6 Best Pet Hair Removers For A Fur-free Home (23+ Tested!)

Last Updated: January 12, 2024 | 22 min read | 28 Comments

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Mini australian shepherd sitting next to pet hair remover with fur all over couch

Note: While we mainly tested these products on dogs, they will work just as well with cats or any other pet that sheds.

Does your dog shed hairs all over your couch and carpet? Are you tired of leaving home with your clothes covered in fur?

Dog hair is like glitter. It clings to every surface in your home and is a nightmare to clean up. Even after vacuuming, it still turns up.

That’s where a pet hair remover comes in. This product effortlessly lifts and collects dog hair. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without one.

All up we reviewed over 23 different pet hair removers. Here are just a few we tested…

Pet Hair Removers ready to be tested and reviewed to find the best

We tested each for ease-of-use, durability and effectiveness at getting rid of dog hair. All to answer a simple question:

Which pet hair remover is best for you?

Our Top Picks

Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter Top Pick Best All-Round Pet Hair Remover

Best Overall

Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

Oxo Furlifter Furniture Brush Top Pick Best Pet Hair Remover for Couches

Best For Furniture

FurLifter Brush

ChomChom Roller Top Pick Best Pet Hair Remover For Clothing

Best For Clothing

ChomChom Roller

Want the answer? Then read on!

What is a pet hair remover and do you need one?

Cleaning up dog hair on couch with pet hair remover

Have you ever tried to clean up dog hair with a regular broom or cloth? If so, you know just how hard it can be to get it all. Wiping back and forth, over and over again, and you still can’t collect all of it.

A pet hair remover is designed to solve this problem. These simple products can remove dog hair in a single swipe – drastically cutting down the time it takes to clean your home.

Black labrador looking at all the hair he shed piled on wooden floor

As for whether you need one, it all depends on your dog. Do you own a heavy shedder, such as an Akita, Chow Chow or Golden Retriever? If yes, then you’ll be all too familiar with dog hair covering every surface of your home.

But even when these dogs aren’t molting, they still leave hair everywhere. If you have ever brushed a Siberian Husky, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about – your hand can get covered in hair just by giving pats and belly rubs.

In fact, you could make a life-size version of your husky out of the hair you remove from him during brushing…

Husky sleeping next to hair that has shed on floor swept up into shape of dog

I would go so far as to say that if you have an indoor dog, then you
need a pet hair remover. Dog hair is worse than glitter. Even if your dog doesn’t shed, hair still turns up everywhere…

On your clothes, your bed, your car seats. It also works its way into your carpet. Even worse, it clings to you like a magnet – you can’t cuddle your dog without getting covered in hair!

Man wearing shirt covered in dog hair

Even short-haired dogs like French Bulldogs and Beagles shed their hair. Sure, it’s less noticeable, but it will build up over time until you find yourself wondering:

Where did all this fur come from?

A pet hair remover is the perfect tool for performing touch ups in between your regular clean. Do you have guests coming over who don’t want to leave covered in fur? A quick brush of your couch with a pet hair remover will give your guests a hair-free spot to sit.

Before I started using pet hair removers, I would grab my old clunker of a vacuum, connect the “dog hair attachment,” and listen to the roaring sound as it worked overtime to clean a small area of hair.

Combine this with my dog trying to play with the vacuum every time it comes out and this chore soon gets old – especially when vacuuming every day just to keep up with your molting pup.

Jack Russel Terrier shedding hair all over brown couch cushions

Now, I save the vacuum for my weekly cleaning and use a pet hair remover for spot cleans. Most commonly, I’ll use a pet hair remover to remove dog hair from where I put things, where I sit, or where my daughter plays – my furniture and floors. This way, when I set down my handbag, jacket and daughter, I’m not dropping them onto a pile of fur.

In my opinion, the only people who should skip a pet hair remover are those with a hypoallergenic dog or if you aren’t bothered by dog hair…

Like my former neighbor. She slept with three fully grown Alaskan Malamutes. You had better bet that her king-sized bed was always covered in dog hair. It disgusted me, but it didn’t bother her in the slightest. But then, she hated chores too.

Her floor always looked like this:

Thousands of small dog hairs stuck to surface of couch

If that sounds like you, then I’m not sure you’ll find much value in a pet hair remover. But remember, even if dog hair doesn’t bother you, that doesn’t mean it won’t irritate your guests. And for that reason, you might want to keep a pet hair remover on hand, just in case.

But for every other doggy owner reading this, a pet hair remover is almost essential.

How we tested

Different pet hair removers we tested and reviewed to find the best

Dog hair is a problem that almost every dog owner has to deal with. Because of this, there is a wide range of pet hair removers in all different shapes and sizes.

After hours of research, interviewing several maid services and speaking to countless dog owners, we narrowed down the selection to just over 23 different pet hair removers. As usual, all products in this review were purchased from at full price.

As for who contributed the fur? The following pups were more than happy to shed everywhere to assist in our review…

Holly – Boxer Foxhound

Holly’s short, coarse hair works its way into sweaters, couches and gaps in the baseboards. While she doesn’t shed as much as our other two testers, you know it when she does. Her stubborn hair was the undoing of many of the pet hair removers we tested.

Harper – German Shepherd X Border Collie Mix.

Harper has medium-length straight hair and sheds like it’s the one thing she was put on this Earth to do. Her black and white fur is visible on both darks and lights. She is exactly what hair removers were invented for.

Norris – Mini Australian Shepherd

Norris’ long, flowing locks of hair were the most visible. Curling up on themselves in spirals, these soft strands of hair could be easily spotted from across the room on the surfaces of couches and on the floor.

These short, medium and long-haired dogs gave us a good range to test our pet hair removers on.

In addition to this, I also cleaned 12 different houses owned by people I befriended at the local dog park. The one condition? That they had indoor dogs. Who would turn down a free cleaning? This allowed me to test the pet hair removers on a wide range of different surfaces and materials.

Each pet hair remover was graded on how well it could remove pet hair from each surface.

We also considered the following when choosing the winners:

  • How well the pet hair remover lifted hair of different lengths
  • How easy it was to dispose of trapped hair
  • How easy the pet hair remover was to clean
  • Would we use this daily?

And, that’s really all there is to it. Our top picks excelled in each of these areas.

Testing observations

While testing the qualities listed above, we made some observations that are worth mentioning.

1. Regular cleaning makes pet hair removers more effective

Cleaning couch of pet hair while dog attempts to lick fur removing brush

While it may seem like a pet hair remover gets rid of dog hair like magic, they are, by no means, a miracle product – they work best with frequent cleaning.

If your dog has been sleeping on your couch for the last 6 months, then it’s going to take you significantly more effort to remove the dog hair than someone who cleans their couch every week.

This is because, over time, that dog hair has been pushed farther and farther into the fabric of your couch. And, it’s going to take a lot more effort to remove than hair that is sitting on the surface.

It’s here that many people get frustrated and claim that their pet hair remover doesn’t work. Fur removers are not magic products that make up for all those months you didn’t clean.

But there is good news. If you clean regularly, then pet hair removers work and can dramatically shorten the time it takes to rid your home of hair!

2. You may need more than one pet hair remover

Different types of pet hair removers for various surfaces and materials

At the time of writing, there is no single perfect pet hair remover that works on every surface in your house.

A pet hair remover you throw in with your laundry isn’t going to clean your couch. Similarly, smaller pet hair removers that are great for the small gaps in your car are too time-consuming to use on large blankets and sheets.

Because of this, you may need to buy a specific pet hair remover for each area of your home that you want to clean. I rotated between 4 different pet hair removers – laundry, furniture, car and floors.

This isn’t really a downside… I mean we already buy specific cleaning products for different areas of our home. After all, you don’t use the sponge from your kitchen to wipe down your toilet, do you?

3. There are two different types of pet hair removers

Rubber bristled pet hair remover compared to traditional lint brush fur remover

Typically, pet hair removers fall into one of two categories:

1. Lint brush-style hair removers

These pet hair removers use a microfiber fabric to trap dog hair. They only work when swiped in one direction. They lift and catch pet hair and require you to remove the dog hair from the brush manually.

These are best used for touchup cleans because hair clings to the brush.

2. Rubber hair removers

These are essentially a rubber-bristled broom. This pet hair remover causes dog hair to clump together in large wads, allowing them to be picked up or vacuumed easily.

These are best used prior to vacuuming as they accumulate hair for easy collection.

4. Sticky lint rollers are wasteful

Sticky lint roller removing dog hair from red shirt

I’m sure most of you have used a Scotch-Brite lint roller before. These sticky rollers are great for removing fluff, lint and small amounts of fur from clothes.

But for removing pet hair, they sure are wasteful. I went through a roller and a half trying to make my sofa 100% hair-free. While they are no doubt effective, they are bad for the environment and need to be repurchased when they run out. While they may be affordable, that cost can add up quickly.

For this reason, this review focuses on reusable pet hair removers, which are easier on your wallet and the environment.

The best pet hair removers

In our hunt to find the best, we tested and reviewed over 23 different pet hair removers. It was a long journey, but eventually, we narrowed down the competition to 6 winners, each great in their own way.

To start, I’m going to share the best pet hair remover that worked on the widest range of surfaces. From there, I make recommendations for those looking for something a little more specialized, such as a specific pick for clothes, laundry and even your car.

Best Overall

Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter Top Pick Best All-Round Pet Hair Remover

Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

A fur-grabbing sponge that works on a wide range of surfaces and materials.

Maybe you don’t need a pet hair remover for a specific occasion. Or perhaps, you want a jack-of-all-trades fur remover that works on a wide range of surfaces. Well, no other product worked on more areas of the home than the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter.

While it may look like an ordinary block of sponge, the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter is best when used dry. When you gently wipe, pet hair is lifted and trapped in the sponge. As you continue to wipe, this hair wads into clumps that are picked off and put into the trash.

Gonzo pet hair lifter sponge winner of all-round best pet hair remover

In most instances, except where dog hair was left to build up, I was able to remove the dog hair in a single pass. It’s honestly surprisingly just how well hair clings to this sponge.

It is worth mentioning that you’ll need to work on your technique in order to see the best results. I found small circular motions to work best on most fabric surfaces, only using back-and-forth movements in tighter areas, such as where the back of my couch meets the seat – you know, that place where the remote gets lost.

Wiping down seat cushion with gonzo pet hair lifter removing fluffy dog hair

Interestingly, this is one of the few pet hair removers I reviewed that excelled on hard surfaces. My wooden baseboards have these weird grooves that are forever trapping dog hair.

The soft sponge effortlessly got into these grooves. I was able to clean each baseboard with a single, long wipe. I could even clean the tight corners of my room where the edges of the molding met!

It’s this versatility that meant I could use the Gonzo Pet Hair lifter on anything from my fabric drapes and car upholstery to wooden shelves and laminate flooring. Even the base of my curtains that drag along the floor, collecting dog hair and dander…

Using the gonzo per hair lifter to remove dog hair from curtains

It even worked on short carpet and rugs. Circular motions removed pet hair from the surface, even those that were visibly trapped between the fibers. However, it won’t reach hair that is hiding below the surface.

Unlike other fur removers, the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter also traps dander and dust. This leaves each area you wipe incredibly clean. A downside to this is that the sponge will discolor over time. However, I am happy to report that this in no way affects performance.

Cleaning up dog hair and dander from picture frame with gonzo pet hair lifter

After use, clean the sponge so that it’s ready for the next time. I found it easiest to push leftover hair into the center of the brush until it formed a clump. Any remaining hair can be rinsed off with water – just make sure you let it dry!

If you perform touchup cleans before guests arrive, keep a Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter stashed away. With its ability to wipe over nearly every surface, your guests won’t even know you keep a dog inside. Every home with a dog should have the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter in their cleaning arsenal!

Best Pet Hair Remover For Furniture

Oxo Furlifter Furniture Brush Top Pick Best Pet Hair Remover for Couches

OXO FurLifter

This reusable pivoting brush makes removing dog hair from furniture a breeze.

I don’t need to tell you that white dogs and black couches don’t mix. That white fur is clearly visible from across the room. Even worse, it transfers to your clothes the moment you sit down.

Does your dog relax on your couch, shedding all over it? You should keep a fur remover on hand so that you can quickly create a hair-free seat. It beats pulling out the vacuum each time you want to lounge around.

When it came to removing pet hair from furniture, the OXO FurLifter outclassed the competition. If you are familiar with those old-school lint brushes, then you know how this brush works.

Oxo FurLifter Funiture Brush and self cleaning base

Located on either side of the brush is a red pad. When you rub these pads in one direction, it collects fur, lint and even human hair. When you brush in the other direction, all the trapped dog hair comes off.

However, unlike a traditional lint brush, the OXO FurLifter has a few tricks up its sleeve.

When using a lint brush, you’ll agree that picking off fuzz every few swipes gets old. OXO came up with a clever way to effortlessly remove hair from their brush.

Oxo furlifter furniture brush removing large clumps of thick black dog hair from couch

You see, the FurLifter comes with a base. When you slide the brush into the base and pull it back out, it removes all the dog hair that is stuck to the brush. That sure beats picking it out with your fingers!

The base can hold a generous amount of wadded hair. You’ll be able to clean an entire couch in a single session before needing to empty it.

OXO furlifter furniture brush fur cleaning base filled with dog hair

I’ll be honest… The base took a little getting used to. It took a while for me to get into a pattern of brushing and after every few swipes, dipping the brush into the base. Now that I’m removing fur like a pro, there is no going back to the old-style lint brush.

How well does it work? It’s like a hair magnet. Swipe after swipe, I was capable of removing tufts of hair from my couch, like I was giving it a haircut.

The shape and pivoting handle meant that I could even slide the FurLifter down the back of my couch – you know, the black hole where the remote keeps disappearing into.

Using Oxo FurLifter furniture brish to remove pet hair in gap between couch cushions

Curved surfaces didn’t prove to be much of an issue either. Even the rounded edges of arm chairs didn’t slow down my ability to remove dog hair.

Do you have a recliner? Be careful when using this brush. I managed to snag the red pad on a sharp piece of metal when the footrest was elevated – stick to brushing fabric only.

I noticed that the FurLifter struggled to remove short, spiky dog hairs that had worked themselves deep into the fabric.

This was particularly noticeable on synthetic couches with a looser weave. Most of the time, I could remove the hair by coming at it from a different direction. However, I needed to manually pick out a few strands that had planted themselves deep in the material.

Using OXO FurLifter furniture brush to remove pet hair from arm of couch

Fortunately, this won’t be a problem for most of you. With regular cleaning, these hairs will never have a chance to deeply embed themselves in the surface of your couch – they will rest on the top, within easy reach of the OXO FurLifter.

When it comes to removing pet hair from furniture, it doesn’t get any better than the OXO FurLifter. Highly recommended!

Best Pet Hair Remover For Clothing

ChomChom Roller Top Pick Best Pet Hair Remover For Clothing

ChomChom Roller

Quickly and effortlessly remove pet hair from your clothes with short back-and-forth strokes.

ChomChom boldly claims that their roller is the world’s best pet hair remover. When it comes to removing dog hair from clothes, I’ll agree!

Using the ChomChom Roller couldn’t be simpler. Grab the handle and roll it back and forth using short strokes. As you do this, hair is lifted and sticks to the roller-brush.

Underside of the ChomChom roller pet hair remover

Despite calling itself a “roller,” the movement is better described as a rocker. One side of the roller traps pet hair on the push stroke and the other side traps on the pull – it’s this unique design that overcomes the problem of lint brushes only being usable in one direction.

Oh, and it’s self-cleaning too. On each stroke, the trapped dog hair is removed from the brush and deposited in a compartment where it accumulates into a single pile. Once full, you simply open the handle and empty it into the trash – beats pulling the fur off yourself every couple of swipes.

Out of all the pet hair removers I reviewed, only the ChomChom Roller could effectively remove fur off a broad range of fabrics. From polyester to cashmere, the ChomChom Roller effortlessly lifted dog hair, both short and long.

ChomChom Roller removing dog hair and fur from a shirt

Simply lay your clothing flat and go over it one section at a time. The back-and-forth motion of the ChomChom Roller brought hair to the surface before whisking it away to the dust compartment.

My black acrylic sweater was the undoing of most of the pet hair removers I tested. This sweater attracts dog hair like you can’t believe. Small, coarse hairs are deeply embedded in the material. Every time I wear it, I look like a cactus with dog hairs sticking out in every direction. My nylon yoga pants are a similar story.

Removing dog hair from collection bin of chomchom roller pet hair remover

But this wasn’t a problem for the ChomChom Roller. It took a few minutes, but I was able to return my sweater and yoga pants to a condition not seen in years. My husband now religiously uses the ChomChom Roller on his denim jeans – now if you look at the pair of us in public, you would never guess that we own a dog. Well, unless we are walking her, of course.

As you would expect, loose-knit clothing required a bit more effort. The open weave allows small pet hairs to bury themselves deep into the fabric. My husband’s tweed jacket and my corduroy pants took the most time to clean. But the extra effort is worth it. After a ChomChom session, these difficult fabrics were hair-free.

The ChomChom Roller works well on any flat fabrics. I successfully used it to remove pet hair from my comforter, blankets, pillows and even my suede ottoman.

Close up on chomchom roller pet hair remover roller head

Where the ChomChom came undone was curved areas and tight spaces. Don’t expect it to effectively touchup your clothes while you are wearing them. It was also unsuited for the car, in particular cleaning around buckles and where the back meets the seat.

But for clothes and other flat fabric surfaces, the ChomChom Roller outclassed the competition – nothing else came close. Learn more in our in-depth ChomChom Roller Review.

Best Dog Hair Remover For Laundry

Wool Dryer balls Top Pick Best Pet Hair Remover For Laundry

Smart Sheep Dryer Balls

Soft balls of New Zealand sheep wool. Add them to your dryer for an effortless way to remove hair from your laundry.

Yep, dog hair can be so stubborn. Even after a trip through your washer and dryer, dog hair will still cling to your laundry – especially if your pup has short, wiry hair.

I know that feeling all too well. Sometimes, I
swear my clothes come out of the dryer with more hair than they went in with.

That’s now a thing of the past. And, it’s all thanks to wool. Balls of it!

Wool Dryer Balls made from New Zealand wool winner of best pet hair remover for laundry

Simply add these round, fluffy balls to your dryer, and they will remove almost all traces of dog hair from your clothes.

How do they work? Well, it’s actually really simple. The wool balls bounce around your dryer, bumping into your clothes and sheets. As they do, pet hair sticks to the ball before being knocked off into your dryer’s lint trap.

I was shocked by the results. I couldn’t believe the answer to my life-long dog hair problems was a few small fluffy balls. Load after load, these balls continued to banish hair to the lint trap.

For knocking the odd hairs off your clothes, these dryer balls work exceptionally well. However, if your clothes are covered in lots of fur and are more pet hair than fabric, I recommend using the ChomChom roller instead.

Close up on the surface of a wool dryer ball with trapped pet hair

After the load was done, there were a few stray hairs on the ball. At first, I would brush these stray hairs off after every load. But testing with a brand new shirt, I was pleased to note that none of these hairs were deposited back onto my clothes.

At first, I was hesitant to add anything that “bounces around” inside my dryer. I worried that they would damage the fabric of my delicate clothing.

Plastic laundry fur removers rattle and clank as they tumble around inside your dryer. In comparison, the wool balls were whisper-quiet. Besides a few soft bumps, they were not obnoxiously loud or disruptive.

And best of all, they are completely natural. Made entirely from wool sourced from New Zealand sheep, these balls won’t expose you and your family to any nasty chemicals.

Wool pet hair remover balls bouncing around inside drywer with blanket

As if you needed another reason to grab a set, these balls reduce wrinkles and act as a natural fabric softener. Clothes that are both hair-free and wrinkle-free? What’s not to love!

Smart Sheep claims that each ball will last for over a thousand loads. I’ll be honest… I’m still a long way away from testing those claims. However, after three months of nearly daily use, I am impressed that they are still going strong.

Wool dryer ball successfully removing dog hair from blue towel in laundry

I spoke to one user who had been using her balls for well over a year now. She stated that they still remove pet hair as good as the day she got them. She did add that every few months or so, she tosses them in the washer to remove any built-up lint.

If you are looking for a natural and effective way to remove dog hair from your laundry, grab a set of the Smart Sheep Wool Balls – they are worth every cent.

Best Pet Hair Remover For Floors

Bissel Pet Hair Broom Top Pick - Best All-Round Dog Hair Broom

Bissel Pet Hair Broom

Sweep up everything with a pet hair broom that excels on both carpet and hard floors.

When it came to sweeping up dog hair, no broom allowed me to clean every area of my house like the Bissel Pet Hair Broom.

When it comes to sweeping up dog hair, rubber broom bristles work best. Not only do they cause hairs to clump together, but they can even lift pet hair from carpet, bringing it to the surface.

However, rubber bristles also have a downside. They are thicker and less flexible than the nylon fibers found on a traditional broom. This makes it difficult to sweep in tight spaces and around furniture legs.

Sweeping rug with bissel pet hair broom with dog rubbing herself on carpet

The Bissel Pet Hair Broom solves this problem by combining nylon
and rubber bristles in a single broom.

At first glance, it looks like a regular broom. But if you twist the knob at the bottom of the handle, a set of rubber bristles extend out.

I found myself effortlessly swapping between the two on the fly. I used the rubber bristles for wide, open floor space and switched back to the nylon bristles when I came to corners, the edges of my baseboards, and around chair legs. Once I had swept the dog hair away from these nooks and crannies, I switched back to the rubber bristles to collect it.

Rubber bristles sticking out of bissel pet hair broom

The nylon bristles swept up lint, dust and crumbs while the rubber bristles trapped hair, causing it to wad into clumps. In many cases, I could bend over and pick up these clumps without needing a dustpan.

If you are looking for a broom that is up to the task of regular sweeping
and removing dog hair, the Bissel Pet Hair Broom is the best choice by far.

Want to see what other brooms we recommend? Check out our guide on the best pet hair brooms!

Best Pet Hair Remover For Cars

Sweepa Rubber Brush Top Pick Best Pet Hair Remover For Car

Sweepa Rubber Brush

A rubber brush that excels at removing dog hair from car upholstery and floor mats.

Your car is the only place that we don’t recommend a lint brush-style pet hair remover. The rigid design makes it difficult to pick up hair from around buckles and under seats.

For the car, we recommend using a rubber brush. Rubber brushes are best used in tandem with a vacuum because they cause pet hair to clump together into easy-to-remove wads.

Sweepa Rubber Brush Pet Hair Remover for Cars

And, no other rubber brush performed better than the Sweepa Rubber Brush. It’s a brush and squeegee in one, and that’s exactly what makes it excel at ridding your car of pet hair.

First, the brush. Made in Belgium, this single piece of rubber is very efficient at gathering hair into clumps. The pliable bristles bend and work their way into the gaps near buckles. I was even able to rid my daughter’s car seat of pet hair, something that I previously thought was impossible.

Sweeping rear car seat upholstery with sweepa rubber brush collecting built up dog hair

Short strokes worked best. I ended up settling on a forward stroke, lift and repeat motion. However, another tester preferred to use a half-circle sweeping motion – both resulted in effective hair removal.

If your floor mats are carpet, then you will love the squeegee side. I had no idea just how much dog hair had worked its way into my floor mats – even my vacuum cleaner couldn’t free this trapped hair. A few quick scrapes with the squeegee brought it all to the surface.

Usiong squeegee blade of Sweepa pet hair brush to remove dog hair from car carpet

As the proud owner of a pony (well, my young daughter is), I am constantly tracking dirt, sawdust and horse hair into my car every time I visit her at the barn. The Sweepa brush was able to remove all this and even the crumbs of a biscuit my daughter scattered everywhere on the drive over – my car hasn’t been this clean in a long time!

It might just look like a simple rubber brush, but when it comes to achieving a truly hair-free car, it will be your best friend. Highly recommend. So much so, that I have claimed this pet hair remover for myself. Canine Journal isn’t getting it back.

The pet hair removers that didn’t make the cut

The following pet hair removers fell short in one way or another when compared to our top picks. That isn’t to say that these are bad products. To varying degrees of success, they were still capable of cleaning up dog hair. But when compared to our recommendations above, we see little reason to choose them.

While we loved OXO’s modern take on the lint brush, their On-The-Go Brush was the weakest in their line. I loved that it neatly fits into my handbag, and it is perfect for touching up clothes and even my daughter’s car seat when away from home. Unfortunately, due to being single-sided, it’s unusable for left-handed people.

The Kurgo Shed Sweeper was a modern fur remover with rubber bristles. The Kurgo Shed Sweeper could have been great for smaller areas of hair removal, such as your car seat covers. Unfortunately, the tall design meant it was difficult to squeeze into narrow areas like under your seat. The bristles are also spaced wider than other hair removers. This made it less effective at removing short, coarse dog hair.

Little more than a rectangle covered in rubber spikes, the CarPET Hair Remover failed to impress. Using the CarPET hair remover as instructed, brushing toward me, yielded lackluster results. While it was capable of getting longer pet hairs from furniture and even carpet, it took a lot of effort to remove shorter hairs, leaving many behind even after dozens of passes.

The JW GripSoft Pet Hair Magnet looks like a squeegee with three blades. Squeegees are often used to remove hair buried deep in low-pile carpets. The JW GripSoft didn’t perform any better than a squeegee. On other surfaces like couches, it required pushing and pulling in multiple directions to free the hair. Too much effort!

Here is a pet hair remover that most of you already have in your home. The Scotch-Brite lint roller is essentially a large roll of sticky tape. Whatever you roll it over clings to it. While they are no doubt useful, we needed multiple passes on certain fabrics, especially where dog hair was deeply embedded. Being a disposable product, expect to buy these regularly. If your house is covered in dog hair, this cost can soon add up.

I appreciated that the Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover was one of the only pet hair removers I tested that is made in the USA. It looks like a pumice stone. However, it’s only suitable for a limited range of materials because it’s coarse. I snagged the stone on my polyester clothes. The scratchiness of it means that you don’t want to use this near laminate floors, wood or plastic. That really narrows down its uses. I had the most success at removing dog hair from my car upholstery. However, I was worried about using it near the sides of the car and the console – I didn’t want that scratched up. Don’t get me wrong… It’s a great product and more than up to the task of removing dog hair, but our other recommendations work just as well without scratching and snagging.

When it came to laundry, there were not many hair removing options. The FurZapper promises to remove pet hair from both your washing machine and dryer. This was another fur remover made in the USA, but its performance disappointed. It just didn’t remove enough hair to make a noticeable difference, even adding six to a load in both my washing machine. As for the dryer, when it came to performance, wool balls were the superior choice.

I really wanted Bounce dryer sheets to work. How good would it be if a simple dryer sheet was the solution to your pet hair problems? Bounce dryer sheets claim to reduce static cling in clothes as they tumble around your dryer. Unfortunately, they cannot remove pet hair that is already clinging or embedded in the fabric of your clothing. My clothes came out just as hairy as they went in.

Due to its larger size, the Lily Brush Forever Furless Pet Hair Remover would be best suited for furniture, blankets or sheets. It only really worked on soft, long dog hair. Short, wiry hair was its undoing. I found hair much more challenging to remove from the bristles of this brush than rubber-bristled models.

Another Lily Brush, the Save Our Sweaters notably worked well on cashmere. It’s essentially a mini version of their Forever Furless brush, except with only one row of bristles instead of two. It required a lot more effort on other fabrics, such as my husband’s work pants where it would push hair around rather than gather it.

Microfiber cloths are commonly used to remove pet hair. At 24 per pack, the AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth offers incredible value for the money. However, they just don’t work well at cleaning pet hair from anything other than flat surfaces. When the cloth was dry, I was able to scoop up pet hair from my countertop and floors, but it was hardly practical. Short, coarse hair, in particular, was often left behind, even after multiple wipes.


Phew, if you made it this far, congratulations! You now know which pet hair remover is best for you.

A recap of our results…

The best pet hair removers we reviewed:

What pet hair remover do you use to clean up your dog’s hair? Let me know in the comments below!

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