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Best Cat Food Delivery For Fresh, Raw, Premium & Traditional Food


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Some companies are a cat’s best friend, jumping on board with cat food delivery. Yes, cat people are looking for healthy alternatives to plain old kibble for their furry felines, too — and the convenience of not having to trek to the store. While there aren’t as many options as their canine counterparts, cat owners can now pick from a few excellent services. Here are the best ones we’ve reviewed.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks

Fresh MealsRaw MealsPremium Wet & DryTraditional Cat Food
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Darwin's logo
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Best Fresh Cat Food Delivery

These companies offer meals made from natural, human-grade ingredients (meats, veggies, grains, etc.). A cat food delivery service is the closest you can get to a healthy meal you would make for your kitty but without all the hassle of planning, shopping, and cooking.

If you’re thinking about transitioning your cat to a new food or diet, be sure to read our article about how to switch pet food safely — although it’s about dog food, the best practices also apply to cats.

Winner: Smalls Review

Smalls cat food

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Smalls is a subscription-based company that offers cat owners fresh, human-grade food, and you can add on freeze-dried raw food, treats, litter, and a couple of toys to your order.

Smalls personalizes meals based on your cat’s age and weight and portions them into individual servings. They offer beef, chicken, and turkey recipes, and you can choose between either a smooth (like pate) or chunky consistency. With your first order, you get a trial box for two weeks at 10% off, but then you’ll automatically be enrolled in a monthly subscription.

Our Personal Experience with Smalls

Danielle's two cats eating Smalls cat food off a plate next to the Smalls box

“I received a sample box from Smalls for two middle-aged cats about 10 years old. Smalls provided a variety of flavors and plenty of food to last them several weeks in one box. The first thing we noticed was how well-packed the box was. It contained both dry ice and a frozen gel pack, which kept all products perfectly frozen solid. Both cats immediately took to the freeze-dried raw bird recipe. I have noticed a great improvement in the litter box habits of the male cat specifically. Due to his dietary issues, he often has very smelly Bowel movements. Within a week of being on the new food, there was a marked improvement in litter box odor. Overall we had a very good experience with Smalls.”

– Danielle D., Canine Journal
Offers fresh, human-grade meals, as well as freeze-dried raw and treatsOnly delivers monthly
Can pause, skip, or cancel anytime
100% satisfaction guarantee
Gets generally good customer support reviews


You can save 10% off your first order.

  • All fresh meals start at $3.86/day
  • Freeze-dried raw add-on: $9/bag

Click here to have our reader discount code automatically applied to Smalls.

JustFoodForDogs JustCats Recipe

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JustFoodForDogs (JFFD) is a premium fresh dog food company that also carries a healthy fresh cat food recipe (fish and chicken) for your feline friend. The all-natural recipe is high in protein and essential vitamins and minerals. You won’t find any artificial preservatives or fillers here. It’s also grain and gluten-free. The limited ingredients are an excellent choice for cats with allergies or sensitive stomachs. However, JFFD doesn’t customize their cat food.

Ingredients are sustainably-sourcedOnly one recipe
Limited ingredients are good for allergies and sensitive stomachsCan’t select your shipping day of the week
All-natural and gluten and grain-free
One time purchase or auto-shipping and you can pause or cancel anytime
Can choose your frequency of delivery
100% satisfaction guarantee
Free shipping
Made in the USA


If you sign up for auto-shipping, you can save 35% off your first order and 5% off recurring autoship orders.

Full JustFoodForDogs Review

Best Raw Cat Food Delivery

Frozen and free-dried raw food is a popular diet for many cats. Here are some of your best raw food delivery options.

Winner: Darwin’s Natural Raw Pet Products Review

Darwin's raw cat food

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Darwin’s offers both premium (Natural Selections) and prescription formulas (Intelligent Design) of raw cat food. Natural Selections cat meals are made from 100% real meat (chicken or turkey). Recipes include free-range, cage-free, or pasture-raised meats and organic vegetables with no fillers, antibiotics, artificial hormones, steroids, or grain. Their Intelligent Design meals are formulated by vets to support cats with kidney disease and are available by prescription only.

You’ll fill out a profile for your cat for her health needs (age, weight, allergies, health conditions, etc.), and they’ll recommend raw meals and amounts for you (most cats will eat approximately two pounds per week). Darwin bills and ships the cat meals every eight weeks, so you’ll need to make sure you have enough freezer space to store the pouches.

Gluten and grain-freeNo freeze-dried options
Frozen optionsMust allow time for food to defrost
Made and ingredients sourced in the USA
Includes bones and organ meat
Overall good customer reviews for quality and customer service


Click here to have our reader discount code automatically applied to Darwins.

Stella & Chewy’s Dinner Morsels Review

Stella & Chewy's Dinner Morsels

View on Amazon

Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried nuggets are extremely popular for cat owners who want a raw food diet for their kitties. They responsibly source all of their ingredients and prepare their formulas in small batches in U.S.-based kitchens. All of the recipes from Stella & Chewy’s are minimally processed and contain no added hormones, antibiotics, grains, or fillers. 

We recommend their chicken formula, which contains 98% cage-free chicken, organs, and bone, plus taurine and probiotics for dietary health. But they also offer turkey, duck, rabbit, salmon and chicken, and salmon and cod formulas. 

Wide variety of freeze-dried formulasNo frozen meals
Gluten and grain-free
Responsibly sourced ingredients
Made and ingredients sourced in the USA
Includes bones and organ meat


Stella & Chewy’s products are often discounted off of MSRP on Amazon.

Full Stella & Chewy Review

Best Premium Wet & Dry Food

Winner: Cat Person Review

Cat Person food

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Cat Person is a relatively new startup company that’s getting some great buzz around its high-quality, premium cat food and accessories you can have delivered right to your doorstep. Their food packs 50% more quality animal protein than AAFCO industry standards and is free from all the extra fillers you’ll find with most traditional cat food.

Their food options include three kibble formulas, eight kinds of meat shreds in broth, eight varieties of paté, unique broth-based blends for digestive issues, bone and joint support, and several other health concerns. You can order everything à la carte or sign up for a recurring meal plan.

Grain-free and low-carbOnly offers subscription shipments every four weeks
Wide variety of food types and recipes
Also carries treats, toys, bowls, beds, and other accessories
Save 10% with a recurring subscription
Can cancel subscription anytime
30-day money-back guarantee
Free shipping with subscriptions


  • Shreds in Broth & Paté: $9.50/five-pack
  • Kibble: $14.50/two-pound bag
  • Meal Plan Subscription: Varies

Click here to have our reader discount code automatically applied to Cat Person.

Best Traditional Cat Food Delivery

If you’re looking for brand-name, commercial pet food delivered to your door at an affordable price, here are some options for you.

Winner: Chewy Review

chewy logo new 250

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Chewy is our pick for the best place to buy traditional cat food online. Chewy has been the king of online retail pet food for the last few years and offers many products and discounted recurring delivery options.

Not only can you buy your cat’s food from Chewy, but you can also purchase toys, treats, litter, and other cat-related supplies.

Offers wet, dry, freeze-dried, premium, prescription diet cat food, and moreSome customer complaints that their inventory and delivery times have gone downhill since the PetSmart buyout in 2017
Save 5-10% with every auto-ship order
Also carries pet treats, toys, litter, and accessories for one-stop shopping
Products available for cats, dogs, birds, and other pet types
Excellent customer service reputation


  • Varies
  • Free one to three-day shipping over $49

Get 30% off your first auto-ship (no coupon needed). Use this link to get started with recurring dog food deliveries on Chewy.

Amazon Review

Amazon logo

View on Amazon

Amazon, the online retail giant, offers recurring cat food delivery through its Subscribe and Save program. Amazon carries hundreds of cat food brands, treats, litter, health supplies, toys, accessories, and more.

By signing up for their recurring delivery, you can save five or 10% on your purchase. And with many products, you can get 30-40% off your first subscription order. You can opt for delivery every two to seven weeks or monthly up to every six months.

Offers grain-free, allergy-free, prescription diet food, and moreDoesn’t carry as many healthy cat food brands as PetFlow or Chewy
Save five or 10% by subscribing to recurring deliveriesSeveral users complain that shipments arrive damaged (ripped bags and dented cans)
Also carries pet treats, litter, toys, health supplies, and accessories for one-stop shopping
Products available for cats, dogs, birds, and other pet types
Easy to cancel anytime
Users report excellent customer service


PetFlow Review

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PetFlow offers one-time purchases, or you can set up for auto-ship (anywhere from 2-16 weeks). They carry more than 300 different brands of food, treats, toys, and accessories for cats and dogs.

Popular brands include Fromm, Natural Balance, Orijen, and more. Their specialists can help you choose the best food brand for your cat, whether you need anything from allergy-free food to a prescription diet. And for every purchase you make, they donate a bowl of food to a companion animal in need.

Offers wet, dry, grain-free, freeze-dried, limited ingredient, prescription diet food, and moreMust call to cancel auto-ship
Free auto-ship option that you can cancel anytimeSeveral users complain that shipments arrive damaged (ripped bags and dented cans)
Also carries pet treats, toys, and accessories for one-stop shopping
Charitable giving to animals in need
Users report excellent customer service


  • Varies
  • Free shipping over $49

Use this link to get 10% off your first order from Petflow.

Read Our Full Review Of PetFlow

Why Is My Cat Such A Finicky Eater? (Video)

Check out this brief video to learn why so many cats are picky eaters.

Need Dog Food Delivery Too?

If you have dogs at home, you may want to get their food delivered to your door. You have many more choices for high-quality dog food delivery than you do with cats. See our dog food delivery reviews to learn about your options, from fresh, human-grade food, shelf-stable kibble, all-natural kibble, and more.

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