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Best Dog Crates For Poodles: Recommended Kennel Types & Sizes


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The Poodle is one of our favorite dog breeds. They are also one of the most elegant and stylish, with their teddy bear good looks. Poodles are also temperamental at times and can be high maintenance. They can also suffer from a touch of separation anxiety, especially as puppies. If you are planning to crate train your Poodle, you’ll need to find the perfect balance of budget, durability, and security to keep your pup safe while you are away.

Here in this Poodle dog crate guide, we will walk you through our favorite models perfectly suited to the Poodle breed. And because not all canines need the same type of crate, we’ve hand-picked a selection of our favorites for you to choose from. We have also included a buying guide so that you know how to pick the best dog crate for your needs.

Just in case you didn’t know, we were graced with three types of poodles when it comes to their size. Most of the crates on our list can also can be bought in smaller sizes for miniature and toy-sized Poodles. Anxious to find out which models we’d pick for a fluffy poodle pup? Let’s jump in!

At a Glance: Our Favorite Poodle Crates

Our Rating

Best Value

Frisco Double Door

Midwest Single Door Dog Crate For Poodles
Our Rating

Budget Pick

Midwest Single Door

Pet Gear 3 Door Crate
Our Rating

Soft Sided Pick

Pet Gear Soft Sided

Buying Guide

Three Different Poodles
Poodles can come in many different size.

Before you jump straight in and buy just any old crate, there are a number of things that you need to consider. There are tons of different options out there, many that the Poodle could settle with. But you want to make sure that you get the perfect pick for both your Poodle and your money.

If you are unsure whether crate training is right for your Poodle, we would say it is excellent for all dogs. Crate training has multiple benefits for both you, and your pup. But with that being said, a crate should only be used for a few hours at a time. You should never use a crate to store your Poodle in all day. If this describes your day, avoid getting a crate, and perhaps look at a more low-maintenance breed altogether.


This is the first and most important thing to consider when buying a crate for your Poodle. It needs to be big enough to get in (obviously) and stand and turn around comfortably. But it shouldn’t have more room than he needs, because he will undoubtedly use the space as a toilet ground. So, you need to get it just right.

Standard-sized Poodles are medium to large-sized dogs. They typically measure between 18 and 24 inches tall, and they weigh between 40 to 70 pounds. All crates will provide instructions on measuring your Poodle, so you must check this before making a purchase. But on average, a 42-inch crate will be the ideal length for him, with 30 inches in height.


You don’t need to spend weeks to find a good-quality crate, but you also need to pay a little bit more than the cheapest. This way, not only do you get higher quality, but you also get better value for your money. If it’s sturdy and built well, your Poodle will not be able to chew his way through. On the other hand, if you are looking for a crate for your home, choose a model with a strong metal wire that he cannot break.

If your Poodle is an incredibly active dog or a chewer, you should look to buy an even stronger crate. We have found that thicker metal crates can work great for anxious Poodles. But they are much heavier and come with a premium price tag. But, if it means you never have to buy a crate again, it will save you money in the long run.


Generally, there are three types of crates: the metal crate, the soft-sided crate, and the furniture style crate. To find the best crate for you and your Poodle, you first need to decide what you need it for. If it’s for the home, most people go with a wire framed option. Families concerned about appearances to opt for a more stylish furniture style model. Those who like to travel with their Poodle usually opt for a soft-sided crate. These are lightweight and easily transported. If you do travel by car frequently with your Poodle, buying a dog crate certified by the center of pet safety may be a better choice.

If you are looking for his first crate to start your training journey, we recommend shopping for a dog crate with a divider. This will allow you to change the size as your pup grows, saving you from multiple purchases. If it is a crate for the home, we would suggest getting a two-door option as this provides two access points. This allows you to move the crate around the house without being limited to the design.


On their own, crates are not the comfiest of places to lay. For you, it would be like lying on a bed frame without a mattress. So, for your Poodle to use his crate, he needs to find it comfy. And for him to find it comfy, you will need to invest in a bed of some sort. Most mattress style beds will fit a dog crate in a standard size.

When you find the best crate for him, try to find the closest bed size that you can slot inside the crate. Please remember to measure it first. If your Poodle is a comfort crazy canine, a small pillow for him to rest his head on will be an additional treat. Some of our options below come with beds as part of the crate package.

Activity Levels

The Poodle isn’t just the pretty pompon pooch that some people think he is. He is a traditional hunting dog with bundles of energy. For this reason, you need to be sure that if you are going to crate train your Poodle or use a crate for that matter, you need to be sure that you exercise him adequately. Every single day.

If you put your Poodle into his crate without exercising him, not only will he become anxious inside his crate, he will also probably become destructive. This will ruin the crate, wasting your money, and cause injuries to his mouth and teeth. Crates and insufficient exercise levels do not mix well – you have been warned!

Our Favorite Poodle Crates

Standard Poodle Dog Outdoors Black
Size is one of the many considerations you’ll need to think through when picking a dog crate for your Poodle.

Now that you know what traits are important, here are our five favorite dog crates for poodles of every size. We compare several different models that should suit your Poodle, regardless if they are toy, or standard-sized. There’s also a crate for every budget level and need, depending on how you plan to use your crate with your pup. Keep in mind, that if your Poodle is already a little anxious, there you are better off looking at dog crates made with anxious dogs in mind.

Frisco Heavy Fold & Carry Dog Crate

  • Two points of entry.
  • Made with heavy-duty metal wire.
  • Rounded corners to prevent injury.
  • Pan plastic makes for easy cleanup.
  • Fold and carry construction.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Removable barrier makes room for growing Poodles.

This crate is made with heavier and thicker wire than Frisco’s standard metal crate, making it a heavy-duty option for energetic Poodles. Both doors have a secure lock with a double-latch, meaning that your intelligent Poodle will not be able to get out of it. It is a collapsible crate with clips and a handle for you to carry around with ease.

The metal is coated in a black-powder finish, so it is more durable too. Each corner is rounded, meaning that it is safer for all, and no catching those beautiful curly locks of his. It has a removable tray that will catch any accidents, protect your floor, and make it easy to clean. This crate also includes a divider panel, meaning it is also ideal for training puppies too.

We love that this crate is a heavy-duty metal crate, ideal for most Poodle crate needs.

MidWest iCrate Double Door Dog Crate

Three Different Poodles
  • Budget pick.
  • Single point of entry.
  • Rounded corners for safety.
  • Removable plastic pan.
  • Composite plastic pan is replaceable.
  • Secure safety latch.
  • Fold and carry construction.

Here we have picked a crate bundle option. The crate is itself good-quality, made by MidWest, one of the leading dog crate manufacturers. They have created this starter pack for those who need the whole kit, and it is a convenient way to introduce your Poodle to crate training. The crate has double doors that are both secured and lockable for his safety.

It also comes with a crate cover, which provides your Poodle with the privacy and security that all dogs naturally crave. The bottom tray is removable, allowing you to clean it with ease. And it also comes with a fleece-lined crate mat that provides extra comfort. It also comes with two attachable bowls to keep him hydrated. And a one year warranty too.

We love that this crate bundle is an excellent choice for Poodle pups because it gives you everything you need.

ProSelect Single Door Steel Dog Crate

  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Reinforced 20 gauge steel.
  • Slide-out tray for cleanups.
  • Available in two different sizes.
  • Two secure latches.
  • Single point of entry.
  • Locking caster wheelbase.

Here we have our ultimate crate pick. This is one of the more durable dog crates that can hold up to heavy chewers and escape artists. This is a heavy-duty crate that is one of the most robust crates on the market. It is made from half-inch thick tubing and 20-gauge steel to withstand all the power your Poodle can chuck at it. It is also welded at the stress points too.

This option has one door. The dual side latches are placed so that dogs cannot push or lick them open. The tray at the bottom is removable so that you can pull it out without having to exit your Poodle first. Thankfully, this heavy crate has four wheels that also lock, both for your safety and your Poodle’s safety too. It has a hammer-tone finish, which resists scuffs and scrapes.

We love that this crate is the heavy-duty option for excessive Poodle chewers – there is no chance of him biting his way out of this one.

Pet Gear Three Door Portable Soft Crate

EcoFlex End Table Dog Crate
  • Three access points.
  • Soft-sided mesh panels for breathability.
  • Great for outdoors or travel.
  • Folds up for easy portability.
  • Five different sizes.
  • Six different color options.
  • No tools required for setup.

This option is the best option for those Poodles who are lucky enough to travel with their moms and dads. This crate is made with lightweight 600 denier nylon material that you can simply fold up and take with you. The frame is made with a sturdy steel frame that can take the weight of a 90-pound pooch, which is plenty for the Poodle.

The frame can be easily slid out of the covers, and the covers are machine washable for your ease. It has three doors, meaning plenty of access points for easy entry and exit, ideal for his safety when traveling. Each side has mesh-paneling too for maximum ventilation control. It has zippered storage compartments, and the matt is fleece lined and waterproof for his comfort.

We love that this crate is great for those Poodles who often travel with their mom and dad and need a lightweight but durable option.

New Age Pet EcoFlex Pet Crate

Midwest Single Door Dog Crate Poodles
  • Wood-plastic polymer construction.
  • Fits dogs up to 100 pounds.
  • Made with stainless steel tubing.
  • Easy, no-tool assembly.
  • Four different sizes.
  • Four different color combinations.
  • Great way to disguise your dog crate.

Here we have found a furniture style crate suitable for the large size of the Poodle while still being functional as a crate. This crate is stylish and can double up as an end table too. This crate blends into the background of a beautiful home, and your Poodle is sure to love it also. It comes in four colors and requires no tools to assemble it. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

This dog crate made with EcoFlex material, which is a non-toxic recycled plastic wood-polymer blend. It doesn’t absorb liquids, and you can be sure that it will not warp, crack, or split. Not only is this crate desirable for the eco-conscious owners out there, but it also has double stainless steel latches to keep him safe. The spindles are made with stainless steel tubing. This crate is best used for a calm Poodle who does not chew.

We love that this crate is the stylish furniture style crate option, ideal for those who do not like the sight of dog crates.

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a number of common questions about Poodles and crating. Usually, these questions pertain to size or crate timing. We’ve addressed the most commonly asked questions relating to Poodles and their crate needs in the section below.

How do I measure my Poodle for his crate?

All crates will provide instructions on measuring your Poodle, so you must check this before making a purchase. But typically, instructions will tell you to measure your Poodle from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail (not his tip). And also from his paws to the top of his head either when sitting or standing. Then, add four inches to his measurements, and you should find that perfect fit.

Do I need to crate train my Poodle?

Yes, if you plan to use a crate, you need to crate train your pup. Just as you wouldn’t expect him to be instantly potty trained, you need to show him that his crate is a safe space for him to be. Introduce him slowly and do not force him in. Let him sniff it out on his own time, and praise him when he steps inside. Poodles are intelligent dogs, and he will soon learn that his crate is a great place to rest his head.

How long should my Poodle stay in his crate?

A crate should only be used to keep him secure and safe for a few hours at a time. A crate is not a place to lock your dog away all day. If you keep him in there for too long, he will need to do his doggy business, and he will try to escape too. All of which will ruin any chance of him viewing his crate as his safe space. Below are the general guidelines for how long your Poodle should be kept in his crate:

  • 8 – 10 Weeks: 30 – 60-minute training sessions
  • 11 – 14 Weeks: 1 – 3-hour training sessions
  • 15 – 17 Weeks: 3 – 4-hour training sessions
  • 17+ Weeks: 4-hours at a time

My Poodle isn’t using his crate, what do I do?

If you have followed all the correct steps to crate train your Poodle, not all is lost. There are a few reasons why this might not be the case. It might not be in the right place. Maybe it is too far away from you, or near to a draught? Or maybe he needs you to sit with him for a while so he can check it out under your caring watch. Try adding an item of your worn clothing or a used pillow, as this will add your smell, providing him with comfort.

Are these crates suitable for air travel?

The only way to know if the crates above are suitable is to contact your airline. Different airlines have different regulations regarding crate suitability, so please check with them beforehand. If you have a toy poodle, there are pet carriers that meet safety guidelines for in-cabin flights.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about what your Poodle needs from a dog crate. Along with five of the best options available. There is something here for every Poodle, parent, and décor, and we hope we’ve made the hard decision much clearer for you now.

Ensure that you measure your Poodle beforehand, and his comfort should be the primary concern when choosing a crate. By sticking to the recommendations above, you can be sure that your Poodle is getting the crème of the crate crop. Which is exactly what this gorgeous and flamboyant pooch deserves!

White doodle mix outside in cold weather (Caption: Poodle Mixes)

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