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Best Harness For Standard Poodles: Ratings, Reviews, Top Picks


Last Updated: May 1, 2023 | 8 min read | 2 Comments

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Are you looking for the best harness for your Poodle? You’ve come to the right place. Here we explore everything you need to know about dog harnesses. From what materials to look for and what safety features are essential to all the frequently asked harness questions and much more. We have also scoured the market for the best harnesses with in-depth reviews, making your choice quick and easy.

Harnesses are safer than collars for many reasons, which we explore too. And, as Poodles are highly active dogs, choosing a comfortable and hard-wearing one is essential, especially for a large and powerful dog like your standard-sized Poodle. A cheap and cheerful harness from the dollar store will not cut it.

And because every Poodle is unique, not every harness suits every Poodle. And there are many to choose from. So, let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about choosing the best harness for your Standard Poodle.

At A Glance: Our Favorite Harness For Standard Poodles

Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness
Best Overall

Chai's Choice Premium

Frisco Padded Reflective Harness
Popular Pick

Julius-K9 Harness

Chai's Choice Premium Outdoor Adventure 3M Polyester Reflective Front Clip Dog Harness
Budget Pick

Frisco Padded Harness

Buyer’s Guide

A black purebred standard poodle in a neighborhood dog park wearing a harness
There are several factors to consider when selecting the ultimate harness for your Standard Poodle.

Our buyer’s guide takes you through everything you need to know to make the best choice.

Harness Types

  • Front Clip: A front clip harness is used to train Poodles to walk on a harness without pulling. The leash attachment sits on the chest area and redirects your pup when they are going the wrong way or pulling too much. It is also the best option for Poodles who get too excited on walks no matter how much you’ve trained them, giving you more control.
  • Back Clip: A back clip harness is for more experienced Poodles who know how to walk nicely on a harness. The attachment clip is placed between the shoulder blades, making the harness much more comfortable.
  • Dual Clip: A double clip harness has both a front and back clip, providing options. This is an excellent idea for those training their Poodles because it means you don’t have to purchase a new back clip harness once your Poodle has mastered it.
  • Lift: A lifting harness is for older Poodles or those recovering from injuries who need more assistance to move around. It allows you to carry their weight on the back end, and they just need to concentrate on their front legs. Strap it around their rear, and away you go.


Sure, most standard-sized Poodles fall into a set weight and height bracket. But that does not mean they are all the same shape and size. Pick a harness with a minimum of three adjustment points. This allows you to tailor the harness to find the perfect fit making it much safer and more comfortable. It also means you can make the harness larger as your Poodle grows.

Standard Poodles are large-sized dogs, meaning that the harness size to choose is usually large. However, sizes vary among brands, so measuring your Poodle according to the specific sizing instructions is crucial. Choosing the correct size is vital to its success. If it’s too tight, it can cause injuries and sore spots. Too big, and your Poodle could escape their harness.


Poodles are powerful dogs with intense energy. Combining that with their high prey drive, they can shoot off without notice. Therefore the harness you choose needs to withstand their strength. Look for good quality synthetic materials such as nylon, polypropylene, or polyester. The harness should be stitched together instead of glued together. Buckles should be made from metal or robust plastic, as these are the weakest points.

Sure, better quality materials tend to cost more. But choosing a high-quality harness could last your Poodle a lifetime, making it much better value for money compared to cheaper ones. Plus, they are safer and more comfortable for your Poodle too, so everyone wins.


Your Poodle’s comfort should be one of the most important considerations. Because if it doesn’t fit well, rubs their skin, or causes sore spots, you can be sure your Poodle will resist it. Look for harnesses with padded straps that are soft on the edges. Plus, the material needs to be breathable, such as neoprene or meshed. Again, this prevents sore spots.

Safety Features

Safety is another crucial factor to consider, and most high-quality harnesses take your dog’s safety into account. Many harnesses are designed with a handle allowing you to grab your dog quickly. Sure, you might not be able to scoop up your Poodle, but you can better control them with a handle.

The material should also be reflective or have reflective stitching, at the very least. This helps your Poodle to be seen by you or others in low visibility. Attachment points are another safety feature, especially if you walk in the dark, as these allow you to attach LED lights.


Considering your budget is essential. You want to find the best harness for you and your Poodle without breaking the bank. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a good-quality harness. But you need to pay more than a few dollars for a suitable large breed harness. Our top picks help you to balance cost and quality, whatever your budget.

Top Harnesses For Poodles

Our buyer’s guide should give you an idea about what type of harness you need and all the factors and features to consider. Here we have found a handful of harnesses for every owner and Poodle. So, let’s take a look at our top picks.

Chai's Choice Reflective

Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness
  • Dual clips for front or rear attachment.
  • Breathable padding for comfort.
  • Handle for additional control.
  • Reflective piping for extra visibility.
  • 9 color combinations.
  • Budget-friendly.

The Chai’s Choice harness is a great product. It has four adjustment points meaning you can find a tailored fit for your Poodle. It also has front and back clips making it suitable for Poodles who are training and those who already know how to walk calmly on the leash. There is a handle on the rear, giving you extra control when you need it and enabling you to buckle your dog safely during car journeys.

The harness is made of meshed and breathable material that is also reflective. Making it an ideal choice for Poodles and owners who enjoy early morning and late night walkies. The straps are padded, making it much more comfortable and less likely to irritate. And it is budget friendly too. Finally, it has nine color options allowing you to choose the color best suits your dog’s personality.

We love that this harness offers you everything mentioned in our buyer’s guide, meaning it’s the best choice for most Poodles.

Julius-K9 Powerharness

Frisco Padded Reflective Harness
  • Hard-wearing premium choice.
  • Rear steel D-ring attachment point.
  • Removable and customizable side labels.
  • Made with reflective material.
  • The chest strap is padded with breathable material.
  • Fewer straps for additional comfort.

Julius K-9 is one of the most renowned brands in the doggy harness market, and it is a premium option. It only has one adjustment point. However, it has one of the broadest selections of sizes available on the market, allowing you to find the best size for your pup. And for dogs who don’t like to be constricted by too many straps, this is a great pick. It has seven color options too.

The chest strap is padded for your dog’s comfort and is also reflective for safety during poor visibility. With an Eco-Tex inner liner, it is breathable too. This is a back clip harness that is great for relaxed walking, made with a durable steel D-ring. The buckles are break-resistant, freeze-proof, and heavy-duty, which is great for strong and hardcore Poodles. Plus, it is an over-the-head style harness for slipping it on quickly and for those dogs with mobility issues, and it has a handle.

We love that this harness comes with removable side labels that you can customize, and many owners pick their Poodle’s name. But others choose labels to identify them as emotional support dogs, working dogs, or with information such as “do not pet” or “friendly.”

Frisco Padded Reflective

Kurgo Reflective No Pull Harness
  • Budget-friendly pick.
  • Features front and back clips.
  • Four adjustment points for best fit.
  • Padded for comfort.
  • Reflective webbing throughout.
  • Has a handle for better control.

The Frisco padded harness is popular with a wide range of sizes and four color options. There are four adjustment points to achieve your Poodle’s best fit. It has front and back attachment points, making it an excellent choice for switching between no-pull functionality and regular walking. The harness features reflective webbing throughout, making your Poodle visible from every angle during poor visibility weather.

This harness is lightweight and thinner than many other harnesses, making it ideal for stuffing into a bag when you don’t need it. It is also great for dogs who find chunky harnesses too restrictive and uncomfortable. The chest and back plate are padded for extra comfort, and the thin straps are soft-edged too. It has a rear handle for when you need additional control.

We love that this is an excellent harness while being budget-friendly.

Kurgo Reflective No Pull

Headlight Harness LED Light Dog Harness
  • Super comfortable harness for active Poodles.
  • Padded straps and chest plates.
  • Breathable material.
  • Four adjustment points.
  • Strong aluminum buckles and leash attachment points.
  • Features reflective trim throughout.

The Kurgo Journey harness is made for your Poodle’s comfort and safety. It is a premium option with very soft and comfortable padded straps and a chest plate while being super strong for active dogs. The material is breathable, too, and features reflective trim throughout. The deep V-neck design takes all the strain away from your Poodle’s neck for extra comfort.

Four rust-proof and sturdy aluminum buckles allow for a quick fit and release. This is particularly great for excited Poodles who cannot wait for their adventure. There are also four adjustment points for best fit and front and back attachment points for all walking styles. The handle gives you extra control, and it comes in a total of six color options.

We love that this harness is made with comfort and long or hard journeys in mind, which is great for active Poodles.

Headlight Harness LED Light

  • Features built-in LED light.
  • Sturdy power button.
  • Memory foam padding for extra comfort.
  • Four adjustment points.
  • Front and back attachment clips.
  • Reflective trimming throughout.

The Headlight Harness features a large LED light on the chest plate, giving your Poodle a focused visual during low visibility or late-night walks. It also allows you and others to see where your dog is for extra safety. The battery compartment is water-resistant and tucked into the harness, meaning it does not get in the way of comfort. The harness is made with webbed material and uses memory foam to provide extra comfort.

This harness has a front and rear attachment point for all levels of harness training. It has four adjustment points to achieve a tailored fit, as well as heavy-duty buckles and industrial-strength reflective stitching. There is a rear handle, enabling you to secure your Poodle during car journeys safely. This harness comes in six different colors too.

We love that this harness features a built-in LED beam light, making it an excellent choice for Poodles who love late-night walkies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Better For My Poodle, Harness Or Collar?

For most dogs, harnesses are the better option for many reasons. They are more comfortable and take away pressure from your dog’s neck. Dogs are less likely to slip harnesses when they are fitted correctly. And they also feature several safety options compared to collars alone.

What Is The Best Harness For My Standard Poodle?

The best harness for your Poodle meets both your and their needs. You want it to have adjustment points to achieve the best fit for your dog’s shape. A harness featuring an LED light could be the best option if you only walk during nighttime. Or you might need one with removable side panels to show specific information. Think about what you need from a harness, and choose one according to that.

What Is The Best Harness For My Standard Poodle Puppy?

The best harness for your Poodle puppy is likely to have a front-clip leash attachment. Front-clip attachments allow you to train your puppy not to pull and give you extra control. Harnesses with a rear attachment allow you to switch for a more comfortable experience once your puppy has learned the no-pull rules. Look for multiple adjustment points that will enable the harness to grow as your puppy does.

Do Dog Harnesses Cause Hair Loss?

Like an English Bulldog and its sour mug, a Poodles coat is really important. This is why many Poodle owners worry about what a harness might do to their coats. But a correctly fitted, high-quality harness should not cause bald spots or other skin problems. Selecting a harness with several adjustability points and padded straps ensures the correct fit and is vital for your dog’s comfort.

Final Thoughts

Now you are fully aware of all the factors to consider when choosing a harness for your Standard Poodle, and we hope we’ve made your decision much more straightforward. Your Poodle’s comfort and safety should be the most important considerations. Choosing a high-quality harness and measuring your Poodle correctly is crucial to find the best harness for your dog. But with any of the options above, you will find the best pick for your Poodle.

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