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Best Dog Toys For Havanese: Our Top Picks


Last Updated: February 13, 2024 | 11 min read | 1 Comment

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The Havanese is known for his curled-over tail, luscious silky coat, and his comical canine character. He is a natural-born performer with oodles of energy that need direction. Because without direction, he becomes a naughty pup who gets up to all sorts of mischief. A fantastic way to direct that energy is to provide him with a selection of doggy toys that entertain him for hours on end.

We walk you through everything you need to know about dog toys. Surprisingly, there’s more to it than most pet owners think. From getting the most out of his toys to teaching you about dog toy safety, this is a must-read for Havanese owners out there.

We’ll also recommend six of the best dog toys for Havanese because we’re nice like that. More fun time for you and your pup and less time scrolling through thousands of dog toys online. So, let’s say hola to all things Havanese dog toys.

At A Glance: Our Favorite Havanese Toys

Our Rating

Best For Fetch

Chuckit! Rubber Ball and Launcher

Nylabone Power Chew Double Bone Bacon Flavored Dog Chew Toy
Our Rating

Best For Tug Of War

Cotton Rope

Chuckit! Paraflight Flyer
Our Rating

Best Interactive

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek

Buyer’s Guide

Playful Havanese puppy dog brings a pink ball towards the camera in the grass
Before recommending dog toys for your Havanese, it’s important to understand the toy basics.

Not all Havanese dogs are the same, so you need to know how to choose the right toy for your Havanese. From toys being rubbish to lasting two minutes or less. Or being dangerous to the wrong play type altogether. We’ll teach you how to avoid these common toy disasters that dog owners are faced with. Let’s take a look at each consideration you need to think about.

Type Of Play

All Havanese are comical canine clowns. It’s in their blood. But not all of them like to play in the exact same way. And this can come as a surprise to many owners, assuming that all dogs eventually love to fetch. But all dogs have their own personalities and preferences, including their play types. Toys target one play type or multiple, and it’s down to you to find the right toy for your dog’s preference.

Some Havanese like to perform and show off their fetching skills. In this case, a toy that can be tossed is the best option. Some like to test their strength in tug-of-war games, and here a rope would be a top choice. Those who like to challenge their brain find a treat-dispensing toy stimulating. And those who go mad for something soft and squeaky prefer a well-made plush toy. There’s lots of variation and choice out there. You just need to find the right one.


The Havanese might be small, but he is mighty. And many Havanese owners are taken by surprise regarding their pup’s strength. For this reason, it’s important that you pick a good quality toy that is up to the job of satisfying your tough pooch. If your Havanese is super strong or is forever chewing their way through toys, you might opt for one specifically designed for tough chewers.

Durability is mainly determined by the material that the toy is made from. Cheap toys use cheap materials that aren’t put together well. When searching for a toy, look at the photos and see if it is well made. You don’t have to spend lots of money, but at the same time, you want to spend a little bit more than the cheaper alternatives. The longer it lasts, the better value for money you’ll get. One thing to remember is that dog toys do not last forever. But they should last longer than a day.


There are many materials out there in the world, but not all of them are suitable for dog toys. Either because they won’t last long at all or because they are unsafe for Fido. Sadly, many brands out there are more concerned with making a profit than making their products safe for your Havanese. Here are some of the most commonly used and safe materials you should be looking for. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s a good place to start.


Rubber is a top choice for Havanese who loves to chew. It is strong and durable, which is why it is the go-to material for extreme chewers. It is also satisfying for anxious dogs or teething puppies. Plus, it also provides a fun bounce, making it great for fetching toys. These reasons make it one of the most common materials used for dog toys. Just be sure that it is non-toxic and natural. The description should state this. Thermoplastic elastomer is a type of rubber that is also safe.


Rope is often used for tug-of-war toys because it is built to last and can take a lot of Havanese strength. It is great for tossing, too, thanks to its flinging power. The fibers also act as a flossing agent, which helps break down tartar for better dental hygiene. Rope toys are often long, which gives either you or other dogs distance from their Havanese jaws. Always choose a rope that is specifically intended for dogs rather than rope bought from a hardware store. This rope is often treated with chemicals and is potentially toxic for Fido.


Nylon comes in two forms, and both are a great option for dog toys. It comes in two forms, hard and soft. Hard nylon toys are intended for chewing and are much safer to chew on than sticks and natural bones as it doesn’t splinter. Plus, it can be shaped to assist with dental hygiene, and it can be flavored, too. Soft nylon is a stronger material than polyester and is used for more durable, softer toys.

Polyester & Plush

Polyester and plush are the go-to materials for soft toys. Let’s start by saying that soft toys are suitable for all dogs. If your Havanese is a toy destroyer or constant chewer, this isn’t a recommended material. Not only does it break down quickly, but the plush inside can quickly become a choking hazard. But if you have a soft and sweet pup on your hands, this could be a cuddly option for him.


When it comes to our beloved pups, their safety should always be at the forefront of our minds. And if it’s unsafe, we do not recommend it. Always choose a toy that is made from a safe material. Either listed above or one you’ve researched and know to be safe. Take a look at the photos, and if it looks well-made, it probably is. And if it looks rubbish or unsafe, it probably is that too.

Usually, high-quality dog toys made by well-known brands are safe, which is why we always recommend sticking to them. Avoid cheap toys or unknown brands, especially if they have no or few ratings. Read the description, and make sure you understand what you are buying for Fido. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and unfortunately, dogs have died at the hands of poorly.


The Havanese is a small pooch, which means he probably needs a small toy. But not always, so let us explain. Just because the previous toy you bought was a small size does not mean the next one automatically will be. Like human clothes, different items and brands have different sizes. It’s important to read the description and measure your Havanese according to the specific toy you are looking at.

The size of the toy links back to the safety aspect we just spoke about. If the toy is too small, there is a real chance that your pup could swallow it whole. It has happened before, and it may require life-saving surgery. And if it’s too big, he might be overwhelmed and not want to play with it. Getting the sizing right is key to safety and likeability.

Best Dog Toys For Havanese

We have researched the dog toy market, and these high-quality and value-for-money dog toys are the crème of the crop. We have selected something for every play type preference, too, so that there is something here for everyone. And lastly, be sure to read each review so that you can pick the best toy for your Havanese.

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball

  • High-bouncing ball.
  • Perfect for dogs that love to fetch.
  • Extra thick rubber core.
  • Floats in water, great for swimmers.
  • Orange color enhances visibility.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Can use with Chuckit! brand Launcher.

The Havanese loves to run about and strut his stuff. And most of them love to chase things too. Making this ball launcher toy a great option for many Havanese. Chuckit! has created this ball launcher in a small size, which is perfect for the Havanese. They have also made it super comfortable for you with an ergonomic rubber grip. The launcher sets this ball toy apart from others on the market because it gives you two to three times as much throwing distance.

The ball is soft but bouncy, just like a tennis ball, but slightly smaller. Making this the ideal ball for small dogs. It is brightly colored, which is great for Havanese who like to play in the long grass or forever leave their balls behind. It also floats too. If he does manage to lose a ball, you can order more without having to buy the launcher again. The launcher also means hands-free ball pickup on walkies, making it a cleaner and more pleasant experience for you.

We love that this ball launcher toy is the top pick for Havanese who love to chase balls. The launcher gives you extra throwing power so you can get much more out of exercise. Plus, it makes it extra fun for everyone.

Mammoth Cotton Rope

  • Ropes are great for tug-of-war.
  • Helps keeps teeth clean.
  • Made from natural cotton.
  • Can be used by puppies through adults.
  • Ideal for multi-dog households.
  • Colors make it stand out.
  • Three-knot design.

This is our top rope toy pick for the Havanese. This toy is fantastic for interactive play either with you or a four-legged friend. The middle section of the rope is strengthened thanks to the monkey fist bar design. It can be tossed for fetching games too, and reviewers loved the versatility of this toy.

The small-sized rope is 15 inches long, and there is plenty of space for safety without being too large for your pooch. It is made from 100% natural cotton, making it safe for your pooch. Plus, each fiber acts as a flossing agent for your dog’s teeth. The manufacturer states that it is suitable for heavy chewers and teething puppies. This toy ships in a variety of fun colors.

We love that this toy is the best choice for Havanese who love rope toys. This choice has got it all covered, whether to fetch, chew, or play interactive tug of war.

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek

Dogwood Toy For Dogs
  • Durable plush toy.
  • Perfect for medium to large breed dogs.
  • Hide-and-seek puzzle toy.
  • Squirrels squeak.
  • Machine washable.
  • Keeps dogs entertained for hours.
  • Great for inquisitive breeds.

ZippyPaws have created this hide and seek game for complete engagement and stimulation. Reviewers love how it keeps their dog busy for hours. The hollow trunk allows you to hide the three hedgehogs inside their den. And it’s Fido’s mission to release them. Once he does, he is rewarded with three squeaky animals that are both soft and crunchy in various flavors. Their soft fur also makes them fabulously cuddly too.

If your Havanese can’t get enough of the hedgehogs, you can order him a few more. He deserves it, after all. Hide a few treats inside the den for an extra element of play. Or, hide the hedgehogs around the house and practice his scenting abilities. The eyes are made of fleece material instead of hard beads for an added element of safety. This toy is machine washable, making it super easy for you to clean.

We love that this toy is the best option for Havanese who love soft and squeaky toys. The added hollow trunk transforms this option into a fun game that keeps him busy for hours.

Busy Buddy Barnacle Treat Dispenser

JW Pet Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy
  • Rubber is bouncy and durable.
  • Three compartments for treats.
  • Holds a variety of treats.
  • Fun and interactive releases treats while playing.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Comes in three sizes.

This toy is a great option for Havanese who are obsessed with yummy treats. Simply hide the treats in the three compartments and let him entertain himself. Each compartment is a different size. He’ll have to work out how to release the treats differently each time for a more complex puzzle. It is shaped to massage gums and reduce plaque for better dental hygiene. And the hollow shapes on the outer edge are great for smudging doggy-friendly peanut butter in.

It also makes a great tossing toy, and the uneven shape means erratic bounce. Each throw is different, keeping him on his toes every time. This option can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher for an easy clean. It is made of non-toxic rubber, which also makes it suitable for tough chewers. This toy is ideal for anxious chewers and teething puppies.

We love that this toy is a top choice for Havanese who are motivated by snacks. Stuff the three compartments with his favorite treats. And it’ll keep his mind stimulated for ages while he tries to work out how to release them.

Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Worker Composite Puzzle

Multipet Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush featured
  • Exercises your pup’s brain and motor skills.
  • Designed with a unique composite material that looks like real wood.
  • All the pieces are carefully built into the base to help keep your pup safe.
  • Place your dog’s favorite treats in the compartments.
  • Encourages plenty of interactive play.

This puzzle toy is the top choice for interactive Havanese who need a thorough challenge. Hide his favorite treats in the holes. Each hole has a disc that needs to be rotated and pushed in different ways for him to access the treats. He can turn it with his nose and paws.

This is a great starter puzzle, and after showing him how to do it, he should pick it up in no time. Sniffing is terrific for mental stimulation, and the aroma of the treats entice him to play. Reviewers loved how it fascinated their curious pups, beating boredom like never before. This puzzle is made from polypropylene, which is safe for Fido and easy for you to clean. This toy also comes with a 30-day warranty.

We love that this toy is the best choice for clever Cuban canines. It is level two out of four on the puzzle scale. It is a great starting puzzle but not impossible for newbies.

Nylabone Power Chew Double Bone Bacon Flavored Dog Chew Toy

Playful Havanese puppy dog brings a pink ball towards the camera in the grass
  • Durable and rugged nylon construction for lasting.
  • Bacon-flavored chew encourages safe, healthy chewing habits.
  • Action cleaning nubs and ridges help clean teeth and reduce tartar and plaque while your pet chews and gnaws.
  • Unique design allows for easy chewing on any side and offers 4 bone tips so that it’s easy to grab and hold.
  • Vet-recommended.

Nylabone is one of the most trusted brands in the chew toy arena. This option is a great choice for tough chewers who are quick to destroy their toys. It is made from hard nylon, which is long-lasting and durable. It is ridged, making it extra tactile, and the unique design is easy to grip for your Havanese. It is shaped like a bone but is a much safer option to chew as it does not splinter.

The toy is bacon-flavored throughout so that the taste lasts as long as the toy does. Compared to other chew toys that are simply coated in flavor. The ridges are also fantastic for his dental hygiene, making this a fun and functional toy all in one. Reviewers commented that the extra bacony favor kept their pup chewing for much longer than their other chew toys. This chew toy satisfies his natural urge to chew, and it is a top choice for anxious dogs.

We love that this toy is flavored with yummy bacon throughout and is effective for his dental hygiene. This toy creates healthy chewing habits and keeps him away from destroying your expensive furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right toy for your Havanese is not always as simple as ABC. And many dog owners still need answers to their remaining queries. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions to tie everything you’ve learned here.

What Types Of Toys Are Best For My Havanese?

There is no one answer here. But all you need to do is figure out how your Havanese likes to play and pick a toy that targets that play type. If your Havanese has been with you a while, you probably already know what types of toys he likes. But if you are about to welcome a puppy into your life (congratulations), you won’t know this yet. In this case, we suggest investing in various toys and having fun learning about what types of toys he likes. Ultimately, it all comes down to how he likes to play, which is the best type of toy.

Is One Toy Enough For My Havanese?

One toy is never enough because, after a while, that one toy becomes boring, and your pup might as well not have any toys. Toys are meant to be fun and varied. Even if your Havanese only likes one play type, he should still have access to more than one toy (different balls, chew toys, etc.). Dogs are curious creatures, and different shapes, textures, flavors, and puzzles keep them interested. Your pooch becomes bored, restless, and problematic without adequate mental stimulation. Having multiple toys makes him happy and healthy.

Are Some Materials Dangerous For My Havanese?

Yes, some materials are dangerous for dogs. And sadly, some brands use these materials because they are cheap to use. This is why you should avoid cheap dog toys made by unknown or poor-quality brands. Stick to safe materials such as the ones we mentioned earlier. Non-toxic rubber, rope, nylon, and, if suitable for your pooch, polyester and plush. If you have found a toy but we haven’t listed it, be sure to research it. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Final Thoughts

And that, readers, is everything you need to know about the world of dog toys and your Havanese. All Havanese are cute, but they are not all the same. Each pooch has its own personality and play-type preferences. So, as long as you stick to their play type and choose a safe and durable toy, it’s sure to be a big hit. By sticking with the recommendations above, you can be sure that you are taking the best steps toward satisfying your comical Cuban canine.

Adorable, happy Havanese puppy caught in motion while running on vibrant green grass

Author's Suggestion

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