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Best Harnesses for English Bulldogs: Ratings & Reviews


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Finding the best harness for English Bulldogs is no easy task. English Bulldogs are not only an adorable breed but also a strong one. When it comes to proper pet gear, it’s crucial that owners do the right research.  Picking the wrong harness for an English Bulldog can mean more time with a trainer and more stress during training.

With its unique body shape, including oversized heads, short legs, and a barrel chest, an English Bulldog can be a challenge to walk. Because of their strong desire to pull, finding the perfect harness is never easy (no pull options are good to consider).

Here, we go over how to choose a harness for your Bulldog, along with some of the best harnesses available on the market today.  Keep in mind that this guide is specifically for English Bulldogs and not smaller dogs in the Bulldog family like the French Bulldog or Boston Terrier.

At A Glance: Our Favorite Harnesses For English Bulldogs

Easy Walk Harness By PetSafe
Our Rating

Best Overall

Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness

Bulldog Grade Harness
Our Rating

Popular Pick

Bulldog Grade Harness

Mighty Paw Padded Harness
Our Rating

Budget Pick

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Buyer’s Guide

English Bulldog Outdoors Walking in Harness
Because of their uniquely shaped bodies, there are several factors to consider when purchasing a dog harness.

There are a few different things you’ll want to take into consideration when purchasing an English Bulldog harness.  Because these little brutes are short and stout, you’ll need a harness that will hold onto them during their natural instinct to pull. This is a perfect reason why harnesses can often be a better choice. Collars can put undue stress on the trachea of a dog that likes to pull hard.

Since Bulldogs already have a hard time breathing consistently due to their genetics, adding more stress on their breathing abilities is not usually the best course of action. Let’s look at some important factors to consider, including the differences between collars and harnesses, size, design, material, and more.

Collars vs. Harnesses

Many Bulldogs have very little neck and short faces in a condition known as brachycephalic. According to the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, this term refers to breeds with shortened snouts that differentiate them from some breeds that simply have shorter snouts.

Brachycephalic animals such as Bulldogs tend to pull against their collar, which can pose a threat to their overall well-being over time. Respiratory problems are common in bully breeds and may lead to complications such as weight gain and hip dysplasia.

Pulling can also strain the spine and neck when going for walks. If your Bulldog pulls on its collar during walks, it may put pressure on the neck and throat. This can lead to long-term damage to the trachea. Using a harness as opposed to a collar can help to keep pressure off of your dog’s throat. This is especially true for breeds with chronic respiratory issues, such as Bulldogs.

Harnesses are also a good alternative to choke chains. A choke chain is a training collar that tightens as a dog strains against it to discourage such behavior. Choke chains can end up causing permanent damage to the trachea, however, especially in brachycephalic breeds.

Instead of placing all strain around the neck when a dog pulls, harnesses distribute weight evenly. You can even find models with front or side attachments specifically designed to deal with dogs that pull.

What To Look For

Many people have trouble picking out the perfect harness for their English Bulldog. There is an overwhelming number of choices available on the market, all suited to different breeds and personalities. This breed is difficult to choose a harness for because of the need not to put added pressure on their chest, causing breathing difficulties (which they may already suffer from).

When it comes to the best English Bulldog harness, there are a couple of essential features to keep an eye out for.  Below are some of the factors you’ll want to consider before picking out the right harness for your pup.  Let’s take a look at some of the most important Bulldog harness features below.

Size And Design

Bulldogs don’t have much of a neck. This makes it easy for them to slip out of both collars and harnesses during walks. You need to find the gear that’s sized to offer a snug fit for your pooch. Many harnesses come in small, medium, and large sizes. There are some harnesses specifically designed with medium to large-sized dogs such as Bulldogs in mind.

It’s best to look for an adjustable harness to ensure that you’re able to get a close, comfortable fit. If you have a puppy, an adjustable harness also grows alongside your dog so that you don’t have to keep replacing it every couple of months. A tight fit also reduces the risk of accidental strangulation. It’s less likely to catch or snag, which can cause throat damage when a dog tries to free itself.

Material And Durability

Bulldogs are renowned for their powerful bodies, and many can easily break a flimsy or poorly made harness. You need a model made of a robust enough material to stand up to your Bulldog’s pulling. Nylon, polyester, and leather are all popular choices. The stitching of a harness should also be able to hold up to heavy wear and tear. You should look for a strong, high-quality thread and tight, even needlework.

While the harness itself should be made of robust, all-weather material, the interior and edges should be lined with something softer. This helps to prevent chafing and hair loss around the chest and legs. Cotton, fleece, and foam are all good choices for the lining.

If your dog wears its harness frequently or for long periods of time, it’s essential that you make sure that the material it’s made of is breathable. This feature can help to prevent your dog from suffering from heatstroke, which affects several hundred pets across the U.S. each year.

Attachment Style

Different harnesses offer a wide variety of options when it comes to where you want to attach your lead. Unlike a collar, which forces you to connect a leash from the neck, Bulldog harnesses allow you to attach from above, from the front, or on the side.

Front or side attachments are a safe, simple solution for combating pulling when walking your Bulldog. This type of connection point prevents forward motion, helping to redirect your dog whenever it strains without placing pressure on the neck and spinal cord. Eventually, your pup will learn not to pull at all.


While your Bulldog may not care much about aesthetics, the chances are that you do. You can find Bulldog harnesses that come in a variety of colors to suit your dog’s personality or even those with studs, rhinestones, and other accents.

Many harnesses feature reflective accents both for looks and safety. Reflective strips make it easier for motorists to see both you and your pooch in low light conditions, reducing the risk of an accident or injury, making this a must-have feature for any English Bulldog harness.

Our Favorite Harnesses For Bulldogs

Adult Dog Wearing Dog Harness
Below are our favorite dog harnesses for this uniquely shaped breed.

There are all sorts of different harnesses that are suitable for Bulldogs, from no-pull models to specialty car harnesses.  Depending on the size of your pup, you’ll want to put more emphasis on each feature compared to others. Your dog’s safety and comfort should be your primary concern, so weigh your decisions according to those factors.

Below are our top five favorite picks for the best harness for English Bulldogs. This list isn’t by any means all-inclusive, but we feel it’s a very good start. Let’s jump in and look at each brand/model in detail and walk through the benefits of each, including cost, material, construction & more.

Bulldog Grade No Pull Dog Harness Review

Trulove Soft Dog Harness
  • Designed by Bulldog owners.
  • Created specifically for the breed.
  • Durable construction.
  • No-pull and No-choke design.
  • Prevents pulling.
  • Reflective straps.
  • Rear handle for additional control.

The Bulldog Grade harness is designed specifically to fit a Bulldog’s unique physique. It’s custom-made for small, medium, or large English, French, and American Bulldogs. The design is made to be durable, with a rugged yet lightweight X-shaped chest vest that doesn’t place strain against a Bulldog’s thick neck.

It also gives you more control over your Bulldog as you walk, preventing excessive strain on your arm and shoulder. Oxford cloth and breathable mesh keep your dog comfortable in any weather. The materials also allow for a full range of movement. Four quick-release buckles allow you to slide the harness on and off the most stubborn Bulldogs easily. Reflective nylon straps are fully adjustable, allowing you to custom-fit the vest to your Bulldog’s body.

We love that this harness is designed by Bulldog owners for Bulldog owners.  We also love that this harness features a fixed car seat belt safety strap, making it ideal for both walks and car rides. You can run the seat belt right through the harness to keep your dog safe, secure, and in place as you drive.

Rabbitgoo No-Pull Pet Harness Review

BabyTRL Harness Husky
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Twelve different colors.
  • Four different sizes.
  • Overhead fitting for easy-on.
  • Four fully adjustable straps.
  • Comfortable padding.
  • No-pull & no choke design.

The Rabbitgoo vest is ideal for Bulldogs with a more stubborn personality. It’slips on over the head without a fuss, with fast-release buckles. A metal leash ring on the chest of the vest helps to prevent pulling on walks. There’s also a ring on the back for pups who aren’t prone to pulling.

A top handle allows you to gain control fast in emergencies. The Rabbitgoo No-Pull Harness comes in sizes ranging from small to extra large. Two neck and two chest straps are also fully adjustable, allowing you to customize the harness to fit your Bulldog better.

The Y shape of the harness reduces pressure around the neck while still fitting snugly to the chest. It uses durable Oxford nylon and has a soft cushion lining inside. Around the outside, breathable mesh encourages airflow and keeps your dog cool.

We love the slip-on design and fast-release buckles that make it easy to take the harness on and off.  The four fully adjustable straps offer a custom fit, and the Y-shaped harness eases the pressure off your English Bulldog’s neck.  If you walk at night, bright reflective strips on both sides of the vest help to make you more visible to traffic and other pedestrians.

Juxzh Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness Review

Ruffwear Front Range Harness
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Four adjustment points.
  • Rear clip attachments.
  • Dual D-ring attachment points.
  • Comfortable mesh lining.
  • Multiple color options.
  • Five different sizes.

This fashionable harness comes in more than ten bright colors and five different sizes. It’s made of scratch-resistant Oxford nylon with reflective nylon webbing for both visibility and breathability. Inside, mesh lining and sponge padding in the chest and belly keep your dog comfortable while preventing chafing.

There are two leash attachment points, including an aluminum-alloy V-Ring on the back and a stainless steel O-ring on the chest to help train dogs that pull. A lightweight Duraflex buckle offers a large loading capacity, holding up against even the strongest Bulldogs. A sturdy handle allows you to gain control quickly in any situation and also doubles as a seat belt attachment when riding in the car.

We love that this harness has a wide variety of colors and has soft sponge padding + mesh lining to keep your English Bulldog safe.  The harness’s ergonomic design makes it easy to slip on and off over your Bulldog’s head. Click-and-release fasteners allow you to secure and remove the vest without a struggle.  The handle also doubles as a belt to connect to seat belts, which is a great perk.

Kurgo Dog Harness Review

Easy Walk by PetSafe Blue
  • Crash-tested harness.
  • Engineered after rock climbing harnesses.
  • Padded chest reduces stress on the sternum.
  • Five different adjustment points.
  • Maximum adjustability for differently shaped dogs.
  • Extremely durable construction.
  • Front and rear leash attachment points.

The Kurgo harness is designed to be versatile enough for everyday use, allowing you to keep your English Bulldog restrained both on walks and in the car. The harness features five adjustable points to give you a completely custom fit. Weinerlock plastic quick-release buckles make it easy to take the vest on and off, even when your pup isn’t in the mood to cooperate.

A front D-ring leash attachment helps to prevent straining and corrects pulling behavior during walks. You can also opt to use a back leash ring if your dog isn’t a puller. The Kurgo harness includes a 10-inch lead that can be used as a dog seatbelt when traveling. Whether you’re heading to the park or taking a longer trip, you can keep your pup safely restrained in its seat.

We love that this has a front and back leash attachment point.  It also has a 10-inch doggie seatbelt for car trips.  It’s fully adjustable, making it easy to put on and take off.  This harness comes with a Kurgo lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. If your harness breaks or falls apart, it may be covered under warranty, saving you money on replacement models.

Ruffwear Front Range Harness Review

English Bulldog Outdoors Walking in Harness
  • Reinforced chest webbing.
  • Reflective material for low-light conditions.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Foam padding for comfort.
  • Front and rear leash attachment points.
  • Four adjustment points.
  • Equipped with ID tag pocket.

The Ruffwear lightweight yet durable harness holds up to everyday use. It’s ideal for outdoor conditions ranging from snow to sunshine. This harness has four points of adjustment and eighteen leash attachment points. This provides complete control over walking time and allows you to train pullers not to strain against their lead.

Reinforced webbing around the chest stands up against pulling without causing discomfort. There are foam strips across the chest and belly. These strips provide padding for your pooch and will keep them comfortable when moving around. The harness includes an easy-access ID pocket in its design. The pocket is an added feature that allows you to store your Bulldog’s tags and crucial medical information safely.

If they break loose or run away, you’re more likely to hear from someone who’s found your pup wandering. Brightly colored fabric with a reflective trim makes this harness easy to spot, day or night. This makes it safer for you and your dog to walk around cyclists and motorists without risking an accident.

We love that the Ruffwear Front Range harness is suitable for daily use with a durable design.  It has four points of adjustment, and eighteen leash attachment points that allow you to customize your walks.  The foam strips inside the vest provide comfort, and a built-in ID pocket gives you a place to store tags and other information.  It also has multiple variants of different bright colors to accessorize your pup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure my Bulldog for a harness?

Harness sizing depends on measurements of the neck and chest instead of weight. Before shopping, grab a tape measure and figure out the circumference of your dog’s neck. Then, measure around the chest at the broadest area.

If you find that your measurement is between two sizes, it’s best to opt for the larger one. A harness that’s too tight can cause overheating and breathing difficulties and limit your bulldog’s range of motion. Try to look for an adjustable model so that you can tighten the harness to fit your dog’s body.

Can I leave my Bulldog’s harness on all day?

As long as it’s made of a comfortable, breathable material, it’s fine to leave a harness on an adult dog all day long. You only need to remove a harness if your dog is showing signs of discomfort or if they’re chewing on it. Excessive chewing can ruin fastenings and stitching, making the harness more likely to break during walk time.

If your Bulldog is still a puppy, you should limit how long they wear a harness. Any garment that covers the body can inhibit proper bone growth, leading to potential lifelong health complications.

When can I start harness training my English Bulldog?

Puppies can begin using harnesses at the same age that they can start to wear a collar. If you have an older dog, it’s never too late to make the switch from collar to harness, though it may take some time and some training to get your pup used to the idea.

Final Thoughts

Harnesses are safer for Bulldogs than collars and are generally easy to use. If you’re looking for a safer, more comfortable walk for both you and your pooch, you may want to consider making the switch to a harness.

It isn’t always easy to find the right harness for your dog. It’s essential that you look at factors such as fit, durability, and design. You should look for a high-quality harness that’s made to match your dog’s personality. Whether your pup tends to strain, boasts a unique body shape, or is new to the world of leash training, you should find a harness that satisfies each need.

In our opinion, the best harness for English Bulldogs would be the Bulldog Grade No Pull Dog Harness. It’s designed specifically with the breed in mind, created to match their stocky physique and powerful muscles. It holds up to heavy wear and tear and helps to prevent pulling in the many Bulldogs that strain against their leash.

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