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Best Dog Toys for Yorkies: Ratings, Reviews & Top Picks


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The Yorkshire Terrier, affectionately known as the Yorkie, is described as a sprightly and tomboyish pooch. He might be teeny tiny, but he is full of terrier character. And all terrier owners know just how much they love to play!

And as a Yorkie parent, it’s down to you to supply the fun. Otherwise, he’ll make his own fun! And you can be sure that it will be naughty and mischievous. To prevent your Terrier from becoming bored and getting up to no good, you need a few toys up your sleeve.

We have found six of the best dog toys for Yorkies and reviewed each one making it easier for you to choose. And to make sure you make the right choice, we have created a checklist. Think of this as your one-stop shop to finally finding a plaything that’ll drive your Yorkshire wild AND last longer than two minutes.

At a Glance: Our Favorite Toys for Yorkies

Frisco Monkey Plush Toy
Our Rating

Best For Chewers

Benebone Bacon Flavor Wishbone

Chuckit! Paraflight Flyer
Our Rating

Best Plush Pick

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Featured
Our Rating

Interactive Pick

JW Pet Megalast Ball
Dog Toy

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Buyers Guide

Yorkie With Pink Ring Toy
It’s important to balance cost with quality to achieve the best value for your money.

This is the toy checklist, also known as a buyer’s guide. Here you will find all the information you need to find the best playthings on the market. As well as how to pick the best one for your Yorkie. There’s more to this decision than most owners think. But by taking the time to understand what you need to think about, all your dog toy woes will be no more.

Type of Play

All Yorkies are adorable, but they are all unique in their own way. And this includes how they like to play. As a terrier, his original purpose was to hunt vermin. This means that most Yorkshires love to chase and catch things – but not all. So you need to work out what your pup likes. Once you’ve worked this out, you can pick a toy that targets his particular play type preference. Invest in more than one plaything to keep him interested. And try to pick toys that provide him with a mixture of solo and interactive playing opportunities.

If you are about to welcome a Yorkie pup or rescue into your life, you probably don’t know how they like to play just yet. So it’s best to invest in a few different toys and have fun discovering what keeps their interest. If your Yorkshire Terrier likes to chase things, pick a plaything that you can toss for him to catch. If he is a mischievous chewer, choose one that he can sink his teeth into. Snack-orientated pup? Treat-dispensing toys are the way to go.


The Yorkie is tough in character. And yes, he’s a toy dog, who loves to chillax on your lap for a lot of the day. But when it comes to playtime, he can be feistier than most people expect him to be. This means that his small playthings need to be up to the job of keeping him entertained for a long time. Otherwise, what’s the point, right? If your Yorkie is an extreme chewer, stick to a toy that is designed for tough chewers.

The best way to determine durability is the quality of the toy you pick. You don’t need to buy the most expensive, but you should pick something better than the cheapest. Well-known brands with a reputation for creating high-quality canine products are who you should stick to. And it is these that we always recommend. However, please bear in mind that dog toys aren’t designed to last forever.


Nothing spoils a fun day out more than health and safety regulations, right? Wrong! What spoils fun is dangerous toys that could put your Yorkie’s life in danger. We’re not going to run you through any regulations, but you need to know how to pick a safe one. Like we’ve said before, always pick a plaything made by a well-known brand, and one that is highly rated. Avoid cheap toys because they are more likely to put Fido in harm’s way.

Always read through the descriptions. Understand what you are buying, and use your dog mom or dad instincts by looking at the pictures. Check that the material is safe, and if it isn’t on our list above, be sure to conduct further research. Look for non-toxic rubber, BPA-free plastics, and toys without seams or unnecessary furnishings such as beads.


The Yorkie is part of the toy breed group, and he is one of the smallest of them all. So it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t be buying XXL dog toys. But one of the most common mistakes dog owners make when it comes to buying toys is guesstimating size. To make it harder, different brands measure differently and categorize them differently, too. Never assume, and always measure according to the specific toy’s instructions.

Size doesn’t always matter. Just look at your dog’s personality for proof! But it does when it comes to finding a dog plaything that is safe for your pooch. If the toy is too small, your Yorkie could swallow it whole. And if it’s too large, he’ll be overwhelmed and unlikely to play with it. If in doubt, or your canine is in between sizes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Go one size larger rather than the smaller option


Yorkie With Rope Toy
The type of material often determines durability.

It’s important to know what the material is so that you know whether it is safe for Fido or not. Because unfortunately, there are some toys out there that are not suitable or safe. Irresponsible brands who make cheap dog toys have been known to use dangerous materials. Here are the most common, and safest, materials to look for when choosing a dog plaything.

Rubber: Rubber is a top choice because it is durable and fun to play with. It is also great for anxious dogs or teething puppies to chew on because it massages gums and can take a lot of jaw power. Rubber is also easy to clean too. Always looks for 100% natural, non-toxic rubber when looking for a toy.

Rope: Rope is another great selection. It is sturdy and safe, and it is sometimes used to reinforce plush toys. Rope is versatile because it can be used for solo shake and chew time and interactive fetch and tug of war games. Plus, the rope fibers will help to keep your Yorkie’s teeth clean. Fun and functional rolled into one! Never use rope from a hardware store because it may have been treated with or exposed to toxic chemicals.

Nylon: Nylon is a popular material too, and there are two forms. The first is a soft material that is sometimes used as a stronger alternative to polyester. Hard nylon is very popular to make chew toys. It is long-lasting and can be ridged for dental hygiene. It is safer than natural sticks to chew on. And it can also be flavored, making it more appealing to dogs. Mud or meat flavor? We suspect that most Yorkshire Terriers will pick the latter.

Polyester and Plush: Polyester and plush materials are commonly used to make soft toys. Soft toys are suitable for gentle pups who just like to cuddle. But they are not recommended for tough chewers or extended play. Polyester and plush are not as durable as other materials, so extra caution is needed. As soon as the toy is damaged, it needs to be disposed of. Otherwise, it quickly becomes a choking hazard, especially with stuffing and squeakers are present.

Best Dog Toys for Yorkies

Yorkie With Rubber Toy in mouth
We have picked a variety of options to cater to all play types and budgets.

We’ve done a lot of research to select the top toys for Yorkshire Terriers. Each product includes its own review and why we love them. And each recommendation is safe, durable, good value for money, and best of all, great fun! So, let’s jump straight in.

Benebone Bacon Flavor Wishbone

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Easy for dogs to grip.
  • Real bacon flavor.
  • Infused with nylon for durability.
  • Helps satisfy a dog’s natural urge to chew.
  • Supports animal welfare organizations.
  • Made in the United States.

Benebone is a trusted brand in the world of doggy chew toys, so this one is a safe bet for Yorkies who love to sink their teeth into things. Not only is this option great for anxious pups, but it will keep him entertained for hours. It is made from hard nylon, which is long-lasting and tough against small feisty jaws. Plus, it is safer than natural sticks or a better option than your best slippers! It is ergonomically designed, allowing your dog to grip it with ease.

The main attraction is that it is made from real bacon. Yes, you read that right! The toy has flavor grooves throughout the entire body, meaning that the bacon flavor will last until the very end. It’s made in the USA with ingredients sourced from the USA. And a portion of every Benebone sale is donated to animal welfare support groups in America. Everyone’s a winner here!

We love that it provides great satisfaction from chewing for hours. Not only is the Benebone easy to grip, but it is packed with mouth-watering real bacon flavor.

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek

Dogwood Toy For Dogs
  • Durable plush toy.
  • Perfect for medium to large breed dogs.
  • Hide-and-seek puzzle toy.
  • Squirrels squeak.
  • Machine washable.
  • Keeps dogs entertained for hours.
  • Great for inquisitive breeds.

This toy is a great option for those who love puzzles. There are three chipmunks and one hollow tree trunk. Stuff the chipmunks into the trunk, and watch your Yorkie work out how to release them. Each chipmunk is soft and furry, and they all have exciting squeakers to add extra excitement. There is a variety of sounds, textures, and shapes to keep him entertained during solo playtime.

If your pup loves soft plush toys, they will be spoiled for choice with three animals. For added fun, add a few yummy treats inside of the log amongst the chipmunks. It can also be used for indoor fetch since you don’t have to worry about it marking your flooring. The chipmunks are machine washable, making cleaning a breeze too.

We love that this toy will satisfy your Yorkshire Terrier’s innate vermin hunting instinct, meaning that he’ll happily play for hours on end. Your pup will have to get his thinking cap on for this one, making it stimulating for both his mind and body.

Chuckit! Paraflight Flyer

West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Tough Dog Chew
  • Multilayer construction for added durability.
  • Bright color gives increased visibility for dogs and so it doesn’t get lost.
  • Waterproof.
  • Soft rubber edge that’s gentle on your dog’s gums and teeth.
  • Aerodynamic shape.

We have picked a frisbee over a ball for the Yorkie because you can throw it low for him to see and chase. Chuckit! is a top brands, especially for fetching. So if your Yorkie loves to outrun toys, this could be the one for him. It also floats on water too making this a great option for a splashing good time! The aerodynamic shape means it goes longer than other frisbees.

The Chuckit! Frisbee is made from multi-layered polyester and nylon with a soft rubber edge. Meaning it is soft on your dog’s mouth but extra durable for longevity. It can be folded in half to fit into your pocket for your ease during walkies. The bright colors allow you to see it in low visibility weather and in long grass. This frisbee is guaranteed to make exercise more fun.

We love that this is an ideal pick for Yorkies who love to chase objects. Watch your dog’s little legs go as this frisbee soars through the air. He will be worn out in no time!

West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Tough Dog Chew

JW Pet Megalast Ball
  • Engineered for long chew sessions.
  • Made of Zogoflex® easy on doggie mouths, stretches, and bounces.
  • Floats in water.
  • 100% recyclable, BPA-and-phthalate-free, non-toxic, and FDA-compliant.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Comes in variety of colors.
  • Made in the USA.

This tough dog chew toy is designed for extreme chewers, and it is soft in texture and stretchy without losing shape. Your Yorkie will love the feel of it on his gums, providing pain relief or reducing anxiety. If your pup is mischievous and forever chewing household objects, this plaything will create better chewing habits. It’s also great for tossing, and the shape creates an erratic bounce for extra fun.

It floats on water, making it a great option for bathtub distraction. This toy is made from USA-sourced recycled plastic that is BPA-free and non-toxic, making it safe and environmentally friendly for eco-conscious consumers. It is easy to wash too, simply run it in your dishwasher’s top shelf, and it’s ready for the next chewing session. This toy comes with a lifetime limited warranty, and is available in three bright colors.

We love that this toy is designed for tough chewers, teething, and anxious pups who find great satisfaction from chewing rubber.

Mammoth Cottonblend 3 Knot Dog Rope

  • Ropes are great for tug-of-war.
  • Helps keeps teeth clean.
  • Made from natural cotton.
  • Can be used by puppies through adults.
  • Ideal for multi-dog households.
  • Colors make it stand out.
  • 3 knot design.

This rope is super versatile and targets several different play-type preferences. It can be used for solo chew time, and the fibers assist with better dental hygiene. This toy also is great for fetching, yet soft enough to be tossed indoors. This interactive toy is fun for the whole family and even two dogs can play with it, especially if they love tug of war. The distance from either end means that there is plenty of space between mouth and hands for everyone’s safety.

The rope is made from 100% natural cotton, which is both safe and durable. It is built to be strong for hours of play, making it ideal for heavy chewers. It has three knots, too, providing better grip and different shapes for varied play. The rope comes in many different sizes so that you can easily find the perfect fit.

We love that this rope offers interactive fun, either with his favorite humans or other dogs. If your Yorkie loves to show off his strength and tug of war skills, this is the toy for him.

JW Pet Megalast Ball Dog Toy

  • Made from durable TPR material that holds up to tough play.
  • Vanilla scent entices dogs and makes chewing even more fun.
  • Made of 100% recyclable materials.
  • Floats in water.
  • Comes in various colors.
  • Made in the USA.

The Megalast Ball targets different play types, making it versatile and a great option for many canines. It is a ball that can be tossed and chucked for fetching fun. The bouncy rubber material means it bounces high for extra fun. Stuff it with treats or paste for solo playtime to keep him entertained. This ball is infused with a light vanilla scent that makes it more appealing to many dogs. It floats on water, too, making it ideal for summer fun in the paddling pool.

It is accurately called “Megalast” because it is tough and durable, and it is built to last longer than your average ball. Made with a thermoplastic elastomer, it is a type of rubber that is safe and long-lasting. And the material is 100% recyclable, so you can rest assured you are doing your bit for the environment. This toy ships in a variety of fun colors too.

We love that this toy keeps dogs motivated with yummy treats. Stuff it with his favorite treats or smother it with doggy-friendly peanut butter to keep him entertained for hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you can see, there is an art to choosing the right dog toy. And many owners still have a few questions lingering in their minds. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions to clear things up.

 What types of toys are best for my Yorkie?

This is a tricky question for us to answer because really, you are the best person to answer it. You need to think about the different play type preferences and which one your canine prefers. He might have one preference, or he might have a few. All Yorkies are unique in their play language. Many will like to chase and catch things, especially squeaky toys because it satisfies their innate prey drive. Many are anxious and love to chew things. It’s simply a case of working out what he likes and getting a plaything to suit his preference. It’s simple when you think about it!

Is one toy enough for my Yorkie?

All dogs should have access to a variety of toys. We believe that playthings are not a luxury, but a necessity if you want to keep them happy and healthy. Without mental and physical stimulation, dogs become bored, frustrated, and this is when behavioral problems will begin to develop. Plus, it also increases the chances of your pup digging up your prized flowerbed or destroying your sneakers. Even if your pooch only has one play preference, it’s important to buy different toys to mix things up. Even if it means a different flavor or shape. A top tip is to rotate playthings throughout the week so that he never gets bored of them.

Are some materials dangerous for my Yorkie?

Yes. And unfortunately, irresponsible pet brands sometimes use materials that are toxic because they are cheaper to use. Without any thought or care for your pup. The best advice is to avoid cheap dog toys and stick to highly rated products made by well-known brands. It’s important to read through the description and identify what material it is made from. Stick to the materials we mentioned above, such as non-toxic rubber, BPA-free plastic, rope, and nylon.

When do dog toys need replacing?

Replacement is warranted as soon as they become damaged or start to break. Ripped seams, exposed stuffing and squeakers, and sharp edges are dangerous. Toss it in the bin as soon as you notice any wear and tear. Remember that toys are not indestructible, but some are better than others when it comes to durability.

Final Thoughts

Toys are a necessary part in most dogs’ lives. And thankfully, they provide fun and entertainment for all involved, along with mental and physical stimulation. They really can be the difference between a happy and problematic dog! So, it’s important that you find the right toys to keep your Yorkie happy. By sticking to our recommendations above, you can be sure that his new playthings will be fun, safe, and great value for money. Invest in a few, and we guarantee that your pup will be forever grateful!

Voyager Suede Brown

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