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Best Dog Crates For Pitbulls: Size Guide & Reviews


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Have a Pitbull pup and can’t figure out the right sized crate to keep him secure while you are away from work?  Finding the best crate for your pitbull can be challenging. Most pitties have so much energy that they don’t want it all bottled up!  Picking the wrong crate for your pup can leave them feeling anxious and insecure.  Finding the perfect crate will leave them feeling like it’s “home” when you need to step away for a few hours.

When evaluating the crate you’ll need for your Pitbull, there are multiple factors that you’ll need to take into consideration.  Typically you’ll want to evaluate price, materials, construction, quality, and most importantly – how you are going to use the crate.  Someone that will be gone for a couple of hours per day will use a crate differently than someone who primarily needs to transport their dog by car.  If your pup already suffers from separation anxiety, check out these crates here.

We never advocate being away for more than a few hours at a time both while crate training and once your dog is fully trained.  But sometimes things do happen, and crate time needs to be extended.  As a result, you’ll want to have a more secure option for your Pitbull.  Check out our Buyer’s guide below, followed by an in-depth overview of each of our favorites in more detail.

At a Glance: Our Favorite Crates For Pitbulls


Our Rating

Best Overall

Frisco Dog Crate

Our Rating

Heavy Duty

ProSelect Empire Crate

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Popular Alternative

MidWest Double Door

Buyer’s Guide

Pitbull Outside Crate
Pitbulls need a sturdy dog crate for their solidly built bodies.

Before you buy a crate for your American Pitbull Terrier, there’s some considerations you’ll want to take into account before you decide on the right fit for your pup.  Pitbulls are not like other dogs, and in fact they can get quite temperamental while crate training.  They’ve been known to want to chew through and break through their crates, so having a model that’s sturdy is highly recommended.

While there are some wire crates in our favorites we recommend, that’s more due to cost.  If you can afford a sturdier crate that’s built more solidly, you’ll want to go that route to ensure that your pup doesn’t put themselves in harm’s way when they are in the process of training.


Usually a Medium to Large size crate is good for a Pitbull Pup.  You’ll want to ensure that you give your Pitbull enough room to move around. But don’t give them more room than they need.  Otherwise, they will be likely to use their crate as a place to use the restroom. This is obviously problematic because it’s exactly what you’ll be training them not to do.

Depending on if you have a male or female, or if your pup’s parents are large or small, you’ll likely want to choose your crate size accordingly.  A Pitbull pup will typically use a crate that’s sized anywhere from 32 inches to 36 or 42 inches. If you have a Pitbull puppy, you’ll need to estimate the size of your dog, based on their parents.


Truth be told, most Pitbulls would do well with a crate that’s built for heavy wear.  Some crates that are less durable can still work, it all depends on the temperament of your dog.  If you know your pup is active, you’ll want to ensure you spend a little more for a durable option.  If your pup is pretty laid back, then a regular wire crate is a solid option and won’t break the budget.  We don’t recommend soft crates for Pitbulls unless it’s purely for travel.


As mentioned under durability, we recommend that you purchase a crate that’s made out of thicker gauge steel, so that your Pitbull doesn’t get any ideas and start testing the durability of your cate at an early age.  Metal will definitely work, especially if your Pitbull is on the lazier side.  You’ll want to keep in mind if you plan to move the crate around, as some of the more durable crates will be made of heavier gauge steel and be more difficult to move around, making them less flexible.


Any crate can be made to be more comfortable as long as you have the right crate bed lined in the bottom of the crate.  Some models make it easier to pad the crate, providing your pup a comfortable sanctuary while you are away.  None of the crates on our list comes equipped with padding, so you’ll want to plan in advance for the additional cost, since a proper bed can get somewhat expensive.


Does your crate allow for easy cleanup in the way of having a tray that pulls out easily? The four crates we recommend, all have a tray that can be removed, and all of them can be easily cleaned.  We don’t recommend you purchase a crate that doesn’t have a removable tray.  Doing so will drive you absolutely crazy the first time your Pitbull makes a mess in their crate.  If you have a removable tray, it’s as easy as pulling the tray out and hosing it off with your garden hose.


As with anything, price is always bound to make a difference when making a selection for any dog accessory.  Getting the right crate for your Pitbull however, is not an investment we’d recommend you purchase on a very strict budget.  The more expensive you go, the more likely your crate will be high quality, durable, and last the lifetime of your pet (& perhaps beyond).  While it’s possible to get by with a cheap crate, those are more likely to allow flexibility as your dog tests it, and potentially cause harmful injuries to your pup.

Our Favorite Pitbull Crates

Pitbull Laying on Towels
Below are our favorite dog crates for your Pitbull.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite dog crates for your Pitbull.  Each of these crates has different benefits. Some are constructed with sturdier steel, and others will be more linked to people that are on a tighter budget.  We always recommend quality over price, and our favorites below reflect that.

You should also measure each crate in advance, and find a suitable place in your home for the crate to be placed in order to secure your dog, while giving them a comfortable place to live.  Let’s look at our favorites!

Frisco Double Door Crate

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Most popular pick.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • No tools are required.
  • Fold and store or go.
  • Divider panel allows for growth.

The Frisco double door dog crate is the most budget-friendly on our list.  It’s a cost-effective alternative for anyone looking to crate train their dog.  While not as durable as other options, it’s still good enough to get the job done for less active Pitbulls.

This crate comes in six different sizes, and your Pitbull will likely either fall into the 36-inch or 42-inch size window.  The 36-inch crate is 36 inches long, 23 wide, and 25 inches in height.  The 42 is slightly larger with 42 inches long, 28 wide, and 30 inches in height.  You’ll want to check your pup’s growth track to make sure you pick the right size before purchasing.

We love that this option is extremely cost-effective, and also comes with a divider that allows you to divide up the crate into sections as your puppy grows.  This crate also has a slide-out removable plastic pan, making clean up after an accident extremely easy.

Frisco Heavy Duty Crate

  • Most secure model for Pitbulls.
  • Slightly pricier due to durable construction.
  • Made with 22 gauge steel.
  • Dual locks with sturdy latches.
  • Easy to move around your home.
  • Crate is heavy and won’t move when locked.
  • Stylish hammer tone finish.

The Frisco Heavy Duty Crate is a great option for people that are somewhere in between the Pro Select and a standard wire crate when it comes to budget.  It’s not as expensive as the Pro Select, but it’s slightly costlier than standard wire crates.  This crate is tough and durable, and will last a very long time with your Pitbull.

You’ll want to consider either a Medium or a large crate.  This crate actually goes up to XL, which you’ll only want to consider if your Pitbull is an XL sized Pittie, like the famous Instagram Pitbull “Hulk.”  The Medium is 36 inches long, 24 inches wide and has 29 inches in height.  The Large is 42 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 34 inches tall.

We love that this crate is budget friendly, yet still made from durable 20 gauge steel.  The 3/4 inche frame is reinforced with 1/2 inche diameter welded steel tubes to increase longevity and durability.  This crate does have a two door design, making it convenient to store no matter the location. It also has rolling & locking wheels that allow it to be mobile, and can still firmly lock in place.  It also has an easily removable pan, making it easy to cleanup after your pup if he or she has an accident.

Pro Select Empire Dog Crate

  • Strong and durable.
  • Single point of entry.
  • Locking casters prevent moving.
  • Perfect for escape artists.
  • Stylish hammer tone finish.
  • Made from 20 gauge steel.
  • Convenient slide-out tray.

The Pro Select Empire Dog Crate is extremely durable and tough.  It’s made with 20 gauge steel, with reinforced .5 inch diameter steel tubes. This crate comes in Medium or Large.  Depending on the size of your Pitbull, either size will work.  The large is 40.75 inches long, and 28.125 inches wide.  It’s also 31.75 inches tall. The medium sized crate is 35.75 inches long, and 23.5 inches wide and has 24.5 inches in height.

Most Pitbulls are in the 50-60 pound range, so the medium sized crate will typically fit them just fine.  If you have a male or your female’s parents were extremely large, then you’ll want to look at the large variant.  The large typically runs a little more expensive, which is to be expected since it’s a larger crate.

We love the structure and durability of this crate. It’s a great option for any Pitbull as long as your budget allows for it.  You won’t regret spending the extra money on this crate if your dog is an escape artist that’s already been through one or more crates before. This crate is mobile, as it has casters on the bottom that are completely removable.  It also has a floor grate with tray, making cleanup easy if your pup ever has a mess.

Midwest Homes iCrate

  • Double door access.
  • Popular brand.
  • Composite slide-out plastic pan.
  • Bolt latches for security.
  • Divider panel allows for growth.
  • Easy to setup and break down.
  • Fold and carry design.

The Midwest Homes dog crate is one of the most commonly purchased dog crates for pups of all sizes.  This is a standard wire model crate, that’s relatively easy to setup and break down in under 20 minutes.  It’s a great pick for people on a budget. No matter what size you pick, they come with a crate-oriented divider. This makes it perfect to use this crate from puppy through adulthood.

This crate has a double door, which makes it easy for entry on either front or side. It provides flexibility in planning where to keep your pup located while they are crated. The bottom pan is plastic and slides out with ease. This makes cleanup easy in the event of an accident.  Because this crate comes in multiple sizes, you’ll have lots of size options to choose from.  We’d recommend looking at the 36 of 42 inch version for a pitbull, depending on the size.  The 36 accommodates pups from 41 to 70 pounds, so if your Pitbull is larger than that, you’ll want to size up.

We love the cost of this, and the fact that it’s such a popular option which means it’s been tested and refined over time.  It’s also easy to fit most crate beds on the inside of this crate,  no matter what size you pick.  Many bed manufacturers make beds specifically all the way up through 48 inches to accommodate your Pit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size crate should I get for my Pitbull?

    Your pitbull will likely fit in a 32-inch, 36-inch, or 42-inch crate depending on your dog’s size.  If their parents are big, err on the side of bigger and use a divider when they are young puppies.  The average size pitbull will fit into a 36-inch crate, depending on the manufacturer.

  • Do all Pitbulls need Dog Crates?

    Do any dogs need crates? This is a highly individual question.  Many people do not like crate training AT ALL.  They feel that it’s cruel to use a crate. However, it’s been shown that crates are actually one of the most effective ways to housetrain your dog.  This is a personal choice. We recommend crate training active dogs like Pitbulls to reduce the likelihood of damage being done in your home.

  • Do I need to crate my Pitbull at night?

    If you are crate training your pitbull, one of the most effective ways of helping them get used to their crates is to start training them at night when you are at home.  They will likely whine at first, but the older they get, the more used to being in their crate they will be.

  • At what age should I start crate training my Pitbull puppy?

    You can start crate training your puppy immediately after bringing them home.  We wouldn’t recommend long periods of time left unattended in their crate.  You should start with shorter timelines, no more than an hour or so.

  • What should I do if my Pitbull Puppy cries while inside the crate?

    This is something that you’ll likely have to deal with at some point.  When pups are first starting off on their crate training journey, they will likely whine and cry.  The best bet is not to pay attention to them when this happens and let them cry it out.  Giving them attention during whining spells will reaffirm that they are repeating the correct behavior.

Final Thoughts

If you are a multi-dog household and need to look at crates of varying sizes for your other pups, check out this guide to the best all-around crates for dogs of all sizes.  If your Pitbull Pup is the only dog in your household, then any of the crates we’ve talked about will suit your needs.

Not all Pitbulls are built the same. This means the perfect crate will depend on both your budget and the activity level of your Pitbull.  If you feel like we’ve missed a model, please be sure to drop us a line in the comments section!

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