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Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain Dog Food Review


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Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain has gained popularity in the pet food arena due to its grain-free and protein-rich options.

Though this food claims to offer our pups the nutrients that cater to their primal instincts, is it really the best choice for our canine friends’ health?

Let’s dive into everything you need to know about the Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain dog food. We’ll break down the dry kibble and canned options of this product line, highlighting the ingredients it has to offer and helping you decide if this is the best option for your beloved companion.

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Taste of the Wild Siera Mountain Wet Canned Food

Brand History

Wild Gray Animal With Amber Eyes
Taste of the Wild dog food is well known for its quality diets that cater to your dog’s inner wolf.

Owned and manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, they only offer the best of the best when it comes to ingredients and quality. Though Diamond Pet Food was founded in the 1970s, Taste of the Wild began much later in 2007.

Since Taste of the Wild was created to bring your dog back to its natural roots, it only makes sense that this food is known for its high protein options. Since wild dogs are not known to have many grains in their diet, they stayed true to this as well when creating their grain-free diet options.

Since its start in 2007, Taste of the Wild has grown in popularity among pet owners and veterinary professionals. Since they have only one recall experience and aim to offer only quality ingredients, this brand is considered one of the better store-bought options for growing puppies and large breed canines.

Recall History

Taste of the Wild dog food has only experienced one recall throughout its history, and it was in 2012. Though this recall did affect the Taste of the Wild brand, it was a manufacture-wide recall of all dog foods that were produced at Diamond Pet Food facilities. Salmonella was found in multiple diets created in these facilities and caused many pets to become ill. Thankfully, Taste of the Wild has not experienced a recall since.


Now that we’ve introduced you to the Taste of the Wild brand let’s dive into their Sierra Mountain diet specifically. With its promise of offering the natural taste of the Sierra Mountain range, let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

Natural Dog Food Ingredients
Lamb and roasted lamb are the first ingredients in this diet, followed by lamb meal and pea protein.


With lean meat being the main protein source and other whole foods to go along with it, this diet is great for building and maintaining lean muscle in dogs. With such a high protein count in this diet, this is just one of the many recipes that Taste of the Wild offers that are often recommended for growing dogs and those needing to gain a bit leaner muscle.

Fruits & Vegetables

The list of fruits and veggies in this diet is quite impressive. The Sierra Mountain recipe includes peas, sweet potato, blueberries, raspberries, and even legumes. These ingredients bring something different to the table in terms of nutritional benefits and serve as a wonderful antioxidant.

Vitamins & Minerals

Part of what makes Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain special is the added vitamins and minerals that come with their diets. This recipe includes DHA from salmon oil, omega fatty acids, and vitamin E to support your dog’s immune system. Each of these ingredients works together to maintain joint health, support skin health, and offer extra immune system support for compromised pups.


Just as they have removed any grains that could upset your dog’s stomach, they’ve added probiotics to offer extra gut support and digestive health. Taste of the Wild has a signature probiotic blend added to each of their diets, which is true of their Sierra Mountain recipe. This blend also includes dried chicory root, which is a helpful probiotic that stimulates healthy bacteria growth in the gut.

Free Of Grains & Artificial Flavors

The Sierra Mountain recipe is made with sensitive dogs in mind. This diet is free of grain, corn, wheat, fillers, artificial flavors, or any preservatives that could trigger a reaction in dogs with sensitivities. Due to this, dogs with known allergies to grain can find relief with this Taste of the Wild recipe. However, there has been mixed research into the possible risks and benefits of feeding dogs grain-free diets. Be sure to read the research and talk to your vet before shifting your dog’s diet in this direction.

Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain Reviews

Now that we’ve laid out the ingredients in this recipe, let’s get into our honest review of the Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain dog food. This recipe offers both a dry and canned option, so let’s dive into both.

Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain Wild Pacific Stream Kibble

Science Diet prescription dental care
  • Lamb is the first ingredient
  • Grain-free and free of any artificial preservatives
  • Salmon oil for DHA
  • Added vitamins and minerals for immune support, joint support, and overall health
  • Probiotics for digestive health

This diet is completely grain-free and offers your pup premium protein from lamb and roasted lamb. It offers your dog everything they need to grow and maintain lean muscle mass with lean protein and added DHA from salmon oil.

Aside from being grain-free, this recipe goes above and beyond to cater to the sensitive pups that struggle with proper digestion. Sierra Mountain is grain-free, made of easily digestible proteins, and is even packed with probiotics to help promote digestive health. Each of these qualities helps support your dog’s gut and remove the digestive difficulties they may experience with other dog food brands.

This diet is created for dogs in all life stages, so it can benefit puppies and adults. Though this diet is wonderful for growing puppies and adult large breed dogs due to the high levels of protein, it may be best to check out the Taste of the Wild recipe for small breed dogs to make sure your smaller pup is getting everything they need for balanced nutrition. The added DHA in this recipe is also ideal for nursing or pregnant mothers.

The downsides? While this diet is great for puppies and large-breed dogs, it doesn’t cater specifically to small breeds. And though it has omega fatty acids for joint support, it may not be enough support for senior dogs that struggle with joint complications.

Sierra Mountain Wet Food Adult Canned Food


  • Lamb is the first ingredient, followed by lamb liver and roasted lamb.
  • Grain-free and free of any artificial preservatives or flavors
  • Salmon oil for DHA that supports growing dogs, large breed dogs, and pregnant mothers
  • Added vitamins and minerals for immune support, joint support, and overall health
  • Probiotics for digestive health

This recipe is sure to satisfy your dog’s inner wolf. Lamb is the first ingredient in this diet and includes lamb liver and roasted lamb in a savory stew. With lean protein as the star of this recipe, your dog will have everything they need to build lean muscle mass and growth. The addition of omega fatty acids caters to your dog’s joints as they develop, helping them grow into the athletic adult pups we knew they could be.

Since this is one of many grain-free diets that Taste of the Wild offers, your sensitive canine can digest this diet with ease. Not only is it free of any grains or artificial flavors, but it also includes their signature probiotic that supports their digestive health as they age.

The added protein and DHA in this diet make it a wonderful option for growing puppies, large breed adult dogs, and even nursing or pregnant mothers. Though this diet does not exclude small-breed dogs, it may be best to switch to a small-breed diet if you have a miniature breed in your life.

This canned option is a wonderful way to add extra hydration to your dog’s diet and add additional flavor on top of their daily dry kibble serving. No matter your reason for offering a canned diet, your dog should love this recipe.

While the Sierra Mountain recipe is great for puppies and large-breed dogs, it doesn’t cater specifically to small breeds. It may be best to switch to their small breed diet for tiny pups. And though it has omega fatty acids for joint support, it does not include any chondroitin or glucosamine for senior dogs with joint complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain Made In The USA?

Yes, each of their diets is made in the United States.

Is This Diet Recommended For All Life Stages?

Yes, it is created for all life stages, but it may not offer enough support for senior dogs. If your dog struggles with joint issues, you may need to switch to a senior recipe.

Is This Good Quality Dog Food?

Yes, Taste of the Wild only offers quality ingredients that are AAFCO-approved.

Is Grain-Free Safe For Every Dog?

Grain-free diets are designed to be safe and easily digestible. Since some studies state that grain-free diets can lead to heart disease in dogs, it’s best to discuss a grain-free diet with your vet to discuss your dog’s particular health situation.

Is A Dry Diet Or Canned Diet Best For A Dog?

This depends on your dog’s situation and taste preference. While either option is perfectly safe for a dog, some dogs may benefit from added hydration to their diet. For example, senior dogs can benefit from the addition of a canned diet to their normal kibble. Canned food helps with added hydration, takes stress off their teeth if they have dental disease, as well as gives them added flavor to dive into their meals each day. At the end of the day, it’s up to you, your dog, and your vet’s recommendation.

Final Thoughts

Though the added DHA in this diet makes it ideal for nursing mothers, puppies, and large-breed adult dogs, it does not cater specifically to many other dogs. Senior and small breed dogs may need a diet more specific to their nutritional needs. If your dog just needs a diet not specific to any age range or size, this could be a wonderful option. Taste of the Wild is a quality grain-free diet that your canine companion is sure to enjoy, but check with your vet before switching your dog’s diet.

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