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Best Dog Beds For Yorkies: Couch, Mattress, Elevated & More


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Yorkies are one of America’s most popular toy breeds and one of the most miniature dog breeds around. But don’t let their dinky size fool you. They are feisty terriers loved for their curious, active, and playful nature. This means they need a bed to recharge their batteries often. And it also needs to be up to the job of withstanding their lively character and nesting habits.

With so many dog beds to choose from, it can be a tough decision. There are also many factors to consider when picking a bed for your pup. You need to know about their preferred sleeping position, any health concerns they might have, what makes a top-quality dog bed, and more. In this Yorkie dog bed guide, we explore everything you need to consider when picking the best bed for your Yorkie.

Considering everything, we have found a wide selection of the best dog beds for Yorkies. We have reviewed each bed to help you pick the best choice for your pup. After all, not every Yorkie is the same. So, without further ado, let’s get comfy and dive into the world of doggy beds.

At A Glance: Our Favorite Beds For Yorkies

MidWest Orthopedic Bed
Our Rating

Best Couch


Frisco Quilted Bed
Our Rating

Best Mattress


Bedsure Orthopedic Bolster
Our Rating

Best Elevated


Buying Guide

Yorkshire Terriers are toy-sized dogs that only weigh around seven pounds. Teacup Yorkies are much smaller than standard-sized Yorkies. Although this guide is primarily for standard-sized Yorkies, most of our dog bed picks are suitable for teacup Yorkies, but you might need to buy the smaller size. The same goes for other Yorkie mixes, but you must consider their size difference when purchasing a bed.

Our buying guide takes you through all the factors you need to think about before investing in a dog bed. From the type of bed you need to the materials to consider and avoid, and much more. There are probably more considerations than you first thought, but read through each and think about your pooch. Your Yorkie deserves the best, and this buying guide will help you to find the most suitable option.

Reason For Buying

First, you should ask yourself why you are buying a dog bed. Is this going to be the main bed for sleeping in the home? Or is it a bed for traveling that might only get several uses a year? Maybe it’s a resting spot for your Yorkie in the yard. Whatever the reason, the answer helps to determine what type of bed you require and the quality and longevity it needs.

Perhaps you’re looking to replace your Yorkies current bed. If so, think about what you or your Yorkie like about the bed and, more importantly, what could be improved. Use this information to help pick their next bed. Investing in a dog bed is essential for your pup’s health and happiness, so it’s worth taking your time over.

Size & Sleeping Position

Most Yorkies weigh less than 10 pounds, but this doesn’t mean you should buy a cheap and flimsy bed just because they are a lightweight dog breed. Although a weight limit shouldn’t affect purchasing a bed for your tiny Yorkie like it would a Newfoundland, it’s worth checking if it has a weight limit. If you’re choosing a mattress to fit inside your Yorkie’s crate, matching the dimensions to fit just right is essential.

Another question to ask yourself is, how does your Yorkie prefer to sleep? If your pup is a starfish sleeper, they might want an open mattress-style bed to accommodate their stretched limbs. But if they are a curler who likes shelter or they like to rest their head on a pillow, you might want to consider a bolstered bed with raised edges. If you’re unsure, watch your Yorkie for a few days and observe their preferred sleeping position.


The age of your Yorkie is another factor to consider. If you’re about to welcome a Yorkie pup into your home, you might want to consider a smaller dog bed or one with dividers that can grow with your puppy. Puppies also tend to mouth and chew everything they can sink their teeth into, including beds. So you might want to invest in a tough chew-proof option. Investing in a water-resistant and easy-to-clean option is also a good idea for the inevitable accidents while housebreaking them.

Adult Yorkies need a full-sized adult bed, and most Yorkies reach their full size at around 12 months. Yorkshire Terriers are active dogs that need somewhere comfortable to rest their joints. The more comfortable and supportive a bed is, the better rest they’ll get, meaning a healthier and happier pooch. Like puppies, senior dogs are prone to incontinence issues, so having a bead that is easy to clean is essential.

Health Concerns

Yorkshire Terriers are prone to a health condition known as luxating patella, which is essentially a kneecap that pops out of place. This common concern is another reason to invest in a supportive bed, especially if your Yorkie has previously suffered from it. Plus, if your Yorkie’s kneecap does dislocate in the future, you know their new bed is suitable. This mobility-reducing condition also calls for an easily accessible bed. Therefore a low bed with at least one open side or window is advisable.


Choosing a comfortable bed is important. Because if it’s uncomfortable, the chances are, your Yorkie won’t use it at all. Selecting a relatively thick base with memory or orthopedic foam is much cozier than a thin bed with synthetic filling. These materials also support joints much better, which is vital for this breed that is already predisposed to joint conditions. Their comfort is also about their favorite sleeping position, so remember this when picking the most comfortable bed for your Yorkie.


Yorkies might be tiny and light, but they are spunky terriers who like to dig and nip their bedding to find the best sleeping position. This is another reason to invest in a high-quality bed because they are more durable than cheaper alternatives. Look for material stitched together rather than glued, as it’ll last much longer. Materials such as nylon, cotton, and canvas are robust. The longer a bed lasts, the better value for money it usually is, so it’s worth investing in a high-quality bed.

Ability To Clean

Although Yorkies are hypoallergenic breeds, their beds still become stinky after a while. And Yorkies are known for their adventurous nature, which often comes with lots of mud and dirt. Picking an easy-to-clean dog bed is a top consideration for any dog breed. Beds with removable covers that are machine washable are ideal. Some beds come with waterproof or resistant covers, which go further in keeping the mattress clean and aroma free.


Every dog owner’s budget differs, but most high-quality beds do not have to break the bank. Thankfully, as a small dog owner, the beds you consider tend to be less expensive than large dog beds. The more you spend, the better bed you’ll receive, but remember, this is not always the case. Our recommendations balance budget and quality to ensure good value for money for you and comfort for your pup.

Best Beds For Yorkies

Every Yorkie is different, so we have chosen a wide range of dog beds for you to pick from. Look through each review, remembering the information and answers you gathered from the buying guide. Let’s take a look.


A couch bed is also known as a bolstered bed. They have one or more raised edges that offer neck and head support. They also provide sheltered protection that many Yorkies like, allowing them to curl against the sides. Here are our favorite couch beds for Yorkies.

MidWest Orthopedic Bed

K&H Self-Warming Bed
  • Therapeutic orthopedic bed soothes aching joints.
  • Features super soft fleece lining.
  • Teflon-coated is resistant to liquids, stains, and odors.
  • The thick bolster provides head and neck support.
  • The easy-to-remove cover is machine washable.
  • Stylish geometric pattern.

MidWest offers this bed for small dogs with an orthopedic base using egg-crate technology for ultimate comfort. The thick bottom cushions tired muscles and joints, allowing dogs to sink into it. This bed is surrounded by raised sides, offering neck and head support no matter which side your Yorkie likes to lie on. The lowered front edge means your pup can quickly get in and out.

The exterior design is a trendy geometric pattern in a neutral shade of brown, suiting most decors, and the inside is fleece-lined. The machine-washable fabric is coated in Teflon, which offers water, stain, and odor resistance. The 22-inch option is designed for dogs weighing between 6 and 12 pounds, which is suitable for most Yorkies. Not only is this our favorite pick of the three couch-style beds, but it is also budget-friendly.

We love that this couch-style bed provides ultimate comfort and shelter thanks to the orthopedic egg-crate foam and bolstered surround.

K&H Self-Warming Bed

FurHaven Chaise Bed
  • Self-warming material radiates heat back to your Yorkie.
  • Made with soft micro-fleece material.
  • Features a non-slip base for safety.
  • Put the entire bed in the machine for an easy wash.
  • Eco-friendly bed made with recycled bottles
  • Available in three color combinations.

K&H is a trusted dog bed brand, and this bed is ideal for Yorkies for many reasons. It uses multiple layers. The first layer works as insulation to capture your dog’s body heat. Under that is the self-warming material. This layer is metalized-plastic used in space blankets, which reflects body heat toward your pup. It keeps them extra warm without the need for electricity.

This bed is very easy to clean. Simply chuck the whole bed in your machine on a gentle cycle. It features a non-skid bottom, ideal for older or injured Yorkies, ensuring their safety. It is available in three different two-toned color combinations to choose your favorite. The inside of the bed is lined with super soft microfleece supplying your Yorkie with extra comfort.

We love that this bed is ideal for Yorkies who always feel cold or older dogs with achy joints that need extra comfort.

FurHaven Chaise Bed

Brindle Orthopedic Waterproof Bed
  • Made from medical grade orthopedic foam.
  • The sleeping area is lined with soft faux fur.
  • Designed in an “L” shape providing support and space to stretch.
  • Soft and supportive bolstered edges.
  • The removable zippered cover is machine washable.
  • Available in four color combinations

This deluxe chaise-style bed provides fantastic comfort for your pup, catering to a wide range of sleeping positions. Offers head and neck support? Check. Allows stretching out? Check. Whatever their sleeping place, they can relax and unwind. The two-open sides make it easy to climb on and off, ideal for your short Yorkie or those recovering from injury or suffering from a luxating patella.

Also, the base is made with orthopedic egg-crate technology that relieves achy joints and prevents pressure points. The sleep surface is made with soft faux fur, surrounded by velvety suede bolsters. This bed comes in four colors, each two-toned, which is classy and can blend into any decor. The removable zippered cover is machine washable too.

We love that this couch-style bed has two raised sides, which is excellent for Yorkies who like head and neck support but also like to stretch out without being confined.


Mattress beds are simple and popular. They offer a thick, soft surface with no raised edges. This makes mattress-style beds the best choice for Yorkies who like to relax and stretch out without barriers. They are also the best bed choice to put inside a crate. Mattress beds are easy for senior or injured Yorkies to climb on and off. Let’s take a closer look.

Brindle Orthopedic Waterproof Bed

Brindle Orthopedic Waterproof Bed
  • Features two layers of supportive foam.
  • Conforms to your Yorkies body to relieve pressure points.
  • The removable cover is machine washable.
  • Features a waterproof layer that protects the memory foam.
  • Has a non-slip bottom for stability.
  • Comes in three color and style options.

Brindle has designed this bed with both function and design in mind, benefiting Yorkie and their parents. It is a simple mattress-style bed that features two layers. The top layer is made with orthopedic memory foam, and the bottom layer is made from high-density support foam. Together they provide four inches of supportive base, conforming to your Yorkies body and alleviating pressure points. This is the thickest bed on our list.

Your pup benefits from a super soft sleeping surface with a soft fleece material that is snuggly on your Yorkies nose and paws. The cover is removable and machine washable for a hassle-free cleanup. The foam is protected by waterproof skin, protecting it from liquids and accidents and keeping it odor and stain-free. This increases the bed’s longevity, usually making it better value for money compared to some other beds.

We love that this bed features a waterproof layer protecting the memory foam from liquid and accidents, which is great for puppy training and senior Yorkies.

Frisco Quilted Bed

FurHaven Pillow Bed
  • Super simple, sleek mattress bed.
  • Made from supportive memory foam.
  • The quilted sleeping area is soft and snuggly.
  • Has a removable cover that is easy to wash in the machine.
  • Available in three neutral colors.
  • Budget-friendly.

Frisco is Chewy’s brand, a popular brand with dog owners looking for quality at affordable prices. This mattress bed is a simple, no-frills option that is great for sliding into your Yorkies crate. Just be sure to measure it. It has two inches of memory foam that is supportive and soothes achy joints, making it shorter than most other beds. But this is great for Yorkies seeking an easy climb on and off.

The sleeping surface is a super soft velvety material, which your Yorkie should love. The machine-washable cover is easy to remove and fastened with a zipper that goes around two sides rather than one, which makes it easy to slip on and off. This bed comes in three neutral colors, blue, beige, and gray, so you can easily find a bed that suits your home decor.

We love that this mattress bed is budget-friendly but still meets all the needs of your Yorkie.

FurHaven Pillow Bed

Coolaroo Elevated Bed
  • Three-inch thick base made with supportive foam.
  • The top layer is made from memory foam that cradles your Yorkie.
  • The ultra-plush sleep surface is lovely and soft.
  • Comes in a wide arrange of sizes.
  • The cover is removable and machine washable.
  • Available in three neutral colors.

Here we have another FurHaven option. This time it is a mattress-style bed that is super simple but cozy. The sleeping area is an ultra-plush faux fur material that provides a silky smooth feel. The sides of the bed are a durable Oxford canvas material that keeps the mattress in shape. It is only three inches tall and provides your pup with easy step-on and off access. This bed is available in three neutral colors.

The memory foam core works with your dog’s weight and heat to provide a supportive and warm bed. It cradles your Yorkie’s body to soothe achiness and prevent pressure points. FurHaven offers this bed in many sizes, providing you with many options. Especially if your Yorkie likes lots of space to stretch or you are lucky enough to be a multi-Yorkie family needing space for two or more.

We love that this mattress bed features an ultra-plush sleep surface that is soft on your pup’s paws and nose for extra comfort.


Elevated dog beds sit on legs that raise them off the floor. They are popular for traveling or outdoor use and are usually easy to fold away and transport. Being raised in the air means air can circulate your Yorkie, keeping them cool. And they are also handy for keeping your pooch clean and above dirt, sand, or mud.

K&H Bolstered Elevated Bed

2PET Elevated Cooling Bed
  • Elevated bed raises your Yorkie off the floor.
  • Combines bolsters for Yorkies who prefer support or shelter.
  • The meshed sleeping surface keeps your dog cool.
  • Super easy to clean.
  • Non-skid rubber feet for stability.
  • Easy storage and no tools needed for assembly.

K&H has cleverly combined two-bed styles to provide your Yorkie with a bolstered elevated bed. Not only does it raise your Yorkie off the ground, but the three bolsters support your Yorkies head and neck too. The bolsters are soft and comfy but sturdy enough to offer proper support. Each bolster is covered in waterproof 600 denier nylon, keeping them dry in outdoor spaces. You can remove the bolsters too.

Raising your pooch off the ground keeps them cool thanks to the breathable mesh material center. The mesh center repels moisture and mold for your Yorkie’s comfort and health. This bed is easy to assemble and disassemble without needing tools, which is excellent for travelers. You can also purchase a canopy and replacement covers separately, allowing you to tailor this bed to your needs. It’s only seven inches tall, making it the lowest bed, which is easy for your short Yorkie to climb on.

We love that this elevated bed also has soft but supportive bolsters, providing your Yorkie with the benefits of both bed styles.

Coolaroo Elevated Bed

Enchanted Home Pet Sofa Bed
  • Constructed with a sturdy steel frame.
  • The frame is powder-coated for outdoor use.
  • The sleeping surface is meshed and breathable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with all the tools needed for assembly.
  • Available in four sizes and six colors.

This Coolaroo elevated bed is sleek and simple, fitting into any home and decor. The elevated bed is eight inches tall, easy enough to climb onto while elevating them. The meshed high-density polyethylene material also promotes airflow, prevents hot spots, and is easy to clean with a hose. It is also resistant to mold, mildew, mites, and fleas, keeping your Yorkie healthy and clean.

The small size is usually the best option for small dogs like your Yorkie, and the sturdy steel frame can hold up to 50 pounds of doggy weight. The rounded legs and corners, along with the non-slip rubber feet, keep your Yorkie safe. You can also replace the cover with a new one, saving you from buying a whole new bed in the future. It comes with all the necessary tools, making it simple to assemble and transport.

We love that this no-frills elevated bed option is great for indoor and outdoor use.

HDP Padded Bed

Pet Gear Elevated Bed
  • The sleep surface is padded for extra comfort.
  • The mattress is detachable and machine washable.
  • It is collapsable and comes with a carry case.
  • This bed is ideal for traveling Yorkies.
  • It is available in two sizes and four colors.
  • The powder-coated frame is rust-resistant.

HDP has designed this bed with traveling and comfort in mind. It is an elevated bed sitting seven and a half inches above the ground. But the sleeping surface is a padded mattress that cuddles your Yorkie, which is a better option for those who prefer a snuggly bed. The mattress is detachable and secured to the frame with velcro straps. It is also water-resistant and machine washable, handy for Yorkie campers who get very muddy.

This bed comes in two sizes, with the medium holding up to 25 pounds, which is plenty strong for your Yorkie. The sturdy steel frame has a powder coating, making it rust-resistant for outdoor use. But it is also lightweight, collapsable, and comes with a carry case. It also comes in four colors to match your pup’s personality.

We love that this bed is ideal for traveling thanks to its easy fold-away design and comfy surface.

Bonus Bed

Enchanted Home Pet Sofa Bed

  • Stylish sofa bed with thick cushion for support.
  • Bolstered sides provide neck and head support as well as shelter.
  • Made with a plush fabric offering extra comfort.
  • Raised off the floor.
  • Features a built-in storage pocket.
  • Available in five colors.

Nothing says pampered pooch more than having their very own sofa. Thankfully this bed offers style and substance, setting it aside from other gimmicky pet sofas. The base is three inches thick, providing plenty of support for your Yorkie to sleep on. This bed measures just under seven inches from the ground to the top of the cushion. This makes it easy for your Yorkie to hop on and off.

There are three bolstered sides that your Yorkie can rest their head on or curl against if they like the feeling of being sheltered. This bed can support the weight of 10-pound dogs, which is suitable for most Yorkies. It has a storage pocket at the rear which is great for storing toys and bones. The mattress base cover is removable and machine washable, so you can keep it looking and smelling as fresh as a daisy.

We love that this bed is the ultimate bed for pampered Yorkies.

Final Thoughts

After reading our best dog beds for Yorkies guide, we hope we have helped you to find the best bed for your Yorkshire Terrier. There is something here for every pup, no matter their needs and sleeping preferences. Plus, we have catered to all budgets so that no Yorkie has to go without. Providing your pooch with a comfortable and safe space to sleep is the key to a night of restful shuteye, keeping everyone happy.

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