Bringing a dog into your family should be a thoughtful decision. Our experts bring you various how-to guides to make the transition from adoption seamless so you can welcome your new furry family member to your household.

big dog drinking from a dog water fountain

Best Dog Water Fountain: Dispensers, Outdoor, Automatic & More

Dogs can benefit from a water fountain as much as humans can. Not only do they provide a steady stream of fresh, filtered water, but it’s also a convenient way to make sure you’re not having to constantly fill up their empty water bowl. Pet drinking fountains come in a variety of options depending on your pet’s needs and your preferences. We’ll take a dip into the best dog fountains on the market and our top picks for each category, from the best outdoor dog fountains to automatic pet water dispensers and more.

emotional support animal laying in grass with ESA vest on

Best ESA Certification: Legitimate Emotional Support Animal Registration

Studies show that being around dogs can help relax and calm people in as little as 10 minutes. So, it’s no wonder that people suffering from anxiety and depression commonly use dogs as emotional support animals. A study by CertaPet and The Assistance Dog Center (TARSQ) found that 100% of participants with an ESA (emotional support animal) dog reported that their quality of life had noticeably improved, and 95% of participants said they would get another ESA. Find out how to accurately obtain emotional support animal documentation and prove that your condition requires an animal when renting a home.

old shih tzu dog with short hair laying down on the floor with spreading front legs

How To Stop Your Dog From Slipping On The Floor: 10 Tips & Best Anti-Slip Picks

Is the flooring in your home like a built-in slip ‘n slide for your poor pup? Dogs slide around on slick floors for many reasons. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick fix to improve your pup’s traction. But some conditions, like old age, arthritis, leg injuries, or other health issues, cause dogs to slip on floors frequently. We’ll give you tips on how to identify the root cause of your furry friend’s instability. We also have several inexpensive solutions to help your pup get a good grip.

Dog sitting with parents (caption: Dog Ownership Laws: custody disputes and stolen pets)

Dog Ownership Laws: Covering Custody Disputes & Stolen Dogs

Most dog owners consider pets part of our families. So what happens if a dispute arises over who owns a dog? Who gets to retain custody of your family dog when a couple divorces or if you die? Or how do you prove ownership if someone steals your dog? Understanding dog ownership laws can help you keep your furry best friend for good during a trying time…

Pug dog sitting on toilet reading newspaper (Caption: Does Your Dog Need A Toilet?)

Best Dog Toilets: Potty Pads, Indoor Grass, Self-Cleaning, Diapers & More

Housetraining is part of being a responsible pet parent. Whether it’s puppy training or caring for an elderly dog with incontinence issues, this task can come with obstacles and headaches for some dog owners. Overcoming accidents in the home can be difficult for both you and your dog. Thankfully, developments in the dog toilet industry offer pet owners many solutions. Can you train a dog to use a litter box? You can and more with these dog toilet training tips.

overhead view of brown and white puppy looking up from holding pen, sitting on pee-pad with toys, water bow

How Long Can Dogs Hold Their Pee?

Dogs regularly need to go out to use the bathroom, but how long can they hold their pee? Is it harmful to make a canine hold its bladder? How often does a dog need to urinate on a typical day? Dog owners need to know this information, especially if they must leave their pet at home all day without going outside to urinate. This topic is much bigger than simply taking your pup out every few hours. There is a lot that owners must know about how long dogs can hold pee.

dachshund dog getting into a pushed over garbage can on hardwood floors

6 Best Dog-Proof Trash Cans For Kitchens, Bathrooms & More

Is your dog a dumpster diver in the making? You’re certainly not alone. Many dogs find our garbage as enticing as a new toy. In addition to the massive mess they create, it’s simply not safe for pups to rummage through our trash. From discarded human foods that are toxic for dogs to choking hazards, sharp objects, and discarded products containing harmful chemicals, our waste contains many dangers for our furry friends. Fortunately, you have many solutions to keep your trash undisturbed and your dog safe.

Lab jumping on kitchen counter pawing at Petcube camera with man standing next to it.

Petcube Camera Review: Models, App, FAQs & More

The Petcube cameras have a lot to offer pet owners who want to keep an eye on their furry friends. With several Petcube cameras to choose from, you can buy a camera to meet your specific needs. If you want to make sure you can see your pup, play with him, or give him treats from a distance, Petcube has you covered. Our experts review the pros and cons, different models, app, and more to help see if Petcube is the pet cam for you.

dog standing in a doggy litter box

Best Dog Litter Boxes & Other Indoor Dog Potty Options

Can dogs use litter boxes? Yes, many dogs can be trained to use a litter box. Litter boxes are ideal for puppy potty training and for smaller dogs because of their size and the amount of urine they produce. But if you have an indoor potty need for a larger dog, you still have some options. For adult potty-trained canines, indoor dog bathrooms aren’t meant to fully replace doing their business outdoors. However, some situations call for the occasional indoor alternative. See our reviews of the best dog litter boxes and other solutions, how to train your pup to use them, and when it makes sense to let your dog eliminate inside.

A woman wearing a jacket and gloves spraying her golden retriever dog with odor spray

What’s The Best Pet Odor Neutralizer For Dogs, Cats & Homes?

Does your dog smell in between baths? Other than bathing our pups nearly every day, how can we eliminate their offending odor? By using a scented or unscented dog odor eliminator. The best pet odor neutralizer can even double as neutralizers for floors, furniture, and carpets. 

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