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The merry Beagle is a popular canine companion for families. Not only are they intelligent and affectionate, but they’re also happy-go-lucky companions that brighten everyone’s day. You must make time for their gorgeous locks to ensure they remain happy and healthy. Beagles have a thick double coat that sheds moderately throughout the year and is much heavier during the shedding seasons. But with the right tools, it’s pretty simple to manage.

There are so many dog brushes to choose from, all targeting different coat types. Not all are up to managing your Beagle’s coat, so finding the right brush is essential. To help you choose the best brush for your Beagle, we’ve researched and scoured the market, saving you a lot of time and confusion. Overall, the best brush for your Beagle is a pin brush for regular grooming and a deshedding tool for shedding seasons. Let’s look at everything you need to know to keep your Beagle and their coat healthy and happy.

At A Glance: Best Brushes For Beagles

Pet Portal Slicker
Our Rating

Best Combo Brush

Hartz Combo Dog Brush

Our Rating

Best Pin Brush

Safari Wire Pin Brush

FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool, Blue, Large
Our Rating

Best Rake Brush

FURminator Deshedding Tool

Beagle Coat

An owner playing with her Beagle's earw.
During the shedding seasons, Beagles shed more heavily, dropping their coat over several weeks, making way for the new coat.

Beagles have a thick double coat with short to medium-length hair. The hair is smooth to the touch and comes in traditional hound colors. No matter what size Beagle you have, they all have the same type of coat and shed the same. Beagles shed lightly to moderately throughout the year. To keep on top of their shedding and keep your home as hair-free as possible, you must brush your Beagle weekly throughout the year and several times a week, if not every day, during the shedding seasons.

Are Beagles Hypoallergenic?

No, Beagles are not hypoallergenic. A hypoallergenic dog sheds very little in comparison to other breeds. People with allergies can often tolerate hypoallergenic dogs much better. They usually have a single-layer coat instead of a double-layer coat with a downy undercoat. However, the Beagle has a thick double coat that sheds moderately throughout the year and is much heavier during the shedding seasons. Beagles are not suitable for someone with allergies.

Different Types Of Dog Brushes

Several types of dog brushes are available, catering to all dog breeds and their different types of coats. You need to find the right tool for the job to get the most out of a grooming session. Let’s look at the different types of dog brushes and what dog coats they suit best.

Slicker Brush

A slicker brush contains small, thin bristles usually made of wire. The bristles sit close together, removing small tangles, mats, and dirt. Slicker brushes work well with most coats, including the Beagle’s coat. However, slicker brushes are designed primarily for smooth and fine coats, so there are more effective options for Beagles. Never use a slicker brush to detangle a heavily matted or tricky knot, as this can make it worse. Instead, use a comb.

Pin Brush

Pin brushes are often confused with slicker brushes. The bristles on a pin brush are slightly thicker and longer, with a broader space between each pin. Pin brushes are made for thick or wavy coats as the longer pins help to penetrate the coat more deeply than a slicker brush. So, a pin brush is the best tool for brushing a Beagle’s coat daily as they have a thick, double jacket.

Bristle Brush

Bristle brushes contain thick and moderately spaced bristles. They are best for low-shedding breeds with fine hair, which is the opposite of a Beagle’s coat. A bristle brush would struggle to penetrate a Beagle’s thick fur. However, some owners like using a bristle brush for quick surface brushing or to finish off a grooming session to set the hair in place and distribute shine.

Rake Brush

A rake brush resembles a garden rake, with tightly packed pins on top of the “T” shaped brush. Rake brushes are great for penetrating double coats and raking out built-up dead hair and debris. Rake brushes are sometimes called deshedding brushes, as they are a valuable tool for breeds with double coats during the shedding seasons. For this reason, a rake brush is a must for Beagles.

Grooming Comb

A grooming comb for dogs is a lot like the combs humans use. They are long with moderate to tightly packed pins and are usually made from plastic, metal, or wood. Combs help to detangle and gently remove tight mats by teasing them out of medium to long hair. Combs are ideal at the end of a grooming session to make the coat neater. Although a grooming comb could help at the end of a session, Beagles have short hair that doesn’t form tight knots, so it isn’t necessary for your tool kit.

Rubber Brush

A rubber brush isn’t technically a brush, but it can be a helpful grooming tool in some circumstances. Rubber brushes come in the form of rubber pads or gloves with soft, rounded bumps to help collect hair and dirt. They are also ideal for massaging products into their coat during bathtime.

Rubber brushes are a good compromise for dogs who are afraid of being brushed. However, rubber brushes mostly pick up dead hair and dirt on the surface of their coat, and they don’t penetrate the fur that well. So they don’t offer a thorough grooming session. Depending on your Beagle, you may need a rubber brush.

Best Brushes For Beagles

Hartz Groomer's Best Combo Dog Brush Review

Andi’s Large Pin Brush green
  • Dual-sided brush offers multiple benefits.
  • Works to reduce shedding and soften coat.
  • Each pin has safety tips for protection.
  • The nylon bristles help to redistribute natural oils.
  • Features an ergonomic handle for your comfort.
  • Great value for the money.

This high-quality and multi-use brush is great for Beagle coats. One side features long, sturdy stainless steel pins that penetrate the coat to remove dead hair and dirt. Each metal pin has a safety tip that’s gentle on your pup’s skin and protects it from irritation. The other side features nylon bristles that help neaten the coat after brushing. And it also helps to redistribute your dog’s natural oils to keep the coat looking and feeling healthy.

This brush is excellent for regular brushing throughout the year. Plus, it has a comfortable ergonomic handle to prevent the strain and fatigue some groomers experience when grooming their dogs. Having this dual-side brush in your tool kit is also a top option for multi-pet households who also need a bristle brush for other dog coats. Plus, it’s great value for the money and highly rated by other dog owners.

We love that this dual-sided brush reduces shedding, removes dead hair, and keeps hair soft and shiny.

Safari Wire Pin Brush Review

  • Simple and effective pin brush for regular grooming.
  • Easily lifts out shedding hair and debris from their coat.
  • Helps to redistribute natural oils and stimulate the skin for better coat health.
  • Long pins have rounded tips for skin protection.
  • Made with a non-slip ergonomic handle for your comfort.
  • Comes in two sizes.

Safari offers this plastic wire pin brush for regular grooming, and it’s ideal for your Beagle’s coat. The long wire pins reach down to the undercoat and easily remove dead hair and dirt. Each metal pin is rounded at the end to protect your pup’s skin for a gentler grooming experience. The wide spacing between each pin helps it glide through easily and makes cleaning up easier.

The plastic handle has non-slip rubber grips, which are helpful when facing tougher-than-usual tangles or during the heavier shedding seasons. The handle is also ergonomically shaped for your comfort, and when you’re most at ease, so is your dog. This brush also comes in two sizes, so if you have a smaller pocket Beagle, the small size might be the best option for you.

We love that this simple but highly effective pin brush is a must-have for the Beagle grooming tool kit.

FURminator Dog Deshedding Tool Review

Shed Defender® Original
  • Specifically designed for double-coated dogs.
  • The stainless steel edge reaches beneath the topcoat to remove dead hair and dirt.
  • Made with a curved edge for your dog’s comfort.
  • Features a rubber grip ergonomic handle for your comfort.
  • Safety edges on either side of the steel pins for your dog’s safety.
  • Has a one-push fur ejector button for easy cleaning.

FURminator is one of the best-known names in the doggy grooming industry, and they produce a wide range of high-quality and safe brushes. This deshedding tool is designed specifically for double-coated dogs, and the stainless steel metal pins reach through the top coat to collect the dead hair and debris lying beneath. This premium deshedding tool is ideal for the shedding seasons and helps you manage the Beagle’s heavy shedding.

The pins are curved at the end to prevent skin snagging, and the row of pins is shielded at either end with a plastic guard to prevent you from accidentally scraping their skin. For an easy clean every time, FURminator has implemented a one-push “furejector” button. It releases all of the hair straight into the bin minimizing hairy messes. This tool comes in different sizes and features a comfortable rubber grip handle for your comfort.

We love that the FURminator premium deshedding tool is ideal for the pesky shedding seasons when your Beagle needs as much hair help as possible.

JW Pet Double Row Undercoat Rake Review

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush
  • Features a double row of teeth.
  • One row reaches beneath the top coat to collect loose and dead hair.
  • The other row smoothes the outer coat.
  • Each tooth is rounded for safety.
  • The metal teeth are turned 90 degrees away from the skin.
  • Made with a non-slip ergonomic handle for your comfort.

This is another great deshedding tool option. This undercoat rake features a double row of teeth that tackles both layers of your Beagle’s coat. The longer teeth reach beneath the outer coat to collect the build-up of loose and dead hair. At the same time, the shorter teeth smooth out the top coat layer. Each metal tooth is rounded for your pup’s comfort and safety and is turned 90 degrees away from their skin.

This rake has a curved edge compared to most straight rakes. This can help with hard-to-reach places such as around the neck and underbelly. For your comfort, the handle has non-slip rubber grips to help you stay in control. This deshedding tool is ideal for the heavier shedding seasons when your Beagle blows their coat.

We love that this soft-grip undercoat rake has two rows of teeth to tackle loose hair buried in the coat and simultaneously smooth out the top layer.

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

Person brushing a Beagle's ear.
  • This rubber brush is great for Beagles who don’t like to be brushed.
  • It is ideal for all coat types including the Beagle’s short but thick double coat.
  • The flexible rubber fingers penetrate the coat.
  • The flexible design contours to your dog’s body.
  • Can be used in the bath for gentle massaging.

Last but not least is the KONG Dog ZoomGroom rubber brush. Not every Beagle needs one of these. However, some Beagles who find brushing time scary might benefit from this tool. You simply run it over their fur as if you were stroking them. The rubber fingers penetrate the coat, hold onto loose hair and dirt, and offer a gentle and calm brushing experience. This is an excellent option if you’re struggling to find a brush your Beagle can tolerate.

This rubber brush is flexible and contours to your Beagle’s body shape, adding to their comfort. It can also be used in the bath to help exfoliate and massage their skin and offers a thorough shampoo. So, even if your Beagle doesn’t mind being brushed, it is also beneficial for every Beagle’s bath time.

We love that this rubber brush is ideal for Beagles who usually stay away from standard dog brushes, allowing you to collect dead hair and dirt that usually builds up.

7 Tips For Grooming Beagles

Person brushing a older Beagle's ear.
Grooming can be a super straightforward and enjoyable task with these simple steps.

Not only do these steps contribute to a thorough grooming session, but they can help you and your Beagle to bond, too.

  1. Start Grooming Your Beagle As Early As Possible. If you want your Beagle to enjoy grooming time, getting them used to it as early as possible is essential. Beagles can be stubborn when they want to be, and they are surprisingly strong, too. So if they decide they don’t like being brushed, you might struggle to groom them. But exposing them to grooming from a young age usually means they won’t fight it and eventually come to enjoy it.
  2. Select The Correct Brush For Your Beagle. There are many types of dog brushes, and to keep your Beagle’s coat in good condition, you need the right tools. The Beagle’s thick double coat needs a pin brush with longer pins to penetrate it. And there’s little point in having a grooming comb for a Beagle as their hair doesn’t usually matt. It would be best to have a deshedding or rake brush for the heavy shedding seasons.
  3. Use The Right Amount Of Pressure. Using the right amount of pressure when brushing your Beagle is super important. You should feel a slight resistance when gently sweeping their hair, but you should feel any pulling or scraping of the skin. You won’t collect any dead hair and dirt if you don’t use enough pressure. If you use too much pressure, you risk hurting your Beagle’s skin or scaring them.
  4. Inspect Your Beagle’s Hair And Skin. During grooming sessions and when brushing their hair, use that time to look for signs of irritation or infections. If you notice any rashes, lumps, or sore spots, contact your vet for advice or get them in for an examination. Early detection and treatment are critical for your Beagle’s health. Although Beagles are relatively healthy breeds, it’s important to consider pet insurance as it can help offset healthcare costs if needed.
  5. Rinse And Dry Your Beagle Thoroughly. After washing your Beagle, it’s important to rinse and dry them thoroughly. Remove as much moisture as possible from their thick coat by towel drying them. If your Beagle allows you to blow dry them, do this too. Use the low heat setting, and don’t hold it too close to them. Leaving your Beagles soap suds or moisture can lead to skin irritation and further problems.
  6. Remember All Other Grooming Tasks. In addition to brushing your Beagle weekly, you must remember all the other grooming tasks they require. Bathe them every two months, brush their teeth weekly, and clip their nails if they become too long. Keep their ears clean with a warm, damp cloth too. If there’s something you’re unsure about, ask for your vet’s advice or seek help from a professional groomer.
  7. Make Grooming Time Enjoyable. Brushing and grooming your Beagle should be enjoyable for you both. The more positive the experience is for your Beagle, the more they let you do it. Beagles love fuss and do anything for a yummy treat, so be sure to get some treats ready. If your Beagle has had a negative grooming experience, you can teach them to enjoy it again by making it a relaxing and enjoyable time.

Managing Beagle Shedding

Although Beagles shed moderately throughout the year and heavily during the shedding seasons, you can manage their shedding. Make time for regular brushing to remove most of the dead hair, and it won’t build up and smother your furniture. Brushing also stimulates the skin, which helps to maintain a healthy coat. Feeding them a high-quality diet with nourishing omega fats helps to keep their skin and hair in good condition, too.

Other Grooming Needs For Beagles

Brushing your Beagle’s coat regularly is the key to keeping it healthy. It is also an excellent opportunity to bond with your pup and to look out for anything that might need examining by your vet. But your dog’s coat is only one of many grooming needs you pup has. Check out our grooming tips, which include information on teeth brushing, nail trimming, and more.

Beagle puppy sleeping laying next to money on bed

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