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Sexiest Dog Breeds: Our New Study Uncovers The Bare Truth


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Across the world, thousands of dogs are bred each year, and thousands of future pets are born. From Labrador Retrievers and Poodles to Great Danes and Mastiffs, we believe there is a perfect type of canine for every household. However, some breeds ultimately prove more popular than others, with certain characteristics and personalities being preferred. Each dog type has distinct qualities which may appeal more to a specific family

Therefore, to find out which breed is the ‘sexiest,’ i.e., has been bred the most, we at Canine Journalhave analyzed dog listings from breeders across the U.S. via the American Kennel Club. We also studied the data further to discover which states are actively breeding specific types of our favorite pets.

So, let’s look at where your dog’s breed ranks in the most frequently bred dog species’ and the breeds that aren’t being birthed as much in comparison.


We analyzed puppy listings across the U.S. (including the District of Columbia) from the American Kennel Club, recording the number of puppies available for 227 breeds, the total number of breeders, and the percentage of breeders with puppies available. The data was retrieved on January 9th, 2023.

Furthermore, we recorded which states these puppies were available to determine the states with the highest concentration of specific breeds by examining the data demographically.

Map Of Top Dog Breeds In America 2023

 Click on the circle in any given state to see the results.

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Most (And Least) Sexiest Dog Breeds In America

2 retriever dogs in bed under sheets with pink face masks on
Although some breeds are more desired than others, any puppy can make the perfect family companion in the right environment.

By examining the statistics surrounding puppy listings, we were able to gain a better understanding of the ‘sexiest’ to uncover who is more favorable when it comes to breeding.

Let’s take a look at the most popular dog types being bred across the U.S. The top 10 breeds with the highest number of puppies available were:

  1. Golden Retriever – 8,013
  2. Labrador Retriever – 7,834
  3. French Bulldog – 6,631
  4. German Shepherd – 4,064
  5. Poodle – 3,736
  6. Rottweiler – 1,830
  7. Australian Shepherd – 1,648
  8. German Shorthaired Pointer – 1,564
  9. Pembroke Welsh Corgi – 1,585
  10. Bulldog – 1,561

Interestingly, the data revealed both Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers were the ‘sexiest’ dog breeds by some margin. But, French Bulldogs were the only breed with more than 5,000 puppies readily available for families to adopt. 


It was no surprise to see both Retriever breeds make the top two. Golden Retrievers had 1,490 breeders, while Labrador Retrievers had 1,455.

These dog types are typically seen as the perfect family canines and can be easily integrated into a number of different households. These breeds are highly trainable, extremely friendly, and generally playful.

French Bulldogs

Similarly, French Bulldogs are easily trained to be manageable in busy households – the tiny bundles of joy are really attentive and love mixing with people and other dogs!

The top three were helped by boasting more breeders than the other species listed. French Bulldogs had the most breeders in the top ten, with 1,733, and 97.4% of these breeders had a French Bulldog puppy available, which was also the most within the top ten breeds. The top three dog breeds were the only dog types with over 1,000 breeders.

It was intriguing to learn that a total of 729 French Bulldog breeders currently had no puppies available. Despite this, the species still managed to rank as the third most ‘sexiest’ dog, with only 45 breeders having more French Bulldogs coming soon. Having experienced vast popularity growth in recent years, we were not surprised to find this breed among the most bred and coveted.

German Shorthaired Pointers

On the other end of the scale, German Shorthaired Pointers had the lowest amount of breeders in the top ten, with 293, but still managed to have 1,594 puppies available.

No Puppies Available

Out of the 227 dog breeds examined, a total of 43 species’ had no puppies available. This could be due to a wide range of reasons, including the dogs being a rare breed. Breeds that are growing in popularity, such as the Plott Hound and Chinook, are just two examples of dog types that recorded no available puppies. 

Another reason could be that the specific breed doesn’t make for a suitable pet in the modern era. For example, the Czechoslovakian Vlcak breed, which recorded no available puppies, was created in 1955 as an experiment to create an attack dog. Therefore, it’s understandable that some families might be skeptical about introducing such a breed into their household.

Low Puppy Supply

Several dog types only had one puppy available. These included breeds such as the Bolognese (not the food!) species and Polish Lowland Sheepdogs. While these types proved low in the purebred puppy world, there was still at least one of each type recorded in the U.S.

The ‘Sexiest’ Dogs In The United States

French Bulldog walking down the street with parent looking sexy
Just like fashion, trends develop in different regions, and this is no different when it comes to dog breeds.

What is considered the most favored or ‘sexiest’ dog in one location might not be popular in another. That’s why we used our data to analyze the geographic demographics to gain a better understanding of the breeds considered the ‘sexiest’ in each state.

By doing this, we could also identify the state most popular for dog breeding by investigating which location had the most available puppies. The results may surprise you!

Most Puppies Available In The U.S. (By State & Breed)

The top ten U.S. states boasting the most amount of puppies available and their most favored dog breeds were: 

StatePuppies AvailableSexiest Breed
1. California8,313French Bulldog
2. Texas5,313French Bulldog
3. Florida4,409French Bulldog
4. Ohio3,123Golden Retriever
5. North Carolina3,026Golden Retriever
6. Pennsylvania2,984Golden Retriever
7. Georgia2,814Golden Retriever
8. Missouri2,584Golden Retriever
9. Indiana2,541Golden Retriever
10. Washington2,344Labrador Retriever

As the table highlights, despite French Bulldogs ranking as the third most ‘sexiest’ dog in the U.S., the breed actually placed as the most favored breed in the top three states for puppies available. 

California, Texas & Florida Are Frenchie Fanatics

Of California’s 8,313 puppies available, a massive 20.3% were made up of French Bulldogs, highlighting the popularity of the type in the Golden State. The state also ranked top for the highest number of AKC breeders in a state, with 2,999.

Where Goldens Lead The Pack

Elsewhere, Golden Retrievers (which ranked top overall) proved the most popular breed in six of the top ten states for puppies. In both Georgia and Missouri, although there were more Golden Retriever puppies, both locations recorded more breeders for French Bulldogs.

PNW Loves Labs

Lastly, Labradors were revealed as the ‘sexiest’ breed in Washington State, the type, which ranked second overall, made up 15.6% of the area’s available puppies.

Least Number Of Puppies Available In The U.S.

Analyzing the opposite end of the spectrum revealed that every state had at least ten available puppies. The top five states recording the lowest number of puppies were:

StatePuppies AvailableSexiest Breed
1. District of Columbia*17French Bulldog
2. Alaska60Anatolian Shepherd Dog
3. Hawaii74Pembroke Welsh Corgi
4. North Dakota75German Shorthaired Pointer
5. Delaware121French Bulldog
* DC is not technically a U.S. state but is a defined region where people live, so we included it in our research.

Compared to California’s amount of puppies available, these five states prove very unpopular breeding grounds for dogs of any breed, but this is also likely attributed to a much smaller population.

District Of Frenchies?

The District of Columbia*, in particular, was the only “state” to record less than 50 puppies available. 70.6% of breeds in the district were French Bulldogs.

Delaware Has Yorkie Fever

Elsewhere, 15.4% of breeders in Delaware bred Yorkshire Terriers. Despite this, the ‘sexiest’ dog remained French Bulldogs making up 16.5% of all puppies available.

Hawaiians Love Corgis

It was interesting to see different breeds rank as the most prevalent, with those in Hawaii preferring the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed. This breed was accountable for over one-fifth of the puppies available in the state of Hawaii.

Dying Breeds

Out of the 227 different dog breeds analyzed, 32 of them had no current breeders. These species’ could be categorized as a ‘dying breed’ with no new puppies being birthed. Breeds such as the Sussex Spaniel, Shikoku, and the Australian Kelpie are just some of the dog types no longer being bred in the U.S. (or at least not currently). Therefore, we might put these dog types on the least sexy dog breed list.

Final Thoughts

Black pug with red rose laying down and tongue sticking out
Overall, our investigation into the most frequently bred dog species has yielded fascinating results.

We found the popularity of Retrievers understandable but never realized the sheer number of puppies these breeds had available across the country. The top breeds for available puppies were made up mostly of household names, with favorable species such as Bulldogs and Poodles both ranking inside the top ten.

Furthermore, when analyzing the data by state, it was interesting to note that the ‘sexiest’ dog breed wasn’t necessarily the dog type with the most breeders. This was particularly prevalent in Delaware, Georgia, and Missouri. Our study’s data didn’t always follow the same trends as the national norms either.

The statistics revealed how popular French Bulldogs proved for breeding, with 97.4% of breeders having puppies available. The dog type was also highlighted as a popular choice in areas that ranked within the top ten states and the bottom five.

Our findings also support the AKC’s recent top 10 most popular breed rankings. In 2002, the Frenchie ranked as the 58th most popular breed on the AKC list but has found its way into the top 10 for the past nine years and is currently coming in at #2, just behind the Lab and just ahead of the Golden! Sexy seems also to stand closely aligned with popularity when it comes to dog breeds.

Most Photographed Dog Breed Chart Infographic

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