Best Mobile Vets & How To Find In-Home Vet Care Near You

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Cat at home with mobile vet.

An increasing number of companion animal veterinarians are doing house calls (if only human medicine would follow suit!). It’s great news for our pets, most of whom are far from fans of making the dreaded trek to the vet’s office. That’s one of many benefits we’ll share about using a mobile vet. We also give you reviews of BetterVet and The Vets, two mobile vet services that are quickly growing around the U.S. Finally, we have tips on how to find reliable in-home vet care in your area.

6 Benefits Of Using In-Home Vet Care

Other than not having to take a resistant pet to the vet, using a mobile veterinary service has multiple benefits for you and your pets. These include:

  1. In addition to the car ride to the vet, many dogs become extremely anxious in a vet clinic from being in a strange place and around strangers, whether they’re people or other animals.
  2. At-home care significantly reduces your pup’s anxiety, giving veterinarians a better ability to examine your pet in a stress-free environment. This can help vets determine a more accurate diagnosis.
  3. For pet parents who have difficulty leaving home due to mobility issues or finding transportation for you and your pet, you still have access to vet care.
  4. At-home vet care helps reduce the risk of your pet contracting a contagious disease from other pets at a vet clinic.
  5. If you have multiple pets that require vet attention, mobile vet services can save you the hassle of transporting them all to the vet.
  6. Many pet parents find that a mobile vet euthanasia service helps them better handle this difficult process. Your pet can pass away peacefully in the comfort of his home, which can make this heart-wrenching experience a bit easier for you.

Best Mobile Vets (National Companies)

Mobile veterinary services are expanding quickly, thanks to consumer demand. Many are solely local/regional services. But we want to make you aware of two major companies that have multiple locations across the U.S. We anticipate that other widely available mobile vet services will hit the market in the coming years. But for now, these are the two major providers in the U.S.

The Vets Review

The Vets logo 250.

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Founded in 2021 in Miami, The Vets now offers in-home personalized vet care for dogs and cats in 18 major metropolitan locations (covering over 240 cities) across the U.S. Their licensed veterinarians provide high-quality clinical care in the comfort of your home. Services include wellness exams, vaccinations, sick visits, home lab tests, ultrasound (in some locations), dermatology, microchipping, and more. The Vets are not able to accommodate emergency care.

You can schedule an appointment online for a home visit on Mondays through Saturdays during typical operating hours, and if you want to use the same vet for every appointment, customer support can arrange that for you. They also offer a Total Wellness Plan for $99 per month that covers wellness checkups, vaccinations, routine annual lab tests, preventative treatment, and telehealth advice.


  • South-East: Charlotte, Miami, Orlando, Raleigh, and Tampa
  • Mid-West: Chicago and Columbus
  • South-West: Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Phoenix
  • West: Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego, Sacramento, and Seattle
Reasonable exam feesHome visit travel fee is pricey
Ability to do blood and some other diagnostic testingDoesn’t offer mobile vet euthanasia or X-rays
Vet services and customer support get overall good customer reviews across locations
Wellness plan available


The Vets’ pricing varies by location, but here are some ranges for their base prices, according to their website. Keep in mind that these costs don’t include lab tests, vaccinations, etc.

  • Concierge fee (home visit travel fee) from $75 to $109, regardless of the number of pets being seen 
  • Exam fees range from $80 to $129 for each pet

BetterVet Review

BetterVet logo 25.

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Founded in 2020, BetterVet is a larger organization compared to The Vets, with more locations across the U.S. and more services offered. BetterVet currently serves 26 metropolitan areas with plans to expand to many more locations in the near future. Their licensed vets offer in-home services for wellness exams, vaccinations, sick visits, blood work, X-rays (in some locations), electrocardiogram (ECG), euthanasia, microchipping, and more. BetterVet is unable to handle emergency care.

You can schedule an appointment via their website. Availability is Mondays through Saturdays during typical vet operating hours. BetterVet also offers telehealth appointments for anyone in the states where they’re licensed to give advice. You can join their Wellness Club for $19 per month, which gives you access to free travel fees. For an additional $70 per month, their premium Wellness Plan covers two wellness or sick visits per year, vaccinations, routine blood work, and more.


  • East: Baltimore, Boston, Miami, New York, North & Central Jersey, Palm Beach, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and South Jersey
  • Central: Austin, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, and Houston
  • West: Conejo Valley, Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Franciso, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, and Ventura County
  • Pacific Northwest: Eugene, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver
Provides more in-home services than The VetsExpensive
Ability to do blood and some other diagnostic testing, including X-rays in some locationsSome user reviews about poor customer service reps
Offers telehealth appointments for most states in the U.S.
Wellness plans available, which include unlimited free travel fees and preventative services
User-friendly mobile app


Pricing for in-home visits, exams, and other services vary by location.

  • Home visits and examinations start at $195 plus a travel fee (based on your location)
  • Telehealth appointments are billed at $49 (when no medical prescription is needed), and telemedicine appointments are billed at $69 (when a medical prescription is needed)

See A BetterVet Home Visit From The Company’s Co-Founder

How Do I Find A Trustworthy Mobile Vet Near Me?

If BetterVet and The Vets aren’t available in your area, you may have some local services to choose from. Fortunately, thousands of small regional companies and independent veterinary practitioners offer in-home vet care in the U.S.

To get an idea of what’s available locally, you can simply search online for a “mobile vet near me.” It’s also a good idea to ask your friends or neighbors if they have experience with any local services. Your regular veterinarian or regional animal shelters may also have some recommendations. Be sure to check out what services each local mobile vet offers.

How Much Do Mobile Vets Cost?

There’s no easy answer to this question. Costs depend on the services you need (e.g., wellness vs sick visits, vaccinations, etc.). Pricing also depends on the mobile vet you choose and the costs of veterinary care in your location. Typically, the cost of a mobile vet appointment will be higher than an in-office visit.

My Personal Experience With A Mobile Vet

When my 16-year-old cat, Cleo, was declining in her health and mobility, I had a vet come to give her the care she needed at my home. It was such a blessing not to have to take her to the vet’s office. She got the pain meds she needed, and our vet gave me excellent advice about end-of-life care.

Once Cleo’s quality of life had declined too much, our mobile vet was able to provide in-home euthanasia. Although having to put my kitty to sleep was so hard to go through, having her euthanized at home was easier than having to go through that process in a vet’s office.

Sally Jones, pet parent to several rescue cats and a dog

When Pet Insurance Can Help

While pet insurance doesn’t cover travel fees with these services or wellness-related vet care, it may cover exams and lab testing for illnesses and minor accidents, and some providers cover euthanasia. However, you’ll likely need to get in-clinic vet care for more serious health problems during your pet’s lifetime.

Vet costs for severe conditions and accidents can rack up quickly — sometimes into thousands of dollars — so you may want to consider getting pet insurance. It can help protect your wallet from a major blow while ensuring that your pet receives the care he needs. See our pet insurance reviews to learn more.

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