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Best Dog Toys for Golden Retrievers: Ratings & Reviews


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Looking for the best dog toy for your Golden Retriever? There are many reasons that they rank third in the AKC’s most popular breed list, and they have for many years. Golden Retrievers are perhaps the perfect family friend, with their happy go lucky temperament and fun-loving nature.

But a bored Golden Retriever can be a destructive one. It’s a good idea to keep a wide variety of different dog toys on hand to keep your pup challenged mentally and physically. They are known to be troublemakers when bored, so it’s important to keep them occupied, whether they are young or old. If your pup is a known destroyer of toys, it may be worthwhile to consider a stronger toy.

This guide will take you through our favorite dog toys for Golden Retrievers of all ages. And because no two Retrievers will favor the same type of toy, we have a broad selection for you to choose from. We’ve also included a comprehensive buyer’s guide to ensure you’ll get your money’s worth. Not all dog toys are up to withstanding the abuse of an active Golden Retriever pup, so let’s jump in and find the perfect toy for your canine companion!

At a Glance: Our Favorite Golden Retriever Dog Toys

Our Rating

Best Overall

Kong Classic

Dogwood Toy
Our Rating

Budget Pick

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

Chuckit! Squirrel Toy
Our Rating

Popular Pick

Petstages Dogwood Toy

Buyers Guide

Golden Retriever with Kong Tennis Ball
There are multiple variables to consider when buying the perfect toy for your pup.

As a responsible Retriever owner, it is vital you understand what toys are best suited for your canine companion’s needs. This section will educate you on exactly that. Showing you what types of play can be had, along with what toys will make it happen to keep him entertained for hours. A challenged pup is a happy pup. Which means he’s less likely to chew your shoes or furniture. A win-win for everyone!

Type of Play

If Fido has been a part of the family for a while, you will know what he likes best. With that in mind you can buy him the toys he will enjoy. If you have a new puppy in your life, you might need to buy a range of toys to see what takes his fancy. With the thousands of toys on offer, this will help you narrow it down to a small number. Saving you lots of time.

If he’s a natural chewer that loves sticks, a durable rubber-based chew toy or one that holds treats could be a great idea. However, if your pup likes to fetch anything you throw, there are many discs, balls, and other missile type toys you can get that you can play with together. If Fido is a deep thinker, you might be best going for a puzzle toy that will involve plenty of brain activity to solve.


As said before, the Golden loves a challenge. So, the likelihood is he will keep going at any type of toy until he gets the most out of it. Unlikely to destroy it as quickly as a Mastiff might, the Retriever will enduringly tackle toys instead. So, durability is a key specification for a good Golden Retriever toy.


The durability of toys often comes down to the material it is made from. Cheaper toys will often use substandard materials that most dogs will destroy quickly and easily. If your pooch is likely to give it plenty of action, be sure to go for a quality item that will provide value for money. When deciding on what toy to choose, look for these durable materials:

Rubber: Rubber is a great material because it takes the destruction power out of doggy jaws. The Golden Retriever bite might not be the most powerful out there, but as a medium to large-sized doggo, they will give most toys a run for their money. For the rare XL Golden Pup, consider something on the larger side when looking at toys.

Rope: Rope is a great choice for tug toys as it is super-strong and flexible. Tug of war is a great game for building strength in puppies and expelling energy in bigger dogs. So if your Retriever likes a good tug, a rope toy is your best bet. Rope fibers are also great for flossing his teeth.

Nylon: Nylon is an alternative to rope and rubber for dogs that don’t like them. Nylon is tough, and it can be solid or textile. As a solid, it allows a toy to be firm and not squash when bitten. It is not as strong as rubber or rope, but if your pup prefers the feel, he will play with it.

Polyester and Plush: Plush toys from textiles are the most likely to get ripped to shreds by Fido. However, if your Golden Retriever isn’t destructive, they can be a good choice for a bit of fetch and chucking around. Just be vigilant with this type of toy. Being destructible means that inner parts such as squeakers or stuffing can become a choking hazard when pulled apart.


As the saying goes, ‘safety first.’ This is never more important than when deciding on what toy to buy for your pooch. They are designed to be fun, so if they are poorly made, they can lead to health hazards. And they soon turn into a nightmare for you as an owner. With that in mind, always go for good quality, highly reviewed, and recommended products that other owner’s rate. Materials to avoid include latex or BPA plastic, as these can be toxic to dogs when chewed and ingested.


The standard Golden Retriever sits in the medium to large size category. When it comes to toys, it means that he will need a larger toy to play with. There are various ways to decide on the toy size suitable. Including a particular length for certain breeds or recommendations based on your pup’s weight. However, the easiest way to be safe is to take the measurement of the toy and ensure it isn’t small enough for your furry friend to swallow whole.


Owning a Golden Retriever isn’t cheap. You’ll need to have enough budget to properly fit them in the right sized dog crate, you’ll need a proper harness fitted for the breed while leash training, a budget for Golden Retriever appropriate dog food, as well as money saved for vet bills. This is on top of the cost you paid to adopt your puppy. Every dollar spent adds up. Saving money on toys something that’s important to consider.

Best Dog Toys for Golden Retrievers

Adult Golden Retriever with Ball Toy
From Puppies to Adults, here are some of our favorite dog toys for your Golden Retriever.

Now that you know what to look for, here are some of the best toys on the market for Golden Retrievers. With chewies, tuggers, and fetch toys, there is something for everyone, whatever their preference is. Only toys made by reputable brands and highly recommended by pet lovers feature here.

If you asked us which dog toy we’d choose over all others, we’d have to settle in on the Classic Kong as our top pick. So if you’re on a budget, and can only pick one, the Kong classic would be our choice. But who usually picks one dog toy? You’re likely to pick multiple, so we’d recommend any of the other toys on this list to find which one your pup likes best.

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy

Zippy Paws Squirrel Toy
  • Made of durable material for repeated use.
  • Glowing sections to allow for night play.
  • Can be used in the water.
  • Aerodynamic design is perfect for longer fetches.
  • Variety of different highly visible colors.
  • Raised sides, making it easy to grab.
  • Easy and fun to throw.

Retrievers, believe it or not, love to retrieve; it’s in the name! Chuckit! is a leading brand for dog toys and known for their top quality. They have designed this toy to entice dogs to catch and retrieve something other than a ball or stick. If you are planning on using your Retriever as a hunting dog, it’s a great choice. And if you aren’t, it’s still tons of fun.

This Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy is designed to fly as a squirrel would. Meaning its trajectory through the air will be slightly erratic and more of a challenge for your pup to guess where it’s going. It also floats on water, which is perfect for the Retriever, who is a big fan of some dash and splash fun. Each Flying Squirrel has raised rubber ends that make it easy to pick up if not caught mid-air. Which is easier on the snout than a frisbee that sits flat on the floor.

We love the glow-in-the-dark paws that make night play fun, and its machine-wash functionality. Plus, it’s the only squirrel in the world who won’t mind being chased by your Golden pooch.

ZippyPaws Plush Dog Toy

Dogwood Toy For Dogs
  • Durable plush toy.
  • Perfect for medium to large breed dogs.
  • Hide-and-seek puzzle toy.
  • Squirrels squeak.
  • Machine washable.
  • Keeps dogs entertained for hours.
  • Great for inquisitive Golden Retrievers.

This interactive toy will pique your pup’s interest. Simply squeak the chipmunks to get their attention and then stuff them into the log to hide them. Another squeeze and Fido will be chomping at the bit to bury his nose into the log to find them. It can take a while to find them, which will make your pup want to find them over and over again.

Plus, this toy can double up as an indoor fetch toy, or a treat can be hidden with the chipmunks for extra rewards. You can purchase the squeaky chipmunks on their own if they need replacing due to excessive chewing. Or when it is past its best, and the squeakers stop working.

We love the versatility of how it can be played with, and it’s another machine washable that makes our lives much easier.

Frisco Five Knot Rope

  • Durable rope is great for chewers.
  • Ideal for everyday play.
  • Rope is great for tug-of-war.
  • Great for indoor and outdoor play.
  • Can also be used for fetch.
  • Knots allow for an easy grip.
  • Specifically sized for larger breeds.

This toy is a must for those Goldens that love to play tug. With its durable rope construction and five oversized knots, it is easy to grip for you and great to bite for them. Brightly colored and 35 inches long, it is great for indoor and outdoor use. The rope is made from a cotton/poly blend, making it super durable and good for your pup’s teeth.

The extra length makes it great for the bigger dogs so that they can really get behind it to burn off some energy and flex their muscles. It will provide hours of entertainment, and it is fun for you both. You can tug it, throw it, retrieve it and even let two dogs go head to head. The options are numerous for everyone involved.

We love that this durable rope toy is a great way for you to bond with your dog with a game of face to face tug of war.

KONG Classic Dog Toy

  • Comes in six sizes.
  • KONG brand reputation.
  • Can be used with or without treats.
  • Irregular bouncing patterns keep dogs entertained.
  • Can be used as a chew toy or fetch.
  • Veterinarian endorsed toy.
  • Made in the United States.

The Kong toy range is well known. They are designed in various sizes, so it’s important not to get one too big for your pup. If he can swallow it whole, he probably will. So, the bigger, the better here. They can also be smeared with doggy friendly peanut butter on the inside. This will make it more enticing, and he will concentrate on that rather than ripping it to bits.

Made of super-strength rubber, it can also act as a fetch toy that will bounce erratically because of the ribbed and tapered shape. Your Golden pup will love it as it goes bouncing around the yard. Keeping them on their toes as they try to catch and retrieve it. The thick rubber is also great for soothing teeth and gums as a puppy grows.

KONG brand toys always seem to make our list because of their brand reputation. You can find them as one of our favorite toys for Pitbulls, and one of our top toys for German Shepherds as well.

We love that this toy offers multiple methods of play and is nearly indestructible. When filled with treats, it also provides a problem-solving option for those clever Retrievers.

Petstages Dogwood Tough Dog Toy

GoughNuts Interactive Ball Toy
  • Great for Golden Retrievers that chew.
  • Smells like real natural wood.
  • Made with non-toxic materials.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Great for fetch, or chewing.
  • Multiple sizes are available.
  • Made in the United States.

Many doggos love a stick, but many owners do not. They can be messy and problematic for your pooches teeth and gums. And this is where this chew toy comes in. It’s a stick-shaped chew that combines real wood and durable synthetic material to create a stronger and safer stick.

Chewing is doggy behavior. Rubbery chew toys are an absolute requirement when your puppy is teething. Chewing reduces stress and stimulates their brain. There’s also the added benefit of preventing digging and as well as boredom. It is designed in various sizes for different life stages and dog sizes.

With its durable material, natural scent, and texture, it will allow your dog to chew for hours. Without creating a mountain of splinters on your rug. The shape of it also means it can be used for fetch. Plus, it floats for the Golden Retriever that likes water and games combined. Made in the USA, it is a great safe alternative to real wood.

We love that it floats like a real stick for an added play dimension. And most dogs will love it because it is simple and effective.

Trixie Activity Box Strategy Game

  • Interactive dog toy.
  • Will keep Golden Retrievers busy for hours.
  • Different techniques to open boxes.
  • Designed for more intelligent breeds.
  • Non-slip rubber feet.
  • Challenging brain-game.
  • Great alternative to chew and fetch toys.

The Trixie Activity Poker Box is designed to hold treats and challenge your pup in multiple ways to retrieve them. They will have to work out how to pull lids off, lift string handles, slide out drawers, and press buttons to release the treats within. It will get their creative juices flowing and engage the grey matter. The four different boxes can be used individually or all together. Meaning you can start easy and work up to Fido, opening all of them in a race against the clock.

Your pup will have to use patience and concentration to succeed, and he will love the immediate reward of finding the treat. It’s a great way to relieve boredom and exert some extra energy while indoors. Plus, you get to be the games master and set it up and give him some pointers on how to succeed. It will be some good quality bonding time with your canine companion too. It is dishwasher safe, too, making it super easy to clean.

We love that it has non-slip rubber feet to keep the toy in place, so once you set it up with treats, it will keep him entertained for hours.

GoughNuts Interactive Dog Ball

  • Extremely durable ball toy.
  • Multiple grooves make it easy to grip.
  • Toxin-free rubber construction.
  • Extremely bouncy for active pups.
  • Made from real tree sap.
  • Floats on the water.
  • Made in the United States.

This toy is an interactive rubber ball made by GoughNuts. GoughNuts are well known by heavy-duty chewing canines because they make some of the toughest toys in the land. It is made of natural rubber, so not only is it safe for him to chew, but it is also super bouncy too. And one more point to add, it floats on water so that your Retriever can retrieve ’till his heart’s content, be that on land or in aqua.

It has grooves on the surface so he can grab it easily and breathe as normal when he is carrying it in his mouth. It is made in America, and it comes in five funky colors, just in case your Golden has a preference.

We love that this is a plain and simple, no-frills, rubber ball that almost all Retrievers will go mad for. Plus, it is heavy-duty for tough chewers too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any dog toys my Golden Retriever can’t destroy?

In short, no. Despite what some manufacturers may claim, there will always be a dog that can pull anything apart. Just think, if there are feral dogs that can dismantle cars, there will always be dogs that can destroy any toy we design.

Thankfully, the Golden Retriever does not have a super-strength bite. So most heavy-duty labeled toys will last for some time. Choosing a toy that is a size or two bigger can help toys last longer if your dog is disproportionately destructive.

What types of toys are best for my Golden Retriever?

No one specific toy will work for every Golden Retriever. If you know what types of games he likes to play, choose a toy that mimics it. For instance, if he always fetches stick, buy something like the Flying Squirrel.

It will keep him entertained for hours and create more of a challenge. If you have no clue, start off with a couple of toys and see what he enjoys the most. The toy he returns to over and over will be the one you should buy in the future.

Is one toy enough for my dog?

Asking this question is like asking can my Golden Retriever have too much fun? In short, one toy is never enough. Being one of the most intelligent dog breeds, Retrievers will enjoy as many games as you can create, so a choice of toys will be a great investment.

Don’t let them have access to them all, though. Be sure to rotate them so that they are always new and exciting instead of the same, boring toys.

Should my Golden Retriever have toys in his crate?

Yes, and no. A toy will help to alleviate boredom when he is in his crate, but the wrong type can cause problems for both him and you. Soft textile chew toys are not recommended during crate use with your Golden Retriever.

If they are chewed and destroyed, they become a choking hazard, and you won’t be there to intervene. A puzzle toy or heavy-duty rubber chew toy is a good choice. The treats keep them entertained, and the durability means they pose minimal safety risks. Just don’t put too many treats in as it could cause a potty emergency.

My dog swallowed his toy. What do I do?

First, make sure it isn’t restricting his breathing. If he looks like he is struggling, take him straight to the vet. It may be harder to see, but if the toy was chewed into smaller pieces and swallowed, then call your vet, but they may tell you just to keep an eye on your pup.

If he starts to look like he’s in pain or gets constipated, it will be another trip to the vet to see if it has caused a blockage. Small pieces of toys might pass through the system unhindered. If in any doubt, it’s best to contact your vet for advice.

Final Thoughts

The Golden Retriever summed up is friendly, intelligent, and devoted. In return for the amazing loyalty and protection we receive, the least we can do is keep him entertained and happy. Part of a dog’s basic daily requirement is physical and mental stimulation to stay happy, healthy, and prevent destructiveness.

Golden Retrievers need the perfect balance of outdoor activity and exercise. By finding the perfect variety of dog toys for your Golden Retriever, you’ll keep them both happy and entertained. Investing in a few well thought out toys is a small outlay for an amazing return of happiness.

Now you know how to match your pup with the perfect plaything, you can do just that. Follow our recommendations above, and you can’t go too far off the rails. These toys are of great quality and perfect for your pup. As we said, a challenged pup is a happy pup. Which means a happy pupper parent too.

Golden Retriever Adult

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