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Are you and your dog big fans of snoozing together? What do you do if your pup can’t jump up on your bed anymore? Sure, you could lift her onto your bed, but dogs like being independent — and what if you can’t manage to lift your heavy dog? Getting a dog ramp or stairs to help your pup get on and off your bed on her own can help both you and your dog’s lives go much smoother. Let’s take a look at the best dog ramp for beds of all sizes (and couches, too!).

Adjustable RampRamp For High BedRamp w/ RailsStairs For Large DogsStairs For Small DogsStairs For High BedRamp For Couch
AIMSEAL Adjustable Pet RampDoCred Paw RampDoggoRamps dog rampPetSafe CozyUp StepsBest Pet Supplies dog stepsPet Gear Easy Step IVDog walking up DoggoRamp sofa ramp
AIMSEALDoCredDoggoRampsPetSafe ZinusPet GearDoggoRamps
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Why Dogs Might Need A Ramp

There are several different reasons dogs may need to use ramps or stairs to reach higher places. Aging and mobility issues are one of the biggest as arthritis, and joint dysfunction start to limit movement in senior dogs. Neurological issues can also impact mobility. These include Wobbler disease, vestibular disease, epilepsy, and degenerative disc disease. Other medical concerns, including injury, obesity, and muscle wasting, can also impact your pup’s ability to reach places like the bed or couch.

Ramps not only help your pup get where she needs to be but are far more convenient than having to carry and lift her yourself. They allow dogs to keep some independence as well. Ramps help prevent further injury or strain and can be used with pups of all ages. Sometimes, dogs are simply just too small to safely jump or climb up, and they need a ramp to help them.

Is A Ramp Or Stairs Better For Dogs?

This all depends on your pup’s specific mobility issues. Dog ramps are more versatile and allow pups to walk up a gentle incline. Steps may take up less room and offer more convenience. Younger pups may like stairs better while aging dogs need the gentle slope of a ramp.

Best Dog Ramps For Beds

Dog ramps are ideal if your pup has trouble navigating stairs. They can often be easier for small dogs or dogs with arthritis and orthopedic issues. Here are our reviews of our top picks.

Best Adjustable Ramp: AIMSEAL Adjustable Pet Ramp Review

AIMSEAL Adjustable Pet Ramp

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This versatile pet ramp is our top pick for a bed dog ramp. It’s one of the best adjustable dog ramps for a bed. The non-slip, textured rubber surface helps dogs stay put without fear of sliding. The ramp can hold up to 200 pounds, so you can use it with small and larger dogs.

The ramp is adjustable to four different heights: 11.6″, 14.6″, 17.7″, and 22.5″. The non-skid rubber feet help it stay put and prevent scratching on your floors. This ramp features slight step-like formations to help dogs keep their paws firmly gripped. It also has raised edges to prevent your pup from slipping off the edge. The ramp folds up for easy storage and has a convenient carrying handle.

Extra-wide designSome customers do not like it for larger dogs
4 adjustable heightsNo ledge at the top
200-lb weight capacity
Small, step-like protrusions to help w/grip
Covered in high-grip rubber
Easy to assemble, fold, and carry
Folds up flat for quick storage


Best Ramp For High Beds: DoCred Paw Ramp Review

DoCred Paw Ramp

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This five-height adjustable ramp by DoCred is perfect for high beds, porches, and other uses. It can be set at 17.7″, 21.6″, 25.5″, 29.5″, or 31.4″ in height. This one is good for dogs of all sizes and can support up to 200 pounds. It is made from solid wood and has stainless steel fasteners. No assembly is required here; just set it up, and it’s ready to use.

The textured rubber mat prevents your pup from slipping, and the safety rails prevent falls. The ramp folds up fast and small for easy storage and portability. It also comes with a comfortable carrying handle. This one is a great pick for older dogs with arthritis and hip and joint issues. It does work better on carpets than tile or hardwood, as there are no rubber grips on the bottom.

5 adjustable heights up to 31.4″May scratch hardwood floors
200-lb weight capacityDoes not have rubber grips on the bottom
Collapsible & portable with a carrying handle
Made in the U.S.A.
No assembly required


Best With Side Rails: DoggoRamps Dog Ramp For Beds Review

DoggoRamps ramp with rails

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Does your pup need added safety measures? Then DoggoRamps may have just what you need. This solid hardwood dog ramp has side and top rails to keep your unsteady dog from falling, and the construction is extremely sturdy. It comes in two sizes for dogs up to 40 pounds (small) and 200 pounds (large), with seven adjustable height positions to accommodate even the tallest beds. It also comes in several different attractive wood colors to match your home decor.

Reversible safety side railsExpensive
Height up to 37″ small, 35″ largeThe ramp is heavy – 23 lbs small, 46 lbs large
200-lb weight capacity (large)
19″ wide (large)
Long length for a smoother incline
Anti-slip grip has more traction than carpet
Collapsible – folds flat to 3″
No assembly required
Materials sourced and made in North America


Best Stylish Ramp: PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp Review

Best Stylish Ramp: PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp Review

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If you’re looking for a ramp that gels with your bedroom decor a bit more than other ramps, the PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp is a worthy contender. This popular ramp comes in an attractive cherry or white wood finish and can accommodate dogs up to 120 pounds. An added plus: the ramp length is 70″, so it’s easier for pups that have trouble with steeper inclines.

Attractive, sturdy designNot adjustable or collapsible
25″ highSome complaints that the carpet is slippery
Long length for a smoother incline
Top landing platform helps dogs transition from ramp to bed
Non-slip carpeting
Easy to assemble


Best Dog Stairs For Beds

If your dog handles stairs well and you don’t have room for a large ramp in your bedroom, then you’ll want to consider our top picks for dog steps.

Best Stairs For Large Dogs: PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps Review

PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps

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These pet steps are big-dog approved by many pet parents. They come in two sizes – the extra-large size is sturdy enough for dogs up to 200 pounds, and the regular size is good for pups up to 150 pounds. And at 10 pounds, these stairs are easy to move from room to room or for use with your car.

Maximum 25″ height May be too steep for some small dogs
Up to 200-lb weight capacityA few complaints that they’re too narrow
Non-skid feet and fabric tread
Side rails for added safety
Folds up and lightweight for easy portability


  • 22″ high (for dogs up to 150 lbs): $34.95
  • 25″ high (for dogs up to 200 lbs): $54.95

Best Stairs For Small & Medium Dogs: Zinus Cozy Pet Stairs Review

Zinus Cozy Pet Stairs 

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These super popular foam pet steps are an excellent option for small and medium-sized dogs. They’re made with durable CertiPUR-US certified foam and a soft fleece fabric that is easy on your dog’s joints. The removable cover is machine-washable, and the fabric isn’t slick, providing good traction. These stairs come in three sizes, four patterns, and eight colors.

Foam design is good support for jointsThe tallest option is only 22.5″ high
Fabric isn’t slipperyMay not be sturdy enough for dogs over 60 lbs
Non-slip bottomSome complaints that they’re too narrow
Lightweight and easily portable
Cover is machine washable
Made in the U.S.


Best For Tall Beds: Pet Gear Easy Step IV Review

Pet Gear Easy Step IV

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These dog stairs are among the tallest you can find at 30.5″ high. Made with heavy-duty plastic, the Pet Gear Easy Step IV has wide and deep stair landings and can accommodate dogs up to 150 pounds. Rubber grips on the bottom keep the stairs from sliding around, and the carpet tread is removable for easy cleaning.

Great for tall beds – steps are 30.5″ high May be too steep for some small dogs
150-lb weight capacity A few complaints that the stairs tilt downwards
Removable carpet tread
Rubber grips on bottom
Easy to assemble – no tools needed


Best Ramp For Couch: DoggoRamps Couch Ramp

DoggoRamps Couch Ramp

View on Amazon

I’ve picked the DoggoRamp couch ramp for dogs as the best dog ramp for a couch. This beautiful solid wood ramp is made in North America and comes preassembled. You can adjust the height of your sofa (from 14-21″), and it is coated in an anti-slip PAWGRIM surface to give your dog traction. It works for dogs of all sizes (up to 150 lbs) and comes in 5 wood colors to match any decor.

Our First-Hand Experience With DoggoRamp

Two dogs with dog ramp next to sofa.

“I got the chance to test out a DoggoRamp for an honest review. Was super impressed with the quality of the ramp and how modern it looks. It was easy to set up and fold up for when not in use. It’s a little heavy for transport, but if you don’t plan to move it much, it’s extra sturdy and durable. You can tell it’s built to last and worth the price for the craftsmanship. A 12-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel with early stages of hip dysplasia used it to get up and off the sofa with ease (just took a little bribing with treats the first time).”

Sadie Cornelius, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Parent, Canine Journal Marketing

How To Use A Dog Ramp For A Bed (Video)

This four-minute video shows you how easy it is to use a sturdy, collapsible dog ramp for your couch (or bed). It might take a few treats to help your dog get used to the new and unfamiliar contraption, but with practice, they’ll get the hang of it and come to enjoy it more than jumping on and off high places to sleep.

Do You Need A Dog Ramp For Your Car?

If your dog has trouble getting onto your bed, then she may also need help climbing into your car. See our recommendations for the best dog ramps for cars and SUVs. Like a bed ramp, these car ramps can help your pup maintain a happy sense of independence. If your pup has more serious mobility issues, we cover the best doggie wheelchairs as well.

Helping Your Pup Stay Mobile

Helping your pup stay active and mobile throughout all stages of life can take some effort. While mobility issues are most often associated with senior dogs, they can impact dogs of any age or breed. Regular daily exercise and a healthy diet are two big factors in your pup’s overall health as they age. Physical exercise promotes mobility. This can be through daily walks, games, and tricks. Even simply hiding your pup’s favorite toy and having her search for it can help keep her active into her senior years. Learn more about caring for senior dogs in our guide.

Why Trust Canine Journal?

Sally has over 10 years of experience investigating pet products, everything from bed ramps and other household gear to dog food and supplements. She’s part of a team of dedicated canine professionals and long-time dog owners at Canine Journal. We test and research the best pet products, not only for our own pups but for all of our readers.

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