Best Dog Blow Dryer To Dry Fast With No Irritation Or Mats

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You went to all that trouble to bathe your dog. Why slack off on drying the coat? Leaving your dog wet can cause skin irritations (especially in long-haired pups) and the fur to become oily much faster. Also, thoroughly drying your dog’s coat leaves it softer with fewer tangles. Our best dryer for dogs review helps you find the right fit for your grooming needs.

WinnerRunner-UpThird Place
Free Paws dog grooming dryerFlying Pig dog dryer
ShelandyFree PawsFlying Pig

Best Dog Hair Dryers Winners

We chose our best dog blow dryer based on features, warranty length, price, customer reviews, and performance. All of our best dog blow dryer picks work well on double-coated breeds, have rubber feet so they won’t slide around, and have handy carrying handles on top to transport (each weight around 10 pounds).

Check The Correct Voltage Before Using

Many of these have a high voltage output and require a specific type of power. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before plugging in and turning it on, or you could risk damaging your outlet or killing the dryer.

Winner: Shelandy Pet Hair Force Dryer Review

Shelandy Pet Hair Dryer

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We chose the Shelandy Pet Dryer as our top pick based on overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. This dryer has a four-layer noise reduction device at the air inlets. It claims to be quieter than similar pet dryers, stating that it’s louder than a hand-dryer but softer than a vacuum.

The flexible hose is over six feet long and has four different nozzle attachments to achieve the desired look for your pet. It has two adjustable airflow speeds (65mph and 135mph) and two heat settings. You can adjust the settings to the size of your pet to help regulate the speed and airflow. This dryer is an excellent starter dryer at an affordable price point.

4 attachmentsOnly 2 heat settings (on or off)
Comes in 2 colors (pink or blue)
Long, flexible hose up to 6 feet
12-month warranty


Runner-Up: Free Paws Dog Grooming Force Dryer Review

Free Paws Dyer

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The Free Paws dryer has three adjustable heat settings (off, 96°F and 167°F) and two airflow speeds (56mph and 112mph). The hose shrinks down to two and a half feet and can stretch up to almost eight feet. It has a two-and-a-half-foot power cord, two filters, and a steel comb.

What makes this dryer stand out? It comes with a bonus shower massage glove and patent rubber comb with 21 holes for drying and brushing simultaneously. It also has an insulation sleeve to prevent your hand from getting hot when holding the hose. We chose it as our number two pick solely because it’s more expensive than the Shelandy dryer. But it has some unique features that might make it a better investment if you plan to do a lot of grooming. 

5 attachments (including patent comb nozzle)More expensive
3 temperature settings
Bonus shower massage glove
Comes in 2 colors (black or yellow)
Shrinkable hose (2-8 feet)
Lifetime warranty


Third Place: Flying Pig Dryer Review

Flying Pig Dryer

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This pet hair dryer has three temperature settings (off, 81°F and 160°F) and adjustable airspeed. It has a flexible 10-foot hose to make it easier to maneuver around your pet and a steel frame to protect it from damage.

Unfortunately, the Flying Pig dryer only has two attachments, which is why you don’t see it higher in our rankings. Similar to our number two pick, it’s also on the pricer end.

Comes in 3 colors (purple, green, or pink)Only 2 attachments
3 temperature settings
10-foot flexible hose
1-year warranty


Other Dog Blow Dryers We Reviewed

Go Pet Club

Go Pet Club Pet Grooming Dryer Review

Go Pet Club Dryer

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This dryer is meant for home use and has two different speed options (56mph and 112mph) and two temperature controls (86°F and 167°F). It features a low noise technology so that it won’t be as alarming to the pet. The hose is puncture-resistant and flexible to help with spot drying.

3 attachmentsOnly comes in 1 color (black)
Flexible hoseLimited 30-day warranty
Compact design


How To Dry A Dog With A Dryer

Watch the video below to learn how to dry your dog correctly with your new dryer.

Keep Your Dog Smelling Fresh

If you need to know how much you should clean your dog, check out this article, How Often To Bathe Dogs. It also includes tips on how to successfully wash your dog without stressing you both out too much. And if you bathed your dogs recently, but they smell less than fresh, you may want to check out these odor neutralizers to help freshen them up in between baths.

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