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Co-Founder of Canine Journal, Alex leads corporate strategy, and sets the vision for the future of the company. With nearly two decades experience as a content marketer and roots as a web developer, he applies his SEO and analytics foundation to Canine Journal's content. Alex holds degrees in Management Science from the University of California at San Diego and Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Alex grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, and Los Angeles, CA, but calls Winston-Salem, NC, home. He lives there with his wife (Michelle) and their two rescue dogs, Barley (Mountain Feist) and Lily (Carolina Brown Dog). Alex's first dog was a Dalmatian named Domino. Alex and Domino quickly became best pals as dog walks, hikes, an uncanny sense of what Alex was going through at any particular time, and other canine adventures enhanced Alex's life and well-being. Alex is an avid tennis player, hiker, and he loves visiting the mountains. However, on any given day, he’s partial to basking in the sun on an isolated shoreline while catching a couple of waves. Alex's experience as a parent to several dogs has given him nearly two decades of canine insight and perspective that he brings to Canine Journal. While he's been versed in everything from basic dog training techniques, canine diet and health, to pet insurance, the takeaways he holds most dear are the inspiration to live every moment to the fullest, and start each day with gusto and a tail wag.

The Fetch logo with caption Promo Code

Do Fetch Pet Insurance Promo Codes & Seasonal Discounts Exist?

If you’ve found this page you are probably on a quest to find some pet insurance for your best friend. But of course, during checkout, you are greeted by the “enter your coupon code” box. While it still puzzles me that companies include this field on the checkout page (let’s be honest, all it does is make you exit the buying process to go and find a coupon), most continue to do so. What’s also helpful, and what most of the “coupon” sites don’t necessarily share, is the history of promotions for a particular company. We’re your source for the latest Fetch by The Dodo promotions, so keep this article handy!

A small brown dog squatting with diarrhea on the floor on a white background

Dog Diarrhea: What To Give, Treatment, Causes, Home Remedies & More

Any person who has experienced the runs knows the runs are no fun for anyone. When it comes to dogs, diarrhea can be a messy situation for you and your dog. There are a number of different causes. From a minor upset stomach and eating something they shouldn’t have to something more serious like parvo that could be a cause for concern. We’ll go over the various types of doggy diarrhea and various treatment options (depending on diagnosis). It’s important to identify the root problem before properly treating your dog’s poo problems.

two small white dogs confronting each other walking on leashes on the sidewalk

Trail Etiquette For Pet Owners

Dog owners can spend close to 300 minutes each week walking their dogs — that’s nearly five hours of outdoor activity. Many pet owners choose to walk their dogs on public trails, introducing their dogs to wildlife, fresh air, and even other dogs. When dogs — and people — come into contact with each other …

Trail Etiquette For Pet Owners Read More »

Jack Russell Terrier wearing glasses on laptop (Caption: Trendy Dog-Friendly Business Ideas)

7 Trendy Dog-Friendly Business Ideas And Their Predicted Longevity

Perhaps inspired by the benefits of dogs in the workplace, some businesses have fully embraced dog-friendly products as their bread-and-butter offerings. Some of the top canine-focused industries may be familiar, like pet sitting or dog walking. Others, like subscription boxes, are a bit more trendy and fresh. If you want to start a dog-friendly business, you can’t go wrong with the trendy options we review.

Man in shirt and tie drinking coffee with dog sitting on top of desk (Caption: Working From Home With Dogs Tips)

Working From Home With Dogs: 8 Ways To Keep Them Quiet And Entertained

Working from home requires a computer, a reliable internet connection, and any other tools of the trade that you might need. Peace and quiet are also essential for remote workers. If you have a dog, this may not be easy to achieve. You may be frustrated when your dog barks during an important call or begs for a walk when you are in the middle of essential calculations, and you wouldn’t be alone. Nearly 39% of all households in the U.S. have at least one dog, adding up to more than 48 million homes with a canine. How can all these at-home working professionals keep their pets from interrupting their productivity?

Black and brown puppy chewing on piece of wood in the grass

Dog Eating Wood: How To Make Them Stop

Dogs chew on wood because they like chewing on things. That’s why you see dogs play with chew toys, and why chew bones and treats are so popular with dogs. While it’s fairly common for a dog to chew on wood (especially if you use sticks or small logs to throw to them when you’re playing fetch) your dog will thank you if you help them lay off the wood. Why?…

Citronella Dog Collar (caption: Citronella Collars For Dogs)

Is A Citronella Dog Collar A Safer Alternative To Electric Shock?

Citronella dog collars have been gaining in popularity ever since studies were released showing the negative psychological effects of electric shock collars on dogs. Furthermore, studies by the Animal Behavior Clinic at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine suggest that citronella dog collars are even more effective than electric shock collars. The question we ask once again, however, is how humane, if at all, are these citronella dog collars?

Chinese Crested

The Dumbest Dog Breeds (But That Much More Lovable)

Which dogs won’t be bringing you back the morning newspaper or making your house guests and at their crafty tricks? According to research the following breeds show less intellectual promise than most other dogs. Intelligence for these breeds was determined by Canadian and U.S. kennel club judges and the amount of time it took a dog breed to master a new command. Of course, we’ve found that that can make these dogs just that much more lovable…

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