves
  • Handmade brush.
  • Bamboo handle with elastic handle.
  • Boar bristles.
  • Sturdy and soft.
  • Removes dirt, hair, and dander.
  • Exceptionally durable.

This option is a perfect pick for owners who want a more natural feel. The Alcott Bamboo Groom Palm Brush has a smooth feel and a comfortable elastic band handle. Made from bamboo, this one is sturdy and holds up well. The boar bristles are soft and smooth. The design is quite comfortable to hold as well.

The bamboo construction means this product is very durable. It is suitable for all coat types and lengths. It is designed to mimic the sensation dogs feel when they are being petted. Boar bristles remove dirt, hair, and dander in a gentle, soothing way.

We love that this is a handmade, highly durable product. Bristles are super soft and help spread the natural oils throughout the coat. Comfortable to hold and very sturdy. Great for short, smooth-haired dogs, just like the French Bulldog.

HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

  • Hypoallergenic grooming gloves.
  • Can use dry or when bathing.
  • Rubber nodules with rounded tips.
  • Lightweight, flexible grip.
  • Adjustable wrist straps.
  • Mildew resistant and machine washable.

HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves are a fantastic pick for the French Bulldog. This is very easy to use. Just put it on and pass it over your pet’s body. It can be used dry or as a tool during bathing. These are hypoallergenic and mildew resistant.

Rubber nodules work to massage pets while they help remove dirt, debris, and loose hair. Gloves are lightweight, with a flexible grip. They are made from comfortable nylon fabric with adjustable wrist straps. Gloves have non-abrasive rounded tips for a comfortable sensation.

We love how these are so easy to use, hypoallergenic, and machine washable. This makes for a super easy cleanup after a bath or brushing session. They can also be used on cats, rabbits, pigs, horses, and even elephants.

Kennels & Cats Pet Grooming Gloves

  • Medical grade silicone.
  • 260 silicone tips for brushing and massage.
  • No BPA.
  • Has double stitching on the wrist to prevent ripping.
  • Flexible tips.
  • Breathable mesh gloves.

Kennels & Cats Pet Grooming Gloves are another strong choice for brushing alternatives that offer a spa-like experience to your Frenchie. These are designed to be comfortable to wear and to be brushed with. 260 silicone tips work to detangle hair and remove dirt. Tips are flexible, massage a dog’s skin, and softly spread oils throughout their coats.

This grooming tool similarly delivers a soft massage. Gloves also work to pick the hair up off furniture and clothing. Made from medical-grade silicone with no BPA, double stitching around the wrist makes it rip-resistant. They can be used wet and dry.

We love that these are made from a breathable mesh and elastic spandex fabric. They fit well and are not constricting to the wearer. You can purchase as a single or as a pair. Gloves are machine washable for easy clean up.

DakPets Pet Grooming & Deshedding Tool

Magic Pro Deshedder
  • Deshedding tool.
  • Safe for short-haired dogs.
  • Reduces shedding and removes loose hair and dead skin.
  • It promotes circulation and a shinier coat.
  • Removeable comb.



DakPets Pet Grooming Brush and Deshedding tool is another fantastic addition to your pet hair tool chest. It can reduce shedding in pets by up to 95% with proper use. Removes loose hair and dead skin without damaging the coat. Promotes healthy skin and better circulation. Regular use results in a shinier coat.

Easy to hold, the ergonomic handle and non-slip material help owners keep a good grip on this one and keep solid control. Rust-resistant blade, so it is always a clean, crisp cut. Be gentle with these. Remember, Frenchies have a single layer of soft fur.

We love that this product features a comb that can detach from the handle. It is a very versatile tool and can significantly benefit keeping your dog’s coat healthy and clean.

Shedding Season

Shedding season happens for every dog, even those that do not shed as much as the Frenchie. These pups shed all year long. Most of this shedding occurs in the warmer times of the year, like spring and summer. As the temperature warms up, they will start to lose that hair. This is natural and not something to be alarmed about. Dogs also often shed in the winter to make room for a thicker coat to grow in.

The French Bulldog can have a heavy shed once to three times a year. The warmer the climate, the more shedding these pups will have. Owners should expect this, as these bark babies do not like cool weather. The good news is they have very little fur, so their shedding is extremely mild compared to many other breeds.

Regular brushing and bathing help reduce shedding. If you worry your Frenchie is shedding excessively, contact your vet. They can help rule out any underlying issues that may cause shedding.

Grooming Tips

French Bulldogs have a short, smooth coat that requires minimal grooming. Regular maintenance of your Frenchie helps to keep their coat shiny, reduce shedding and keep them looking great. These pups are prone to skin problems, so check for any signs of rashes, bumps, or scabs while grooming. To keep your Frenchie’s wrinkles clean and dry, clean them daily to prevent them from getting an infection. Getting your doggo familiar with brushing from a young age is essential so they are comfortable with the process.

How To Brush A Frenchie

  1. Regularly brush the coat. Use a rubber, pin, or soft-bristle brush to remove any loose hair and dirt from the coat. Move in the direction of hair growth, starting from the head and working your way down to the tail. Be sure to pay extra attention to the ears, legs, and underbelly.
  2. Clean the ears and wrinkles. Frenchies have wrinkles on their face, which can trap dirt and moisture. Clean the wrinkles and ears with a damp cloth or a cotton swab. Be careful not to insert anything too deep into the ear canal. Keep the area around the eyes clean by wiping away any discharge with a damp cloth.
  3. Trim those nails. Trim your French Bulldog’s nails using a dog-specific nail clipper. If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, take your dog to a professional groomer or a veterinarian. Trim nails as needed every 2-3 weeks.
  4. Clean your pup’s teeth at least once a week to prevent dental problems. Use a toothbrush specifically designed for dogs and a toothpaste that is safe for them to ingest.
  5. Use a damp cloth or dog-specific wet wipes to clean the face and wrinkles to avoid infections or irritation.
  6. Regularly check for any signs of skin irritations, rashes, or infections. If you see any of these, talk to your vet about treatment and the next steps.
  7. French Bulldogs have a short snout which makes them more prone to respiratory problems, so you should avoid using a water hose or submerging them in water during baths or grooming. Instead, use a damp cloth or a spray bottle to apply water.

Final Thoughts

The French Bulldog has a supple, silken coat that is short. This single coat needs regular care, including brushing at least once weekly. Stick to softer brushes, meant for dogs with shorter coats. Remember that even though the Frenchie has a short coat, they still need plenty of care and attention. These pups are easy to recognize for their sleek coats; without proper care, they can become dull and lackluster.

Finding the best brush for a French Bulldog is a big task. Fortunately, there are plenty of options. Hopefully, our reviews and information will help you make an informed decision. Remember that grooming and brushing are part of every dog’s care. These are also great times to bond with your sweet Frenchie one-on-one.

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