Best Outdoor Dog Beds: Canopy, Mat, Heated, Cooling & More

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All dogs need a cozy place to rest, and most pups don’t spend all their time inside. They should have a comfy place to chill out, whether they’re inside or out. An outdoor dog bed is an excellent place to curl up. However, finding the right one might be more complicated than you think. Our experts sort out some options to help you decide what might be right for you.

Why Do I Need An Outdoor Dog Bed?

Dog laying on bed on patio (Caption: Best Outdoor Dog Beds)

If your pup spends time outside, it makes sense to give him an outdoor dog bed for relaxing. But that isn’t the only reason. Here are a few more:

  • Keeps your pup cleaner than lying on the ground
  • Outdoor spaces can be rough and uncomfortable to lie on
  • Keeps bugs out of your dog’s fur
  • Summer sun makes the ground very hot
  • With breathable fabrics and some being up off the ground, they can help cool off your pup
  • Can be a source of heat in cooler months

Things To Consider When Buying An Outdoor Dog Bed

Things To Consider When Buying An Outdoor Dog Bed

There are three main things to consider when finding the best outdoor dog bed for your pup.

1. The Size Of Your Dog: The size of your dog plays a role in this decision because a French Bulldog and an Irish Wolfhound won’t need the same size bed. You’ll need an extra-large or large outdoor dog bed for a larger dog, and for a smaller pup, you’ll need a medium or small outdoor dog bed.

2. The Temperature Of Your Outdoor Space: You might need outdoor dog bedding for winter vs summer. You also might need an outdoor dog bed with shade if your space is very sunny. If your area is hot, maybe an outdoor cooling dog bed will suit you best. The outdoor dog bedding material you choose can also help heat or cool your pup.

3. Accessories You Will Need: Some of the accessory options include outdoor dog pillows, outdoor dog bed replacement covers, bedding for an outside dog kennel, or outdoor dog house bedding. You can even get an outdoor wicker dog bed to match your existing outdoor furniture.

Best Outdoor Dog Beds By Category

Our experts review the best outdoor dog beds and separate them into categories for your convenience.

Best Overall Outside Dog Bed: Pet Craft Supply Super Snoozer Review

Pet Craft Supply Super Snoozer Bed

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This indoor/outdoor bed by Pet Craft Supply makes an excellent outside dog bed. This durable option is UV-treated to prevent fading and is easy to clean. There is extra padding to make it super comfortable, and you can take this portable outdoor pet bed with you on the go.

The company does not offer a warranty but does encourage you to contact them with any concerns, and unfortunately, it isn’t chew-resistant.

Indoor/outdoor useNot chew-resistant
Water-resistantNo warranty available
Made with durable, pet-safe material
Extra padding for comfort
Machine washable

Pricing & Specs

Best Outdoor Dog Bed With Canopy: Floppy Dawg Review

Floppy Dawg Just Chillin' Elevated Dog Bed

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This outdoor dog bed with shade, made by Floppy Dawg, is our pick for the best outdoor dog bed with a canopy. You can use this bed indoors and outdoors, and the high-quality fabric and durable frame can hold pups up to 80lbs. You can take this portable bed anywhere, and the elevation and shade help keep your dog cool.

This is a dog bed with a sun canopy, not an outdoor dog bed with a roof. So you can use it for shade, but not as an umbrella. Also, it isn’t UV-resistant, so the canopy may wear out after lots of time in the sun.

Indoor/outdoor useNot UV-resistant
High-quality fabric80 lb max weight
Durable steel frameNot waterproof
Elevation and shade provide a cooling effect
30-day warranty

Pricing & Specs

Best Outdoor Dog Mat: AMOFY Review


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AMOFY is our choice for the best outdoor dog mat when it comes to dog mats for outside. You can use this outdoor dog pad inside or out; it’s water-resistant and non-slip. You can machine wash this mat and easily take it anywhere by rolling it up and putting it in its carrying case.

If your dog likes to chew stuff, this mat won’t make it, and it can be a bit noisy when your dog moves around on it.

Indoor/outdoor useNot chew-resistant
Water-resistantNoisy when the dog moves around on the mat
High-quality durable material
Portable & machine washable
180-day manufacturer’s warranty

Pricing & Specs

  • Medium (36 x 26 x 0.5 inches): $31.99
  • Large (43 x 26 x 0.5 inches): $32.99
  • Available in orange or teal

Best Outdoor Heated Dog Bed: K&H Pet Products Deluxe Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed Review

K&H Pet Products Deluxe Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed

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If you need a way to keep your pup warm outdoors, this self-warming dog bed for outside, made by K&H, is what we chose for the best outdoor heated dog bed. This bed is an outdoor dog bed with a bolster for comfort, while the bottom is thinner so your pup can feel the heat.

Its heating element activates with the weight of your pet and reaches 102°F for comfortable warmth. This outdoor electric dog bed goes into an eco-mode when not in use and meets USA/CA electrical safety standards.

You can’t count on this bed to be water-resistant, and it has to be near a plug outlet and in a space with shelter for safety.

Indoor/outdoor useNot water-resistant
PortableNeeds to be used in a covered space
Cover is machine washableRequires power
Meets USA/CA electrical safety standard
1-year limited warranty

Pricing & Specs

Best Outdoor Cooling Dog Bed: Coolaroo Review

Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed

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This elevated cooling dog bed is our favorite choice for the best outdoor cooling dog bed. The off-the-ground design allows for airflow on all sides and increases comfort. The frame and material are durable, easy to clean, and lightweight. This bed is also flea, mite, and mildew-resistant.

However, it isn’t chew-resistant, may be hard to put together, and has a 100 lb max weight.

Indoor/outdoor useNot chew-resistant
Water-resistant100 lb max weight
Breathable high-density polyethylene materialAssembly may be difficult
Durable steel frame
Portable & easy to clean
1-year fabric warranty against UV degradation

Pricing & Specs

  • Small (50 lbs max; 35″L x 22″W x 8″H): $22.99
  • Medium (75 lbs max; 42″L x 25.5″W x 8″H): $22.99
  • Large (100 lbs max; 51″L x 31.5″W x 8″H): $23.96
  • Available in terracotta, brunswick green, or nutmeg


Best Waterproof Outdoor Dog Bed: BarkBox Outdoor All Weather Dog/Cat Bed Review

BarkBox Outdoor All Weather Dog Bed

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If you need a waterproof outdoor dog bed, this one by BarkBox is what we recommend. This bed is also an excellent outdoor memory foam dog bed. The waterproof cover and zipper keep moisture out and help make it easy to clean by wiping down. You can use this outdoor waterproof pet bed inside or outside, and it’s durable and portable.

A memory foam mattress inside the cover comes vacuum-packed and takes 72 hours to inflate about 3 inches thick. Unfortunately, some complain that the mattress may not fully inflate, and it may be too thin for larger breeds.

Indoor/outdoor useFoam thickness not ideal for large breeds
Waterproof cover and zipperMay not fully inflate
Heavy-duty and durableSome complaints of the liner not being waterproof
Easy to clean
1-year warranty

Pricing & Specs

Best Raised Outdoor Dog Bed: Hyper Pet Raised Rest Deluxe Elevated Dog Bed Review

Hyper Pet Raised Rest Deluxe Elevated Dog Bed

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The Hyper Pet outdoor dog cot is our pick for the best raised outdoor dog bed. This portable bed can be used indoors and outdoors and is easy to clean. The elevated design keeps pups clean and cool, and the durable materials are tear, water, and rust-resistant.

Assembly of this outdoor elevated pet bed may be difficult, and it does take time to dry after it gets wet.

Indoor/outdoor useMay be difficult to assemble
Water and tear-resistantDoesn’t dry quickly
High-quality material
Durable rust-resistant frame
Portable and easy to clean
90-day limited warranty


  • Small (70 lbs max; 30 x 20 x 6.99 inches): $63.55
  • Large (125 lbx max; 40 x 30 x 6.99 inches) : $65.15
  • Grey color only

What About An Indoor Dog Bed?

Does your pup spend more time indoors than out, and you’re looking for an indoor dog bed? Lots of beds are versatile for indoor and outdoor use. You can check out our articles on the best dog beds for every breed, the best-elevated dog beds, and the best orthopedic dog beds. Our experts review the top choices for all your dog bed needs.

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