Dog Poems: A Wonderful Collection Of Poetry From Our Readers


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Carrying on the longstanding tradition of allowing our readers to submit poems about their dogs, we’ve re-created our poetry page and are keeping alive all the poems that our readers have submitted to us over the years.

If you feel like submitting a poem to us, you can reach out to one of our editors on our contact page and we will post your poem to the list!  Thanks as always to all the people that submitted these wonderful poems over the years!

Table of Contents

My Dog Glory

By Ashley, Age 11, California USA

My dog Glory is oh, so nice
She has sugar and a little spice.
Whenever I see her
it brightens my day,
The clouds in the sky go away

She would never hurt anyone
She would never bite,
She is my love
My one delight.

If anything happened to her I would cry,
I probably would die.
I love her so much
And she loves me,
If you saw us together
you would drop to your knees.

That is the poem that cheers me up,
It helps me when things are tough.
She is the one I kiss good night
We would never get in a fight

I love my dog more than anything in the entire world! She rocks!


By Chelsea, age 12

Puppy on the table,
Puppy on the floor,
Puppy knocking over things,
And scratching on the door.

Puppy has dug up the lawn,
Puppy wakes up at dawn,
Puppy eating rocks,
And chewing up my socks.
Puppy ate my sisters slippers,
And ate the fins off her toy flipper.

Puppy played in my sisters room,
Sister said puppy’s at his doom.
Puppies, joyful puppies… happy
He ate a carton of saltwater taffy.
Puppy’s heart is big and strong
He’ll be my best friend all year long.

The Black Lab

By Heather, age 13, Mississippi USA

The black Lab runs gracefully,
Down the yard, looking for me.
This black lab is a special friend,
He is there for me until the end.
But the thing that matters the most to me,
This black Lab is my little Sammy.

My Dog

By Danielle, age 14, Ontario

My puppy dog’s color is gold,
He does not like the smell of mold.
He chases his tail and begins to wail,
and then gets very cold.


By Tayla, age 15, Alaska USA

I have a wonderful friend,
Who’s eyes are bright as the sun,
With the earth, he does blend.
He is my only one,
His face as black as coal,
But soul as white as an angel,
His hair as soft as his soul in this house,
He is the archangel,
He’s my big wolfboy.
Though his name is Ash,
He plays with every cat like it was his toy,
And everything he sees, he tries to smash,
He’s just a little puppy who loves to dash.
His kisses are a bit sloppy,
But I still love my Ash

His Tail

By Anonymous, age 13, Connecticut USA

He mat be sloppy, he may be queer,
But best of all he has no fear.
He looks so cute, with his wagging tail.
But if you step on it HE WILL WAIL!


By Lisa, age 13, Blackpool, England



By Amanda, age 14, North Carolina USA

Floppy ears,
Sad little puppy eyes,
A little puppy with no fears,
A little Beagle with lots of tries.
He is my best friend,
That is until the end.


By Meredith, age 8, Missouri USA

My dog is sweet and very neat,
She’s not afraid of stormy weather,
And waits for it to stop
With her little paws together.

My dog is talented,
And she knows how to jump,
The only problem is
Kassy comes down with a THUMP.
My dog is small, she loves to bark,
Dad thinks she sounds like Noah’s ark!

Bertha & Hazel

By Meredith, age 8

Rays of Sun
Two Dogs in One
Lazy and Loyal

My Dog Bear

By Megan, age 8, Pennsylvania USA

My dog’s name is Bear,
He comes from the fair,
With a basket full of air.
He sleeps on hair.
He plays truth or dare.
He sits on a chair.
His owner’s name is Sair.
That’s the end of my little share.


By Ellie, age 9, Indiana USA



By Allie, age 10, Oklahoma USA

My loving puppy, Monroe,
is a snowball falling from the sky.
Monroe, a living puffball
running across the field.

As I listen to my canine pup
I hear a kettle ready on the stove.
When I feel Monroe
I love the wetness of his tongue.

Monroe, like a comforter blanket at night,
Monroe, like a pillow after a 20 mile run,
The smell of him is a bath in the sink,
Monroe, outside on a warm summer day,
Monroe, like fresh snow straight from the ground,

My puppy can be tasted even from far away,
Monroe, fresh brown sugar straight from the store,
Monroe, my life long dream come true!

The Bark

Kirsten, Age 11, Massachusetts USA

The Golden runs down the path
Spraying the brown dirt, while the Black
Trots to see what’s in the water.

The brown and black is already there
And they all find out no one is there.
They hear the echo from faraway.
You hear the rhythm
of the little one’s song.
And one by one the song is gone.


By Gail, Age 8, Colorado USA

I had a dog named Zach. Zach was cool and he loved to act. He was fun to play with and he was one of the best dogs around. He was very funny and acted like a clown.


By Catherine, Age 13, Pennsylvania USA


I Love My Dog

By Jean, Age 14, Scotland

My dog is called Tina and she is so sweet,
She gives me big kisses whenever we meet,
I love her a lot, she is my best friend,
And I hope our love will never end.

My Dog!

By Lacy, Age 13, Oklahoma USA

My dog is so very furry and big!
My dog is so nice and clean!
My dog is asleep when I may not be!
But the best thing of all is my doggy loves me!
And I love my doggy as much as she loves me!


By Lindsey, Age 14, Indiana USA

Buddy how I’ve loved you
since the day we brought you home.
You were homeless and cold
and needed a home,
So we took you in our hearts,
believe me that was not hard.
You’re funny, cute, and everything nice.
I hope you know I love you,
I wish you could hear,
Because the first thing I’d tell you would be
“I love you, I Love you, BUDDY”!!

Dogs Are Friends

By Emily, Age 8, Massachusetts USA

Dogs are friends to you,
They help you when you’re blue.
Roof, roof, roof dogs will rule,
Roof, roof, roof cats will drool!

Dogs Are Friendly

By Alban, Age 15, Ontario Canada

All dogs are friendly,
Stays home with people,
And eats intelligent,
Scary as a bear.

One to Call My Own

By Kaitlyn, Age 13, Calgary/Canada

I would love to have a puppy
to cuddle when I’m sad.
To snuggle up at my feet
when I feel angry and mad.

I would take care of him
and he would take care of me.
I would train him well
and he’d be catastrophe free.

My puppy and me would be
a once in a lifetime pair.
If he chewed up the carpet
I would not even care.

And when he grows up
he’ll be the talk of the town.
“Four legged wonder,
black, white and brown!”

My sweetie would get old
but still be a pup at heart.
We would age together
and nothing could tear us apart.

Until that day when he’d fly to the sky.
I’d sit there dully trying not to cry.
I’d stop and think of the wonderful times together.
Going through rough times and stormy weather.
I would think reassuring thoughts as I gaze up at the moon.
“My beloved friend I will be with you soon.”

I Love My Dog

By Peggy, Age 15, Illinois USA

My dog is sweet, she loves to eat.
When I pet her fur, she knows I love her!!

Sadie is a Ladie

By Kaylin, Age 9, Ohio USA

Sadie is a lady
She will not wobble or gobble
She’s a dog
She is like a queen bee
and so you see,
Well, she’s like better than any old bee.
She’s my Sadie lady.


By Stephanie, Age 13

Savanna, you’re so sweet,
That I’ll miss you when you go.
You’re now seven years old and almost blind,
I can’t stop crying when I think about,
How you were born almost blind.
And my mom took you in,
So, Savanna please don’t leave me.

Puppy Love

By Ashleigh, Age 13, Maryland USA

Puppy love is good and true!
Your puppy will take care of you.
But when it dies, you will cry.
But hold the memories,
Puppy love is close to you!


By Sammi, Age 14, Utah USA



By Sammi, Age 14, Utah USA


Patches Explained

By Scott, Age 14, Florida USA

She loves to run.
She loves to jump in my lap.
She likes to jump on my dad,
When he’s taking a nap.

She likes to jump on my little dog, Sandy.
She loves to chew pig ears, many,
She loves her red bed dog, dearly.
I love her, my dog,
She loves me, her human.


By Samantha, Age 10, New York USA

Ranger is about 7 years old,
He is very sweet as I well know.
He is not old, but he might die,
Just like my other dog who had a tumor in her eye.
He might have a brain tumor and I hope not,
If that is true, I will want him to know,
He is always in my heart.

Playful Puppies

By Tessa, Age 14, North Australia

Playful puppies having fun.
On top of each other one by one.
Pouncing upon butterflies.
When finally they caught one, after many tries!

Chasing after you up and down.
Then once inside, they leave footprints all brown.
They chew on your sandals,
Then worse- your new shoes.
But they’re still the most playful,
When you’ve got nothing to lose!

Little Jack Horner

By Kelsey, Age 10, Texas USA

I have a dog named Charlie,
But we call him Jack Horner.
He sits in the corner,
And eats his food.
I love my little puppy named Charlie,
He is definitely not mean and rude!

Why I Love Pongo

By Christie, Age 13, New Jersey USA

Pongo’s my dog, he always obeys,
And comes outside on bright sunny days.
He goes to fetch that rickety log,
Yep, that’s my Pongo, my virtual dog.


By Sarah, Florida USA

I love my dog’s name, it’s Blue,
Since my dog is not a girl,
My sister calls him LuLu.
I have a dog, he is not fat,
But he always fights with my cat.

The reason we call my dog blue,
Here I will give you a big clue-
My dog’s skin color is blue.
He also chewed on my mom’s blue shoe.

I love my dog, his name is Blue,
One day he jumped on me,
and I said, ”Shoo, shoo!”

My Dog Penny

By Lauren, Age 13, Florida USA

Not naughty,
Yucky paws,
And that’s my dog, Penny.


By Taryn, Age 10, Minnesota USA

My dog Twister has a blister on his left front paw.
My dog Twister hates that blister that he’s got.
He tries and tries to get it off,
But that blister keeps hanging on.

Then one day I noticed something was wrong,
I thought and thought, then I remembered.
It was the blister that had come off.
My dog Twister no longer has a blister that hangs on.


By Kelsey, Age 10, Texas USA

Charlie used to be scared a lot
Now he feels happy because friendship he’s sought.
He’s a tricolor Terrier, he cost 65 dollars,
Dogs are happiness walking around in collars!

Buddy (German Shepherd)

By Billie, Age 10, USA

My dog, Buddy, is very funny
And loves to fill his tummy.
He is very tall, he’s not small at all.
He likes to play with squeaky toys,
But I think they make too much noise.
I love You Buddy!


By Chloe, Age 10, Ohio USA

CoCoa the wonderful dog,
I love the way he runs through the backyard,
and barks when someone is at the door.
He sleeps so nice and quiet,
It’s so peaceful,
Oh, it is true,
CoCoa is wonderful!

My Invisy-Pup

By Anonymous, Age 10, London, England

I have a dog.
But you see this adorable dog is just for me!
Because his breed is invisy!
He is invisible and keeps by my side,
Everyday and every night.
He is a great idea if you don’t have a real dog,
But Invisy is just as good,
He doesn’t mess on the carpet and does not do much wrong,
He is always my friend
And never will his life end,
As he will always come along!

What a Dog Needs

By Jessie, Age 11, New Jersey USA

What’s inside a dog that makes a dog?
Let’s see…a loyal friend,
No, not a frog!
A happy friendship, promises to keep.
Patience and training and lots of sleep.
But most of all, of the above,
What your dog needs is your love.

My Puppy, Cloey

By Judy, Age 13, Florida USA

My little Chihuahua pup, Cloey,
Likes to lick her little toesies,
When she wants to play ball.
She will dance a jig in the cool hall.
Once we finally start to play ball,
She will frantically chase it till she drops.
This is about my pup, Cloey. :.)


By Sugar, Age 13, Maryland USA

C razy
U nderstanding
D um
D um
L icks
E veryone
S illy

Nikki in two ways!

By Emily, Age 10, England

I have a dog called Nikki,
With food she is very picky.
One day for a treat,
She nicked all my sweets,
Now you know why we call her Nikki!


By Britney, Age 13, Arizona USA

My dog Buddy,
Is very cuddly,
He makes you feel very bubbly,
When he is out and about,
He says hi to everyone.
I love my dog Buddy!


By Melinda, Age 13, NSW Australia

My gorgeous puppy, Molly,
Is a Border Collie.
Molly loves to hit the ball,
And run up and down the hall.
She chases birds up in the sky,
Ha ha Molly, they’re too high!
I love my doggy, Molly,
Who is a Border Collie.

Abbey, the Abnormal Dog

By Megan, Age 13, Maryland USA

Abbey, the dog, is the weirdest little pup,
She drinks water off a plate,
and eats food out of a cup.
She’ll obey my commands and always sit,
but instead of sleeping on her bed,
She’ll sleep under it!
Of all the silly things she does,
I’ll always love her simply because
She’s Abbey the abnormal dog!

My Best Friend

By Jasmine, Age 13, Utah USA

I love my dog, she is the best.
She is way better than the rest.
I hope she stays alive forever,
But if she doesn’t,
I’ll never forget, never.


By April, Jessica, and Melissa, Ages 13, Virginia USA

I have a dog named Stony,
My sister likes to ride her like a pony,
She is very nice,
She also likes to catch mice,
That is about my dog Stony,
Now everyone calls her Stony the pony!


By Amanda, Age 13, British Columbia, Canada

My dog, Sunny, is very dear and dandy,
He often sneaks a piece of candy.
He likes to climb upon my lap,
Sunny is a cheery sorta chap.


By Haley, Ages 10, California USA

Cute, Obedient, Odd
Kooky, Incredible, Energetic = Cookie! (my dog)


By Stephanie, Age 10, Mississippi USA

Dogs are like a friend to you,
especially when you’re feeling blue.
They always love to play,
even on a stormy day.
They can be your most loyal friend
even until the world comes to and end.
Dogs are wonderful!

With All My Heart

By Siobhan, Age 8, Georgia USA

My dog has fun and likes to run,
She licks my face with good grace.
Some dogs are big, some dogs are small,
But mine is very, very tall!
I love my dog with all my heart,
And we will never be apart!


By Laura, Age 10, California USA

I have a dog named Spooky,
He is smart as a cookie.
I take him for a walk,
and he chews on my sock.
He is so sweet, I cant wait for you to meet
my lazy dog Spooky.


By Kayleigh, Age 12, Liverpool England

Zac, Zac is Fat.
Zac is great.
Zac eats all his dinner from his plate.
Love you Zac !

Dogs and Cats

By Kerry, Age 10, Iowa USA

Dogs and cats,
have a lot of facts.
Long and skinny and some even whinny
Dogs you should take to picnics,
cats you should leave behind, where they will lay reclined.


By Samantha, Age 10, Texas USA

My dog Maddie is kind of small,
She loves to play Frisbee or ball,
She is a lot like sheep dogs,
But doesn’t like to jump over logs.
Sometimes she chases cats,
One time she even killed a rat!

A New Puppy

By Jessica, Age 12, Michigan USA

I really want a new puppy,
no not a guppy!
I want it to be a Beagle , no not an eagle!
Her name would be Zoe. Or maybe even Cloe!
Only one little prob, I’m trying not to sob!
My mom doesn’t want one,
I try to tell her it would be fun!

We already have a lab, she is actually quite fab!
But all she does is lay around, she never makes a sound!
She is too big to cuddle, I’m sorry to burst your bubble!
A beagle would be cool, oh, who am I trying to fool?
All I can do is dream,
and gaze into that warm sunny beam.
Maybe, one day, I will be able to play.


By Amber, Age 11, Pennsylvania USA

How sweet dogs are
if you get a dog when it was a puppy,
you can train it to be funny.

Some dogs are small, some are big,
Some are funny, some are playful,
Some are mean, some are as nice as can be.
Some may be long-haired,
Some can be short-haired,
But no matter what you say,
All dogs are cute.

Dogs Are Scary

By Sarah, Age 10, Toronto, Canada

Dogs are scary, Dogs are scary,
Dogs are scary, Dogs are scary,
Dogs are scary, Dogs are scary,
Dogs are scary, Dogs are scary,
Dogs are scary,
And some are really, really, REALLY scary.
P.S. When it comes to dogs, I am a scaredy cat.

Some Dogs

By Shayla, Age 11, Oklahoma USA

Some dogs are sweet, Some dogs are mean,
Some dogs are lazy, Some dogs are playful,
Some dogs are little, Some dogs are big,
but they’re all one of a kind.

My Friend

By Dafney, Age 12, Minnesota USA

My dog
A friend, a love that will never end.
A puppy so cute, so playful, l but not all ways astute.
My best friend lives with me everyday,
From early morning to mid afternoon,
To late night when there is an end to a fight.
My friend, my toy,
My one friend that fills my heart with joy!

My Dog, Nessy

By Cate, Age 13, South Australia

My dog, Nessy is very cute,
She would like to go in a ute
She plays all day and never goes away
I love her so much,
She has a healing touch!


Loving and caring,
My best friend,
I can trust him,
He is pure Boxer. The color of his fur is brindle. He usually is a hyper dog. He likes to play soccer and basketball.


By Jack, Age 9 Michigan USA

My dog’s name is Gedge,
and he is really funny.
His hair is really bushy,
It looks like a bunny!
He has lots of fleas,
but that’s okay,
We always get cleaned,
for a doctor we will pay!


By Jajama, Age 10

I have a dog called Wagsey,
Her boyfriend’s name is Jasny,
And she is very kind to me!
And she is lovely!

Red Ribbon Bill

by Sheckie, Age 7
Ontario Canada
I have a dog named Bill,
He gives me a thrill,
when I ride on his back,
I hope he doesn’t hack.
I love my poor Bill,
Even the rabbits he usually kills,
but he means well I think,
’cause he washes it down with a drink,
We call him D’oignons,
and also Moon Shoes Grenae,
but he doesn’t really mind,
He takes it in his own way!
My dog Bill (D’oignons) is really cool cause he plays with me a lot. I love him!!


By Caitlyn, Age 8, New York USA

Dogs can be yellow,
Dogs can be black,
Dogs can be any color
if that is a fact.
Dogs can be small,
Dogs can be big,
Dogs can be any size,
if that is what you think,
Dogs can catch a frisbee,
Dogs can catch a ball,
Dogs can catch anything,
unless it is small.
Dogs can eat bones,
Dogs can drink water,
Dogs can eat drink anything,
unless it is fresh.

My Dog

By Keri, Age 10, Mississippi USA

My dog is very funny,
He likes to eat honey,
When he’s through he runs around,
And goes to sleep safe and sound.

Our Dog

By Emily, Age 9, Ontario Canada

I’m getting a dog
Hopefully not from the bog.
When we get the dog,
We will not get it from on a log.
I hope our dog will not be a hog.
I know our dog will not come
from the bog or on a log.

My Dog

By Andrea, Age 11, British Columbia, Canada

My dog keeps me warm
when I am cold.
My dog protects me ,
He is brave and bold.
My dog know when I am scared.
But no matter what,
he is always prepared.
My dog treats me
with kindness and love.
That’s why my dog’s
all of the above!


By Lilac Pony, Age 9, Phoenix, Arizona

Dogs are fun.
They sit in the street
like there’s nothing to eat.
They go by their name
not by their fame.
And when they don’t listen
hey, don’t like to glisten.
Know that my poem
has gone to an end,
I’d like to say goodbye,
my friend.


By Krystin, Age 8, Florida USA

Grasses are here,
Bones are so few,
Please help me now,
Because my dog is blue.

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

By Katie, Age 13, Tacoma, Washington USA

Dogs are God’s creatures.
Dogs are not only man’s best friend,
But they are woman’s best friend, too.
When you are sad,
They will cheer you up
When you are lonely.
They are company for you.
Dogs, Dogs, Dogs


By Mindy, Age 11, Hagerstown, Maryland USA

Holly is a sweet dog,
She really knows her name.
She always is a good dog,
She is never one to blame.


By Lisamarie, Age 13, New York USA

My dog’s name is Sparky.
He is a pup
He eats from a dish
and drinks out of a cup
He is only seven months,
He’s everywhere.
Here, there, in my room,
Or in the kitchen hiding
behind the broom.
He has a black spot,
if you want, call it a dot.
He has a stubby, short tail.
He goes outside to get the mail.
No matter if he bites,
I’ll still love him.

My Dog

By Samantha, Age 11, Livonia, Michigan

Cute, Sweet,
Spunky, Perfect, Unique,
Nothing better!
Seven years old
He’s the cutest dog you’ve ever seen!
He’s a Dalmatian!


By Amanda, Age 10, Durham, Maine USA

Gunner is cute and sweet,
Sometimes he is really neat.
Coffee tables and lights he chews,
Sometimes he will tell you he loves you.
He takes my dad’s chair to sleep
And he’s asleep and won’t make a peep.
He gets into the Christmas tree,
And I fly over and sting like a bee.
Merry Christmas, Gunner, from me!
Gunner wishes you a Merry Christmas.
red ribbon Dogs Are Very Special To Me!
by Samantha, Age 10
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
Dogs are very special to me.
They’re different colors like you and me.
They’re big and small and fat and thin,
Again I say “Like you and me!”
Dogs are very special to me you see.
They are who they are,
And who they should be!
So when you see a dog,
Just say to yourself,
“Dogs are very special, just like me!”



By Audrey, Age 6, Nashville, Tennessee USA

My dog is yellow.
My dog is a happy fellow.
Green and yellow,
A happy fellow.

Cute dog.


By Kellie, Age 12, Hillsboro, Oregon USA

I love my dog Missy,
Who has spots from head to toe.
When I am gone,
She feels kinda’ low
In the backyard
Where she runs and plays,
She would run for days and days
In the white snow
Where there are buckets of ice,
She’d probably say,
“May I have a slice?”
But when the day is done
And all is asleep,
There will be one happy pup…
My little Missy.

My Sheltie

By Erika, age 9, Dallas,Texas

Nothing better!

He is the cutest dog
you’ve ever seen!
He’s a sheltie.


Allie-Cat, Age 13, N.S.B. Fl.

I have a puppy,
Her name is Honey…
She has a reddish coat,
And she loves her new big boat…
When we go out to sea,
She is right there next to me…
And when we go to sleep at night,
She cuddles up nice and tight…
And so that is my new puppy
that we got,
(Just between you and me:
She was the only one
without a…spot…)


Jocelyn, Age 11, Ontario Canada

Coco is my dog,
He sometimes acts like a hog.
His birthdays in November,
That I’ll always remember.
Coco is lots of fun,
And boy he can run.
When he is happy,
I’m happy, too.
Coco you know,
I’ll always love you.


By Alexa, Age 8, Lubbock, Texas USA

Tucker has big brown eyes,
His love for me is never a surprise.
When I go to my babysitter’s house,
I tell him to be quiet as a mouse.
But he does not because he’s so crazy
One thing I love is
That he’s never ever lazy.
Cuddly and sweet.
He sits when I give him a treat.
He is learning to talk.
He says “ow-ow-wow”.
My friend Amy taught him how.
My sister Victoria said
That Tucker is shiny,
And my brother Beaux was surprised
When he bit him on the hiney.
My poem is ending,
I really had fun,
But I want to go outside
And play in the sun
The end.
(Tucker is my babysitter’s dog.)


Chelsea, Age 11, Austin, Texas USA

Nicole is a Sheltie,
The best Sheltie in the world.
by Natasha, Age 9
Moscow, Russia
I have a dog his name is Jack.
He is all white and his tail is black.
He has blue eyes and brown are his ears.
He never cries so he doesn’t have tears.
I like my doggy just like he is.
Oh, I just forgot he’s a Chinese Maltese.

Nisha’s Poem

By Nisha, Age 12, Chennai, Tamil Nadu India

I have a dog that wags her tail,
And hates to go on ships or sail.
She starts to feel miserable
when no one’s at home.
And she really so miserable
that she starts to roam.
Though her name is Tricie
She is naughty little pixie.
She covers her mistakes
with innocent smiles.
These smiles that travel
a hundred miles.
I really love my doggy,
She is one of the
best members in my family.

A girl and her dog

By Allyson, Age 11, Illinois USA

There once was a dog
named Beez,
Who loved to eat
cheddar cheese,
His mouthfuls were big,
He acts like a pig,
And with the greatest of ease!


By Robbie, Age 10, Massachusetts USA

Dogs are nice,
Dogs hate lice,
Dogs kill mice.
Dogs chase dice,
Dogs are nice.

My Dog Butch

Janice, Age 10, California USA

I have a dog that likes to bark,
especially when were in the park.
When he eats his food,
he’s in a good mood.
He looks at the sky,
and sees a plane fly by.
He likes to chase the butterflies,
and likes to see the flies go by.
This is the end of my poem, folks,
so good-bye to people that like poems.


By Laura, Age 8, Brentwood, TN USA

Dogs are cuddly,
Dogs are sweet.
Dogs are awesome,
And dogs don’t tweet.


By Jessica, Age 8, Westchester, Illinois, USA

I love my dog Sissy.
I treat her with care.
She does not bite or tare.
I’ll keep her forever,
however she licks a lot.
Once she licked a pot.
Sissy comes in handy when
she finds the candy,
but then she’ll eat them all.
I think my dog is the BEST and
should be in the famous dog hall.

A Friend For Life

By Amanda, Age 9, West Newton, Massachusetts USA

A dog is your friend for life,
Even if he did give you a good swipe.
It was just an accident
Don’t make a dent in your friendship.
Your dog will always stand up for you
That’s not a lie, it’s true
Your dog is your friend for life,
Please, don’t ruin that.

Best Friends.


By Rebecca, Age 7, Madison, Connecticut USA

Jesse the dog is smart.
I love him so,
it breaks my heart.
He loves to play with his tennis ball.
He runs so fast but never falls.
He loves his bone,
especially when he is home.


By Kristen, Age 8, New Jersey USA

A Poem to Nellie
Nell, my bell.
You are loved by me and Shell.
You are fun
and you can run!
You are sweet.
Do you want a treat?
Come on, let’s play.
We’ll have a great day.


By Ashley, Age 10, Australia

Mishka, is my dog
He once got lost in the fog!
We looked for him fast,
I found him at last,
He was in a big hollow log!

A Dog to Turn To

By Anonymous

Every time I’m sad and blue,
All I have to do is turn to you.
Your little face
with hair all curled
You are the most precious
thing in the world!


By Crystal, Age 12, Sunrise Florida USA

Do dogs think of us as bad or good?
Do they think we’re cruel and mean?
Do they love us more than half to death?
Do they think they’re not heard or seen?
Do they think they need some help in life?
Or do they want us to leave them alone?
Do some of us mistreat and hurt them bad?
when they play or want a bone?
I can see a dog lying there on the street,
and I think of what happened to it,
Of what horrible treatment it’s had,
of why it’s lying there in a pit.
I would have no choice but to take it in,
and change his life forever.
And if he recalled those sorrowful days,
I would remind him I’d hurt him never.
So if you see a dog and you take him in,
because you think you love him,
think that you WOULD be saving a life,
but don’t make his life span more thin,
than it already was the day before,
the day he was almost gone…
Promise me that you’ll love him forever,
and make his life go on.

A Dog To Make Me Smile

By Burcu, Age 9, Istanbul Turkey

There was a dog I admired,
Who wagged its tail
and looked so smart,
The shiny fur
and the distinct smile,
These things make me really fly.

A True Friend

By Lauren, Age 12, Charlotte, North Carolina USA

A dog is your friend,
he’ll be there to the end.
Though he may small,
He loves you before all.
So I’ll end this with
A final word or two,
Love your dog very much,
He’ll do the same for you.

Nidhi’s Poem

By Nidhi, Age 6, Chennai, Tamilnadu India

My dog is so soft,
My dog is so cute,
It has such a cuddly fur,
That I like to hug her.
It takes care of me,
When I go for long walks.
I love my dog
As much as this world.

My Dog

By Greg, Age 8, Oregon USA

You are so sweet,
You love your feet,
That is why I love you.


By Ellen, Age 12, Darwin/NT/Australia

Dogs are cute,
Dogs are sweet,
They are lovely,
From their head to their feet.
They love to run,
And play all day,
But sometimes they can run away.
They may be good,
They may be bad,
But dogs are loyal,
When you’re sad.

S-Simply Adorable!

My Best Friend

By Kirsten, Age 11, Canada

He’s my best friend,
He sleeps on my bed,
So he knows I’ll be safe.
.When I’m sad he makes me laugh.
Ha! Ha! Ha!
If there’s a breakin’,
they can’t see him
because he’s big and black.
He’ll BARK so I am safe,
then lick my face.
He’s my best friend,
my collie TOLLY.

Ode To My Dog

By Caitie, Age 10, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania USA

Although Tanner is not royal,
he is very loyal.
When I am sad,
he makes me feel really glad.
He is like a brother,
I like him like no other!

Sara’s Poem

By Sara, age 8

There was a dog, he was bad.
That dog, he bugged dad.
We sold the dog.
He saw a frog.
He chased him on a log.
Then the dog said, “The End.”

Silly Shotzie

By Leighanna, age 8, Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Shotzie thought God said
to get on the train
instead of the line for brains.
So Shotzie went to the line for the trains.
Now Shotzie cannot think
so therefore Shotzie is afraid of rain
and everything
except people.

Kelly’s Poem

By Kelly, Age 9, Lagrange, Ohio

My dog is cute.
I’ll rather have a dog then a newt
cuz a newt is not cute!

I Love Dogs

By Christine, Age 12, Mission Viejo, California USA

I love dogs, oh yes I do,
I love to pet them,
And run with them too.
They keep me company everyday,
They go out with me to skip and play.
Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend,
They always have a heart to lend!

My Dog Pete

By Nova, Age 9, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

I have a dog named Pete.
He has a nose and four feet.
I LOVE him dear,
I’m glad he is here,
I have a dog named Pete.

My Dog Cinnamon

By Veronica, 5th grade, Chula Vista, California USA

My dog Cinnamon
is as sweet as sugar.
She’s as brown as ginger,
her nose as black as coal.
She’s as gentle as can be,
I never want to let her go,
I want her to always be with me.


By Amanda, 5th grade, Chula Vista, California USA

My dog’s name is Dodger,
He is weird little one.
Sweet little eyes,
But he has a big heart.
I love him so much,
He is the best kind of dog.
So if you see a Cocker Spaniel
in a pet store,
Hey check them out,
They are really cool!


By Kristin, Age 10, North Carolina USA

I love my dog from head to toe,
Oh, did I mention his name is Oreo?
I love to look at his little face,
Black and white hair,
And just in case, he runs away,
He will remember his family,
And come back home to us
happy and gay.
But I am glad it has not happened yet
but maybe some day, I doubt it.
I love my dog from head to toe,
Oh how I love my Oreo!

My Dog

By Hayley, Age 9

I have got a dog,
Who likes my frog.
He does not bite,
He tries to write.
I love my dog,
My dog loves me and the fog.


By Susan, Age 9, Pennsylvania USA

Dogs, Dogs,
We love dogs,
Dogs are funny,
And they are cute.
My dog loves
to jump and play,
They love bones
and doggie treats,
I love dogs.


By Zach, Age 13. Columbus, Nebraska USA

Baby is my dog,
She jumps like a frog.
She likes to eat food
Other than her own,
Sometimes we let her
Talk on the phone.
When you whistle she will come,
Normally in a sprint or a run.
Her favorite toys are
The stuffed ones of course,
When she rips them up
you have to throw them away.
First she is sad and whimpers a bit,
But she will be done throwing her fit.
She really likes to go for a ride,
But her favorite time is
When we go for a walk
All and all she is a really good dog,
She’s smart, fast, fun,
and funny to watch.


By Kelly, Age 9

Molly, Molly, I love you,
Molly, Molly, this is true,
Molly Molly when God calls
down for you,
I will be sadly blue.

Zorro My Pal

By Gen, Age 13, Illinois USA

I have a pal,
The best in the world!
He lays on his chair,
All snuggled and curled.
Who am I talking about?
You still don’t know?
I’m talking about my pal,
“The masked man?” You say.
“Curled on a chair?
How can he fit
With the costume he wears?”
No, no, my friend!
Don’t you see on the chair?
If you look closely
You’ll see some pet hair.

“The legendary hero?
He can’t shed!
With that mask and hat,
Covering his head.”
No, not again!
That man is not the one!
Not the one who chases
A ball to have fun.
You see, my friends,
As strange as it may be,
My best pal is Zorro,
My pet Beagle puppy!


By Briana, Age 10, California USA

I have a Poodle named Brie,
She means everything to me!
When I come home,
She’ll race to meet me at the door,
She plays, she licks, and
much, much more!!


By Cole, Age 13, Columbus, Nebraska USA

I have a dog named Buddy,
He is very funny.
He runs, jumps, swims, and plays,
and he gets very muddy.
He is my best friend,
I can say that’s true,
But when the day comes
When he has to go,
I will be very, very blue.


By Danielle, Age 9, Boynton, Pennsylvania USA

Lily, Lily, Oh my Lily,
She howls and growls,
But she is just acting silly.
Then everybody laughs and says,
“That’s our Lily”!


By Samantha, Age 11, Hawaii USA

Sissy, Sissy, Sissy girl,
You always know how to twirl.
You are very nice to me,
You are very special you see
You always stand up for me,
You always bark – let her be.
You really like to
bark, bark, bark,
Especially when it’s
dark, dark, dark.
All I wanted to say was:
I love you!


By Abby, Age 13, Florida USA

Buffy is my dog,
She’s a very big hog.
She eats all day,
Barks all night,
She chews on things,
And puts up a fight.
A stubborn dog, she is,
She doesn’t listen when I say “no”,
But she and I both know,
I will always love her so.


By Adnama, Age 9, Massachusetts, USA

Gracey, Gracey, Gracey Girl,
You once got loose,
As loose as a goose.
Mom went out to look for you,
Me and Emma were very frightened,
We didn’t know what to do!
Mom looked all around,
And when mom came back,
Out from nowhere,
Me and Emma weren’t making a sound,
She popped out,
Then that silence
Became LOUD! LOUD!
With cheers and happiness,
with whoopies, too,
Grace girl, I LOVE YOU!
This is based on a true story.

The Dog

By Chrissi, Age 11, Sacramento, California USA

Once there was a dog,
Who sat like a log,
Wherever she might go,
She would just sit and moan.
Then her owner said,
Well maybe she needs a bed,
But that was not it.
Maybe she needs some water,
Or maybe someone
to brush her fur.
But the dog still sat,
In the corner without a pat,
Everyone would worry,
Why she was never in a hurry.

Then one day,
A little girl made
A discovery!
The dog was lonely,
That was the key,
She needed a friend!
And that was the end
of the dog,
Who sat like a log,
Because now,
She is loud,
Because she has a friend
to play with,
and that is the END!


By Susan, Age 15, Houston, Texas USA

Terror and fear can come
in all shapes, forms, and images.
But looking into
the soft eyes of a dog,
and feeling your heart
melt out of your chest,
you can’t help but feel
safe in their presence.

My Dog’s Life

By Lucca, Age 10, Maple Valley, Washington USA

My dog’s life is very sweet,
When she eats it is very neat,
She will come when I say “Here”,
She is my little dear.


By Nikki, Age 9, Sevierville, Tennessee USA

My new dog named Scooter,
Who is such a rooter,
Woke me up from bed,
By crawling on my head.
It was 5:00 at the time,
When he woke me up
From a dream that rhymed.
I said, “What are you doing?”,
he replied by looking.
I told him, “Go back to sleep.”,
because I had school.
He replied by looking cruel.


By Katy, Age 9, Massachusetts USA

I have a dog with a collar.
He is worth a million dollars.
I love him,
He’s sweet,
And he’s really neat.
I love my doggie dear!


Caila, Age 9, Culloden, West Virginia USA

Portia is my dog’s name,
I know it’s pretty weird,
And also unique,
And very sweet,
Because she brings me
Lots of good cheer.


By Katherine, Age 8, Delaware USA

There once was a dog named Kristy.
She never bit twice,
She never licked twice,
And that was a dog named Kristy.

I’m a Basenji

By Andrea, Age 12, Illinois USA

I have short hair,
One minute I’m here,
The next I’m over there.
Wrinkles on my forehead,
Give me innocent looks.
I’m known as the Congo Dog,
In many canine books.
Eating is my hobby,
I love to chew on bones,
On rubber balls and furniture,
And on cords of telephones.
I’m an Egyptian dog,
One of an old breed.
For an 8000 year old sighthound,
I’m the cutest you’ll ever see.
My tail is tightly curled.
My colors often soar.
Red, black, tri,
And brindle makes four.
It’s true I am bark less,
I can really sing,
Some call it a yodel,
Most say barooing.
Running is my instinct,
Chasing rabbits is fun.
I love to play with chew toys,
And lying in the sun.
I’m a Basenji,
Being bad is what I do.
I’m a Basenji,
Maybe the right dog for you!


By Katy, Age 9, New York USA

Tasha is a Golden Retriever,
You won’t even believe her,
Who swims as good as a beaver.
She’s our best friend,
And would be yours too,
She’s always there,
to cheer you up when you are blue,
She gives you kisses,
With her slobbery tongue,
When it comes to Tasha,
Too bad there is only one!

Jack Jack Jack

By Mallary, Age 8, Idaho USA

Jack Jack Jack.
My dog is Jack.
He is black.
He has a little white,
But he doesn’t bite.
I love him a lot.
I taught him some tricks,
And he licks.
Jack Jack Jack.

Dogs Are My Life

By Katherine, Age 8, Delaware USA

Dogs are my life,
They’re fuzzy and cute!
They run, they jump,
They lick you ,too!


By Mary, Age 9, Kingston, Tennessee

My dog and I love to play.
We could play all day.
He can talk,
but of course he can walk.
We love to play, play, play.

My One Year Old Boxer

By Jasmine, Age 14, Toledo, Ohio USA

He loves to play,
Loves to do tricks,
And never disobeys me
Because his owner taught him that.
I know for sure
That God must have spent
A little more time on him.
His name is Zeus
The name of a God.
Some people say he is a God,
But I say he is my
One year old Boxer.

I understand that one day,
He will leave my side,
But till then I will do
All I can to love
My one year old Boxer!


By Audrey, Age 12, Orlando Florida

Dogs, Dogs
They’re everywhere,
Every dog needs love and care!
Take one home and soon you’ll see,
How much fun they can really be!


By Stefanie, Age 11, Westlake, Ohio USA

My little dog’s name is Sparky,
She’s the #1 dog for me.
She is such a silly thing,
She barks so loud,
she can almost sing.
Early in the morning she will wake,
Expecting us her food to make.
She loves her afternoon nap,
But, of course it’s on my lap.
She barks at a squirrel
and a chipmunk,
And makes a mess with all her junk.
But I still love her so,
Except when she has to go!

My Wish

By Yiqin, Age 11, Singapore

I always longed for a dog
which is cute,
It will always be better
if he wears a suit.
Somehow I couldn’t get one,
But I’m sure one day
my wish will be done.

Dogs, Dogs!

Audrey, Age 12, Orlando, Florida

Dogs, Dogs, they’re everywhere!
Every dog needs love and care!
Take a dog into your home,
And watch, you’ll see,
How fun they can be!

My Dog

By Katie, Age 10, Chicago, Illinois USA

I have a dog.
That is a hog.
She likes to eat
Lots of meat.
But my dog is a hog.

The Letter D

By Krista, Age 11, Nevada USA

Dog starts with the letter ‘d’.
Dad starts with the letter ‘d’.
If there wasn’t ‘d’,
There wouldn’t be a word
known as dog or dad.

Dog Love

By Alexandra, Age 9, California USA

All dogs need is lovin’,
Please don’t put them in an oven.
You don’t put them into stew
As humans you clean up their poo.
You don’t put them in a pool,
People say they may drool.
All dogs need is lovin’,
So please don’t take them
To Seven-Eleven.

My Main Man

By Grace, Age 10, Perth, Western Australia

That little Max,
He is my man,
My little main man,
His little tongue goes
Lick, lick, lick!
He is my man,
My little main man.
Sometimes, when he gets silly,
he rolls around on the ground
and sneezes and shakes his head!

Song for the Dogs

By Diana, Age 9, Louisiana USA

You slobber’s like a river,
not always clean,
Your act to the kitty is very mean,
When I look into your eyes,
I know that it’s true,
God needs to spend a little
more time on you.
Dedicated to my sable Collie,
Luke. (But his nickname is
Luker and Lukie)


By Shawn, Age 12, Pennsylvania USA

I have a dog.
But he can’t be seen.
Nobody can see him because
My parents are so mean.
I take him for walks,
And feed him puppy food,
And he repays me
by cheering me up
in my bad moods.
He’s big, fuzzy, and really tall,
And is as white
as a big cuddly snowball.
When I’m sick,
He nurses me to wellness,
But if my parents
found out,
I would have to sell him.
I’m glad he is invisible,
He doesn’t make
my brother cough.
He’s one of my best friends,
And Snowball knows.

My invisi-dog

If I ever lose him,
I think I would croak.
But since he is Invisi-dog,
The world will never know!
Only I can see him,
I thank God every day,
Because I love Snowball,
In every little way.

The First Born

By Philip, Age 8, New York USA

If you find your dog’s behind
On your clothes,
Close the door,
And watch the sound
of whimper pour.
After an hour or two,
Tell him you won’t
Bring him to the petting zoo.
Then watch his face say
“I won’t kick you”
Then let him just lick.


By Lindsey, Age 13, Minnesota USA

Cody is white and black,
He will not attack,
He loves to play all day,
You should see him!
Cody is a black and white
Cocker Spaniel that loves to play.

The Pest on a Stormy Night

By Stephanie, Age 12, Texas USA

Rain pouring down,
I hear the rolling thunder in the night.
The thunder scared me,
I run,
Then my attention to that stupid stray dog in the road,
Crash…, Bang
No more barking, just thunder
My mascara streamed down my face,
The stray tried to protect me from the thunder by barking,
He looked scrawny and tall,
His eyes were two different colors,
blue and brown.
His fur was white, but gray when he was dirty.
The stray also had all kinds of scars,
and he was kind to only me.
But now I see what a terrific dog he was,
for I lost my dear friend,
The Pest known to only me.


By Melissa, Age 11, Illinois USA

Keesha, Keesha
I love her dear.
But I fear,
That one day,
God will take her.
Keesha is a little black and white Shih Tzu.
She is so cute!


By Sara, Age 7, Memphis, Tennessee

D is Dirt.
O is for Oval.
G is for Garden.
D, O, and G
stands for DOG.


By Shivaun, Age 9, Oakville, Ontario Canada

If I had a dog, what would I do?
Would I feed it? Yup!
Would I scoop up after it? Nah!
Little kids will do that.
If I had a dog, I’d love it for sure!
How cute!

My Poodle

By Anonymous

I have a miniature Poodle,
She’s so cute,
Her name is Sierra,
She is black,
I love her,
love her,
love her.
Because she’s so funny,

And so cuddly,
She’s 5 1/2 months,
I’m so glad she’s mine,
Girls and their poodle.

Red ribbon Dogs

by Devon, Age 9, Denver, Colorado

Dogs, dogs,
They’re better than hogs!

A Stray

By Heather, Age 12, Curtice, Ohio USA

One day I went walking in the park,
Then tripped and yelled “Hey!”
For under my feet I heard a bark,
I looked down and saw a stray.
The little guy could melt your heart,
He was as skinny as a twig,
I tried to put him in a cart,
But he was definitely too big.
I gave him some of my lunch,
He ate more than he ever had,
When I said goodbye,
I knew I’d miss him a bunch.
I felt bad as he started to walk away,
I knew my mom would never
let me keep him,
I had to let him stay,
I had no choice but to leave him,
Poor, pitiful stray


By Anush, Age 11, Middlesex, United Kingdom

My dog, Snowy, is really white,
He always barks
but never does bite.
He hates his collar
and he hates his lead,
But he likes to drink milk
and to eat bread.
His clean, white coat
is very, very soft.
Just like the hay,
you might find in a loft.
I never ever want him to die.
If he does, I will cry and cry.


By Erika, Age 10, New Jersey USA

Dogs can play with you,
They can even lay with you.
They love when you pet them,
You will never regret them.
They run all around,
And sometimes fall on the ground.
They’ll always be there,
Right by your side.
So you will never have to hide,
So love your dog to the end,
And he or she will always stay your friend.

If I Could Have a Dog

By Shawn, Age 11, Pennsylvania USA

My parents are so mean,
I can’t even have a frog.
But that would be nothing,
If I could have a dog.
I’d take it for walks,
And feed it twice a day,
And teach him to come to me,
When I say “Hey!”
Something cute and furry,
Not a cat, only a dog.
Boy, my life would be better,
If I could have a dog.

The Alsatian

By Moya, Age 13, Ireland

With snarling teeth,
And quivering fangs,
Ears pricked up,
and a tail that hangs.
Bristled and bushed,
Ready to fight,
And a mouth wide open,
Waiting to bite
His long sleek fur
Is standing up,
But his body is small,
For he’s still a pup.

He hears a noise,
And stops to wait.
It’s a pair of footsteps
Approaching the gate
Standing still,
Waiting for disaster,
He lies down and sighs,
It’s only his master.

Red ribbon Best of Friends

by Tiffany, Age 12. Brantford, Ontario Canada

I have this dog you see
He’s same as you and me
All day everyday,
He plays with his friend
His friend Locker that is.
But now he is gone,
And it’s just the one again
But he still goes over to look,
Time and time again.
He still has the Labs,
But I guess they’re not the same
He doesn’t play with them
All day everyday,
They’re not his best friends.
Not the same as his friend Locker,
who was his best doggie friend.

Cookie’s Poem

By Haley, Age 9, California USA

She is so sweet,
She is so kind,
She learns her manners,
She learns to mind.
I care for her,
In many ways,
Feed, Walk, Play, Teach,
Fills my days!
Our “Cookie” makes
our life so fun,
She takes a lot of work
But gives cuddles when it’s done!


By Mitchell, Age 10, Texas USA

I have a dog named Sammy,
He likes to sleep all day,
But I want him to play.
I love my dog named Sammy,
He makes me very glad,
So I’ll never be sad.
Sammy is a two year old Husky
with a large fluffy tail
and a smiley face.

Don’t You Love Your Little Mutt?

By Chelsea, Age 11, Arkansas USA

A dog is a pal, a loyal friend,
Who will be there until the end.
He’ll love you and lick your face,
To assure you everything’s ok.
A dog is a pal whom you can teach tricks,
Who will get in the weeds and get lots of ticks.
He’ll love you forever no matter what,
Don’t you love your little mutt?
A dog is the one who greets you after school,
Who gets your clothes wet from his drool.
Love! He can’t get enough,
Don’t you love your little mutt?
A dog is the one you’ll always find,
To give you so much peace of mind
A dog is always rough and tough,
Don’t you love your little mutt?

Fybo, My Dog

By Agnes Wong, Age 13, Singapore China

Ball with teeth and nose.
Fybo, my dog, has a talent,
He is a hound, you see.
He likes to nose for things hidden.
Fybo, my dog plays frisbee
with me in the garden,
ever so often
we would take a break,
he would pass time,
having the garden raked
Treasure will pop out of the ground,
a rubber ducky
or my long lost G.I Joe.
Sometimes it’s my dad’s slippers,
sometimes nothing at all.
Funny things were found
again today,
a round ball
with teeth and nose,
It had what looked like eyes
except the squishy stuff inside.
I wanted to show my Daddy my find,
but he had gone to work.
So I took it to my neighbor,
who might reward me for my labor.
She opened the door
and I lifted my lost
for her to see.
She turned white,
and screamed with fright.
The next thing I learned,
the police came,
my dad in handcuffs led away.
I had many queries in my mind,
with only Fybo by my side.
A kind officer
then explained to me,
in a husky, solemn tone.
He said, “Son, you’ve solved
a mystery…
The hall with teeth and nose,
was actually
your grandpa’s bones.
My dog is petty, active,
energetic, playful.
Always steal my things…

Playful Penny

By Veronica, Age 12, California USA


Fun and playful!

Lonely Heart At School

By Randi, Age 14, Maine, USA

I sit and wait,
Don’t want to be late.
I listen for the bell,
Trying not to yell.
Suddenly it rings,
Bring! Bring! Bring!
I run to the bus,
In a really big rush.
Finally my stop is here,
I don’t feel no more fear.
Tomorrow it will begin again,
But for now I’m with my DOG!


By Laura, Age 10, Omaha, Nebraska

Looking for a bone,
Having a loud barking tone,
A dog is your friend,
A dog is your pal.



By Delena, Age 11, Trinidad West Indies

My greatest companions are my dogs,
Ashley and Bono,
Susie and Timmy,
Rover and Bejour,
Are all close to me.
My companions are my dogs,
They are very friendly,
Fur and Pups are beautiful you see.
My dogs I love very much,
They all have a beautiful touch.
Dogs are great companions you see
Especially to me!

Great Dane Puppy Furry Rock

By Ryan, Age 13, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

My dog sleeps in the house all day,
Doesn’t come when I call,
Never comes outside to play,
He doesn’t want to play with his ball.
If i try to get him up, he starts to whine.
But if I leave him alone he sleeps,
I guess it’s just fine.
He never makes a peep.

What is Love?

By Just John, Age 12, New York USA

When you come home
from school,
And your teacher was cruel.
Your Mom will always say,
” Son, how’d it go today?”
You don’t tell her
what you really want to!
And being your mom,
she doesn’t have a clue!
You go to your room
on the edge of the bed,
Feeling bad for yourself,
wishing you were dead!
When all of a sudden
in a leap and a bound,
Comes a fuzzy, furry animal,
to wipe away that frown.
You can yell at him,
and push him away,
In three seconds he’s back
on your lap to stay!
He seems to know you are sad,
And that you feel real bad!
He doesn’t ask, he just cares
And licks your face,
pushing away your hair.

He brings his toy
and throws it at you,
He knows you had
an awful day at school.
Does he make demands
and push your chores?
No! He laps your face,
It’s you he adores!
You can push him away
and tell him to stop,
But he loves you so much
he’ll never stop!
That’s unconditional love
from your own pet!
And I thank God up above
for my best friend yet!
Dustin I love you!!!!!!


By Katelyn, Age 9, New York USA

Monty you’re the one,
Who brightens up my day.
Monty you’re the one,
Who doesn’t have to pay.
Your name is so nice,
I can say it twice.
If you ever ran away
I would cry all day.


By Britta, Age 11, Ohio USA

DOG, what does it mean?
Someone to love,
someone to clean.
A happy soul who wants to play.
A little puppy to make your day.
Food and water, love and care.
Some fun and adventure
for you to share.
A stray, alone,
is a dog in need of a home.
Your dog, my dog,
aren’t they the same?
Even though mine is bigger
and harder to train?

I think a dog is like
any person you’ll meet.
They can can be nice,
evil, cute, poor,
but most are sweet!

Red ribbon Brothers

by Phil, Age 14, California USA

Oh my god,
I love my dog,
We play together,
And we are like brothers,
My dog is cool,
And he is not a fool.


By Caitlin, Age 10, Illinois USA

As I watch my dog,
she chases a rabbit.
I call her, and she comes.
She gets a drink,
cause she’s thirsty.
She runs inside and
falls asleep on the couch.
I sigh as we fall asleep together.

I Want a Dog!

By Meghan, Age 10, Canada

I want a Pomeranian
Or a Pom-A-Poo
A Poodle would be just as good.
A Mastiff is to big for me
I want a tea cup dog.
I want a ball of fluff to be my very own.
I told my Mum it’s just a fraction of a dog.
But by this she was not fooled.
But I will buy a dog one day,
And I will have a farm of Pomeranians.
And if you want a dog, I will give you 20
So all I say is be determined
and you will get a dog.
Good luck and I hope
everyone will get a dog someday!

No More Fears

By Jacolen, Age 17, Saskatchewan, Canada

At night I feel safe
knowing he’s on the case.
When I am down, he smiles
And turns my frown around.
When I need a hug, he’s where I turn,
And when he needs me, I’ll be there.
I have a Border Collie Shepherd cross named Copper. We live in a bad neighborhood And having him makes me feel safe at night. He is one of the best dogs a girl could own 🙂


By Jolene, Age 11, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Understands You
My dog is a miniature Dachshund. His name is Bear. It means he is as tough as a bear and as helpless as a cub. He looks like the color of a grizzly bear.


By Brittany, age 9, Pennsylvania USA

Chaleanna is a Collie,
She really is a dolly,
Chaleanna is a beauty,
She’s never not a cutie.
She is so funny,
When she chases the darn bunny,
She sleeps on the bed,
but not on my head,
that’s my cat of course.
She always plays with us,
Boy is she a fuss,
But as soon as mom gets home,
Up she goes!
We adopted her at seven,
We will keep her
Till she goes to heaven!
The end!


Carly, Age 9, Maryland USA

Bandit is a good dog,
But she is not a frog.
She lives in my house,
But is quiet as a mouse.
She plays a lot,
Not like a tator tot!
She likes to bark,
Especially in the dark.
She is my dog and I love her a lot,
So I’m very glad she doesn’t live in a pot.
She doesn’t like baths
But she does like naps.
Well I guess this is the end of my poem,
Because Bandit wants to go home.


By Jenna, Age 12, Missouri USA

I love my dog,
His name is Fogg
He is a boy,
Socks are his favorite toy.
My dog is a chow,
He hates animals that go meow.
I know this poem is very small,
But this is the end, this is all!
My dog is a chow. He is cute. He is 8 months old. He is red. He can shake.


By Julia, Age 12, British Columbia, Canada

Lovability is not being
The prettiest pup of the bunch,
Or the one that wins the most ribbons.
Lovability is being
The right dog, with the right person,
at the right time.
And is when you can hear them crying,
When the world is asleep,
And you could be too,
But instead, getting up, to lick them,
And make them laugh.
is something not all
Cute puppies
And 1st place show dogs have.
Is something for
Pigeon chested,
Blotchy eyed mutts
From the pound,
As well as the adored Papillon.

Lovability is forever.
My poem is about how not all cute,
sweet tempered pure-bred
puppies turn out to be cute,
sweet-tempered dogs.

LuLu Lousie!

By Rose, Age 9, Florida USA

She chews on your favorite shoes,
Then goes and takes a snooze.
After she sleeps,
She gets up and creeps.
She will chew on your toys,
But truly she is a joy.
Who is this wonderful doggie?
Why it’s LuLu Lousie!
My dog is a Blonde hair brown-eyed dog. She is lovable and playful.


By Paige, Age 10, Tennessee USA

You may not understand
A firm command,
Though you are still a puppy,
You’re not as dumb as a guppy!
Through wind and fire,
Even water, you are so dire,
I will be there,
With your favorite ice cream to share.
Through love and through hate,
You’ll always be my best mate,
To cherish and love,
But never to shove.
The dog I’m talking about in this poem is my Lab mix, Harley. She’s kind of hard to get to understand, but she’s still sweet as ever.


By Holly, Age 8, Chelmsford, England

Dogs are very very fun,
But some have enormous bums!
Some are very very nice,
But others poo much more than twice!
My dog used to have an enormous bum. She was extremely fat as well. Her puppies were very fat.

I’m Getting a Dog!

By Autumn, Age 12, Georgia USA

I’m getting a dog,
Not a lame frog.
She’s going to be a she,
And she’s going to act like me.
I’m getting her for my birthday,
And I’m going to have her,
till she goes away.
I’m getting a dog,
And with me will she stay!

Thor the Wonder Dog of Deluz

By Saphire, Age 9, California USA

Happy every time food is here,
When time to go to school near.
Never does a crumb stay put,
For his little nose sniffs it out.
If he doesn’t get food he’ll pout!
He has a nose the color of soot,
He barks at doorbells, strangers, and other dogs,
But the delicious stuff, he hogs!
Thor is a little miracle in progress!

The Lost

By Vanessa, Age 13, Massachusetts USA

A puppy bought,
because it’s cute,
Given a nice bed.
When it whines
in the night
The humans come running near.
They hug and kiss
the little face
And he is brought into their beds.
The next day
he is forgotten.
No one pays attention
to the little whining ball
of fur sitting in the kitchen.
That night
the little puppy whines,
hoping for attention.
The humans groan and shut him up,
for they wish not for the burden.

The next day the puppy goes
out into the yard.
He’s tied to a tree
and left some food,
and forgotten about
for the rest of his poor puppy life.

My poem is trying to send a message across not to buy a dog just because it’s cute or little. They take a lot of work and can get very big and will be a great friend if given proper care, but make sure your ready for it.


By Jessica, Age 9, Ontario Canada

My dog’s name is Blue
She likes to chew on my shoe
She likes the weather gusty
Her boyfriend’s name was Dusty!


By Christine, Age 9, Pennsylvania USA

I have a dog named Maisy,
and she loves daisies.
I babysit a dog named Yoda,
and he drinks soda.
A dog across the street
named Friskie has whiskey.

Dumb Dog

By Nicole, Age 12, San Diego, CA USA

Dumb Dog, dumb Dog,
Why do you eat like such a hog?
I’ve asked you once, I’ve asked you twice,
I’ve begged on my knees and have been so nice.
You eat whatever’s pleasing to your taste,
Not dare to let a thing go waste,
You eat my cookies, milk, and ice cream.
You make me so mad I just have to scream.
Not just that, you eat my potatoes and beans,
It’s no wonder you’ve never been a bit lean,
You eat every single kind of meat,
All you leave is the spinach and beets.
And when I lock up all the food,
You start to chew on metal and wood,
Dumb Dog, Dumb Dog,
What am I gonna do with a big fat hog?


By Bonnie, age 9, Georgia USA

Little dog on the stairs,
Do you know someone cares?
Sitting there so sad and blue,
You poor dog without a clue.
My poem is about the sadness of animal cruelty.


By Brittany, Age 12, Illinois USA

She’s as black as night.
And her eyes are like the stars.
She runs like there is no end,
She loves to bark when
the cats are ignoring her.
Although she will not go near the goats.
I believe we will be together forever.
Jazzi is a black Lab and
is 5 months. She loves to run.

Beside Me

By H.J., Age 11, New Zealand

If you were lonely,
there is best friend on your side.
It is a dog that loves you very much.
But if you don’t like dogs,
there is always a good friend on your side.
If you lost a dog and was very sad,
Your dog is always on your side.

My Dog

By Stephanie, Age 8, Florida USA

My dog is a Cock-a-poo,
She acts like a rock-a-poo.
When she sleeps she barks,
And when she is awake she sparks.
She is a real joy
Just don’t let her get your favorite toy!
She eats everything in sight,
But she is very despite.
She is not fat,
She is as skinny as a gnat!


By Jamie, Age 10, Texas USA

Outrageously cute
My dog’s name is Morty. She is turning four on October 29, so everyone wish her a happy birthday!

My Dumb Dog

By Quaumeeka, Age 16, Kansas City, Kansas

I have a dog that barks all the time,
He can’t do tricks and he always cry.
My dumb dog can’t do anything right,
Everyday it’s a fuss in fight.
I’m tired of my dog
That’s all im tryin’ to say.


By Julie, Age 12, California USA

Hola, amigos!
Como Y frog?
Muy Bein, Y tu?
Yep, that’s my dog!
She is smart and silly
A sense of humor too,
She will never bite,
And she’ll stick to ya like glue!
Even though she chases squirrels,
In the old park,
To only strangers,
Will she ever bark.
So adios,
And hasta luego too,
My dog Chica,
Says goodbye to you,
Of course you should know,
What the Spanish’s about,
In English “Chica” means,
Little girl no doubt! 🙂

My Dog

By Brittanie, Age 10

My dog is furry I can see,
In my heart I love her very much.
She comforts me in any way
A loyal dog could.
She greets me everyday I come home,
Ball and everything,
She’s quite the clown.
I love my dog to this day,
Who wouldn’t love a dog like her.


By Kirstie, Age 8, Texas USA

Treats beat the heat,
Beats the heat is what they eat,
Here in my lap all nice and gray,
Here asleep in May.
A doggie brown, black, and white,
must always fight the night.
One night at 12:00,
I had a coat hanging on my door knob
and my dog thought it was somebody
and she started to bark. Ha Ha!

My Dog Pete

By Caitlin, Age 10, USA

Pete is his name,
Companionship’s his game.
If you think he’s cute,
You’re not to be blamed,
When you’re down and you’re blue,
Pete comes to the rescue.
My Dog Pete.
Pete is a 4-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, and is the cutest thing on the face of the earth. I wanted to name him Toto, off of The Wizard of Oz, but now I know that dog was a Cairn Terrier, not a Yorkie. My mom was the one who named him “Pete the Dog”.


By Katie, Age 10, Ontario, Canada

Dogs are lovable,
Dogs are caring,
Dogs are cute,
Dogs are small,
Dogs are big,
Dogs are playful,
Dogs are furry,
Dogs are nice,
Dogs are friendly,
Dogs are smart.
Play with your dog(s).
Walk your dog(s).
Care for your dog(s).
Bathe your dog(s).
Brush your dog(s).
Love your dog(s).
Feed your dog(s).

If you have a dog
please love it.
It is mean to leave
him or her
alone on the street.

Canine Journals!

Rusty and Trombone

By Clay, Age 7 and brothers Robbie, Mitch, Dave

My two dogs live in a sack,
One is brown, one is black.
The first we call Rusty,
He’s friends with the bone.
The second is Crusty,
We call him Trombone.
With thick curly hair,
Boy they sure need a scrub,
It gets dirty down there,
So slide ’em in the tub!

My brothers helped with this poem. They like Rusty and Trombone a lot also. They always joke that together they are a rusty trombone. Sometimes we say, let’s play the rusty trombone.

Man’s Best Friend

By Kallie, Age 13, Utah USA

A dog is a man’s best friend,
Always there to lend him a hand.
He doesn’t ask much in return.
Only a pat on the back,
We can give them that.
I have three very lovable dogs. There pretty small. But it never stops them from trying to protect me. There really playful and sweet.


By May88m, Age 12, Perak, Malaysia

I have a dog named Copper,
Who’s cheeky when she licks,
Copper is the type of dog,
Who eats near my family’s bikes.
I have a dog named Copper,
Who’s as naughty as can be,
I will never sell or give away Copper,
And Copper will never leave me.
My only wish is that,
I wish Copper would never die,
But then that is impossible,
But in my mind Copper will NEVER die!


By Danielle, Age 10, Pennsylvania USA

Little Border Collie,
You will love her.

Dogs are Cool

By Alana, Age 7, Oklahoma USA

Dogs are cool.
They like to drool.
Some dogs are bad.
Some are sad.

My New Dog

By Fej, Age 14, Washington USA

Hey, ya know,
I got my first dog the other day,
I wanted him for agility,
and just to play.
I finally convinced my mom,
after a couple years,
And I love playin’ around
with his floppy ears.
He’s a beagle so he’s small,
He has trouble getting his mouth
around a tennis ball.

I Love Dogs

By Berlyn, Age 9, California USA

One day my dog found a bone
and started barking
in a rather harsh tone.
I found out that it was rotten,
so I named her Cotten
to rhyme with rotten.
My Collie is very gentle. One time my baby cousin pulled his hair and he didn’t even get mad.


By Devon, Age 8, California USA

Dogs don’t live in bogs,
or with a mog.
Care for your pet
once you met,
Please love your dog,
they don’t live in bogs!

Your Dog

By Sheila, age 11, DeSoto, Texas USA

You would want a dog,
rather than a hog.
Your new dog needs care,
not junk food.
In the world people
don’t care about dogs.
So I say take good care of your dog.
My dog is so cute y’all would want an auction on him. My dog is the best dog in the world.


By Sherry, age 12, Selangor, Malaysia

I have a cute little dog,
He’s called Snoopy the bad tot,
When he’s lost in a thick fog,
He’s sure to be barking a lot!
Snoopy has a bad habit,
Of leaving his food in a waste,
He told my dumb rabbits,
To go to his dish and have a taste!

My Dream

By Marc, Age 11, Texas USA

I’m a boy under a tree,
The wind I feel on my face,
As gentle as can be.
I dream of a friend
that can be with just me,
He’ll have brown eyes and fluffy ears.
He will run down hills with me,
What a friend he will be.
I’m writing about my dog, Lucky. I don’t have him yet, but I am going to get him at Christmas and he is going to be a Golden Retriever.

Golden Retrievers love swimming!

Abby and Ray

By Megan, Age 10, Tennessee USA

I have two brand new dogs
named Abby and Ray.
They play and play all day.
They’re too cute.
I love them very much.
They have lots of toys and such.
I just want to brag on these two special pets,
Because I love them very much!
They are Yorkshire puppies who are only ten weeks old. The youngest one is Abby and the oldest one is the hyper one, Ray.


By Grace, Age 8, Arkansas USA

Kokoa is my dog,
and she has spots on her,
The dog next door has dots,
and they both eat lots and lots
of Spotty Dots dog food,
with Spotty Dot’s picture on it.

Something You Can Do!

Did you have fun reading the poetry?

You can write a poem about your dog, too. Get some paper, sit down, and write a poem.

  • Give your poem a title and then share it with your parents.
  • Show your friends or your teacher.
  • Put it on the refrigerator or on the wall of your bedroom.
  • Call your grandparents on the phone and read it to them.
  • Be proud of what you wrote.
  • Draw a picture illustrating your poem.

Congratulate yourself for spending some time thinking about your dog!

Too Many Dogs

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