Frequently Asked Questions

Our readers sometimes want to know more about our web community here at so here are some answer to your frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Where Can I Find Canine Journal On Social Media?

Our web community goes far and wide beyond this website and we are proud to offer you some awesome cute photos, funny dog quotes, pup training tips, dog food reviews and more wherever you may want to hear from us on social media. Join our pack today and let’s get started sharing all the puppy love!

Where Is Canine Journal Located?

We are located in beautiful Winston Salem, North Carolina. If you need to reach us via snail mail, please can contact us at 380-H Knollwood St, #165, Winston Salem, NC 27103. However, we prefer to save trees so we suggest that you try our contact form first.

Is Canine Journal Affiliated With Any Charitable Organizations?

Yes, Canine Journal is a proud supporter of Project Pearl NC and our local Forsyth Humane Society. Your participation in our web community is not only special to us here at Canine Journal but also crucial to these organizations rescue, spay/neuter and life-saving missions.

Project Pearl is a Winston-Salem, NC based non-profit organization that works in partnership with the Forsyth County Animal Control.