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Golden Retriever Siberian Husky Mix: Goberian Breed Information & Puppy Prices


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So, are you seeking a sweet pup like the Golden Retriever, but maybe one who is a bit livelier and assumes the role of class clown? Well, look no further! The Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky are both gorgeous dogs. Both breeds have a few similar traits and some differences. so cross them together and you get even cuter pups, who are big fluffy softies at heart but with a cheeky wild side!

The Golden Retriver Husky mix has become popular because of his sweet nature and striking good looks.  This gorgeous dog is also known as the Goberian. He is one of the newest designer pups on the big boy block, and he is proving to be a big deal!

There are many purebred purists that don’t agree with purebreds being grown into new breeds of designer dogs, but like it or not, they are here to stay.So, let’s take a closer look at him to see if you could make room for him in your home, but more importantly, in your heart.

Designer Dogs

The popularity of designer dogs has increased massively over the last decade across the world. The term ‘designer dog’, although it sounds rather fancy, is simply the product of mating two purebred dogs to create a desired puppy product. In this case the Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky are the purebred parents, and the Goberian is the designer puppy.

Whilst some purebred fanatics frown upon this practice, it does have its benefits. Not only will your pup be slightly healthier, thanks to the process of hybrid vigor (which requires another discussion altogether!) but the result has a mixture of both breeds in one ball of fluff, which is perfect if you can’t quite decide between the two breeds. Another very similar pup is the Huskador, who is a Labrador Retriever crossed with the Siberian Husky, so be sure to check him out too if you’re not completely sold by the Goberian. If you are looking for a smaller dog, the Husky Inu is also another option.

In order to fully understand the Goberian pup it is important to understand a little more about his parents, and also their personality traits.

Golden Retriever Overview

The Golden Retriever was developed in Scotland in the 19th Century as the perfect gun dog. A Scottish Nobleman engineered him by breeding several other dog breeds, and after several decades the Golden Retriever was born. Not only was he an immediate hit with hunters across the world because of his ‘soft mouth’ skill, he became one of the world’s most lovable family dogs. The Golden Retriever became particularly popular in America when the 38th president, Gerald Ford, and his gorgeous Golden Retriever, Liberty, regularly appeared on TV and proved to be the perfect family pet!

The Golden Retriever is a sweet soul who loves a good walk with his master, but he equally enjoys returning home to the sofa and enjoying a snuggle in front of the television. He is gentle with young children and the elderly, and he is often used as a therapy dog for his calming nature. He is also super intelligent and eager to please his master. He is a good all-rounder and very adaptable to most family homes.

He has always been a popular pup, and in 2019 the American Kennel Club (AKC) listed him as the 3rd most popular dog in America.

Siberian Husky Overview

The Siberian Husky is an ancient dog breed, and he was developed in Siberia to be the original race car; to haul light deliveries over vast expanses of icy terrain with great speed. His energy, speed and stamina were superior, but it was not until 1925 until he became well known. Balto, a Siberian Husky, led a pack of dogs across 658 miles of icy land to deliver a life-saving antidote, and in turn he saved hundreds of lives from a deadly outbreak of Diphtheria. He is one of the most celebrated dogs of all time, with many a documentary made about him.

Not only has he always been favored as a working dog, but he has always been loved for his companionship and ability to be a beloved family pet. The Husky is an energetic dog who must be homed with an energetic family, otherwise he becomes very destructive and unhappy. However, if he is happy, then he is a silly pup who loves to be the center of attention, and he will provide everyone with hours of endless fun and laughter. There is never a dull moment with the Husky around!

Ever since Balto increased the knowledge of the breed he has been a very popular family dog, and in 2019 he is shown as the 14th most popular breed by the AKC.  He’s also popular as a mixed breed pup, with a popular mix being the border collie husky mix.

Goberian Hybrid

Of course, the Goberian will inherit traits from both of his parents, and his parents are quite different in their looks and temperament, and so it really is anyone’s guess as to what traits he is going to inherit. What they both share is that they are extremely affectionate and loving with their immediate family, as well as strangers, so there is no aloofness here! The Goberian is one of the friendliest and affectionate dogs around, and the Goberian is the epitome of the saying ‘a man’s best friend’.

Whilst this article will combine all the available current information, as well as pertinent information on each of his parent’s, keep in mind that there is not yet a breed standard, and so there is always a chance that he may not be a 50 / 50 mix, nor might he sway in a desired way. Whilst the genetics lottery is still very much uncertain, let’s take a closer look at what can generally be expected of the Goberian.

Puppies & Costs

The Goberian will have a litter of 4 to 6 puppies. Each pup will be different from one another, with a wide range of personality traits and appearances inherited from each parent. Traits can widely vary even within the same litter. For this reason, it is important to meet the pup before you bring him home, to be sure that he definitely suits you and your life. Generally, each pup will look more like one parent in particular rather than be a 50 / 50 mix.

One pup can cost anywhere between $500 and $1,500. There are certain factors that affect the price, such as the location of the breeder and their demand (of which the Goberian is quite popular), but the main factor is their appearance. For example, if they take after their Siberian Husky parent and have two different colored eyes, then they are more likely to be on the expensive end of the scale. The most popular appearance is for him to look like his Siberian Husky parent, but with a solid light yellow coloring taken from their Golden Labrador parent, and with different colored eyes thrown into the mix.


The Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky are both super intelligent dogs. The Golden Labrador loves to please his master, which is why he is such a dream to train, and on the other hand, the Siberian Husky is very independent and is not for the novice dog owner. So, for this reason, the Goberian’s trainability is entirely dependent on what traits he inherits.

Either way, the best way to tackle his potential stubbornness is to begin training straight way. Firstly, early socialization is key; expose the Goberian to as many dogs as you can, both big and small, calm and excitable, and try to make each meeting as pleasant as possible.  If you plan on crate training, make sure you get a crate that’s suitable for the size of your pup.  If he takes after his golden retriever parentage, these crates are a perfect fit.

The Goberian will respond well to positive reinforcement training. As there is a chance that he may be independent in nature, obedience training is great to establish basic rules, and to show him who is boss. Additionally, keep training sessions fun and short to prevent him from getting bored.

Exercise Requirements & Living Conditions

The Golden Retriever is considered to be a medium to high energy dog, and the Husky is a high energy dog, if not intense! So, what you can be guaranteed is that the Goberian is going to be a high energy dog who needs at least 60 minutes of intense exercise every day.

If the Goberian inherit’ s his Husky parent’s energy, then you can also be certain that if he doesn’t receive adequate exercise then he will either destroy your home or escape it, or maybe even both. So, for everyone involved, ensure that you can commit to giving him the recommended exercise before you invite him into your home. They are known to dig tunnels, and jump 6-foot fences with ease, so you must be prepared for this!

The best form of exercise is to combine the Golden Retriever’s affinity for retrieving objects in the water, with the Husky’s love for running. If you have any local lakes, or maybe even your swimming pool if you don’t mind him dunking his paws, then playing fetch into the water would undoubtedly be his favorite form of exercise.

Because of their energy levels they would best be suited to a home with a yard, rather than an apartment, for they are likely to get cabin fever. However, with that being said, they are both adaptable to their living conditions, so as long as you exercise them adequately this may not be an issue.


The Goberian, both males and females, measure between 22 and 24 inches from paw to shoulder, and they will weigh between 35 and 80 pounds in weight, and as such they are considered to be medium to large size dogs. As with most canines, the females will be on the smaller side of the spectrum, whereas the males will be on the higher end.

Whilst their variance in height is not drastic, their weight has a much larger variance, and as such this will affect other factors such as price of cages and food, whether he is suited to a younger family, or whether you might be able to pull a 35 pound pup in your bike cart but not an 80 pounder! As with any designer pup you should identify what your expectations or limits are, and then plan accordingly for all eventualities.


Typically, the Goberian pup will live between 10 to 15 years, and he is a generally healthy pup. It is scientifically expected that a mix breed pup will be a healthier and a much hardier pup when it comes to health issues, which is great news for the Goberian.

As with any new designer breed there are no set breed standards, and the recommended health checks that go with it. For this reason, the best bet is to look at his parent’s health concerns and make yourself aware of all the symptoms. For further information, the Golden Retriever National Breed Club has outlined the recommended health tests here, and the Siberian Husky National Breed Club has outlined their recommended tests here. Overall, both parents share Hip Dysplasia and require an ophthalmologist evaluation, and so these are definitely two areas to be aware of.

Any reputable breeder will show you his parent’s health certificates to demonstrate that they have taken the health of their designer puppies seriously, and do not be afraid to ask to see his parents. And as with most things in life, knowledge is power, so be sure to thoroughly research potential breeders to ensure that they are reputable and ethical.


The Goberian will consume around 2 to 3 cups of food per day across at least 2 separate sittings, and of course this will be entirely dependent on whether he is calmer like his Golden Retriever parent, or intensely active like his Husky parent.

Whilst following the instructions on the product packaging is a good idea, speaking to your Veterinarian about your pup’s specific nutritional needs is the best way to ensure that he is getting exactly what he needs.

Coat & Colors

Whilst the majority of designer dogs come in a wide variety of their parent’s colors, generally the Goberian is light golden in color, with light or dark markings similar to the Siberian Husky, and often has a Husky mask. Of course, this might be dependent on what color their parents are. For example, the Golden Retriever on rare occasion is red in color, and if he were to be the parent of the Goberian, there is a chance the Goberian might a warmer shade of yellow.

The Goberian has a medium length double coat which protects them from the cold weather.


The Goberian is generally not a heavy shedder like his Siberian Husky parent, and so his grooming requirements are the same as the average dog. Weekly brushing outside of shedding season will be required, and during shedding season he will need brushing every day to keep his coat manageable. A bath every 6 weeks would be perfect for this guy, and dental brushing should also be carried out weekly.

As Family Pets

Hopefully, by now you are aware of what to expect from a Goberian pup, so let’s summarize this information to identify whether the Goberian would fit in with you, your family, and your lifestyle.

  • He is a happy go lucky pup who is very adaptable with his family.
  • The Goberian, with high energy parents, needs at least 60 minutes of daily exercise.
  • He is very sociable and as such he would not make a great guard dog.
  • The Goberian is very affectionate and loving.
  • If he takes after his Husky parent, he will also be silly and cheeky.
  • He is fond and gentle with children,  as long as they are not young or small.
  • Make sure your kids aren’t small enough to be accidentally knocked over by his bounciness.
  • The Goberian is also very friendly with other animals.
  • He will fit in perfectly with a multi-pet household if he has been socialized well.
  • He is a medium shedder and he is not hypoallergenic, so he is not suited to a family with dog allergies.
  • The Goberian is a medium sized dog who will need room to roam and play.
  • Unless you can commit to many daily walks then he is better suited to a larger home.

If you think the Goberian sounds like the perfect fit for you and your family, then you should begin your search by looking into reputable breeders.

Finding A Goberian Breeder

Firstly, you can start the search yourself on any online search engine, and a list of Goberian breeders appear on the first page. You can ring them directly to get a feel for them and their business, and if you feel comfortable then you should pay them a visit before you place a deposit on a pup. A reputable breeder will not pressure you into buying a pup before you meet them.

Secondly, you can also speak to breeders of either the Golden Retriever or the Siberian Husky, and whilst they may not know any Goberian breeders themselves, they are likely to know someone who does.

As with any pup, research the breeder, ensure they are reputable and ethical, ask around and read reviews about them, and also ask to see his parents and their health certificates. If any breeder refuses this, or you simply get a bad feeling, then walk away.

Rescue & Shelters

A puppy is a big commitment, and the Goberian is no different. It is quite common for first time dog owners, or owners who do not want to go through the process of training a puppy themselves, to adopt a dog in rescue shelters that are older in age and normally house trained. If this is something that appeals to you, then speak to your local rescue centers and ask around for Goberian puppies. There are also rescue homes that specialize in Golden Retrievers and Siberian Huskies, and so the chances of finding a Goberian there is much higher.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Goberian is a seriously cute designer dog who is becoming increasingly popular across the world, and for good reason. He is affectionate and loving with his family, and he will adore you and shower you with love and plenty of wet kisses. He can be calm, but he can also be fun and energetic. The Goberian really is the best of both worlds!

Both of his parents are popular family pets, so whichever combination of genes the Goberian inherits, you are definitely in for a doggy delight!

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